Your Guide to Selecting the Perfect Dining Table
Thursday Jun 13 2024 by Stacey Beyer

When it comes to picking a new dining table, you have many options. This can make the shopping experience both fun and, at times, overwhelming. At The Black Goose Design, we want to keep the focus on the fun, so we’re sharing our fav go-to table tips. They’ll help you narrow down your choices and ensure you find the perfect piece for your dining needs.

image credit: Lindsay Salazar

TABLE TIP 1: Take a Moment to Measure

Shopping is the fun part, but you’ll want to do a little homework first. Grab your measuring tape and identify your table space. With the area identified, you’ll know what will and won’t work for you. This brings us to tip 2…

TABLE TIP 2: Leave Room to Walk

Don’t select a table that’s too big to accommodate traffic space. The rule of thumb is leaving 36” from your table to the nearest wall. This ensures you have enough room to easily pass by and also pull chairs out to comfortably get seated.


TABLE TIP 3: Get in Shape

The most common table shapes are rectangle and round, but there are also square and oval options depending on the room you have to work with. Did you know, there are many instances where we can order a table in a shape other than that on our showroom. Always ask. You never know what expanded options you might discover.


TABLE TIP 4: Save Me a Seat

How many do you plan to seat on a day-to-day basis? What about special occasions? Reserve an area of at least 24” for each person/chair at the table. Most tables offer a leaf option to go from day-to-day accommodations to larger gatherings. When using a leaf to host more guests, there’s a chance you’ll break your 36-inch-from-the-wall rule. That’s okay. If a tighter fit means more can break bread with you at your next celebration, pack those chairs in and live your best life!

image credit: Lindsay Salazar 

TABLE TIP 5: Know Your Table Types

There are many different table finishes to choose from. We’ve listed the most common types below, complete with features, so you can decide on the right material for your mealtime.

  • SOLID WOOD: These are built to last. Unfortunately, they can also be damaged by heat marks, water rings, and dents/stains. On the bright side, they can be sanded down and refinished, making them good as new again! Solid wood is beautiful and unique. Because it’s a natural material, no two tables are going to look identical. The woods will stain slightly differently and have different movement in the grain. Of course, these pros do come with an obvious con – a higher price point. Expect to pay more for solid wood than you will veneer.

image credit: Lindsay Salazar

  • VENEER: Hello, versatility! Veneer designs offer a wide variety of looks and styles. Plus, they’re less expensive. Like wood, these tables can also get damaged by heat marks, water rings, and dents/stains. If that happens, they can be repaired to some degree, but can’t be sanded down and refinished.

  • STONE: It probably comes as no surprise that stone tables can withstand a lot. The most common stone option you’ll find is marble, which is beautiful and strong. The downside is that marble can stain and needs to be resealed regularly. Because this is another natural material, you’ll find that stone tables are typically a higher price point.

  • CONCRETE: These tables are extremely durable, as well as extremely HEAVY. Because they can withstand the elements and won’t blow away, they’re commonly used outdoors. Styles are more limited than the other options, making concrete less common indoors. Like stone, concrete can stain and needs to be sealed. Leaf options are not available.


There you have it – all the table talk before you shop. Still need help picking the perfect piece? We'd love to help. Give us a call. One of our experienced designers can come to your home, help you measure, and select the perfect table for your home and needs.

Our Favorite Accent Pillow and Why
Thursday May 23 2024 by Stacey Beyer

Meet the Cornelia.

Not only is she our best-selling pillow, she’s also one of our absolute favs here at The Black Goose Design! We thought we’d take this opportunity to share what it is that makes her our leading lady in the accent-pillow department.




At first glance, this pillow may look like a specific style that will work only in a specific space, but we’re always shocked at how many colors the Cornelia pairs well with.



With the flax linen background and richness created by the gold tones woven throughout, this pillow immediately sets the tone to “inviting.”

image credit: Lindsay Salazar Photography 


It’s in the Cornelia’s other colors that things really start to get fun! You’ll see black and brown, making it easy to pair with various neutrals.


You’ll also see blue tones that look beautiful with navy, slate blue, sea glass, dusty blue, and other cool shades of blue and green.

image credit: Lindsay Salazar Photography 


This pillow truly is a statement piece. Why not let Ms. Cornelia do the talking as the newest addition in your home?  We have premade pillows available in three different color options. Our personal favorite is the grey/gold color, but they each have something beautiful to offer.



Want to make the Cornelia all your own? We can order fabric by the yard. For this particular piece, yardage is available to order in five different color ways. Contact The Black Goose Design today to see samples and discover your favorite way to play with our favorite fluffy friend.


5 Quick Ways to Elevate Your Home
Thursday May 9 2024 by Stacey Beyer

Want to give your surroundings an update without even touching a paint roller or forking out a huge chunk of change? We have five ideas to try that are simple to do but have a BIG impact.

NOTE: All images featured in this post were taken by the talented Lindsay Salazar.  


Art is a must! Adding some new artwork to your walls is a quick way to make the space feel more current. Here are a few tips to remember when hanging your new pieces:

 tips for hanging art

  • Hang your art at the correct height. You want your art to be at eye level. On average, this ends up putting the center of your image at about 57” up from the floor.
  • When hanging art above furniture, the general rule of thumb is to position your piece about four to eight inches above the highest point on the furniture item.
  • How large should your art be? Well, if hanging above furniture, it should be approximately 2/3 the width of the furniture piece.
    • Note: These placements aren’t an exact science, but they do offer a great starting point.

Remember, you don't have to get new art to adjust placement. If your art feels off, try applying this advice and re-hanging your items. It could make all the difference. 


A nice rug can instantly warm up a space, especially if it’s a space with hard flooring. Other rug benefits? Well, they ground an area and tie the surrounding items together. They’re a great way to introduce color, texture, and pattern.

 designing with rugs

Rug Wisdom: Don’t be afraid to place a rug on carpet. We do it all the time, and it completely changes the look of the room.

Rug Wisdom: When in doubt on size, size up. It’s usually best to go big and have some wiggle room to work with.


The quickest way to give your home that designer look? Drapes! Here are a few tips for  hanging them correctly:

  • Panels should go to the floor, whether that be even with the floor or slightly longer and in a puddle.
  • Rods should typically be hung as high as you can and scale out past the sides of the window.

how to properly hang draperies 

There is definitely a right and a wrong way to do this one, and it is very common to make mistakes. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help if you’re unsure. Our designers at The Black Goose Design can give you specific advice for getting your window treatments right and take away all guesswork.



If you want to make your home feel updated in the flip of a switch, upgrade your lights. Replacing fixed, dated lighting will make an immediate impact.

lighting ideas 

Lightbulb Moment: Think beyond the ceiling. Rooms NEED accent lighting. This means table lamps, floor lamps, sconces, and picture lighting.



Updating tired, old throw pillows can take a room to new heights. In fact, this is our favorite thing to do when you want new furniture but it's not in the budget. Replaced throw pillows can make that same old sofa look refreshed and inviting again.

throw pillow placement 

If you know you want something different where you live, but you just can’t put your finger on what that is or you simply don’t have the time and/or money for a massive overhaul, start with any of these budget-friendly ideas. They’re approachable, affordable, and a fun way to breathe new life into your surroundings. We know they’ll leave you loving your home a little more.

Market Recap and NEW Coming Soon
Friday Apr 26 2024 by Stacey Beyer

As we compile our notes from this year’s High Point Market, one word rules them all – customization! As designers, our team at The Black Goose Design couldn’t be more thrilled to see trends going this direction, as it means we have that much more opportunity to make your space uniquely your own.


Join us for this market show-and-tell. You’ll get a look at some of our favorite items and the newest looks coming soon to our showroom.



We are so excited to see customization moving away from solids and into more playful patterns and fabrics. Embracing this approach to furniture allows personality to come shining through, which is so much fun!


With the rise in customize, we are seeing brilliant fabric combos coming back into play. Mixing leather with fabric, for example, or pairing a simple fabric with an energetic, contrasting welt . . . these are changing the interior design game in the best of ways



Wood pieces are making a statement with textured touches. We saw items wrapped in raffia and linen, as well as pieces made of burl wood, tree bark, and even horn.



Basic wall art is getting an upgrade. Decorative pieces are loaded with texture, as well as sculpted items, and other 3D applications.



Ready for your first look at items headed to our showroom? Make yourself comfortable. We have a bunch of good stuff to go over. Here are a few of our favorites!





Of course, there is more where this came from. Stop by often over the coming weeks and months. You’re sure to discover new items to fall in love with every time you visit. 

For the Love of Pillows
Thursday Apr 11 2024 by Stacey Beyer

At the Black Goose Design, we’re always up for a little pillow talk. How about you? Let’s take a look at the latest in trends and styles for this must-have accent element.


Color, Color, Color!

Huzzah! Color is back! And pillows are the perfect way to introduce the hues you choose without a significant room makeover. Because color is on trend, you should have no problem finding the ideal combo for your home.


Play Up Patterns

Bold patterns are big, and not just in the literal sense. They’re also hugely popular this season. Adding at least one bold print to your pillow mix will add new energy to your space. This goes double if you’ve been leaning into the neutrals for a while now. We’ve certainly found ourselves on neutral ground these past many months, so we can’t wait to see more powerful prints in play.


TIP: Want to work more patterns into your decorating? Start with one major statement piece first and then incorporate colors and smaller prints that complement the focal piece. This will allow you to work up to a look you want and keep things from feeling too busy or overwhelming.


Make It Multi-Color

With colors back in a beautiful way, it’s fun to weave more vibrant shades throughout your entire house. A great place to start is with a focal patterned piece that has several colors. It will give you many options to pull from and use elsewhere in the home.


Texture Time

You know we love an opportunity to add texture, and pillow placement is an easy way to make it happen. Texture seamlessly adds a new design element without having to coordinate a color or pattern.


Mix It Up

Ready for this? You can mix multiple patterns on a single sofa or bed. We know, we know, this can be a tricky one to embrace at first thought, but there are ways to combine different patterns successfully. The balance comes from being thoughtful about the patterns you choose. For example, a busy floral print is likely going to pair easier with a striped pattern than it would another floral, which could end up competing for attention. Sure, pillow fights can be fun, but not when it’s accent pillows, fighting for the spotlight.

TIP: Besides considering pattern types when combining several, you’ll also want to keep scale in mind. Having a balance of small, medium, and large patterns is definitely the way to go. Too much of any single size will either start competing, which can be exhausting to the eye, or it will all blend together, which lacks impact and likely isn’t the vibe you seek.




Ready to play with your pillows and breathe some new life into your home this spring? Stop by and see our latest assortment of must-have spring styles, prints, colors, and textures. We always enjoy helping clients mix and match, whether you’re working with all new options or simply want a few new items to add to your existing lineup. That said, if you are looking to enhance your current look (vs. replacing), don’t forget to either bring your pillows with you or at least snap a few pics first.


We can’t wait to see you soon, beautiful pillow people! 

Arranging Artificial Flowers Like a Pro
Friday Mar 22 2024 by Stacey Beyer

Sure, our gardens aren’t quite ready to put on a show, but that doesn’t mean we can’t embrace the full flower effect all year long. Bring your blooms indoors and brighten up your interior with artificial florals. They’re low maintenance, and they look so lifelike that the artificial factor can be our little secret. Here are the tricks to arranging and maintaining your flowers like a pro:

 spring 2024 decorating ideas

Step 1: Select a Container

Okay, so this goes without saying, but … we’re gonna say it all the same. Finding the perfect vessel for your space is half the fun, and we have so many stylish options at The Black Goose Design right now. Here’s some vessel advice to consider: 

The Black Goose Design

  • Do you want your stems showing?
  • Is the scale appropriate? The last thing you want is a big, brilliant vase that holds one bitty bloom. Or, on the flip side, a brilliant bouquet that looks as if it’s gonna topple over in its small vase. Select a size that complements the arrangement.
  • If you’re looking beyond traditional vases, don’t forget to evaluate openings. Jars and other containers can add to your overall look, but the mouth should be wide enough to comfortable hold your stems.


Step 2: Start With Your Greens

This is your neutral, so it’s easiest to build with greenery as your foundation.

flower arrangement tips 

Step 3: Work from Biggest to Smallest

It’s easier to add smaller florals to fill in holes than it is to try to cram in a bigger statement stem. Start big!

how to arrange artificial flowers 

Step 4: Finish with Filler

The last stem is the smaller detail pieces. This can be smaller florals, sticks, or other decorative stems.

 seasonal centerpiece ideas


•Before adding anything to your vase, use clear tape to create a grid across the opening. This is a quick way to add volume to your arrangement, as it gives each stem a slot to occupy.

•If your vase is too tall for your flowers, crumple up paper and add it to the bottom first. This little booster allows you to customize where your focal point lands. Of course, this doesn’t work with clear containers, but you can try things like decorative glass, shells, etc. to achieve a similar effect.

•Don’t be afraid to trim. If you have a specific arrangement that goes with a specific vessel, don’t hesitate to trim your stems when they’re too long. This is the best way to make the fit exact.

timeless flower arrangements

•Rotate your vase as you’re arranging. Continue looking at the grouping from all sides to ensure it feels balanced from any viewing angle. You’ll likely have a favorite side, even with this tip in mind. That’s normal. And that’s the side you showcase to the main viewing direction.

•Fluff those florals. Faux flowers typically ship in plastic sleeves. Once you have yours, give them a full fluffing to get them looking their best. Don’t be afraid to gently bend and move aspects until they feel separated and full of life.

•This is the least fun tip in the bunch but a worthwhile one nonetheless. Don’t forget to dust. Artificial flowers, just like any decorative pieces in the home, will collect dust over time. You don’t want this blowing their lifelike cover. Keep ‘em clean and looking their best.

 spring decorating

Spring is here! It just doesn’t look like it quite yet. Not in Utah, at least. We’d love to help you change that with some “fresh” flower arrangements. Stop by soon to pick your favorites!

Shining a Light On the Mini Lamp Trend
Friday Mar 8 2024 by Stacey Beyer

These lamps may be mini, but their impact is mega! No wonder they’re a big trend in home décor at the moment. For starters, the accent lighting a smaller lamp provides immediately softens the overall mood, making it a frequent go-to choice over “big lights.” In other words, if cozy is your vibe, this is the light to try. Better yet, add several smaller lamps throughout a room and watch how the space warms right up.

small lamp trend 

Of course, we can’t ignore the fact that small lamps are also loaded with design potential. Let’s explore a few of our favorite ways to style these trendy fixtures.

 accent lighting for kitchen

1. On a Kitchen or Bathroom Counter

We all know that custom cabinet lighting is popular. If you have an older home or don't have the budget for custom lit cabinets, add a mini lamp. Because of their petite size, they tend to fit nicely below upper cabinets.  

countertop lighting


2. On a Shelf

Again, because of their low profile, smaller lamps tend to sit securely on shelving. This can be in built-ins, open kitchen shelves, or an etagere.

how to style shelving 


3. On a Small Table or Console

Think that accent table or console is too small for a lamp? Enter the mini lamp! Thanks to these mini-but-mighty lights, you can now illuminate so many areas. At The Black Goose Design, we like any opportunity to add accent lighting, and a mini lamp is a great way to help fill negative space.

entryway design ideas 


4. Add It to a Stack

A fun way to style a mini lamp is to place it on a stack of books. This is a quick trick to add more height if your display is feeling to level.

decorating with books 


Now that we’ve shed some light on the impact mini lamps can make, we’d love to help you find your perfect petite piece. Stop by The Black Goose Design soon and see the latest looks we have in store.

Three Tips for Making a Cozy Bed
Friday Feb 23 2024 by Stacey Beyer

Want your bed to look inviting and cozy? We have the solution. Let’s talk the tricks of the trade when it comes to creating a bed that feels beautifully made.

make a cozy bed 


Layering is the way to go. Adding layers allows you to build on the base layer of your bedding by introducing different patterns, textures, colors, and an overall loftiness.

