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Help Feed Starving Children
Thursday Mar 28 2019

The Black Goose Design and Gardner Village are humbled and honored to participate in our annual Feed My Starving Children food pack program. 

If you could, imagine just for a moment that you have to put your precious little ones down for the night, starving, crying and feeling helpless to comfort them. It seems unlikely anyone reading this can fully understand what that may be like. Thankfully! But there are many in the world who can. This is why Gardner Village and The Black Goose Design co-owner, Angie Gerdes, is so passionate about Feed My Starving Children. 

 Gathering Place

This program puts food in the mouths of the hungry… Actually, “hungry” isn’t even enough. It’s called Feed My STARVING Children, because these babes are severely malnourished. 

The statistics are startling. According to UNICEF, at least 6,200 kids die from hunger-related causes EVERY DAY. “We just don’t understand poverty like that,” Angie said. 

Helpful volunteers are coming together at The Gathering Place at Gardner Village located in West Jordan, Utah to pack meals. Gardner Village and The Black Goose Design owners, Angie Gerdes and Joe Long, have donated the event space to make this effort possible. Representatives from the Feed My Starving Children organization will be on site to coordinate the effort, which includes packing food and praying over each meal packed. 

 Feed My Starving Children

The packed food is then sent out to missionaries throughout the world, who get the meals into the hands of those who so desperately need them.

 Feed My Starving Children

Feed My Starving Children works with professional nutritionists to create the food mixtures. They make certain the nourishment is there to turn severely malnourished children into healthy, happy children. The lasting benefits are vast. Malnourished children often suffer permanent developmental/mental complications, making it difficult for them to change their circumstances as adults (if they survive to adulthood). By helping these children, it helps the entire community better their situation. Healthy adults come out of this cycle, which is so very important. 


Financial donations are greatly appreciated and will help those children in extreme need. Just 25-cents will feed a child for a day! That means a single dollar will feed four children for a day, and just $80 will feed a child for an entire YEAR! Please reach out and touch the lives of those who need it the most.  

If you would like to donate to The Gardner Village/The Black Goose Design fund, you can do so here.   

The Gardner Village shops, along with The Black Goose Design store, located in Midvale, Utah will also be accepting generous donations to feed malnourished children now through April 27, 2019.


 Volunteers Feed My Starving Children

“We’re a business. We should give back to our community and the world. By partnering with Feed My Starving Children, it feels like we can make a dent in this massive problem and see the impact we’re making. It just feels nice and is something we can all get behind as a company and a community.”

It would make a great impact if the community would get behind this and take a minute to share this post online. Together, we can do tremendous things to help those who have so little.

Thank you for donating and opening your heart to support this wonderful worthy cause. We always appreciate your generous support!

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