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Big Reveal: Our New Design Space
Wednesday Aug 2 2023

Remodeling a space that you’re simultaneously living or working in may seem impossible. It isn’t. We know this from experience. Yes, because we’re trained designers, but also because we just renovating The Black Goose Design to update the showroom space and create new design offices, all while remaining open and operational. This project was spearheaded by our senior designer, Del Reanne Lucas Wilson, and she’s here to share some pointers and the big reveal with you.

“We remained open the entire time, and a busy time it’s been,” Del Reanne said. “We can do the same for you. We go to great lengths to be as inobtrusive and non-invasive as possible. We recognize an area can’t function if it’s completely down, which is why a big part of our job to stage every process and work around the life happening within.”


There is much to appreciate about working in a beautiful, historic building, but excess open space isn’t typically on the list. In fact, when this project began more than a year ago, there weren’t even individual desk space spaces for each of our designers. Wanting to offer our designers and clients the best experience possible, we knew this meant it was time for a remodel.  


Beyond needing more space to work, our team needed privacy and an area set apart from the high traffic of the main entrance.


“Our design offices were up front, just to the right of the front door” Del Reanne recalled. “It’s human nature to want to go right upon entering a space, which meant our offices were right in the way of a natural traffic pattern for customers, creating disruptions and distractions for the designers. Creating a new space in another part of the building gave us the privacy needed to give our clients our undivided, uninterrupted attention.”



The client experience has been truly transformed through large work surface areas for layout out complete concepts, big screen media to enhance the presentation and easily access plans and websites, and, at the top of our list, top-notch lighting.

Of all the changes, the focal point has to be the island. More specifically, the striking chandelier overhead that draws you right in.

“I loved that chandelier and those bar stools,” Del Reanne noted. “They set the tone for the rest of the visual concepts to unfold.”  

For as impressive as the chandelier is, the real lighting magic comes from the three additional light sources. Integrating linear task lighting, overhead recessed LED can lights, and natural light from the many windows, it all comes together to create a winning combination.

“With so many different textiles and color variables that have to work together, perfect lighting is critical. You have to really be able to see every detail in every different material to insure the success of any project. The lighting in this room allows you to do just that. It really is perfect. I hate to dare and use that word to describe it,” Del Reanne laughed, “but … it really is!”   


Freshening and expanding a space doesn’t necessarily mean a drastic departure. We wanted the style to feel original to the building’s architectural integrity. It’s that rich history and personality that makes our building so unique. Otherwise, we’d build something new. It’s always more difficult to renovate than start from scratch, but we were up for the task.

“We didn’t want it to feel like an alien space landed inside this elegant, grand old lady,” Del Reanne laughed. “We wanted to preserve her historic beauty while still making her feel fresh.”

Sadly, one thing that didn’t survive was the original hardwood flooring. It was too far gone to refinish, which meant adding all new flooring. Keeping with our original roots, we opted for hardwood in a warm tone that isn’t too light or too dark and has a beautiful transitional pattern.

The original windows were another story.

“We weren’t going to touch the old, original casework,” Del Reanne said. “It’s a big part of what makes this space so memorable that can’t be manufactured. But you can always update a space without destroying its charm.”

This is where the new dark paint and custom window treatments came into play. They add depth and breathe new life while beautifully complementing the new, built-in bench seating.  


So, what does all of this mean to you? We hope it goes to show we can work within the confines of a working or lived-in space, that we’re trained to see potential that might otherwise remain unseen, and that we can bring your ideas and wishes to life, even when they feel impossible.

“Our talent is to take the goals of a client and realize them … that’s our job and we take it seriously while loving the whole process! It was fun to be on both sides of the table with this project,” Del Reanne said.


Reaching this milestone would not feel complete without a shoutout to our business owners, Angie Gerdes and Joe Long. It’s because of their dedication and vision that passion projects like these are made possible at The Black Goose Design and our sister company, Gardner Village.

“We’ve got amazing owners,” Del Reanne emphasized. “They’re constantly, constantly looking at what’s next to better serve their employees, customers, and the community as a whole. They’re super responsive and make doing projects like this extra special. You aren’t going to find better people to work with!”


Ready to see what all the fuss is about? Our hours are M–S from 10:00 AM–5:00 PM (MT). You can also call to schedule an appointment (801.562.1933). We hope you’ll stop by soon! For now, we'll leave you with a look at how this project came together. 



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