the black goose design Construction and Remodel

Construction & Remodeling Services at The Black Goose Design

Whether starting new construction, remodeling or updating an existing space, we can tailor design services to fit your needs. Our design services consist of:
• In-Home consultations
• Meetings and presentations
• Interior and exterior selection of color, fixtures, cabinets, lighting plans and other hard materials
• Meeting with builders/contractors
• Weekly project management
• Installation of home furnishings and cccessories

CONSTRUCTION RENOVATION DESIGN SERVICES: For large scale construction and renovation projects, we recommend our senior designers. Each senior designer has completed several homes from start to finish and has a minimum of 6 years’ experience working closely and collaboratively with clients and contractors. Our goal is to not only build a beautiful home but to create an experience bringing your vision to life and working within your budget. We start the project with the end goal in mind. We will be strategic about achieving your goals, be the liaison between the vision and the nuts and bolts. We are gracious and diligent in our work, yet flexible to create a home that functions for you and your family.

CONSTRUCTION, REMODEL, MODEL HOMES or PARADE OF HOMES: Estimates and bids would pertain to the individual project. Rates start at $150 per hour. Please email for more details.

RETAINER:A $5,000 retainer is required for the preparation of any construction/renovation design plan. The retainer will be used towards design fees. For more information on our design services or to schedule an appointment with one of our senior designers, please call the store at 801.562.1933.