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Our Favorite Accent Pillow and Why
Thursday May 23 2024

Meet the Cornelia.

Not only is she our best-selling pillow, she’s also one of our absolute favs here at The Black Goose Design! We thought we’d take this opportunity to share what it is that makes her our leading lady in the accent-pillow department.




At first glance, this pillow may look like a specific style that will work only in a specific space, but we’re always shocked at how many colors the Cornelia pairs well with.



With the flax linen background and richness created by the gold tones woven throughout, this pillow immediately sets the tone to “inviting.”

image credit: Lindsay Salazar Photography 


It’s in the Cornelia’s other colors that things really start to get fun! You’ll see black and brown, making it easy to pair with various neutrals.


You’ll also see blue tones that look beautiful with navy, slate blue, sea glass, dusty blue, and other cool shades of blue and green.

image credit: Lindsay Salazar Photography 


This pillow truly is a statement piece. Why not let Ms. Cornelia do the talking as the newest addition in your home?  We have premade pillows available in three different color options. Our personal favorite is the grey/gold color, but they each have something beautiful to offer.



Want to make the Cornelia all your own? We can order fabric by the yard. For this particular piece, yardage is available to order in five different color ways. Contact The Black Goose Design today to see samples and discover your favorite way to play with our favorite fluffy friend.


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