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Our Go-To White Paint Picks for 2023
Wednesday Feb 22 2023

White is white… right? No, actually. White comes in various shades, tones, and temps, which can make choosing the right white tricky. Your friends at The Black Goose Design are here to help. We’ve rounded up our favorite white paint picks for 2023 and added why we love them and where they work well. Take a look, take notes, and find out which will be your fav takeaway.

top white paint shades for 2023

The Black Goose Design 

Monica Woodland, one of our talented designers, has a three-way tie for her top white likes.

SWISS COFFEE by Benjamin Moore


“This is my number one go-to white. It looks great with modern, transitional, traditional, cottage, farmhouse... Really, it goes with everything. It is not a cool, stark white, but warm without being beige or yellow. It is a great color to use to take a space from dated and tired, to fresh and updated.”

We recently painted one of our showrooms at The Black Goose Design using this striking white. What a difference a coat of paint makes to the overall feel of this room! 

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2023 white paint to use 

SNOWBOUND by Sherwin Williams


“You don't have to tell me white isn't a color. It has so much depth to offer. Around here, Snowbound has become a staple. The reason I'm drawn to its clean, bright aesthetic is because of its ability to match the variety of white tiles and look sharp against grays, taupes, and blacks without feeling like a blinding bright white. This is all thanks to its gray undertones. I used Snowbound in a whole house to provide a clean backdrop for inherited artwork and collected accessories, which helped make everything feel more cohesive and every random piece feel special.”


EGRET by Sherwin Williams


“Although the color says "white," if placed next to a brighter white like Sherwin Williams Snowbound, you can tell that Egret has a nice light taupe tone to it. I especially love this color in homes with darker stained cabinets and accents, as it brings everything into balance without making the color scheme feel too hot and cold. This shade provides a subtle hint of warmth without being completely white.”


Ashley Dawson is all about the versatility her selection offers. 


CITY LOFT by Sherwin Williams


“I like that this paint color can pull towards warm or cool tones depending on what you fill the space with. Overall, it is just a cozy off-white.”


Olga Liu, another talented designer, has a two-way tie for her top spots.


ALABASTER by Benjamin Moore


“This is a great option when you’re looking for something that’s more of an off-white.”


WHITE DOVE by Benjamin Moore


“This has a beautiful warmth to it and makes the space feel cozy and inviting.”


Denise Van Ekelenburg, one of our senior designers, has two go-to whites as well.

ALABASTER by Sherwin Williams


“This is a great trim white and also great for walls and kitchen cabinets. Depending on the sheen, you could use it in the same space.”


EIDER WHITE by Sherwin Williams


“This is a ‘white’ that shows you different sides of itself depending on the time of the day, which is fun. No matter when you view it, it comes off very warm and plays well with brighter whites. It’s also a great exterior color to mix with rocks and stucco.”


Kylie Cardwel, our assistant manager and designer,l adds a second vote to two of the whites already mentioned.

SNOWBOUND by Sherwin Williams


“This white is a perfect soft white that can be used to create a calming and tranquil atmosphere. The taupe undertone brings warmth, helping to create a good balance between that cold whiteness and yellow-ish white. This would be a great option for a well-lit bedroom or kitchen.”


ALABASTER by Sherwin Williams

This is a classic go-to white, offering the brightness of white without being too stark or sacrificing a warm and cozy feel. The beige undertone brings a soft white and would be a great neutral to pair with versatile colors.”



Georgia Kendall, general manager of The Black Goose Design, also has one of her selections in common with a fellow team member, as well as a new shade to put on your list. 

SUPER WHITE by Benjamin Moore


“This is a great bright white. I used this on an exterior project, and it went well with the bright white soffit and fascia on the home. It creates a crisp, clean finish.”

best exterior white paint 


WHITE DOVE by Benjamin Moore


“This is a cozy white. With a little more of a warm grey undertone, this white can really brighten up a space without being too white. I use this on walls and trim.”


There you have it. Our list of go-to color catalog of whites to try during 2023. To see swatch samples and how they might pair with your painting plans, stop by The Black Goose Design in Midvale, Utah and chat with one of our team members today.


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