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10 Things to Update in Your Home RIGHT NOW!
Wednesday Jul 10 2024

While every home has its tried and true, last-a-lifetime pieces, there are also elements that should come and go over time. Pieces that begin to show age or date your space in a way that’s far from romantic. Don’t fret. This is an easy fix. At The Black Goose Design, we always look at the following 10 areas first: 

1. Poly Pillow Inserts

You know we appreciate a good pillow chop to give pillows personality. Alas, poly-fill pillow inserts cannot be chopped. Gasp! Instead, they often end up misshapen over time. Whether you get all new pillows or simply upgrade your inserts to down, it’s time you breathe new life into those chopless chaps.

TIP: Down allergies are, well, a downer! Fortunately, there are very well made down-alternative options that offer just as much fluff potential.

accent pillows 

2.  Outdated Drapery

Outdated draperies are a don’t. And don’t even get us started on ill-fitting window dressings. With the proper material and placement/length, even department store draperies can look high-end.

TIP: To get your draperies looking their best, you want them touching the floor or even puddling on the floor.

TIP: Steer clear of overly bulky, outdate drapery fabrics. Less is very often more.

drapery how to

image credit: Lindsay Salazar Photography 

3. The Bed in a Bag

Yes, so they’re a quick, easy department store purchase. We get the appeal. But the benefits of hand-selected bedding far outweigh the ease of the all-in-one bedding bundle. Let’s upgrade to luxury. Even if you don’t spend a fortune, buying individual bedding items ups the cozy vibe.  Enjoy pairing patterns, colors, and textures until you have the bed of your dreams.

TIP: Don’t stop at the main bed. Upgrade every bed in the home. You won’t regret it!

4.  Builder-grade Lighting

We get it, using the builder’s baseline lighting option saves a bundle. And you likely had the best of intentions to replace those unfortunate fixtures once you were moved in. Alas, those lights are still sitting not-so-pretty, bringing the rest of your home down. Sound familiar? Whether you’ve recently (or not so recently) built a home or moved into one that has the infamous build-grades in place, now’s the time for a glow up.

TIP: Changing your light fixtures will make your home feel more custom.

custom light fixtures 

5. All Those Accessories

Accents give a shelf life, but they also HAVE a shelf life. Take a look at the décor lining your shelves and/or mantel. Is the space showing its age or looking a little cluttered? Now’s a great time to do a little de-cluttering.

TIP: Group items and use various sizes. This gives your accessorizing a starting point and structure. Plus, it creates more movement and interest to the eye. Of course, this could mean it’s time to purchase a few new larger accessories.

TIP: Want an easy way to group? Trays are chic. The can wrangle various pieces in a way that feels intentional and interesting.  


6.  Hokey Hardware

Outdated hardware? Hard pass! Time to switch out those old knobs and pulls for newer models. This can be expensive or reasonable, depending on the look you’re after and the method of install (self or hired out). 

hardware upgrade

TIP: The kitchen hardware and bathroom are obvious places to start, but don’t overlook the doorknobs.

TIP: Remember, if you’re switching hardware colors, update your hinges to match.

cabinet pulls

7. Word Sayings

Time to say goodbye to wooden letters, vinyl sticker quotes, and word signs. We had them. We loved them. But the time has come to replace them. Don’t let word art date-stamp your walls.

8. Un-framed Canvas Art

There’s a reason we love our canvases. This kind of art can be purchased anywhere and can easily elevate your walls. Unfortunately, it can also have the reverse effect. Don’t let unframed canvas art bring your home down. A nice quality frame makes all the difference and will make any design feel more elite.

framed canvas

art upgrade

9. Matching Furniture Sets

Sure, matching your sofa to your loveseat is the easy way to go when buying furniture, but easy isn’t always easy on the eyes. Why limit yourself when collected pieces can bring in so much character?

TIP: Not sure how to pair items that aren’t identical? Look for a common color or color family as a starting point.

TIP: Use throw pillows to pull different furniture items together in a way that feels cohesive.

10. Matching Rugs

What can we say? Matching is limiting. The same is true for rugs as furniture – variety adds personality. You want rugs that coordinate, not rugs that match. This approach adds interest and depth that can be lacking in lookalikes.

We aren’t saying you need to do every item on this list immediately. Any place you choose to start will make a big impact. Give it a try and enjoy the momentum you’ll feel when the task is complete. We’re willing to bet you’ll want to keep at it until you’ve completed all 10 of our go-to suggestions. Pssstt… We’re always here to help. Stop by The Black Goose Design and check out our gorgeous lighting, pretty pillows (and inserts!), durable rug designs, wall art wows, the latest in mix-and-match furniture trends, and so much more. We’d love to help you get your upgrades underway!

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