2024 bedding trends

Our favorite way to layer at The Black Goose Design is to fold a duvet at the end of the bed. Other go-to approaches that we turn to often when layering a bed include:

  • Multiple Coverlets
  • Quilts
  • Even Folding Back Your Sheets

The Black Goose Design

Let the layering continue with pillows. Give your bed that “crawl into” quality with added pillows. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Sleeping pillows and decorative pillows come together like a comfortable puzzle. You can position your decorative options in front of your sleeping pillows to conceal them slightly, or you can conceal them completely. Whatever feels better to you is the way to go. Speaking of, if you’re a minimalist and prefer fewer pillows, that works too. Let our team of designers help you make the most of the pillows to ensure you pack a comfy punch with the few pillows you choose.

 mixing patterns


Down fills and high-quality down alternatives are a wonderful way to elevate your bed. This kind of pillow sits much nicer than a poly-filled option, which can appear flat.

layered quilt

Using down gives the pillow more shape. When chopped, this pillow type takes a shape that allows the base layer of pillows to peek through, adding dimension and creating a fuller look.

down pillows

Beyond the cosmetic appeal, down pillows actually FEEL cozier than their poly fill counterparts. Because they’re feather filled, they contour to your body when you lay on them, almost as if they’re giving you an embrace.

Sure, down pillows are a bit more maintenance, but we feel the extra bit of pillow fluffing required is well worth it!



Don’t forget the finishing touch of a little extra texture. Our top trick is to layer the foot of the bed with a decorative throw.

textured bedding

For a little added flavor, toss in a smaller accent pillow or two. These final pieces seal the deal when it comes to making the best kind of bed.

decorative pillows

Ready to give your bedding an update? We’re here to make your sweet dreams come true! Stop by for a little bedding chit chat soon!

Top Three Trends from Market
Friday Feb 9 2024 by Stacey Beyer

It’s market season … the time of year our buyers get to visit tradeshows and see the latest and greatest in furniture and home décor coming our way! We recently returned from a trip to the AmericasMart Market in Atlanta, Georgia, where we spotted several new trends we can’t wait to incorporate into our work and your homes! Let’s take a look at our top three. Plus, we’ll share a sneak peek of brand new lines coming to The Black Goose Design in 2024!

 spring 2024 trends

Trend Spotting: Décor for Spring 2024


Trend #1: Scallops

This softer side of design is already big in fashion, and now it’s making waves in home décor. From scalloped storage solutions to furniture to wall art, we adore the modern take on this classic staple.

scallops in home decor

looks we love

home decor

Trend #2: Animal Accessories

Shelves are about to take a walk on the wild side. There are so many cute critters coming out this year!

animal trend 

dog figurines

Trend #3: Warm Hues

This look just keeps getting hotter and hotter. We’ll continue to see the heat turned up with richer hues and welcoming color combos. Looks like this year is all about creating the cozy and we’re here for it!

warm hues 

colors to try

rich tones


You’ll find plenty of the aforementioned trends coming to The Black Goose Design in the weeks ahead. In addition, we're thrilled to introduce three new lines coming to our showroom. The first is an impressive assortment of new throws. It offers more options and variety than any throw line we’ve carried before, and we can’t wait to let the layering begin.


The second is a collection of furniture and accessories that are as visually pleasing as they are sustainable. It’s so cool to see home décor going this route!

 sustainable furniture

Finally, we know the holiday season just concluded, but we’re already looking forward to the merry and bright items coming for the 2024 season. We have a line that focuses on vintage-styled pieces, as well as fun Christmas art that you’re going to want in your possession.

vintage inspired christmas 

holiday wall art

All in all, the year is off to a gorgeous start! The AmericasMart Market is proof of that. We can’t wait to start sharing these latest and greatest finds with you soon! 

Five Wallpaper Trends for 2024
Friday Jan 26 2024 by Stacey Beyer

When it comes to 2024 interior design trends, the writing is on the wall. Wallpaper! It adds an instant boost to any space and, because it’s a popular design approach to take, the paper possibilities seem endless. Here are our top five favorite ways to incorporate wallpaper this year:


image credit: Thibaut Design

1. Wallpaper Ceilings

What was once a forgotten spot in a room is now an added place to add interest and energy. A wallpapered ceiling draws the eye up, highlighting already-beautiful framed ceilings or adding interest to a more basic overhead surface. After all, why should rugs have all the fun when there are floor-to-ceiling ways to accentuate a room?

image credit: York Wallcoverings


2. Wallpaper Murals

Murals are often associated with paint, but you can greatly simplify the process with a papered mural and achieve the same stunning results. Opting for the muraled approach to wallpaper creates an impressive art piece that both tells a story and sets a defined mood.


image credit: Thibaut Design

image credit: Thibaut Design

3. Wallpaper with Contrasting Trim

Want your wallpaper to really pop? Paint your wall trim a contrasting color. It’s an easy way to make your wallpaper stand out while also incorporating color.  


image credit: York Wallcoverings 

4. High-contrast Floral Wallpaper

Floral wallpaper is nothing new. It seems like flowers were on wallpaper as soon as wallpaper was a thing. What IS new is choosing high-contrast prints. It’s a effective way to add a modern twist to this classic look.


image credit: York Wallcoverings

image credit: York Wallcoverings

5. Coordinating Wallpaper and Fabric

Bring on the drama. Matching your fabric (window treatmetns, bedding, and more!) to your paper will give your space designer detail. You can adjust the level of drama depending on how much pattern mating you do. Have fun trying on options for size until you land on a look you love.

image credit:  Thibaut Design

image credit: Thibaut Design

image credit: York Wallcoverings

Ready to take your walls to new heights? Call and schedule a design consultation to go over your numerous wallpaper options today. There’s a perfect print just waiting to elevate your surroundings! We can’t wait to help you find it. 

Five Post Holiday Home Decor Tips
Thursday Jan 11 2024 by Stacey Beyer

If Taylor Swift says it, it must be true. You CAN leave the Christmas lights (and décor!) up ‘til January. When it’s your place, you certainly do make the rules. That being said, it never hurts to weave in a few friendly suggestions and tips when you decide it’s time to take your beloved holiday décor down for another year. Even if you’re an everything-is-down-by-December-26th person, you’ll find some helpful nuggets below to get your 2024 off to an organized start. Take a look!

 holiday decor ideas

Five Tips for Your Post-holiday Home

1. Dig Deep with a Deep Clean

When you’re in between holidays, it’s the perfect time to give your surroundings an extra bit of elbow grease. As you’re taking down your twinkly lights and baubles, clean those surfaces. Don’t forget the hidden trouble spots, such as inside and beneath furniture. While you’re at it, wipe down your mantels and baseboards. It will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on a new year.

new years deep cleaning 

tv stand

2. Keep or Donate? Time to Re-evaluate Your Décor

You have all your surfaces clear, now's the time to decide if you still love your everyday décor. Does something feel tired and dated? Now’s the time to donate and replace.

natural christmas look and feel

If replacing décor isn’t in your budget, see what kind of new energy you can give old items simply by displaying it in a different area or pairing it with a different piece. Some of our fav tricks to try include stacking some books beneath a décor piece or positioning it next to a painting or lamp for a quick refresh.  

 how to decorate your home

3. Brrrr… Warm Things Up by Creating a Cozy Vibe

It may not be Christmas anymore, but the weather outside remains frightful. Warm things up indoors with added textures and layers. This can be done with accent pillows, throw blankets, fur hides, warm lighting, and candles. If you remember this post from last year, we’re all about gorgeous flameless candles, which offer battery-operated ambiance and never melt away.  

 winter 2024 design trends

4. It’s All in How You Organize It

You’re already in cleaning mode. Seize the day and throw in a little organizing. Does that sideboard look cluttered because you can see your kids toys through the glass? Add baskets or totes to tidy things up. Containers can come in unexpected ways. We even have faux books that look beautiful on a shelf while doubling as remote control holders. Finding pretty ways to keep the clutter from feeling cluttered is a fun game to play. Come on in. We’ll join you for a round and find your ideal storage solutions.

hollow book 

unique storage ideas

Extend this organizing opportunity to your holiday décor. Make this the year you put a little extra thought into how you put your stuff away. Add labels. Make groups of like items. Organize things by how they’re displayed in the home. Even consider snapping a pic of the display before you take it down and adding it in with the tote of décor for reference next year. Putting in the time now will make the busy holiday season that much more enjoyable 11 months from now. While you’re at it, set aside anything that simply doesn’t inspire you anymore. Donating beats storing if you know you won’t get it out again. Someone will be delighted to give the piece a new home and new life!

how to hang stockings 


5. Strength in Numbers … Hire an Interior Designer

If you realize after taking down your seasonal décor that your home needs a lot more than a few new accessories, hire an interior designer. We can help you with a renovation, fresh paint, updated flooring, and new furniture. If doing this work sounds like it would take more time than you have, you should know that we also do accessory installs. Let one of our designers help you transform your space.

christmas decor for the kitchen 

how to style open kitchen shelving

Join us and raise a glass. Here’s to a happy, organized, clean new year. Cheers! 

Meet Suzee King, Our New Assistant Manager
Wednesday Dec 27 2023 by Stacey Beyer

Hello! We’re delighted to introduce our new assistant manager at The Black Goose Design, Suzee King. Suzee has a rich management background at well-known design/home furnishing businesses. We’re so happy she now calls The Goose her professional home. Let’s get to know a bit more about her:

Q. What is it about this career move that has you the most excited?

I’ve worked in both retail, managing well known home décor and furnishing brands, and real estate, where my husband and I spent many years running a successful mortgage company. I enjoyed this work and feel the combination of experience really lends itself to this position. It has me very excited to move forward in my career in this way. Being able to do more custom work for clients is something I’m already enjoying. I also love management and being a part of this talented team.


Q. What are your favorite colors going into 2024?

Specific colors that really catch my eye right now are Regent Green and Antique Pewter, both by Benjamin Moore. Even though these are darker shades, they both add warmth, which creates interest and coziness to a home.


Q. What is your favorite area of the home to work on with clients?

A. Every area has something wonderful to offer, but the family/great room, where everyone congregates together, is my favorite. In my own life, I’ve loved creating a space where my adult kids can come home to and be together. I think this is what inspires me when helping others. Knowing I’m helping with an area where families can be together and feel comfortable is a special way to spend my time.



Of course, my desire for togetherness extends to my siblings and parents. There is no better way to spend time than with those you love. Speaking of love ... we all share a love for Disneyland. If we aren't gathered together at one of our homes, there's no place we'd rather be! 


Q. What’s a go-to tip you share with anyone embarking on a design project?

A. When working on YOUR home, make it about you first. Trends are fun. Design ideas are inspiring. But these things are nothing compared to personalized touches. Even if you’re working with a designer, don’t be afraid to speak up. Designers want you to love the outcome, and this includes adding your unique touch to every room you work on, whether or not it’s currently popular.

Q. How do you help someone make a space feel unique to them?

A. I spend time getting to know my clients and use that knowledge to visualize a space that feels like them. I believe a home should be more than just a space – it should also be a feeling. A well-designed space creates a mood representative of those who reside there. It’s why the time spent getting to know my clients is some of the most important time I spend on any project.


Q. How would you describe your personal design style/preference?

A. I’m a neutrals-first person. I tend to begin with a neutral pallet. Not only does this create an evergreen foundation, it also instantly makes an area feel cozy and inviting. With a warm, neutral base in place, I then love to work in pops of color and lots of texture. 


Q. What got you interested in design work?

A. I’ve always loved designing and updating my home. Because of that, friends and family often asked for my help on their own projects. All of this fueled my passion for this work, even before my career went in this direction.


Q. The new year is upon us. What is a trend going into 2024 that has you excited?

A. More color! It’s going to be a colorful year, which adds energy and excitement. That being said, don’t feel like you have to change your entire home based on this evolution. There are easy ways to work in colors you love without an overhaul. I’m also eager to see more organics in the coming year. Bringing the outdoors in with wood finishes and other elements is something that brings me joy.


Thank you for taking time with us, Suzee. We can’t wait to see you work your design magic in 2024!

If “finishing a design project” is one of your New Year’s resolutions, please give us a call or stop by. Suzee or any of our skilled team members would love to help you cross that worthwhile goal off your list. In the meantime, we’re all wishing you and yours a happy, healthy holiday and year ahead! 

Start Singing the Blues in 2024
Wednesday Dec 13 2023 by Stacey Beyer

The 2024 colors of the year have been announced by Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore 2024, and we're left singing the blues. Don't get us wrong, we're anything but sad. In fact, we LOVE a good blue hue and can’t wait to see these two shades take next year by storm:

Sherwin Williams Color of the Year for 2024: Upward SW 6239

 Upward by Sherwin Williams

Upward Wesley Hall

image: Wesley Hall

Benjamin Moore Color of the Year for 2024: Blue Nova 825

 Blue Nova by Benjamin Moore

Blue Nova Wesley Hall

image: Wesley Hall

Bring On the Blues

Ready to embrace the calming qualities found in these cool colors? Great! Two of our fav upholstery companies -- Lee Industries and Wesley Hall -- have gorgeous new blue fabrics and prints to choose from. Did you know we take custom orders on upholstered items? This means you can order sofas, sectionals, chairs, headboards, benches, dining chairs, and pillows in looks that are right on trend but also uniquely you. You can even order many of your favorite fabrics by the yard, which can be used to create custom window treatments and more.


Swatch Watch

Here are just a few new patterns and prints we see pairing beautifully with our 2024 colors:


Lee Industries

Eleanor Blue fabric Lee Industries

Palladium Harbor fabric by Lee Industries 

Rocco Ocean fabric by Lee Industries

Rocco Sky fabric by Lee Industries

Vasari Sky fabric by Lee Industries

Wesley Hall

Campbell Indigo by Wesley Hall

Hounds Mist fabric by Wesley Hall

See something you like? Want to continue this deep blue dive? Let us know. We’re all about the show-and-tell and would love to explore fabric and paint swatches with you. We can also discuss timelines and what it will take to get you a perfect, customized piece in 2024. The time to start thinking ahead and embracing these brilliant blues is now. We can’t wait to collab with you soon! 

Holiday Alert: It's Your Goose Gift Guide
Wednesday Nov 15 2023 by Stacey Beyer

The Black Goose Design is known for its furniture, lighting, rugs, designer services, and other important investments, but did you know we also carry a wide variety of smaller accessories, perfect for gifting? Looking for a hostess gift? We’ve got you! How about something special to slip in a loved one’s stocking? Yup, we have that too. And with everything on this list under $100, we’re your place to stop and shop this holiday season. Take a look!

Goose Gift Guide 2023

$10­ to $30


Tiny Photo Frames (3 assorted): $7.95 each

Say "cheese" in threes with this charming trio, sized to stocking-stuffing perfection! 

photo frame trio 

Marble Salt & Pepper Containers: $10.95 each

Spice things up with this cute couple.

salt and pepper containers 


Small Fluted Bowl: $11.95; Fluted Bowl: $24.95

Add a little something extra to the bowl for your own signature touch. 

fluted bowls

Ribbed Photo Frame: $16.95

You can't go wrong with the gift of a framed photo, especially when that photo comes in this beauty!  

ribbed photo frame 

Glass Candle Holder: $18.95

Light up the holidays with this glowing gift. The way the light comes through the glass is something to see! 

candle holder 

Two-Tone Photo Frame: $19.95

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what happens to that value when you frame it in this eye-catching piece? It's neutral finish makes this the ideal choice for just about any space. 

two tone photo frame

The Year of the Dogs: $29.95

Coffee tables are going to the dogs in 2024, and we’re here for it!

