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Our Four Favorite Lighting Trends This Fall
Wednesday Oct 4 2023

Ready for a lightbulb moment? Adding new lighting fixtures is one of the easiest ways to update the look and feel of your home! Swap out your current options for some of the latest lighting trends and see what a difference it makes. Here are a few of our favorite looks right now at The Black Goose Design.

lighting trends of 2023

image: Hudson Valley Lighting

LIGHTING TREND 1: Statement Lighting

Add instant personality and set the tone for the entire room with a statement lighting piece. These fixtures are typically oversized and do more than simply illuminate the room, they lead the room! They create an overhead focal point, adding fun and personality. If long-term commitment fears tend to interfere with your ability to make interior modifications, this is a lovely entry point. After all, you can always change out your fixture if you decide it’s time for something new. In other words, don’t hesitate to select a look that’s really going to make a statement!

 statement lighting

image: Hudson Valley Lighting

natural lighting ideas

image: Palecek

LIGHTING TREND 2: Black & Gold Fixtures

For a modern look, choose fixtures in the two leading neutrals -- black and gold! The resulting contrast adds  sophistication that looks amazing in just about any area of the home.



 Made Goods

image: Made Goods


The heat has officially been turned up in the world of design. From cool whites and greys, the pendulum has swung to warmer hues and nature's influence. This includes the look of light fixtures. With the use of warm metals, stone, natural fibers, and rich hues, warmer light creates a cozy and inviting feeling. The same is true for warm lightbulbs.

 boho lighting

 image: Made Goods

beach inspired chandelier

image: Made Goods

LIGHTING TREND 4: Accent Lights

Bitty lights can make a big imapact! Try adding smaller lighting options and watch as it elevates your space. Here are a few of our favorite accent options:

  • Picture Lights
  • Sconces
  • Cabinet Lights
  • Lamps

Hudson Valley Lighting 

image: Hudson Valley Lighting

small light fixtures


There you have it! We our hope our list of lighting trends for Fall 2023 help light your way as you make your design plans. Stop by The Black Goose Design today to discuss a unique plan for illuminating your space with the addition of new lights. 

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