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Window Treatment Wisdom

It’s no wonder window dressings are commonly referred to as “treatments.” If there’s an important player in a home that should be treated well, it’s the windows. That said, your treatment choices should accent your space and not act as focal points. Let’s remove the blind(s)fold and take a look at various treatment options and why they work well.   WHY WINDOW TREATMENTS? Whether your window treatments are strictly decorative or serve a functioning purpose, they bring the ...

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Design To YOUR Tastes and Create a Space You'll LOVE

At The Black Goose Design, it's no secret we like talking trends. Part of being good at our jobs is knowing what styles are in, what’s coming our way, and what's cycling out. That said, we’d like to take this opportunity for a little PSA, if you will.   Always decorate to your tastes first. Trends come and go, but your unique likes reflect you and, therefore, serve as a source of joy.   Take this year’s Pantone colors ...

Wednesday May 12 2021MORE >>