The Year of the Dog 

Voluspa White Cypress Candles

  • 4 oz.: $12
  • 9 oz.: $30
  • 18 oz.: $36

Okay, so technically the largest of this gorgeous trio belongs in the next group of goodies, but we couldn’t not group them together for their close-up. Doesn’t this lit bundle sparkle? And just wait until you give them the all-important smell test! 

Voluspa candles 


$30 to $50


Marble Flower Dish: $39.95

Fill it with your favorite holiday treat and make someone's day! 

ceramic dish 

Brass Photo Frame: $39.95

Capture the feel of Christmases Past thanks to the vintage vibe this sophisticated number creates. 

round brass photo frame

This is Home: $42

There’s no place like it. Put this coffee table book under the tree at the place you call home.

5x7 Horn Frame: $44.95

The detail on this one is something to see (and feel!). 

bone frame 

home design texture

The Devol Kitchen: $45

Give your hostess something to devour with this fav read!

The Devol Kitchen 



Chip & Dip Basket: $69.95

Serve this one up with chips and your secret dip recipe. You're sure to leave a tasty impression!

chip and dip basket 

Bunny Bookends: $89.95

Bunnies! Need we say more?

bunny bookends

The inspo doesn't end here. You'll find treasures around every turn at The Black Goose Design! Stop by ahead of the Thanksgiving weekend and pick something up for your hard-working hosts. And don't forget to give us a visit on Small Business Saturday. It's November 25, and we'd love to see you and help you with gifts for everyone on your Nice list.

Small Business Saturday

Get in a Brood Mood with these Must-Have Colors
Wednesday Nov 1 2023 by Stacey Beyer

Halloween may be over, but we’re still in a mood here at The Black Goose Design. Specifically, the moody shades of paint we're craving for both the interior and exterior. Feeling all the feels, a few of our designers are here to take a deep dive and share their fav darker hues for 2023 and looking ahead to 2024.



Georgia’s Picks: Backwoods by Benjamin Moore; Cyberspace by Sherwin Williams



Monica’s Picks: Blue Note and Blue Spruce by Benjamin Moore; Sea Serpent by Sherwin Williams 

Sea Serpent by Sherwin Williams

Suzee’s Picks: Wrought Iron, Hale Navy, and Rainy Afternoon by Benjamin Moore



DelReanne and Lindsay’s Picks: Nocturnal Gray by Benjamin Moore; Rockwood Shutter Green by Sherwin Williams

Rockwood Shutter Green by Sherwin Williams

Karaden’s Picks: Intrigue by Benjamin Moore; Urbane Bronze and Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams

Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams

Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams

Whether you use these shades indoors or out, they’ll definitely give your home or office a modern yet inviting vibe.

Yes, you can paint your walls or even opt for wallpaper in these shades, but adding color to cabinets is also a look we love! 



It’s a common misconception that deeper shades can make a space feel cold or even small. That’s not necessarily the case. It’s all in how you use the color – other shades you’re pairing it with, the undertones the color casts, etc.

If you love a broody vibe but aren’t sure where to begin or which shade is right for you, schedule a paint consultation with one of us at The Black Goose Design. We love a good color chat and the opportunity to connect with you. Plus, we have a tremendous number of swatches and samples to pull and play with, so you can really get an idea of what pairs well and where your brood ‘tude resides. Hope to see you soon!

Introducing Our Newest Team Member, Karaden
Wednesday Oct 18 2023 by Stacey Beyer

It’s always a treat when we get to introduce you to a new member of our team here at The Black Goose Design! Today, that’s someone is Karaden Lodder. She comes to us with years of experience, a passion for design, lots of tips for making your next design project a great one.

Get to Know Karaden Q&A

Q. Tell us a bit about your design background.  

A. I’ve been doing design work for more than a decade now, with much of my background in new home construction. I also attended interior design school in Scottsdale, AZ, and managed a well-known home décor store.

Q. What is it about this kind of work that appeals to you?

A. Above all else, I love that being a designer allows me to work with people. I like getting to know my clients and discovering what it is that’s most important to them. Connecting in this way is key to a successful design experience, but it also makes everything I do feel that much more meaningful.

 faux peonies

Q: What can a client expect when they start working with you?

A. Besides a personal connection, we’ll spend time up front identifying your style. You might not even know what your style is, and that’s okay. We can discover this together. This could be from looking at your photos or a favorite décor piece, or it could be through exploring an inspiration/Pinterest board together. We’ll have fun capturing your style and taking it to the next level … putting our own unique and custom spin on an idea.

 The Black Goose Design

Q. How do you put a custom spin on a design project?

A. For me, it’s all about creating little moments in a home. A beautiful way to approach this is with a sentimental item or family heirloom. For example, how can we take Grandma’s old table and weave it into a modern project in a way that feels natural and thoughtful? It’s fun to achieve this goal and watch as old pieces are given new life! Every home has a story to tell. The story of those who live there. Every home should feel like a sanctuary. These are what we focus on when bringing a concept to fruition.


Q. What is your favorite space in a home to design?

A. The main living spaces, because they revolve around family and entertaining and making memories. Homes are a wonderful way to tell your story and much of that story happens in the main living areas where people gather.

french design 

Q. How would you define your personal design style?

A. I’m very eclectic! I love how timeless transitional is, but I’m also drawn to French and coastal and whimsical. With French, it’s classy and timeless. Plus, I just adore florals, which are a significant aspect of French design.

accent pillows

A. (continued) What draws me to coastal is the calm it creates. People often think coastal means blue and white and shells and palms, but it can be so much more than this. In fact, I just sold this chair to a client and love how, when paired with this rug, it immediately pulls coastal and creates a relaxing mood. It’s also a common misconception that coastal = vacation home. This isn’t true. At least not entirely. You can create a coastal getaway right here in landlocked Utah. Why not bring that beachy vibe home and enjoy its soothing impact? You don’t have to be overtly “beach” to take advantage of the soothing effects.

coastal design 

A. (continued) I also have a blast decorating children’s rooms because they are a great space to play with whimsical. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and prints and vibrant colors.

whimsical design 

Q. You mentioned flowers. What are some of your other go-to design favs?

A. Texture is another must when working on a space. Incorporate different finishes to add interest and personality to a space.


A. (continued) Did I happen to mention we just got these AMAZING artificial peonies in? Flowers are a beautiful way to add texture, and artificial flowers are extra nice as we’re heading into the winter months.

peony arrangement 

Q. What is your favorite color scheme?

A. I’ve always been drawn to blues and pairing various blue shades. There’s just something special about the way blues can cast an immediate calm over a space. Whether it’s gray blues or warm tones, the colors are timeless and never go out of style.

 decorating with Blue

Q. You used to work with new home builds, helping clients select their home fixtures. That can be an overwhelming process. Do you have any advice for someone embarking on a build?

A. Don’t rush to get it all selected. This seems counterintuitive, but it actually helps to finish up some of your selections after the home is done. Live in the space a while. See how you really use it. Let it marinate. You might even want to design one room at a time. Put simply, avoid rash decisions and ditch the idea that it has to all be “done” on move-in day. It’s okay to go slow and build that relationship and understanding first. If that isn’t an option (or even if it is), it’s also always helpful to seek design help from an expert.


Q. Do you have any design takeaways to leave us with today?

A. Less is often more! With that, it can sometimes help to start fresh. If you’re ready for a new look, try taking everything out of a room and slowly adding it back. While you’re at it, don’t be afraid to move stuff around from time to time. See what different placement does. I move stuff around in my home all the time. I love how it gives the area a whole new look. You don’t necessarily need new pieces to create a new feel. Of course, weaving in a few new items from time to time is always fun!

simplistic design ideas 

Thank you for the great suggestions, Karaden! It’s clear you know what it’s like to work on new construction as well as updates to an existing space. We love your people/story-first approach and how much heart you put into everything you work on.

Stop by The Black Goose Design and get to know Karaden even more. You’re sure to gain additional valuable insights and have fun exploring your many creative options.

Our Four Favorite Lighting Trends This Fall
Wednesday Oct 4 2023 by Stacey Beyer

Ready for a lightbulb moment? Adding new lighting fixtures is one of the easiest ways to update the look and feel of your home! Swap out your current options for some of the latest lighting trends and see what a difference it makes. Here are a few of our favorite looks right now at The Black Goose Design.

lighting trends of 2023

image: Hudson Valley Lighting

LIGHTING TREND 1: Statement Lighting

Add instant personality and set the tone for the entire room with a statement lighting piece. These fixtures are typically oversized and do more than simply illuminate the room, they lead the room! They create an overhead focal point, adding fun and personality. If long-term commitment fears tend to interfere with your ability to make interior modifications, this is a lovely entry point. After all, you can always change out your fixture if you decide it’s time for something new. In other words, don’t hesitate to select a look that’s really going to make a statement!

 statement lighting

image: Hudson Valley Lighting

natural lighting ideas

image: Palecek

LIGHTING TREND 2: Black & Gold Fixtures

For a modern look, choose fixtures in the two leading neutrals -- black and gold! The resulting contrast adds  sophistication that looks amazing in just about any area of the home.



 Made Goods

image: Made Goods


The heat has officially been turned up in the world of design. From cool whites and greys, the pendulum has swung to warmer hues and nature's influence. This includes the look of light fixtures. With the use of warm metals, stone, natural fibers, and rich hues, warmer light creates a cozy and inviting feeling. The same is true for warm lightbulbs.

 boho lighting

 image: Made Goods

beach inspired chandelier

image: Made Goods

LIGHTING TREND 4: Accent Lights

Bitty lights can make a big imapact! Try adding smaller lighting options and watch as it elevates your space. Here are a few of our favorite accent options:

  • Picture Lights
  • Sconces
  • Cabinet Lights
  • Lamps

Hudson Valley Lighting 

image: Hudson Valley Lighting

small light fixtures


There you have it! We our hope our list of lighting trends for Fall 2023 help light your way as you make your design plans. Stop by The Black Goose Design today to discuss a unique plan for illuminating your space with the addition of new lights. 

Fall Trends Straight Out Of the Las Vegas Furniture Market
Wednesday Aug 16 2023 by Stacey Beyer

The Las Vegas Market just wrapped for another season. Being Vegas in July, it only makes sense that the trends are all about warmth. Take a look at what's catching our eye. We’re excited to bring these looks to The Black Goose Design in the coming weeks and months!

 minimal wall art design

Just in time for fall, we’re seeing cozy colors, including: 

  • Warm Whites & Creams
  • Caramel
  • Browns
  • Reds
  • Oranges
  • Greens

textured pillows

fall 2023 updates to home 

velvet accent pillow

home looks for autumn

Texture is still the name of the trend game. Take a look at this fabulous faux fur!

 Las Vegas Furniture Market

Wood finishes are full of character with rich finishes and deep tones.

home decor styles for 2023 


Speaking of furniture, curve is the word with interesting shapes and rounded corners. 

rounded corners furniture trend

Finally, expect floor-to-ceiling warmth with must-have rugs and light fixtures.

rug looks we love

modern farmhouse chandelier trend

new chandelier styles for 2023

two tier chandelier

We feel so inspired and ready to welcome these soothing styles to The Black Goose Design. Stop by and see them for yourself soon. If you have a question about a specific item shown here, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 801.562.1933 We can give you more info over the phone and let you know when the item is scheduled to arrive. 

Big Reveal: Our New Design Space
Wednesday Aug 2 2023 by Stacey Beyer

Remodeling a space that you’re simultaneously living or working in may seem impossible. It isn’t. We know this from experience. Yes, because we’re trained designers, but also because we just renovating The Black Goose Design to update the showroom space and create new design offices, all while remaining open and operational. This project was spearheaded by our senior designer, Del Reanne Lucas Wilson, and she’s here to share some pointers and the big reveal with you.

“We remained open the entire time, and a busy time it’s been,” Del Reanne said. “We can do the same for you. We go to great lengths to be as inobtrusive and non-invasive as possible. We recognize an area can’t function if it’s completely down, which is why a big part of our job to stage every process and work around the life happening within.”


There is much to appreciate about working in a beautiful, historic building, but excess open space isn’t typically on the list. In fact, when this project began more than a year ago, there weren’t even individual desk space spaces for each of our designers. Wanting to offer our designers and clients the best experience possible, we knew this meant it was time for a remodel.  


Beyond needing more space to work, our team needed privacy and an area set apart from the high traffic of the main entrance.


“Our design offices were up front, just to the right of the front door” Del Reanne recalled. “It’s human nature to want to go right upon entering a space, which meant our offices were right in the way of a natural traffic pattern for customers, creating disruptions and distractions for the designers. Creating a new space in another part of the building gave us the privacy needed to give our clients our undivided, uninterrupted attention.”



The client experience has been truly transformed through large work surface areas for layout out complete concepts, big screen media to enhance the presentation and easily access plans and websites, and, at the top of our list, top-notch lighting.

Of all the changes, the focal point has to be the island. More specifically, the striking chandelier overhead that draws you right in.

“I loved that chandelier and those bar stools,” Del Reanne noted. “They set the tone for the rest of the visual concepts to unfold.”  

For as impressive as the chandelier is, the real lighting magic comes from the three additional light sources. Integrating linear task lighting, overhead recessed LED can lights, and natural light from the many windows, it all comes together to create a winning combination.

“With so many different textiles and color variables that have to work together, perfect lighting is critical. You have to really be able to see every detail in every different material to insure the success of any project. The lighting in this room allows you to do just that. It really is perfect. I hate to dare and use that word to describe it,” Del Reanne laughed, “but … it really is!”   


Freshening and expanding a space doesn’t necessarily mean a drastic departure. We wanted the style to feel original to the building’s architectural integrity. It’s that rich history and personality that makes our building so unique. Otherwise, we’d build something new. It’s always more difficult to renovate than start from scratch, but we were up for the task.

“We didn’t want it to feel like an alien space landed inside this elegant, grand old lady,” Del Reanne laughed. “We wanted to preserve her historic beauty while still making her feel fresh.”

Sadly, one thing that didn’t survive was the original hardwood flooring. It was too far gone to refinish, which meant adding all new flooring. Keeping with our original roots, we opted for hardwood in a warm tone that isn’t too light or too dark and has a beautiful transitional pattern.

The original windows were another story.

“We weren’t going to touch the old, original casework,” Del Reanne said. “It’s a big part of what makes this space so memorable that can’t be manufactured. But you can always update a space without destroying its charm.”

This is where the new dark paint and custom window treatments came into play. They add depth and breathe new life while beautifully complementing the new, built-in bench seating.  


So, what does all of this mean to you? We hope it goes to show we can work within the confines of a working or lived-in space, that we’re trained to see potential that might otherwise remain unseen, and that we can bring your ideas and wishes to life, even when they feel impossible.

“Our talent is to take the goals of a client and realize them … that’s our job and we take it seriously while loving the whole process! It was fun to be on both sides of the table with this project,” Del Reanne said.


Reaching this milestone would not feel complete without a shoutout to our business owners, Angie Gerdes and Joe Long. It’s because of their dedication and vision that passion projects like these are made possible at The Black Goose Design and our sister company, Gardner Village.

“We’ve got amazing owners,” Del Reanne emphasized. “They’re constantly, constantly looking at what’s next to better serve their employees, customers, and the community as a whole. They’re super responsive and make doing projects like this extra special. You aren’t going to find better people to work with!”


Ready to see what all the fuss is about? Our hours are M–S from 10:00 AM–5:00 PM (MT). You can also call to schedule an appointment (801.562.1933). We hope you’ll stop by soon! For now, we'll leave you with a look at how this project came together. 



