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Shining a Light On the Mini Lamp Trend
Friday Mar 8 2024

These lamps may be mini, but their impact is mega! No wonder they’re a big trend in home décor at the moment. For starters, the accent lighting a smaller lamp provides immediately softens the overall mood, making it a frequent go-to choice over “big lights.” In other words, if cozy is your vibe, this is the light to try. Better yet, add several smaller lamps throughout a room and watch how the space warms right up.

small lamp trend 

Of course, we can’t ignore the fact that small lamps are also loaded with design potential. Let’s explore a few of our favorite ways to style these trendy fixtures.

 accent lighting for kitchen

1. On a Kitchen or Bathroom Counter

We all know that custom cabinet lighting is popular. If you have an older home or don't have the budget for custom lit cabinets, add a mini lamp. Because of their petite size, they tend to fit nicely below upper cabinets.  

countertop lighting


2. On a Shelf

Again, because of their low profile, smaller lamps tend to sit securely on shelving. This can be in built-ins, open kitchen shelves, or an etagere.

how to style shelving 


3. On a Small Table or Console

Think that accent table or console is too small for a lamp? Enter the mini lamp! Thanks to these mini-but-mighty lights, you can now illuminate so many areas. At The Black Goose Design, we like any opportunity to add accent lighting, and a mini lamp is a great way to help fill negative space.

entryway design ideas 


4. Add It to a Stack

A fun way to style a mini lamp is to place it on a stack of books. This is a quick trick to add more height if your display is feeling to level.

decorating with books 


Now that we’ve shed some light on the impact mini lamps can make, we’d love to help you find your perfect petite piece. Stop by The Black Goose Design soon and see the latest looks we have in store.

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