Interior Design & Decorating Tips

When decorating your home, focusing on a specific style or creating a harmonious look can be a challenge. Blank walls begging for a splash of color, empty rooms screaming for new furniture or shelves dying for accessories are our specialty at The Black Goose Design. We have designers who will assist you in picking the right color, finding gorgeous furniture and filling up your shelves with complementary accessories. To start you on your design journey, we have a few home decorating and design tips to help you reach your destination...a finished, fantastic home.

  • In choosing a paint color for your walls, keep in mind that light colors will reflect light and visually expand the room, while dark colors will absorb the light, making the space feel smaller.
  • Using mirrors in your décor reflects light and makes small spaces seem much larger. You can also combine several mirrors on one wall to reflect the rest of the area and create different views as you move through the space.
  • Don’t hang art too high. We spend most of our time in a room sitting, not standing, so it’s not appropriate to place a painting at standing eye-level.
  • To keep unity in the room, don’t place art too far away from the furniture. Keep it attached to the piece of furniture visually, instead of floating away from it--no more than six inches away is our rule of thumb.
  • Don’t allow frames to extend beyond the outside edges of furniture.
  • To prevent your art from shifting when someone walks by or closes a door, use wall-mount tape (a thin strip of foam with a gentle adhesive on both sides). Put a small strip on the back of the bottom corners and the artwork will stay in place.
  • When using small objects to accessorize your space, unify them with texture and color to give the effect of one big object.

For more tips, please visit our store, located in the heart of the Salt Lake Valley off the 7200 South exit. Our interior designers would be happy to sit down and consult with you!