Kevin Murphy Office Project Reveal Pt. 2
Wednesday Jul 19 2023 by Stacey Beyer

Welcome back to the impressive Kevin Murphy North American headquarters in Holladay, Utah. In part one of our reveal, we shared how Del Reanne Lucas Wilson, senior designer at The Black Goose Design, and her team used the company’s core values as her guidepost in designing this space. The result is a fashion-forward design that focuses on environment, performance, and overall employee satisfaction.

Kevin Murphy

How to renovate a leased space

All photography by Lindsay Salazar.

Today, we’re breaking this design down to the custom level and looking at how personalized touches can take tenant renovations to new heights in a leased space (pending necessary building approvals, of course!). You’re in for a major treat! Besides sharing these inspiring design ideas, Del Reanne also shares many of her local sources for getting this next-level custom work done. Grab a pen and paper, open Notes on your phone, or simply get ready to take screenshots. These are details you’ll want to remember.

Lindsay Salazar Photography

CUSTOM TOUCH #1: Logo Accent Pillows
Local Resource: Brent or Parker Burnham

Brent Parker Burnham Custom Pillows 

K, these are cool! And they’re one of the first things to catch your eye upon entering the Kevin Murphy offices. Best part is, you won’t find these statement pieces anywhere else. That’s the beauty of having something made to order. Believe it or not, Brent or Parker Burnham can even print photographs on fabric for a truly one-of-a-kind look.

Wood accent wall

Learn how this statement wall came to be here


CUSTOM TOUCH #2: Motorized Roller Shades and Steel Work (columns, transoms, valances, trim, logos)
Local Resource: Site Shade Co, Jacob Packard

ceiling clouds 

The Kevin Murphy name stands out in a big way throughout this office, thanks to local artistry. Incorporating your business logo into your space is a wise way to make your mark, and going with steel certainly adds to the elegance. Additionally, the custom valances elevate the look.

custom valances 

CUSTOM TOUCH #3: Ceiling Clouds
Local Resource: Creative West, Jake Riddle

Look up and you’ll notice an absence of typical office-building ceiling tiles. Wanting to open up the space, they decided to completely remove the low conventional ceiling and expose the whole ceiling, pipes and all! While the industrial look is on trend, it didn’t completely complement the elegance of this space, so Del Reanne put her head in the clouds and started dreaming up solutions. These ceiling clouds were handmade and work to soften the overall space without crowding the overhead area. Plus, they really support the acoustics, which is key in an open environment like this.

chic meeting space

 North America Headquarters Kevin Murphy

The wood clouds add variety to this overhead idea.

Business in Utah 

CUSTOM TOUCH #4: Live Plant Wall
Resource: Cactus and Tropicals

This one has us green with envy. Every space should have a live plant wall. After all, it’s both beautiful and environmentally friendly, making it a lovely touch for employees.

custom logo wall art


Some of the focal points found in this memorable space were outsourced from as far away as Italy. Take a look!

custom table

unique LED lighting


A long, lean area can start to feel like a bowling alley if you aren’t careful. Knowing this, Del Reanne was strategic with her flooring. By opting for two tones and a curved, diagonally oriented design, it creates the allusion of a much wider space and sends that bowling alley vibe to the gutter.

design tricks

LED lighting is used throughout. Again, this supports the Kevin Murphy desire to be sustainable, as it’s the most energy efficient choice. It’s also beautiful and really brightens the space, providing the perfect amount of light for the exact task required. 

cool chandelier

 Kevin Murphy Utah

With any design project, it’s smart to first identify your strengths already in place. In this case, the huge windows bring in the natural light as well as the views. There's no reason to clutter with art on the walls when Mother Nature is already putting on such a show.

Vibe Building 

Of course, a few key art pieces are never bad things.

 office design ideas

This is more than just an office building. It’s also a place to really understand the Kevin Murphy brand and products. In fact, they have a salon area built in where employees can learn and trainers can demonstrate the unique, high-end hair care offering.

sophisticated salon looks

high end hair care


To really understand the magic of this transformation, we’ll leave you with a few more of the before shots. What a difference!

before and after design

 old to new office

how to make over a leased space

What a difference a year makes! The Black Goose Design

nature inspired design

Ready to elevate your business space or apply some of these same looks to your home? Reach out to our team at The Black Goose Design today. You can also continue to fill your inspo bucket by taking a second look at the first half of this Kevin Murphy reveal here. Enjoy! 

where to go for interior design help in Utah

Kevin Murphy Offices Project Reveal Pt. 1
Wednesday Jul 5 2023 by Stacey Beyer

No, this isn’t the Australian coastline, though we totally see how you got that impression. Believe it or not, this serene scene is actually located in Holladay, Utah! It’s the brilliant new North American home of Kevin Murphy, a high-end international haircare brand that originated in Australia.

Kevin Murphy 

So, how does a relatively generic office space go from this…

Vibe Building

To this!?

Vibe Inc Holladay UT

In this case, it was the perfect combination of company core values + handcrafted custom work! Of course, having Del Reanne Lucas Wilson, a senior designer here at The Black Goose Design, leading the project also helped. She has years of commercial work experience!

The Black Goose Design 

“I wish I could just move into this space,” Del Reanne laughed. “We started working on this project last September. After that much time together, working with a team you love on a project you care about, it’s always hard to reach the end.”

contemporary office design 

Who could blame Del Reanne for feeling this way. There is much to adore about this design. Fortunately, there are also beautiful takeaways that you can apply to your own surroundings, whether for your home or office. Let’s take a good look around in this two-part reveal of the outstanding Kevin Murphy offices!

high end hair care 


The Kevin Murphy brand is built around equal appreciation for the environment and high-quality, high-performing haircare products. With this, the company’s core values are fashion, performance, and environment. But how does one take a position and turn it into a visual representation? Simply put, they work with a designer.

open floor plan for office 

“That’s my job,” Del Reanne said. “And I love it. It’s all about bringing vision to life. Designing for a company, this includes capturing what a brand stands for and really showcasing that identity in all of the design elements." 


One look at this contemporary space, and it’s easy to see Kevin Murphy is a stylish and sophisticated company.

glass office walls 

“Like the Kevin Murphy brand, the design of this space is elegant,” Del Reanne noted. “It was important that the building’s backdrop complemented that fashion-forward position.”

fashion forward 


Just like Kevin Murphy products, their business space is high performing.

best places to work in Utah 

“This is a company that believes in being very open and transparent,” Del Reanne said. “Their office reflects that. The workstations are together and the executive offices have all-glass walls. It comes together to create a friendly and inviting environment that aligns seamlessly with their approach to doing business.”

nature inspired design


Environment is everything, and we don’t just mean this internal oasis. At Kevin Murphy, eco awareness is top of mind.

how to decorate shelves 

“The natural elements represent the company’s love of our earth while also allowing the colorful products to shine,” Del Reanne shared. “More than anything, these details create a wonderful environment for the employees. The live plant wall is more than just a beautiful statement, it reduces toxins in the atmosphere and also brings the outside splendor right inside.”

live plant wall 

Raise your hand if you now want a plant wall in every room. What a cool concept! Live plants, on a wall or not, are more than just a pretty detail. They do much to improve the air you breathe. It’s why nearly every plant in this space is alive and working hard to support the Kevin Murphy team.

conference room ideas 

It’s hard to compete with such a statement piece as a plant wall, but the wood wall in the lobby just might steal the spotlight.

wood tile wall 

“It’s made up of 3,000 individual wood blocks that were each hand cut, sanded, and stained,” Del Reanne said with a smile. “This proves natural doesn’t have to mean boring. It’s organic and beautiful and, in this case, a great way to breathe new life into an old resource.” 

upcycled decor 

Wow! Shout out if “wood block wall” is now being added to that wish list as well. What a clever statement and way to upcycle!  

how to design a retail space


Creating this kind of retreat within the confines of a leased space seems an impossibility… unless you’re a trained designer who knows the ins and outs of the “tenant improvements” process. Of course, Del Reanne will tell you it’s also about the location you choose and the importance of doing your homework before signing a lease. In this case, the Vibe Building in Holladay, Utah, ended up being a dream place to be.

designing a leased building

“Working with Nyla and the Vibe Inc. team was an absolute pleasure,” Del Reanne said. “They not only allowed the kind of detail work we needed to happen, but they also encouraged and welcomed it. It was collaborative and fun!”

break room ideas

In our next part of this two-part reveal, we’ll share more before/after shots that really emphasize how far a leased location can come with the right space and team in place. You don’t want to miss it. 

 main entry


Another tip Del Reanne lives by is the importance of customization. Custom is key, especially when starting with a very basic, boxy space. The Kevin Murphy office is filled with floor-to-ceiling details, and most of them were created just for this project. In essence, designers are like magicians, with many tricks up their talented sleeves. However, unlike magicians, Del Reanne is going to reveal her secrets. That’s right, join us next time when she shares not one but MANY of the local artisans and skilled craftspeople she worked with to make each original detail. Set a reminder in your phone. It’s a list you won’t want to miss and a close-up look at ideas you won’t soon forget. We’ll see you back here on July 19 for part two of this inspiring Kevin Murphy reveal!  

natural lighting  


Del Reanne and The Black Goose Design would like to thank Lisa Marx, the President of North America, Tyler Doveton, Global CFO, and the rest of the Kevin Murphy team for making this project possible. Collaborating with you has been an extreme pleasure.

product wall

We'd also like to recognize our talented photographer, Lindsay Salazar, who photographed this space. Great work, Lindsay!  

Top 10 Tips for Hanging Wall Art and Mirrors
Wednesday Jun 21 2023 by Stacey Beyer

Where should I hang my art? What about my mirrors? At The Black Goose Design, we get asked these questions all the time. It’s easy to understand why this is a common conundrum. After all, a blank wall is a big space to tackle. Hanging height can make or break the look. Fortunately, we’re here to help with our top 10 placement pointers. Thanks for hanging out!


TIP 1: Sight Before Height

This, of course, makes sense for mirrors. If a mirror is placed too high, it becomes useless. But did you know the same is true for art? When hanging an art piece, a wise rule of thumb is to place the midpoint of the picture about 57" from the floor. Depending on the size of the art this can vary, but this should keep the focal point at eye level, where it can be most enjoyed. After all, nobody wants to kink their neck to take in the sights.

Universal Furniture

photo credit: Universal Furniture 

TIP 2: Become One with the Art

Okay, this advice is actually for your furniture, but we’re all for any Zen appreciation you have for your surroundings. In this instance, we encourage you to create a single unit between your wall hanging and the surrounding structures. Where you hang your items makes all the difference. If pieces on the wall are too far from the furniture, it will feel disjointed and like two separate collections. Grouping them together provides a more collected collection.

 how to hang a mirror

photo credit: Universal Furniture 

When hanging something above a console, for example, we recommend defaulting to 4-10" above. Again, this distance can differ a bit depending on the size of the art or the height of the accessories on the console, but less than a foot is typically pleasing and unifying. The same is true when hanging items above sofas and other significant pieces.


TIP 3: Center-Shmenter

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a technical term, but we want to bust the belief that everything has to be directly centered between the floor and the ceiling. Let’s say, for example, you have 10’ ceilings and a 5’ headboard. You don’t want to also center your art at headboard level. Nor do you want to center wall pieces at equal distance between the headboard and the ceiling. Going back to our previous tip, this could feel disjointed. Instead, sticking with this example, hang the item(s) approximately 4-8” above the headboard. Rather than finding your perfect floor-to-ceiling center, consider the surrounding items and place accordingly.

how to decorate space above headboard

photo credit: Universal Furniture 

TIP 4: Purpose First

A mirror is often a beautiful art installment all on its own, but it pulls double duty as a tool. When adding a full-length mirror to the home – something super on trend at the moment, BTW – put function first. Position the mirror in such a way that it will reflect your full reflection back. Seems obvious, but you’d be amazed at how quickly mirror placement can go wrong. This is no reflection on the home owner. It’s an easy mistake to make. Avoid it by always putting function first.


TIP 5: All Hail Scale

When choosing an art piece, you want it to be a minimum of 2/3 the width of the furniture piece it is going over. Anything smaller and you would need multiple items to create a sense of balance. Of course, you don’t want to go too far in the opposite direction either. If the wall art is wider than the furniture beneath, it could feel too heavy and looming.

art above dresser

photo credit: Hooker Furniture 

TIP 6: Let It Lean

Who says you have to hang your accents? We’re all about the perch. Art can be set on a piece of furniture or leaned up against the wall. It’s still a good idea to secure your item(s) to the wall for safety’s sake.


TIP 7: The Stack Is Where It’s At

If you aren’t hanging and are instead placing, give the layered look a try. We love stacked art. Whether you place art in front of art or slightly overlapping a mirror, the collected look introduces interest and depth.

stacking art

photo credit: Universal Furniture 

TIP 8: Remain Seated, Please

In dining rooms, you are sitting much of the time, making this one space in the home where you’ll want to hang things a little lower than is otherwise considered normal. Lower placement brings the pieces closer to eye level for seated guests.

 grouping art

photo credit: Universal Furniture 

TIP 9: Won’t You Be My Neighbor

When hanging a group of pictures, make sure to hang them between 2-4" inches apart. Anything more and items begin to feel disjointed and floaty. Again, this is all about helping the collection come together.


TIP 10: Common Margin Magic

The eye appreciates balance, which is why it’s never a bad idea to create equal spacing around your grouped art. By this, we mean common margins from one item to the next and on all sides. For example, if you have a mirror grouped with a canvas grouped with a framed photo, keep the spacing between each equal. This is especially important when creating a collage wall with numerous pieces. The margins above, below, and in between each item should be the same. Yes, like any rule, there are exceptions to this, but common margins are a smart place to start if you’re unsure of placement.

Hooker Furniture

photo credit: Hooker Furniture 

Bonus Tip: If you need a margins guide, painters tape is the tops. Add strips between your pieces when hanging for consistent spacing.


Thanks for hanging out today! We hope this roundup of our top 10 placement pointers will take the guesswork out of bringing your walls to life with art and mirrors. If you remain unsure or would simply like to discuss options, stop by The Black Goose Design. We’d love to take a look at your unique space and offer suggestions.

Finding the Right Fabric for Your Next Sofa or Sectional
Wednesday Jun 7 2023 by Stacey Beyer

A sofa is a significant investment, so it’s important you do your homework. Consider this your place to start when it comes to prepping for your purchase – how to choose the right fabric. Our team at The Black Goose Design has prepared a list of dos and don’ts to remember when it comes time to shop for your next sectional, sofa, or any other upholstered piece.



Consider Your Sitters

If kiddos or pets will be regular resters on your sofa, performance fabrics are the way to go. Each brand of performance fabrics has different qualities, so you should look into each to determine what is best for your space. If you aren’t sure where to begin, give us a call or stop by to discuss your performance options.



Here’s the Rub

Fabrics go through what is called an abrasion test, which determines the durability of the fabric. The results are referred to as double rubs. A low number of double rubs means the fabric wears through quickly and will not be a great sofa/sectional option. Anything over 40,000 double rubs falls into the “heavy” category and should be a good option.



Clean is King

Any fabric that is not cleanable is one to avoid. Yes, this seems pretty obvious, but it’s always good to double check a fabric’s cleanability factor.  


Viscose Can Be Vicious

High viscose quantity won’t hold up well to stains of any kind, so you’ll want to do your research in this area.


High Maintenance

Some fabrics will pile and require being shaved every so often. If you don't want to shave your sofa, make sure to ask for fabrics that are lower maintenance in the shaving department.



This one can sound silly, but consider what looks and feels like you, even if it’s not on trend or in all the home décor magazines. Truth is, we all have our personal preferences. With those, it’s important to remember that different fabric types can wear differently. Velvet, for example, often looks more formal, while linen feels more casual. Selecting a fabric that aligns with the style of your home and those who live there is your best bet. We just encourage you to do a little research in the process to ensure you’re getting something you adore that also stands the test of time. If you’re unsure, the designers at The Black Goose Design can help steer you in the right direction. Stop by today to see fabric swatches, do some test sitting on our sofas, and walk away confident you’re ready to make an informed decision. 

