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Creating the Designer Bed of Your Dreams is Easier Than You Think
Wednesday Feb 1 2023

We’ve all seen those model home beds. Perfectly made. Fabulously fluffed. Every detail fits so seamlessly and effortlessly together. It all seems simple enough, so why do these display beds so often have something our own beds are lacking? It could be something as simple as incorrect sheets or, gasp, too many pillows.

Our team at The Black Goose Design is here with five simple tips that will take your bed-making to designer levels. 


It all starts at the foundation with properly fitting sheets. Just because this layer is hiding behind the scenes doesn’t mean it’s not worth investing in quality and the right fit. This may sound silly, but ill-fitting sheets can leave the rest of the bed looking and feeling sloppy.

 proper sheets


A quick way to make a bed feel full and inviting is with pillows, but this can get cumbersome. The solution is fewer pillows in larger sizes. They’ll fill the space beautifully without creating a cluttered feel.

dutch euros

 how to make a twin bed

Dutch Euros are our favorite! They’re the length of a king-size pillow and about the height of a regular Euro. Two fit perfectly across a king bed, or you can place one on a twin for a fresh fullness and designer detail.



Layer, layer, layer. One layer simply won’t do. Two will give your bed some depth and allow you to add another color or texture, but three really is the magic number.

The Black Goose Design 

Masterful layering is as simple as 1, 2, 3:

  1. A nice base layer
  2. A duvet folded at the bottom
  3. A textured throw across the bottom



Use pillows, throws, and quilts to introduce texture.

spring 2023 bedding trends 

Texture doesn’t have to come from the feel of the fabric. Patterns also work as a texture treat. The floral pattern on this bed ties the colors together and offers a unique resting place.

how to make a designer bed 

On the opposite end, you can even introduce texture using solids.

 tips for making a king bed

Can’t decide? Try combining both and mixing patterns. When going this route, think in scale – small, medium, and large. Using two patterns of the same size will have the patterns competing for your attention. It’s best to vary the sizes.

neutral bedding ideas 


Your bedroom is your most personal space in the home. Select bedding elements that hold significance for you. Perhaps it’s a quilt your cousin made, a throw you inherited, or a decorative pillow you picked up when you bought your first home. If you like the way the item looks, it’s good. If you like the way the item makes you feel, it’s GREAT.

must have throws 

Don’t hit snooze. Visit The Black Goose Design in Midvale, Utah today and check out our impressive assortment of bedding essentials and put these tips to work in your room today. A restful night’s sleep is sure to follow tonight.

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Sweet dreams! 

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