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Designer Spotlight Kelly Winn: Top Design Trend for 2019

Welcome back to our final designer spotlight highlighting interior design trends in 2019. Today we are ecstatic to be hearing from the talented Kelly Winn. Her top trend focus for this year is all about incorporating vivid color throughout the home especially within artwork. We are seeing a large rise in rich and vibrant color incorporated throughout the home. Kelly is enthusiastic about the varied mediums of artwork and vibrant coloring being introduced to neutral palettes. These absolutely ...

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Designer Spotlight Sam Atkinson: Top Design Trend for 2019

We are back today and are thrilled to hear from one of our expert designers, Sam Atkinson. Sam is dishing her top interior design trend of 2019 which is going bold within your interior! Bold color and pattern is back in a big way, and we are delighted to show you some amazing ways you can bring bold back into your home with a few inspirational ideas.   Make a design statement with bolder elements of color ...

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Expert Designer Tips for Custom Millwork in your Home

We all know the moment your heart skips a beat when you see a perfectly designed space with all the stunning finishwork and details. In that dreamy moment we think, "Wow, how can I recreate this designer look?" The Black Goose Design is sharing some expert designer tips on how to create a custom look in your home with detailed millwork!   Millwork First off, what exactly is millwork? Millwork is all of those dramatic designer details that gives a spectacular custom look and ...

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Helpful Designer Tips to Refresh your Home after the Holidays

As the cheerful holiday decorations are back into storage, we start to feel a little blue and our homes begin to look a bit sparse. Our talented designers are here to help you to keep those wintery blues from starting to settle in. The Black Goose Design is excited today to share some helpful designer tips to keep your home looking refreshed and renewed for the upcoming year! We are delighted to spill some useful designer advice ...

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