High Point Market, Part 2
Wednesday May 17 2023 by Stacey Beyer

If we could describe the 2023 High Point Market in one word, it would be… TEXTURE. This fingertip treat was large and in charge at this season’s buyers’ market. We can’t wait to get our hands on the enticing assortment headed to The Black Goose Design in the coming weeks. Here’s just a small sampling of what you can expect, as well as a few texture tips to know going into this 2023 show-stopper.

High Point Furniture Market 

TEXTURE TIP 1: Keep it Clean

Because textures are often fabric in finish, it’s a common misconception that texture = hard to clean. While there are times when this can be the case, it’s less of a concern with high-end furniture. Many of the new gems coming soon are “performance fabrics,” which means they’re made to be used AND cleaned.

performance fabric 


TEXTURE TIP 2: Get Set for Depth

A big reason texture is gaining in popularity is its ability to instantly add depth to any space. By incorporating a variety of finishes, you’ll notice your room springs to life in a more dynamic way.

2023 design trends 


TEXTURE TIP 3: Pattern Alternative

If you love the idea of variety but prefer solids and neutrals to prints, texture is tops! It mixes things up in a way all its own with or without the help of a pattern.

ottoman trends 


TEXTURE TIP 4: Count On Color

A newer take on texture comes in the form of color. Neutral finishes such as sherpa, wool, and other classic options are now coming out in rich hues, taking texture to new and vibrant heights.

color texture 

 new looks for chairs

Which texture is your favorite? Stop by The Black Goose Design soon to see AND FEEL these tactile treasures.

The Black Goose Design 

Highlights from High Point Furniture Market, Part 1
Wednesday May 3 2023 by Stacey Beyer

Let’s get straight to the point… High Point Furniture Market. We’ve just returned from this annual trip to High Point, North Carolina, and our team at The Black Goose Design is filling energized and excited! We can’t wait to share the good things coming your way in this two-part recap. Welcome to Part 1 of our High Point Highlights!



The last few market/buying trips we’ve made have proven color is the comeback queen, and this show was no exception! The colors that caught our eye at High Point are greens, reds, oranges, and blues.

2023 color trends 

Chair by Wesley Hall 

High Point Furniture Market

We always love seeing blue on the list because it pulls double duty as a color boost AND a calming neutral option.

 blue as a neutral

For a brighter take on these earth-inspired shades, fuscia is an on-trend choice!

flower arrangements

summer 2023 trends


We’re coming out of the season of solids and seeing more patterns at play. New, BOLD patterns are in! You’ll start to see more of these statement stars in pillows, furniture, art, and wallpaper.

spring accent pillows

 patterned sofa

Sofa by Wesley Hall

Even the wall art is taking things up a notch.

wall art


A newer approach to pattern that we’re loving is pattern pairing. For example, this can be done by mixing more than one wallpaper in a single room, with one design on one wall and another on another. Bold? Yes! Amazing? Absolutely! The trick to remember is considering your pattern’s weight/scale. If one print is very large or busy, opt for a smaller or more symmetrical look as its counterpart. This helps the two complement rather than compete.

pairing different wallpaper

Sectional by Wesley Hall 


Also on the softer side, we’re taking our straight lines for a curve. The blunt, linear look is being offset with movement.

curvy chairs 

Lee Industries

Chairs by Lee Industries

We also spotted unique furniture configuration, like the larger cushion at the center of this sectional.

 modern sectional


From color works and pattern play to shapely finds and more movement, t’s easy to see why this trip to High Point Furniture Market was an annual highlight.

2023 design trends

Stop by The Black Goose Design over the next few weeks to see these and other new looks start to hit our showroom floor. Plus, don’t forget to join us right back here on May 17, 2023 for part two of our High Point Highlights. Next time, we’re talking a trend taking the design world by storm. You won’t want to miss it!

Wesley Hall headquarters    

Designing the Feng Shui Way, Pt. 2
Wednesday Apr 19 2023 by Stacey Beyer

In our previous post, we shared one of our latest home remodel projects. Denise Johnson, one of our talented team members here at The Black Goose Design, helped the homeowner weave color into every room of this vibrant home. But they didn’t use just any colors. Every shade was used intentionally, all in an effort to create a Feng Shui finish.

Previously, we shared how reds and pinks were used in the main living areas, adding energy and love, while blues were placed in the entryway, creating a calming welcome.

feng shui influence 

Now, let’s see what work was done in the more private areas of the home with a look at the bed and bath. Plus, we’ll explore earth accents and why they’re a natural finishing touch.



Unwind after a long day surrounded by soft yellow. This relaxing color evokes calm.

soft yellow bedroom 

PRO TIP: Doors are an awesome place to add some color and paint. The mirrors on this door also give the appearance of added square footage. 

cool closet door ideas

You’ll notice metals also making an appearance in this room. Gold complements the yellow, so it looks amazing, but it’s also said to increase clarity, which is a nice emotional balance to yellow's soothing ways.


PRO TIP: Keep the foundation neutral. A simple way to work color into your space without overwhelming the area or creating a clash is to begin with a neutral foundation. The white walls in this home offer the perfect backsplash and allow the colorful accessories and furniture to come shining through. Find our favorite whites for 2023 here

white backdrop 



This bathroom is the best of all worlds. By working in a rainbow of color, it connects all areas of the home in one happy way. While “rainbow” isn’t technically a part of the Feng Shui family, it never hurts to add some extra vibrancy.

colorful bathroom  



Complement any area of the home/color using earth-inspired extras. Wood creates more harmony and energy indoors.

 natural wood elements

Whether real or artificial, plants sprinkle in vitality.

lemon trend 2023 


At the end of the day, the way color speaks to you is the most important aspect to keep in mind when designing your space. Feng Shui isn’t a hard and fast rule, and there is certainly no singular approach. It is simply meant as a guide to help bring about added harmony in the home. Plus, it’s a wonderful way to bring in some color, which we fully support. Want to learn more about this energetic approach to design? Stop by The Black Goose Design today!  

Designing the Feng Shui Way, Pt. 1
Tuesday Apr 4 2023 by Stacey Beyer

Using specific tones to SET specific tones is behind the design of this beautiful home. Following Feng Shui guidance, color has been intentionally placed throughout the residence.

Adding a picture tv 

Denise Johnson, a senior designer here at The Black Goose Design, worked closely with the homeowner to create a space of intention through strategically placed color. Join us and learn how to choose your perfect feng shui hues.

“I’ve been designing for decades, but this is my first time mapping out a home in the feng shui way,” Denise said. “I think it’s great! The flow and energy in a home are important”


The Feng Shui philosophy breaks colors up into five groups.

  1. Fire Colors: Here’s where you’ll find reds, purples, oranges, and bright pinks.
  2. Earth Colors: Naturally, this is an assortment of yellows, browns, beiges, and soft oranges.
  3. Metal Colors: This metallic mixture includes white, gold, silver, copper, and pastels.
  4. Water Colors: Dive into this blend of black, indigo, and dark blues.
  5. Wood Colors: You’d think this would be browns, but it’s actually colors found IN the woods, meaning greens!

design the feng shui way 


These spaces combine fire and wood to create an energized spot for entertaining and being together with loved ones. Plus, pink is the color of romantic relationships, and red represents passion, so adding these colors also ups that loving feeling!

adding color to your home 

PRO TIP: You don’t have to paint your walls or even introduce all new furniture to create a Feng Shui feel. Color accessories are an easy place to start weaving in specific shades.


kitchen ideas for 2023 

Avoid overheating the kitchen by adding muted reds and pinks to the room. The awning above the window offers that happy medium.

 dining room design

PRO TIP: An area rug is an awesome way to work in color. Place one beneath the dining table to anchor the area.

turning tv into art 

In the living area, a common fixture that can interrupt the Feng Shui feel is the television. It’s a large black hole that isn’t exactly cute. Fortunately, Denise has your solution. 

“A picture TV is an easy way to turn your dark TV into a beautiful portrait, adding cohesion to your space.”

PRO TIP: Take your TV from a black box to a work of feng shui-inspired art using YouTube. Simply search “TV art” and discover amazing options that are designed to stay on for hours.

No need to reach for the paint. Accent pillows are an effortless way to paint the town red.  

accent with color

Of course, adding some earth green is a gorgeous and grounding complement. 

feng shui earth tones



Choose blues for the entry of your home. Shades of gray and lighter blue come together to make a calm, relaxing effect. What better way to end a busy day away from the house than to be greeted with a calming welcome.

calming entryway 

Since striking shades of blue are on trend, you should have no trouble creating a cool welcome. Find this classic entry table and more at The Black Goose Design.

 blues for 2023

On a smaller scale, blue accessories are always a win.

 calming design ideas


Seek balance. No one color dominates this happy home. It’s a well-balanced blend of shades. Taking a Feng Shui approach doesn’t have to mean going overboard with color. In fact, we suggest easing in and finding your sweet spot. After all, it’s far easier to add than to have to take away.


Join us next time as we continue this colorful tour. You might be surprised by the bedroom color choice, and you’re sure to feel inspired by the bathroom brilliance.

Our Latest Home Reveal, Part 2
Wednesday Mar 22 2023 by Stacey Beyer

With four children, including three teenage boys, a welcoming place for the family and friends to gather was the driving force behind this inviting home update. We shared the main living areas in our previous post. Let’s finish up this tour with the fun that awaits on the lower level!


All images in this post provided by Lindsay Salazar Photography.

But, first, we have one main-level room left to reveal – the home office!

Isn’t this dark blue built-in incredible? As with the other areas of the home, it pulls in that soothing shade, giving the shelving a professional polish!

To really understand what this pop of color does, here's what the room looked like before. 

Okay, let’s head downstairs. Wait! Speaking of stairs… Check out the stairway update! By adding carpet, it softens the space and absorbs the excess sound, which is a winning combination. While hardwood stairs are beautiful, they don’t always feel as cozy. This runner solution maintains the beauty of the wood while upping the warmth.


To see a side-by-side, here’s how the stairway looked before.


Now that we’ve made our way down this cushioned flight of stairs, we find ourselves in a gamer’s dream. With triplets, three screens were a must. Now the kids can sit together and play instead of spreading out.


Here’s a before shot of this same space. What a difference!


The theater area also got a major upgrade, with the new seating and other theatrical touches!


The before on this shows the drastic change that happened here. Very cool!


Of course, it isn’t all fun and games. This family also focuses on fitness, so a home gym was a priority. Oh, who are we kidding, this, too, is FUN! Especially with a room like this to break a sweat in.


And because we love a good before/after, here’s how the area looked before the redesign.


Finally, a touch we love about this family-focused dwelling is the way the walls are lined with loving photos. Whether they’re professional shots or snapshots, the end result is the same – photos make a house feel like a home.

Monica Woodland, an interior designer here at The Black Goose Design, did an amazing job collaborating with this fab family. The outcome will leave them with a space to make so many memories and simply enjoy being together. Thanks again to these residents for allowing our team to be a part of such a heartfelt project!


Don’t miss the first half of this inspiring tour!

A Look Inside Our Latest Home Project
Wednesday Mar 8 2023 by Stacey Beyer

More than two years ago, Monica Woodland, an interior designer here at The Black Goose Design, stepped in to help a local Utah family with the finish work in their relatively new home. After having lived in the new build for two years, the family was ready to work on updates to the cabinetry and flooring, the beams and columns, the paint and wallpaper, and other finishing details. Today, we’re delighted to sit down with Monica and share the first half of this inspiring two-part reveal!

The Black Goose Design 

All images in this post provided by Lindsay Salazar Photography.


“When I first met my clients, they had only been living in their newly built home for two years,” Monica recalled. “They had a few goals with the project. The first goal being to make their spaces more welcoming and homier as they entertained family and friends. Having four children, including a set of triplet boys, they constantly have friends in their home and they wanted more room to welcome any all who happen along. They also wanted to beautify and complete several spaces. With these goals, we got to work.”



Upon entering this home, you’re greeted by a statement piece, proving that every area of a home has something valuable to add.

entryway design ideas 

“I always strive to include a statement piece in the entry way of a home,” Monica said. “If someone only comes to the front door, what kind of message is your entryway conveying? Is it representing the overall look and feel of your home in the way you want it to? If your entry could use a refresh, consider a large area rug, a place to sit, and a spot to remove a coat.”

 bench seating


Once through the beautiful entry, the great room makes everyone feel right at home with its ample seating and overall welcoming ambiance.

blue home decor

“We wanted to increase the seating so everyone would have a place to relax,” Monica noted. “We used two full-sized sofas, two swivel chairs, and two poof ottomans, which are not only darling but also very comfortable as seats.”

 ceiling beams

Overhead, the lighting was updated and ceiling beams were added. Both elements work together beautifully to warm up the space.

“For a custom touch, we added the beams,” Monica said. “This brought the floor color up and added warmth.”

Here's a before shot of this space. Love the transformation!

how to update a new living room


When thinking about finishing touches, always think about items that will reflect those living in the home.

personalized decor 

“We completed the look of the room by adding custom drapery and accessories that really displayed the love this family has for each other, their horses, and the great outdoors,” Monica mentioned.


When adding books to shelves, pull some of the largest ones out and use them as statement items with other display pieces. Simply place them horizontally to create the base of a display stack.

reading nook ideas

For books lined up on the shelf, we often suggest removing the book jackets, as they can quickly get tattered and are often hiding a pretty book cover beneath. Removing the outer jackets creates a more polished feel.

how to style books


Because this home is nearly brand new, much of the work focused on enhancing existing elements. Take the rich blue on the cabinetry in the kitchen. It was already in place and really created a theme to work with throughout the home’s otherwise neutral foundation.

 kitchen island design

“I took hues of that blue and worked them into other spaces,” Monica said. “Creating this kind of cohesive connection makes the home feel larger and creates natural flow. If you want to give this design concept a try, take a pillow from a coordinated grouping of pillows located in one room and pull it into another room. The connection created will work to create the illusion of added square footage by mentally expanding the overall space.”

 how to decorate a kitchen

farmhouse sink


The kitchen in any home is often filled with much love, so Monica and the homeowners knew they wanted to warm up that area.

dining room trends for 2023

“The curtains framing the dining space make it feel inviting and cozy, which is just what we wanted for this central gathering spot,” Monica shared. “We also selected a custom table and chairs that could expand during the holidays to accommodate extra friends and family.” 

Here's another shot of how this room looked before. The textures added definitely warm things up! 


We can’t wait to share part two of this home reveal with you in our next post this month. Until then, you can contact our team at The Black Goose Design for more information on any of the ideas shared here. We love when a finished project can help inspire something you’ve been working on. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

 ways to warm up shiplap

A special thanks to these homeowners for including us in this memorable project. We’ve loved working with you and can’t get enough of the outcome. Your home is stunning! 

Our Go-To White Paint Picks for 2023
Wednesday Feb 22 2023 by Stacey Beyer

White is white… right? No, actually. White comes in various shades, tones, and temps, which can make choosing the right white tricky. Your friends at The Black Goose Design are here to help. We’ve rounded up our favorite white paint picks for 2023 and added why we love them and where they work well. Take a look, take notes, and find out which will be your fav takeaway.

top white paint shades for 2023

The Black Goose Design 

Monica Woodland, one of our talented designers, has a three-way tie for her top white likes.

SWISS COFFEE by Benjamin Moore


“This is my number one go-to white. It looks great with modern, transitional, traditional, cottage, farmhouse... Really, it goes with everything. It is not a cool, stark white, but warm without being beige or yellow. It is a great color to use to take a space from dated and tired, to fresh and updated.”

