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Complete Your Room with Designer Draperies: Expert Tips from Kelly

Today we are thrilled to hear from one of our talented designers, Kelly. She is giving some helpful design advice on how she works with clients to achieve the perfect finishing touch to a room with window treatments.   As designers, it is our goal to complete the room with every designer detail including window treatments. Dressing your windows is like the icing on the cake, or the perfect accessory to your fashionable outfit, it just feels complete! The same rule applies to ...

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Refresh your Home with Custom Cozy Chairs

With some chilly afternoons ahead, there is nothing better than putting your feet up and cuddling in a cozy chair! We absolutely adore accent chairs and the playful personality they can bring into any room. Comfy accent chairs are the perfect solution if you are looking to refresh your space and want to add a splash of color, pattern or amazing texture to your home!   There are many choices of chair frame styles, and it can feel a bit overwhelming, ...

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Ravishing Rugs: Artwork for your Floor

Today The Black Goose Design is sharing a juicy interior design secret when it comes to the one item that will instantly bring and entire room together. Have you ever felt as if your room was not complete or lacking that "put-together" feeling? Not to worry, you are not alone and the solution is a simple one, an area rug! This single design element is often overlooked but will pack a powerful punch in any room. This key ...

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Complement your Home with Designer Artwork

The Christmas tree is down, those holiday decorations are tucked away, and your mantel is bare. Suddenly your home is feeling a bit sparse. Not to worry, our interior designers have the perfect remedy for curing those wintery blues!  Warm up your space with eye-catching artwork that will be sure to complement any wall in your home. Incorporating artwork into your home will instantly add color, texture and visual interest.   Large dramatic pieces always demand attention and make a stunning design statement. Select ...

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