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Arranging Artificial Flowers Like a Pro
Friday Mar 22 2024

Sure, our gardens aren’t quite ready to put on a show, but that doesn’t mean we can’t embrace the full flower effect all year long. Bring your blooms indoors and brighten up your interior with artificial florals. They’re low maintenance, and they look so lifelike that the artificial factor can be our little secret. Here are the tricks to arranging and maintaining your flowers like a pro:

 spring 2024 decorating ideas

Step 1: Select a Container

Okay, so this goes without saying, but … we’re gonna say it all the same. Finding the perfect vessel for your space is half the fun, and we have so many stylish options at The Black Goose Design right now. Here’s some vessel advice to consider: 

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  • Do you want your stems showing?
  • Is the scale appropriate? The last thing you want is a big, brilliant vase that holds one bitty bloom. Or, on the flip side, a brilliant bouquet that looks as if it’s gonna topple over in its small vase. Select a size that complements the arrangement.
  • If you’re looking beyond traditional vases, don’t forget to evaluate openings. Jars and other containers can add to your overall look, but the mouth should be wide enough to comfortable hold your stems.


Step 2: Start With Your Greens

This is your neutral, so it’s easiest to build with greenery as your foundation.

flower arrangement tips 

Step 3: Work from Biggest to Smallest

It’s easier to add smaller florals to fill in holes than it is to try to cram in a bigger statement stem. Start big!

how to arrange artificial flowers 

Step 4: Finish with Filler

The last stem is the smaller detail pieces. This can be smaller florals, sticks, or other decorative stems.

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•Before adding anything to your vase, use clear tape to create a grid across the opening. This is a quick way to add volume to your arrangement, as it gives each stem a slot to occupy.

•If your vase is too tall for your flowers, crumple up paper and add it to the bottom first. This little booster allows you to customize where your focal point lands. Of course, this doesn’t work with clear containers, but you can try things like decorative glass, shells, etc. to achieve a similar effect.

•Don’t be afraid to trim. If you have a specific arrangement that goes with a specific vessel, don’t hesitate to trim your stems when they’re too long. This is the best way to make the fit exact.

timeless flower arrangements

•Rotate your vase as you’re arranging. Continue looking at the grouping from all sides to ensure it feels balanced from any viewing angle. You’ll likely have a favorite side, even with this tip in mind. That’s normal. And that’s the side you showcase to the main viewing direction.

•Fluff those florals. Faux flowers typically ship in plastic sleeves. Once you have yours, give them a full fluffing to get them looking their best. Don’t be afraid to gently bend and move aspects until they feel separated and full of life.

•This is the least fun tip in the bunch but a worthwhile one nonetheless. Don’t forget to dust. Artificial flowers, just like any decorative pieces in the home, will collect dust over time. You don’t want this blowing their lifelike cover. Keep ‘em clean and looking their best.

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Spring is here! It just doesn’t look like it quite yet. Not in Utah, at least. We’d love to help you change that with some “fresh” flower arrangements. Stop by soon to pick your favorites!

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