We recently painted one of our showrooms at The Black Goose Design using this striking white. What a difference a coat of paint makes to the overall feel of this room! 

top design services in Utah

2023 white paint to use 

SNOWBOUND by Sherwin Williams


“You don't have to tell me white isn't a color. It has so much depth to offer. Around here, Snowbound has become a staple. The reason I'm drawn to its clean, bright aesthetic is because of its ability to match the variety of white tiles and look sharp against grays, taupes, and blacks without feeling like a blinding bright white. This is all thanks to its gray undertones. I used Snowbound in a whole house to provide a clean backdrop for inherited artwork and collected accessories, which helped make everything feel more cohesive and every random piece feel special.”


EGRET by Sherwin Williams


“Although the color says "white," if placed next to a brighter white like Sherwin Williams Snowbound, you can tell that Egret has a nice light taupe tone to it. I especially love this color in homes with darker stained cabinets and accents, as it brings everything into balance without making the color scheme feel too hot and cold. This shade provides a subtle hint of warmth without being completely white.”


Ashley Dawson is all about the versatility her selection offers. 


CITY LOFT by Sherwin Williams


“I like that this paint color can pull towards warm or cool tones depending on what you fill the space with. Overall, it is just a cozy off-white.”


Olga Liu, another talented designer, has a two-way tie for her top spots.


ALABASTER by Benjamin Moore


“This is a great option when you’re looking for something that’s more of an off-white.”


WHITE DOVE by Benjamin Moore


“This has a beautiful warmth to it and makes the space feel cozy and inviting.”


Denise Van Ekelenburg, one of our senior designers, has two go-to whites as well.

ALABASTER by Sherwin Williams


“This is a great trim white and also great for walls and kitchen cabinets. Depending on the sheen, you could use it in the same space.”


EIDER WHITE by Sherwin Williams


“This is a ‘white’ that shows you different sides of itself depending on the time of the day, which is fun. No matter when you view it, it comes off very warm and plays well with brighter whites. It’s also a great exterior color to mix with rocks and stucco.”


Kylie Cardwel, our assistant manager and designer,l adds a second vote to two of the whites already mentioned.

SNOWBOUND by Sherwin Williams


“This white is a perfect soft white that can be used to create a calming and tranquil atmosphere. The taupe undertone brings warmth, helping to create a good balance between that cold whiteness and yellow-ish white. This would be a great option for a well-lit bedroom or kitchen.”


ALABASTER by Sherwin Williams

This is a classic go-to white, offering the brightness of white without being too stark or sacrificing a warm and cozy feel. The beige undertone brings a soft white and would be a great neutral to pair with versatile colors.”



Georgia Kendall, general manager of The Black Goose Design, also has one of her selections in common with a fellow team member, as well as a new shade to put on your list. 

SUPER WHITE by Benjamin Moore


“This is a great bright white. I used this on an exterior project, and it went well with the bright white soffit and fascia on the home. It creates a crisp, clean finish.”

best exterior white paint 


WHITE DOVE by Benjamin Moore


“This is a cozy white. With a little more of a warm grey undertone, this white can really brighten up a space without being too white. I use this on walls and trim.”


There you have it. Our list of go-to color catalog of whites to try during 2023. To see swatch samples and how they might pair with your painting plans, stop by The Black Goose Design in Midvale, Utah and chat with one of our team members today.


Las Vegas Market Recap
Wednesday Feb 8 2023 by Stacey Beyer

It’s one of our favorite times of the year at The Black Goose Design – Market Season! We’ve just returned from the Las Vegas Market and have your first look at the good things coming your way!

2023 bedding trends 


We have a new art line coming in that specializes in vintage-inspired prints. These smaller art pieces are great for any area of your home and can be ordered in different sizes and frames.

vintage inspired wall art 


New rugs are rolling in! You’ll find a bunch of new wool options, as well as fun polyester runners. The runners are durable and come at a great price point, making it easy to switch up your look.

rugs you'll love 


Now's the best time to buy new accessories for the home. We have new options arriving nearly every day, giving you a wide assortment to choose from!

 new bedroom accessories

home furnishing looks to try

must-have accessories


You’ll see more organic styles this upcoming season. From earthy colors to outdoor-inspired materials, it’s a beautiful time to bring the outdoors in!

masculine and feminine bedding 

natural looks



Nah. We can’t choose just one item to love, but we're a little extra excited about all of the new art coming in. We think you’re going to love it too! Stop by The Black Goose Design soon, and see what stands out as your new must-have! 

Creating the Designer Bed of Your Dreams is Easier Than You Think
Wednesday Feb 1 2023 by Stacey Beyer

We’ve all seen those model home beds. Perfectly made. Fabulously fluffed. Every detail fits so seamlessly and effortlessly together. It all seems simple enough, so why do these display beds so often have something our own beds are lacking? It could be something as simple as incorrect sheets or, gasp, too many pillows.

Our team at The Black Goose Design is here with five simple tips that will take your bed-making to designer levels. 


It all starts at the foundation with properly fitting sheets. Just because this layer is hiding behind the scenes doesn’t mean it’s not worth investing in quality and the right fit. This may sound silly, but ill-fitting sheets can leave the rest of the bed looking and feeling sloppy.

 proper sheets


A quick way to make a bed feel full and inviting is with pillows, but this can get cumbersome. The solution is fewer pillows in larger sizes. They’ll fill the space beautifully without creating a cluttered feel.

dutch euros

 how to make a twin bed

Dutch Euros are our favorite! They’re the length of a king-size pillow and about the height of a regular Euro. Two fit perfectly across a king bed, or you can place one on a twin for a fresh fullness and designer detail.



Layer, layer, layer. One layer simply won’t do. Two will give your bed some depth and allow you to add another color or texture, but three really is the magic number.

The Black Goose Design 

Masterful layering is as simple as 1, 2, 3:

  1. A nice base layer
  2. A duvet folded at the bottom
  3. A textured throw across the bottom



Use pillows, throws, and quilts to introduce texture.

spring 2023 bedding trends 

Texture doesn’t have to come from the feel of the fabric. Patterns also work as a texture treat. The floral pattern on this bed ties the colors together and offers a unique resting place.

how to make a designer bed 

On the opposite end, you can even introduce texture using solids.

 tips for making a king bed

Can’t decide? Try combining both and mixing patterns. When going this route, think in scale – small, medium, and large. Using two patterns of the same size will have the patterns competing for your attention. It’s best to vary the sizes.

neutral bedding ideas 


Your bedroom is your most personal space in the home. Select bedding elements that hold significance for you. Perhaps it’s a quilt your cousin made, a throw you inherited, or a decorative pillow you picked up when you bought your first home. If you like the way the item looks, it’s good. If you like the way the item makes you feel, it’s GREAT.

must have throws 

Don’t hit snooze. Visit The Black Goose Design in Midvale, Utah today and check out our impressive assortment of bedding essentials and put these tips to work in your room today. A restful night’s sleep is sure to follow tonight.

bed making pro tips 

Sweet dreams! 

Get Organized with the Latest Home Looks
Wednesday Jan 11 2023 by Stacey Beyer

It’s January, and we’re suddenly in the mood to sort, clean,and organize. There could be any number of explanations for this annual organization phenomenon, from the new influx of items in the home to returning things to their “everyday” appearance after months of holiday styling. Whatever the reason, we’re all for getting our stuff together on this month and have several sleek ideas, big and small, for many areas in your home.

sofa table 2023 


Let’s start small. Okay, as far as baskets go, these aren’t exactly petite, but they're on the smaller end of our storage solution line-up. Tuck these beauties in a corner for a storage solution that’s as decorative as it is functional.

stylish storage solutions 

Here are just a few fav ways to put the baskets in business:

  • A shoe catch-all, strategically placed near the entry of your home. Say goodbye to the clutter and hello to a welcoming doorway.
  • A blanket bank. Having a few extra throws nearby is always a good idea, but it’s extra wise this chilly time of year. Use your big baskets to house the heat.
  • A toy box. Add a few large baskets to the main living areas of your home and keep toys within arm’s reach… even those little arms. Plus, this makes clean up a breeze and something everyone can help with.
  • Pillow placement. Whether you’re tucking away seasonal accent pillows currently in the off season or you place baskets near your bed for nightly use when it’s time to set those dreamy bed pillows aside, baskets are great for keeping the fluffy stuff contained.



Adding a new furniture item doesn’t have to mean overhauling your entire floorplan. Opt for something slender, like this sofa table, which adds storage space without taking up a bunch of room in the process.

how to hide ugly home items 

Here are a few fav ways to include accent tables:

  • Some extra sofa storage. They’re often referred to as sofa tables for a reason – they line up nicely behind a sofa or sectional. This means you have more room to store things like the remotes, chargers, pens, and other go-to items you like to have on hand without being out in the open.
  • A welcoming place to place. Entryways are often narrower than the rest of the home, making a sleek piece like this an ideal option. It provides a place for car keys, handbags/backpacks, homework, water bottles, and other frequently-used on-the-go elements. Of course, nobody wants a pile of packs greeting them as they walk in the door, which is why we love adding closed containers like these wood boxes to the lower level of entry tables. They’re the prime spot for such everyday essentials.
  • A hallway helper. Another narrow spot that sometimes need a little support is the hallway. If your walkway is large enough to support a slim addition, you could make this a central location for frequently-used household items (scissors, pens, paper, tape, chargers, batteries, schedules/planners, passes/library cards/etc., permission slips, shopping lists and more.



Now we’re to our largest solution – cabinets. Whether you find yourself short on closet/cabinet space (don’t we all?) or you simply want a gorgeous new focal point for the home, these favorite cabinets are just the ticket.

 on trend storage cabinets

Here are a few fav ways to use cabinets:

  • Your office assistant. Whether you opt for a tall cabinet or a horizontal style, you'll find a cabinet makes a fine office companion. Add some pretty books, plants, and other decorative touches for style, and use boxes for the less attractive office supplies. 
  • A kitchen keeper. Because cabinets are often open or have glass doors, it’s a good idea to be intentional with the items you select. Think of pieces that not only serve you well but look good while doing it. Examples include your beloved dishes, cake stands, barware, pretty mixing/serving bowls, candle sticks, trays, etc.

 how to style a kitchen shelf

NOTE: Look for a cabinet with drawers for smaller or less eye-catching items, such as linens, cutlery, and other go-to items.

how to organize kitchen linens 

  • A TV ta-da! The television is a common gathering place, so it might as well look its best. Add a horizontal cabinet as a chic TV stand and place key entertainment items inside. For things that don’t really fit your design aesthetic, add small boxes and baskets. Abracadabra, the unsightly clutter is gone (but never out of reach!).
  • Your playroom partner. A horizontal cabinet is also a smart choice in a playroom, as it’s close to the ground, which helps with accessibility and safety. This is another time when baskets and bins come in handy and make sorting different toy types easier. With a long, lean storage machine such as this, you can have baskets for art supplies, blocks, dolls, toy cars, stuffed animals, play food, dress-up supplies, and so much more. Let your storage dreams run wild!

2023 home organization trends 

Yes, there’s something about flipping the calendar flipping that makes now a fine time to get organized. Stop by The Black Goose Design today to explore these and other options. If you find yourself stuck with a specific storage task, don’t hesitate to bring a few pics in and chat with one of our designers. They’ve never met a storage challenge they couldn’t master and would love to help you achieve your org goals this year! 

modern storage ideas for the home

Big Changes to Better Serve You
Wednesday Dec 21 2022 by Stacey Beyer

If you’ve followed The Black Goose Design for a substantial amount of time, you know our building has been remodeled a time or two since we opened in 1985. This leads us to our first design tip…

TIP: Don’t be afraid to see your structure and try new ideas. For ideas and directions on how to safely add or remove walls, where a structure update could help, and more, we suggest working with a designer and/or a contractor. 

We’re currently working with GV Construction & Remodel Specialist to add a wall, new flooring, and drop the ceilings.

Why the remodel? We want The Black Goose Design building to feel open and inspiring from the moment you walk in. By moving the showroom focus to the front of the building, you’ll be greeted with design happiness.

Speaking of design happiness, we also want the brilliant talent working here to be surrounded by beauty. By moving our Design Center to the southeast corner of the building, we’re able to create a more functioning space for them to work and feel inspired.

The Black Goose Design

OUR HISTORY (and a special memorium)

Our beautiful building was built in the early 1900s. It’s a piece of Utah history we take great pride in preserving. The building was purchased by our founder, Nancy Long, in 1984. We’d be remiss if we didn’t pause here to show our respects to and appreciation for Nancy. You see, she passed away a few weeks ago after a difficult battle with muscular dystrophy. You can read more about her incredible life story here. Rest peacefully, dear Nancy.


Residing in an old building is a unique and wonderful treat that comes with unique and not-always-wonderful responsibility. If you’ve ever tried to remodel an older home, you know the interior walls and ceilings were typically built using lath and plaster, which can make hanging art and light fixtures difficult. Also, sadly, the flooring was showing its age.

TIP: Know the history and age of your structure before diving into a remodel. If possible, obtain blueprints. As mentioned, working with a designer and trained remodelers can make this entire process easier and safer, as they know what to look for and questions to ask to ensure the process is a safe one.

updated office space

As much as we LOVE the old flooring, it was damaged beyond repair, so we are getting new engineered hardwoods installed over the old wood floors.
GV Construction and Remodel
Here's a last look at the flooring its former glory. It has served us well! 

vintage flooring

TIP: Don’t be afraid to build over existing structures. Professionals know how to safely and effectively add new elements, such as floors, and when you can do so without compromising room height.

New Walls

We are moving our design office, currently in the front of the store, to the southwest corner of the building. To do this, we have put up a wall in the south room dividing it into two spaces. By doing this, the front room at the Goose will be converted back into showroom space. (We know you're excited about that. We’ve missed that room, too.)
new sub floors
adding a wall
TIP: Open floor plans are all the rage anymore, but it’s okay to want to close things up a bit and/or open other areas of the room to better serve your family needs. Perhaps that’s adding a butler’s pantry in the kitchen or creating a larger closet for the main bedroom? Could part of the main room be turned into a separate mudroom? Our team loves hearing your wishes and looking at undiscovered potential waiting in your home.

Reinforced Walls

Beyond the addition of walls, we’re also reinforcing our existing walls to sustain more weight. Here, this is being done by adding faux brick paneling, which will make it easier to attach art, mirrors, shelving, etc.
interior brick walls

TIP: Faux wall finishes can introduce fresh textures while also giving older walls some new structure from which to hang pieces. I think all of this could go.

Dropped Ceilings

When this gem of a building was built, lights weren’t the show pieces they can be today, so we’re dropping the ceilings to allow us more opportunity to add focal lighting pieces, as well as recessed canned lighting.
dropped ceiling

TIP: Dropping ceilings, when height in a room allows, is a savvy way of hiding duct work and electrical elements and other unsightly elements that could be in view. It’s also a way to reinforce your home and allow for heavier chandeliers to be introduced. Consult a design professional for more on this process.

Pardon Our Dust

This is no small project. We anticipate completion sometime in the spring of 2023. In the meantime, we are open. Call today to get the latest on connecting with a designer and to learn more about GV Construction & Remodeling.

Nancy Long
In loving memory of Nancy Long, our founder at The Black Goose Design.

A Look Back at Some Of Our Fav 2022 Projects
Wednesday Dec 7 2022 by Stacey Beyer

What a year! From brilliant residential rennovation and new builds to unforgettable commercial space and an update to our own home base, our team at The Black Goose Design has been busy and loving every moment and completed project 2022 has had to offer. Here, in no particular order, is a look at a few of our favorites, along with design trends and market finds that continue to put smiles on our faces. 

Psstttt... We're even sharing a first look at the updates recently made to the upper level of our showroom. You don't want to miss this transformation! Let's get to it!  

Bell Canyon Home Renovation Project with GV Construction Renovation Specialists

Photos by: Lindsay Salazar Photography

Bell Canyon residence 

Breathing new life into an existing home it can be both challenging and extremely rewarding. In this inherited project, we got a gorgeous foundation to build from and still can't get over the end result. 

The natural light and views combined with the rich colors and interior elements come together in perfect harmony.

GV Construction and Renovation Specialists

Why we love it: This canyon home is infused with natural influence. From the stone work on the walls to the marble finishes, iron additions, and on-point wood workings throughout, the home's exterior surroundings weave seamlessly into the interior, making it the perfect mountainside oasis. 

See it all for yourself in the two-part reveal here and here

Sweet Bath Co. Commercial Project

Photos by: Lindsay Salazar Photography

Outlets at Traverse Mountain 

As much as we adore working residential, switching it up with commercial spaces is always a fun change of pace. Especially when that space is as sparkling as this Traverse Mountain shop.

Sweet Bath Company 

Why we love it: This isn't your ordinary shop. It's open and inviting but also warm and cozy. Of course, they're sensational bath bombs and other self-care products are pretty wonderful too. For a sneak peek, you can do a little shopping from the comfort of your phone, but there's nothing like visiting the shop in person to take in the full ambiance of this 2022 design highlight. 

See the full Sweet Bath Co. reveal here.

Marx/Herr Residential Project

Photos by Lindsay Salazar Photography

New home in South Jordan 

The blank slate of a new build always fills us with joy. When we started this home project, the building process was nearly complete, which meant we got to collaborate with the amazing owners with every decorative detail. 

floral interior design tricks 

Why we love it: This home has beauty and style all its own. The floral influences and soft feminine touches throughout make it feel light and so very happy! Plus, you've simply got to see the master closet in this one!

Take a two-part look around by visiting here and here.  


The Black Goose Design Remodel Project (upper level) 

Big things are happening around here! Here's a first look at the many chic updates we’re making to our showroom at The Black Goose Design. (Check back soon for a look at the full reveal!)

how to design a faux wall finish 

What a difference a new wall finish makes! Need help adding texture to your walls. Our designers are full of helpful tips and tricks that will make the project one you can tackle.

We’re in shiplap heaven with this facelift, featuring a top 2022 color – Redend Point 9081 by Sherwin Williams.

wall renovation

Sherwin Williams Redend Point

 The Black Goose Design

The wall wonder continues with a fresh coat of Vintage Vogue 462 paint by Benjamin Moore on the bricks and tons of rich texture using wood.

vintage vogue Benjamin Moore

wood on walls

how to add texture to your home

wood shiplap

TIP: Adding texture or even just new paint to a blank wall is relatively low-cost/time investment that guarantees a big return. 

2022 Market Memories

Of course, we can’t list every item that caught our eye at this year’s markets, but here are two of the ones that leave a big impression.

High Point Furniture Market

Doesn’t this BEAUTIFUL sitting area by Wesley Hall make you want to sit for a bit and share some laughs with friends? What a cozy yet cool vibe! 

Highpoint Furniture Market

See more show favorites here and visit The Black Goose Design to get your hands on the pieces we purchased from the show. 

Las Vegas Furniture Market

As this gorgeous Wesley Hall number represents, we saw lots of warm shades and playful patterns this year. 


Awwww, 2022, you certainly were good to us! Thanks, friends, for joining us for the reminiscing. We hope the trip down memory lane leaves you feeling inspired and excited about the fabulous things to come in the year ahead. We can assure you, they’re going to be GOOD. In the meantime, thanks for making this year so magical (and pretty!). 

Create a Designer Christmas Tree in Three Easy Steps
Wednesday Nov 23 2022 by Stacey Beyer

Decorate a tree that sparkles in three easy steps. The expert designers at The Black Goose Design have tips to create an evergreen look that’s on point!

 tree trends 2022

Before we get into the our three tree steps, we have a few go-to tips we use at The Black Goose Design.

Tree Tip 1: Balance your size. Include larger items (stems, large bulbs, paper chains, etc.), medium elements (traditional bulbs, trims, etc.), and small elements (lights, tinsel, etc.). Thinking in this S/M/L way helps the tree feel balanced. 

Tree Tip 2: Once your tree is lit, start with a few key large items and then fill in with medium and small items.

Tree Tip 3: Blend a few new favs (if you wish) with some classic family favs to keep your tree feeling special and uniquely yours.

Tree Tip 4: If you love the look of a tall tree but don’t have one, place the tree on a small end table. Use a stylish tree skirt or throw (we love faux fir at the bottom of a tree!) to disguise the left. Not only will this give your tree a boost, it leaves more room to easily get to the gifts beneath.

Tree Tip 5: Flock is fun. If you're looking for extra texture, consider this cool faux snow option.

Three Tree Tips

Okay, now that we have a few key tree tips in place, let’s get to decorating! If you want to light your tree, begin by adding lights, from there, we suggest taking the following approach: 

tree flocking 

1. Start with stems. Stems, also known as picks, are a larger focal point, so it makes sense to start here. Place a few in strategic spots around the tree. Your tree will instantly start to fill in with texture and color.

tree stems 

Stem Tip: Feel free to stick with the same style or mix and match in styles that complement.


2. Time for the larger ornaments. These can be harder to place, so it’s’ wise to get them on early.

 how to decorate a tree

3. Finish off your look with the small details. Fill any remaining holes with small bulbs and trinkets. For extra texture, try tying small ribbons to the branches. We adore a slim velvet trim!

 new christmas ornaments

There you have it! In three simple steps, your Christmas tree is holiday perfection. Of course, we’d be remiss if we failed to mention a fourth and ever-so-important tip – HAVE FUN! Don’t overthink it or get too caught up in trends and “perfection.”

 holiday metallics

Happy holidays from your friends at The Black Goose Design! 

2023 is the Year to Think Pink
Wednesday Nov 9 2022 by Stacey Beyer

A new year means new trending colors to love, but this hue is clearly standing the test of time as a timeless classic – PINK! What do we expect more of in 2023? Pink paint! And we couldn’t be more tickled. We'll share a few of our favorite shades at The Black Goose Design.

image credit: Farrow & Ball



Redend Point (SW 9081) 

It's easy to see why this warm, welcoming hue is the Sherwin Williams Color of the year

Sherwin Williams Color of the Year

Conch Shell (052) by Benjamin Moore 

This soothing shade is one of the selected Color Trends for 2023. See the shades Benjamin Moore pairs it with here.  

Conche Shell Paint by Benjamin Moore

image credit: Benjamin Moore

Templeton Pink no. 303 by Farrow & Ball

Templeton Pink Paint by Farrow & Ball 

image credit: Farrow & Ball

Pink is no longer just for little kids and dreamhouses. These tones are straight out of nature. No wonder they have the ability to create such a calming effect. 



If you want to try pink on for size before taking your roller for a spin on those walls, look at adding pink fabrics to your upholstered items. Whether it’s a full-on pink chair or sofa (swoon!) or some pink accent pillows, you’ll feel the warmth and coziness this color family creates.

Wesley Hall Pink Fabric Swatchesimage credit: photo by Wesley Hall


Ready to think pink? Stop by The Black Goose Design today, and we’ll help you find your perfect pink match.

Holiday Entertaining Must Haves
Wednesday Oct 12 2022 by Stacey Beyer

Who are we to deny you what you want? Recently, we shared a sneak peek of some of the fab fall and winter accessories headed your way this season. The response was big! Big enough, in fact, that we’re back with more. Here’s an even closer look at the good things available to you this holiday season at The Black Goose Design. (You’re welcome!)

 autumn 2022 trends


Get ready to set. The table is a natural gathering place in the home. Make it shine with a few fresh layers. Reach for a cutting board. Place a pretty bowl. Opt for an attractive container.

 how to make your table stand out

TIP TO TRY: Decorate using a favorite book. It adds a personal and interesting touch. 

unique personalized decorating

Don’t forget the flora.

holiday greenery

This time of year, greenery and foliage replace flowers as a timeless centerpiece. Look for rich hues and interesting textures.

how to arrange plants for fall

winter foliage 



Want to know our fav go-to tip with making a bed feel extra inviting? Place a fluffy, folded duvet along the foot of the bed. It’s an easy way to make your guest room feel like a luxury resort.

 how to make a bed feel inviting

With cooler temps, knits are another excellent way to weave in some warmth.

 fall bedding ideas


The candle craze is here! We have battery-powered options if you want something that lasts.

battery candles 

Flammable finds are also in store. It’s hard to resist the fall smells available, but we do offer unscented candles if you simply want to add warmth without the added aromas.

winter metallics

 fall candles


As you think ahead to holiday decorating make a metallic note. With the gorgeous glow these pieces add, you’ll be humming a little Silver & Gold by Burl Ives in no time.

christmas decorating ideas 

 2022 holiday looks

Thanks for asking for more in décor. We LOVE sharing and are always delighted to know you share our passion for the pretty. For even more fall and winter wonders, check out our Instagram account or stop by and see them IRL soon. 

Welcome Sweater Weather with these Quick Design Tips
Wednesday Sep 14 2022 by Stacey Beyer

Fall into a cozy at-home vibe without going “in your face” with autumn additions. These simple updates will give your home a seasonal shift without feeling overdone. Take a look at some of what we're loving right now at The Black Goose Design!

fall 2022 trends

Set the Tone

Adding earth tones is on trend right now, no matter the season, but this is an ideal time to get on board with the idea if you haven’t done so already. Look to natural wood finishes and warmer hues to add some autumn elegance.

home decor baskets

Switch Up Your Greens

No, we aren’t talking your latest smoothie ingredient. This is all about swapping out florals. You can reuse jars and pots and simply add some fall-inspired arrangements. Our go-tos are fall berries and, of course, autumn leaves!

autumn wreaths

Let’s Layer

Adding a few extra throws and swapping out your accent pillows instantly ups the cozy level.

fall accent pillows 

how to decorate your home in September

Accessory Recess(ory)

Don’t forget to put away accessories that don’t work with your fall décor. It’s okay if some items need to hibernate for the winter. Rather than working around colors that don’t evoke a fall feel, swap them out for more season-appropriate looks. Or, if you prefer a look that lasts, turn to metallic neutrals, like these gorgeous gold canisters. 

gold canisters 

Light it Up

Candle light is always a good idea. Especially now, when candles are battery/remote operated, making them convenient to use. You know such light is the perfect fall finishing touch. Plus, candles are a gorgeous fixture to use throughout the upcoming holiday season. Get them out now and have one less thing to do later.

candle trio

Come in and check out our Radiance Candles in ivory and champagne. These gorgeous neutral shades complement so many décor styles and seasons!

autumn ambiance

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you have to go nuts with décor updates. In this in-between time, as we eagerly await the coming holiday decorating season, try making a few adjustments using any of the ideas above. It will get you thinking sweater weather without layering on a bunch of extra work. Visit The Black Goose Design today for more looks you're sure to, ahem, fall for. 

Fall and Holiday 2022 Trends from the Las Vegas Furniture Show
Wednesday Aug 10 2022 by Stacey Beyer

Hello, VIP! Here’s your backstage pass to the Las Vegas Furniture Market. Members of our team at The Black Goose Design joined buyers from our Mill Company sister stores — CF Home Furniture & Design, Down to Earth, and Layers Bedding — for a trip to Las Vegas, where we got to check out the very good things coming to stores near you soon. Here’s a sneak peek at a few of our trends and even an early glimpse at some of the Christmas looks you can expect!  

Las Vegas Furniture Show 


The colors keep getting warmer and warmer. We adore the comforting shades you can expect to see more of in the coming weeks and months.

Fall 2022 colors 

home decor trends for 2022



It’s all about playful. From bright shades to happy patterns, the calm neutral look is about to meet its match with lively hues and moods on the horizon.

playful interior design

 brightly colored living room

wall art styles to try in 2022


Here in Utah, where four unique seasons can do a number on home fixtures and features, we love our wool. For one reason, it’s durable. For another, it’s easy to clean. So you can bet we were excited to see so much wool in the works!

wool trend 

We’re delighted to offer even more in-demand wool, including these welcoming rugs.

rug looks to love

new area rugs for 2022 


Sure, it’s still summer, but we’ve got our sites set on the upcoming holiday season. The halls are about to be decked in some gorgeous new looks. Here’s a quick sneak peek of one of the favorites making our Nice list.

 holidays 2022

From market to store, you can expect to find these looks and more coming to The Black Goose Design before the year is through. We get new pieces in all the time, so stop by often to get first dibs on your must-haves. Until then, we'll leave you with the stuff sweet dreams are made of — a few gorgeous beds that have us ready for a satisfying slumber!

bedding trends for 2022 

 how to place pillows on a queen bed

 must have bedding

Designing for the SWEETEST New Shop in Utah
Wednesday Jul 27 2022 by Stacey Beyer

The shop is Sweet Bath Co, but the name should actually be SWEETEST Bath Co, as Melissa and Alexa, the business owners, have put their hearts into creating a company that supports working moms. 


“I was a new mom and my daughter hated the bath, so we created these really fun bath bombs,” Alexa recalled. “We thought, if we can take one stressor out of the bedtime routine… let’s do it!” 

And do it, they did. Sweet Bath Co has been in business for two and a half years now, but they only opened the doors of their first brick-and-mortar store at Traverse Mountain in March of this year. Del Reanne Lucas Wilson, a senior designer at The Black Goose Design, helped make that happen.


“We met with Del Reanne in October of 2021 and started the planning process,” Melissa said. I knew what I wanted for our space and she definitely helped bring that vision to life!”


“Between my initial conversations with Melissa and their company their logo, I could see what they wanted … what they needed, “Del Reanne added. “We saw eye to eye from the beginning, which was really fun.”

From that instant connection and shared vision came this gorgeous outcome.


“I find the success of any project is based on the synergy of the client and the designer. When you come together and feed off each other and love a project together, you always have a much happier end result. That was certainly the case here,” Del Reanne added.


While certain design principals ring true whether you’re designing a residential space or a commercial one, there are aspects unique to commercial to consider.


“I love designing commercial spaces,” Del Reanne said. “More people get to see and experience your work, so creating a space the public really enjoys and watching people over and over and over come in and react is very creatively fulfilling.”



Del Reanne comes from a rich background in commercial design and knows you only have mere minutes to capture your audience and set your desired tone.


“When designing a commercial space like this, you have to give the audience an experience as soon as the step through the door,” Del Reanne explained. “You only have three seconds to make your first impression. It was our goal at Sweet Bath Co to create a space that feels fun, fresh, lovely and a bit elegant.”


“Stores often feel full and crowded,” Melissa added. “We knew we wanted a more open feeling and a very relaxing and welcoming environment. Light woods and lots of white… We wanted the shop to feel bright and happy, but also a bit fancy.”



When designing a leased space, you can sometimes be met with elements to work around. In this space, one such element was the flooring. It would have taken the project well beyond the budget to replace it, so it was up to the team to work with it and make it all come together seamlessly.

“Unless the flooring in a space is spectacular, you don’t want to make it memorable,” Del Reanne said. “Where this warm, orange-toned floor was already in place, it was my job to work with it and not make it look like a mistake. We wanted to draw the eye up and create the focus someplace completely different. Our solutions for doing that ended up being some of my favorite features in the store. The chandeliers are spectacular! They make the biggest pop! And the crazy gold metallic flowers on the walls really add a ‘wow’ to the entire space!”



A commercial space has unique needs, which can mean unique fixtures and pieces. The Black Goose Design can help with that!


“A lot of people don’t realize we can create custom casework,” Del Reanne noted. “It’s one of the many services we offer. Here, we designed the gorgeous front counter specifically for this business, and I adore it!”  



Retail often calls for unique areas and experiences within the larger space. That was the case at Sweet Bath Co.


“We needed to create sections to support the various product types,” Del Reanne explained. “A kids section… A bath and shower section... A seasonal section… A gift section… The trick is making each section feel unique but also cohesive and on brand as a whole.”



We saved the best for last. In a retail space, the design should ALWAYS complement the product on display, not over overpower it.


“Creating a beautiful space is important, but you want to equally highlight the product,” Del Reanne explained. “You don’t want either one to get lost. Especially when that product is as beautiful as this. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen. I knew we needed a backdrop that would showcase that kind of beauty and uniqueness.”



It’s easy to see the outcome of this collaboration does the brilliant products at The Sweet Bath Co justice. The shop, like the specialty bath products within, is relaxing. As you walk in, you’re not only greeted by the best smells imaginable but also a truly serene scene.  



Of course, the calm sweet Sweet Bath Co provides extends well beyond their Traverse Mountain retail shop or even a soak using their high-quality bath products. For them, it’s about adding much-needed mom calm. It’s why they’ve created a business owned and run by women that focuses on supporting women. From their design and fulfillment center to their storefont, Sweet Bath Co employs nearly 25 females, most of whom are busy mothers. For them, that’s the ultimate success story and the foundation of their happy brand.   


“I seriously can’t wait to get to work every day,” Melissa remarked. “We take dancing breaks and get to chat with friends all day. It is so much fun! We couldn’t ask for a better group of employees or a better way to recharge and bring more balance to all areas of our lives.”


Del Reanne worked primarily with Melissa on this project and felt an instant connection to her and the brand’s supportive mission.


“Melissa and I had the same excitement and vision, which I found very motivating. I mean, my desire to please is always huge, but when you add that kind of mutual excitement, it catapults it. I would do anything for Melissa. She’s darling and delightful. She’s so creative. Plus, she’s a really hard-working mom supporting other hard-working moms. That really resonates with me on a personal level.”


Wanting a solution to end-of-day bath time chaos, Sweet Bath Co ultimately created something even bigger. Even better. An inviting place to relax and feel supported. A memorable place to not only shop but to immerse yourself in beauty. Experience it all for yourself and stop by this serene storefront at Traverse Mountain soon.


Not in Utah? Don’t you worry. You can also shop their fabulous assortment of specialty products online

Why Wallcoverings Are a MODERN Design Solution
Wednesday Jul 13 2022 by Stacey Beyer

What comes to mind when you think “wallpaper?” Grandma’s kitchen, perhaps? Actually, this is no longer a look of the past. Today’s wallcoverings are modern and amazing. Perhaps you’re already on the wallcovering wagon? We’re right there with you! We love the way this modern design solution can transform a space!  

bathroom accent wall 

wall texture


Why not? There is MUCH to love about wallcoverings. Here are just a few of the many benefits:


Whether you want a bold hue without the mess of paint or you want to take it even further and add an entire mural to your wall, wallcoverings provide the solution!

floral wallpaper

modern wallcovering 



These aren’t your grandma’s wallcoverings. Today’s designs are far from flat. Available textures include linen, vinyl, leather, grass cloth, cork, silk, raffia and more!

textured wallpaper

pink wall paper


Thanks to the dynamic designs and textures, wallcoverings can take a flat wall and bring it to life!

2022 design trends 

elegant bathroom


Ready to welcome wallcoverings into your home? We’re here to help. Stop by The Black Goose Design today to flip through our many samples. If you aren’t sure what look would be best, we can offer helpful tips, or you can hire one of our trained team members to do a site visit and work on a more complete design plan with you. After all, we love sharing our wallcovering wisdom and would be thrilled to talk options with you soon!  

Bell Canyon Home Reveal, Part 2
Wednesday Jun 22 2022 by Stacey Beyer

Welcome back to the brilliant Bell Canyon Hom in Sandy, Utah, one of the latest projects to reach completion for our team at The Black Goose Design.


If you’ll recall from Part 1 of this two-part reveal, this home was the ultimate in collaboration, involving a previous home owner who started the build, our sister company, GV Construction, who completed the build and breathed modern design into the project, and design work by more than one senior designer on our team at The Black Goose Design! Wow! That’s a bunch of talent and vision behind one locale. No wonder the outcome is this beautiful!


Picking up where we left off, we have more favorite features to share, as well as design takeaways for you to try in your home today. Let’s go!

NOTE: All imagse taken by Lindsay Salazar Photography unless otherwise noted. 



For a home this substantial, an average front door simply wouldn’t do. It’s hard not to be smitten by this grand entrance!


“As you walk up to the home, the front door immediately grabs your attention,” Joe Long, co-owner of GV Construction and The Black Goose Design, said. “Everybody who sees it is like ‘whoa!’ It’s a huge pivot door, measuring 10’ x 7’. It’s incredible!”

FAV FEATURE: The Cantllever Decks

These statement areas are extensions of the interior living space.

“Another favorite aspect of this home are the cantilever decks. The doors are bifold collapsible, creating a seamless extension from the interior to the exterior of the home,” Joe remarked. “The way these decks extemd out, with the nearby Bell Canyon Creek running through the yard, it brings that beautiful outdoor sound and ambiance inside as soon as you open the doors.”


image credit: Coldwell Banker Homes


Like the dimensional design of art work, a design idea shared in our previous post, let’s layer on ideas to apply to your home.


The Rule of Thirds design principle relates to the strategic placement of three focal items. Did you know you can group a bunch of items together to equate to a single stop in your Thirds trifecta?


Even though this bookshelf holds multiple accent pieces, it still acts as a single focal point when grouped with the two adjacent art pieces. As a whole, the trio creates a well-balanced occupant for this space. Look for a decorative shelf in your home and see if it might be enhanced with the addition of two counterparts. You could try art, as we have or opt for large plants, an ottoman, or any other substantial presence. 

Of course, a pair of shelves is equally as striking!



Ottomans are popping up in homes everywhere right now! With as versatile and CUTE as these smaller furniture pieces are, it’s easy to see the BIG appeal Here are just a few of the awesome ottoman benefits:


  • Being smaller, they’re easy to tuck under thin side or entry tables. This both fills the space nicely and keeps extra seating close at hand.
  • They’re light weight, making them easy for even kids to grab, should they need to pull up another chair.
  • They stand alone. Float a pair under a fireplace, add them as seats at the heads of the dining table, or place one next to a soaker tub. Ottomans are so attractive that you certainly don’t have to tuck them away.
  • They’re more than just added seating and foot rests. Ottomans are also excellent options when you’re in need of a side table, a game table, or another convenient surface.



When working on a remodel or new build, don’t wait for walls and floors before ordering tables and drawers. Order furniture and high-end appliances as soon as possible. Our designers can work from floorplans and blueprints to help you select properly fitting pieces. If you’re a visual person, we can even create 3D renderings to help you see how those pieces will look in the finished space, long before a single wall gets framed. Why? Because lead times are currently lengthy and you don’t want to be stuck waiting when your project is done.


“Right now, custom upholstery orders and high-end appliances are taking from nine months to a year to be delivered,” Denise Johnson, one of the senior designers on this project, shared. “Don’t wait for your home project to be done to start placing your orders. The last thing you want to do is get moved in and then have to wait a long time for the furniture. If you’re sticking to a budget and furnishing areas in stages, prioritize key areas like the great room, primary bedroom, and dining room. You can then focus on the other areas as time and finances allow.”


Before we conclude this two-part tour of the stunning Bell Canyon Home, we'll leave you with a few final looks at the home.  





Need help on a remodel project? Call The Black Goose Design today to get connected with the pros at GV Construction. 

Bell Canyon Home Reveal, Part 1
Wednesday Jun 8 2022 by Stacey Beyer

Not all projects we take on at The Black Goose Design are new builds and remodels. We like to call this gorgeous Bell Canyon home an inherited project. Welcome to Part 1 of this two-part home reveal!


Lindsay Salazar Photo


The home started its life in the loving hands of its previous owner more than a decade ago. In that time, construction got underway, but life also happened and the build was never completed. Enter GV Construction Renovation Specialists. Like Gardner Village and its flagship stores, CF Home Furniture & Design, Down to Earth, and Layers Bedding, GV Construction is one of our sister companies, owned by the talented sister/brother team of Angie Gerdes and Joe Long. 

“I focused on building and construction,” Joe said. “As my partner and equal, Angie puts her expertise to work overseeing the furnishings and décor. It was definitely a tag-team effort.” 

As you can see from these before and after shots, the Bell Canyon Home underwent quite the transformation under GV Construction.



Lindsay Salazar Photo



Lindsay Salazar Photo



 Lindsay Salazar Photo

The collaboration continued at The Black Goose Design, where more than one senior designer on our team worked with Angie on the interior details.

Lindsay Salazar Photo

“I loved working on the finishing touches with the furniture and accessories,” said Denise Johnson, senior designer. ”It’s fun to see the project come to life at this phase.” 


Selecting a favorite feature on a home like this is a tall order, but here are just a few of the many standouts:

FAV FEATURE: Surroundings that Inspire

This Bell Canyon home is located below Snowbird in the impressive Little Cottonwood Canyon. With such a backdrop and the amazing 360-degree views, it’s no surprise that the home took on a mountain modern design scheme.

Lindsay Salazar Photo

“This home’s location really does check all the boxes,” Denise said. “Location: check! View: check! Private/secluded: check! It’s like the windows are works of art on the walls. Each window offers another amazing view, from the city view to the mountainside to the shrub oak in the yard, there is so much to take in.”

 Lindsay Salazar Photo

“As soon as I visited the property and saw the Bell Canyon Stream running through the property, I immediately had ideas and visions for working the home’s impressive surroundings into the design,” Joe added.

That majestic Utah scenery certainly inspired the home’s interior. From the stone work throughout the home, including the unique granite backdrop in the kitchen, to the striking wood detail throughout, it’s easy to see how Utah’s backdrop inspires the details.

Lindsay Salazar Photos


This home leaves us with many inspiring takeaways. Here is one of our favorite tricks to try in your home today!



Add dimension to your art pieces by layering a few accessories in front.


Lindsay Salazar Photos

On Part 2 of this massive home reveal, scheduled for June 22, 2022, we’ll share more of our favorite features and design ideas to try, plus a look at some of the top 2022 design trends. We can’t wait to see you then. In the meantime…


Good news! This home, completely furnished, can be yours! It went on the market last week. See the listing here for more information and even more pics! 


Need help on a remodel project? Call The Black Goose Design today to get connected with the pros at GV Construction. 

The Marx/Herr Home Reveal, Part 2
Wednesday May 25 2022 by Stacey Beyer

Welcome back, friends! We can’t wait to share part two of this gorgeous Marx/Herr home reveal. But first, you can take a second look at part one of this home here. Not going back for seconds would be a mistake. It’s just THAT good!

photos by Lindsay Salazar

Filled with florals, spring feels like the perfect time for our show & tell of this brilliant space. You’ll find its fresh femininity takes a turn toward the linear on the lower level of the home.


To bridge the gap between the softer stylings upstairs and the richness downstairs, The Black Goose Design senior designer, Del Reanne Wilson Lucas, worked with the home owners to create a seamless transition area outside of the more masculine media room.


This open, airy space is welcoming and provides plenty of room for family and friends to gather.


To create the design transition. Softer patterns were strategically placed with more geometrics and heavier textures. By setting the tone in this way, the shift to a more masculine area doesn’t feel at all jarring or out of place.

This rug was a perfect piece for this area of the home. The blush/blue combo pulls influence from the upper and lower levels.


TIP: Your home doesn’t have to be one style exclusively. Well… on second thought, it does — YOUR style. To create that, don’t hesitate to blend looks. Our team at The Black Goose Design can help you create smooth transitions and a harmonious look overall!


No wonder this space is a family favorite. The lush charcoal corduroy sectional is as comfortable as it is stunning. It’s topped with a sweet drizzle of caramel in the form of leather chairs and accent pillows. Together, it creates a warm space to relax.


We’d like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the Marx/Herr family for inviting The Black Goose Design to be a part of this memorable project. The end result is nothing short of spectacular!


Feeling inspired? Good news! Many of the fixtures, fabrics, and finishes seen in the Marx/Herr home are available now at The Black Goose Design. Stop in today to get your favorites! 

The Marx/Herr Home Reveal, Part 1
Wednesday May 11 2022 by Stacey Beyer

Welcome to the Marx/Herr residence, one of our latest design projects in south Salt Lake County. We’re delighted to unveil this show-stopper home with you and the many inspirational takeaways you can apply to your own design work.

Marx residence 

Home: Marx/Herr Residence

The Black Goose Design Team Member: Del Reanne Lucas Wilson

Photography: Lindsay Salazar

Project Timeframe: 20 months

Home Style: …It’s complicated


Why complicated? Well, the home was purchased as a nearly-finished new build, so the style was already in place — a contemporary industrial design. While the home owners were quite taken with the amount of space in the home and the fabulous neighborhood, they weren’t seeking an industrial look. Enter Del Reanne. It’s at times like this that having a trained professional at your side can make all the difference. Del Reanne saw the challenge in transforming the space but certainly didn’t fear it. She knew that with the right furniture and pieces in place, the homeowners’ true style would come shining through.

The Black Goose Design 

And just what is that style? The female home owner, with complete support from her fiancé, knew she wanted to infuse her personal preferences for the fun, feminine, light, and happy. You’ll see a French Country influence, but with a modern take, which complements the home’s foundation beautifully.

french country influence 


The key to making an established structural design bend to meet another style preference is often in selecting the right pieces. Where the home's industrial structure incorporated black, these gorgeous display pieces flanking the fireplace were the first big purchases, setting the tone for the design work to follow. The curve of the arch offers a softer, more feminine finish, and the shelves décor items work to further that feel.

modern yet feminine design

arched bookcases 


A fast track to femininity is florals! From wallpaper that wows and impressive artwork to floral displays and fabric choices, the bold blooms bring this home to life!

modern floral design 


primary bedroom design style for 2022

As far as transforming an established style was concerned, the bathrooms proved the biggest challenges. They had a very industrial look to them and yet it didn’t make sense to gut a brand new build. Flowers to the rescue! The ice blue florals with the gold and silver accents on this wallpaper were just what this powder room needed to take the edge off.

floral wallpaper 

TAKEAWAY TIP: Statement pieces don’t have to be furniture. Key accessories can work just as well to capture the look and feel of a home. The huge ginger jar on the fireplace mantel is a lovely example.

jinger jar 


Another easy way to weave a particular feel throughout a home is in your fabric choices. The selection used on the draperies, decorative pillows, linens, etc. certainly strike a lighthearted note.

soft fabric choices 


This home is certainly not without its modern moments. For example, the use of black seamlessly ties the modern with the French flair. In theory, this could seem like an odd pairing, but this home proves otherwise. The harmonious blend creates a space that’s as comfortable and casual as it is elegant and fresh.

 modern design with feminine touches


While this entire home is a perfect 10.0, you’ll want to sit for these statement stops on our tour.


With spare rooms available and a home owner with a healthy respect for fashion and style, it only made sense to transform an entire spare bedroom into a closet!

 Del Reanne Lucas Wilson designer

Everything in this room was custom made, including this swoon-worthy shoe storage!

Lindsay Salazar photography 

Of course, the light fixture takes an already-amazing space and adds even more brilliance!

 guest room transformed into a closet

TAKEAWAY TIP: Don’t limit your thinking when it comes to extra rooms. How many times do homeowners feel they have to have a dedicated guest room when, in reality, they rarely have company? If you have another way that you could use the room so much more, go for it! It’s your home and you should absolutely make the most of every square foot. 


Since this is the home to a happy couple, you will find more masculine influences as well. (Wait until you see the magical media room in our next post!) The one exception? The office! This beauty is a space created exclusively for the female homeowner who also happens to be a female entrepreneur who loves entertaining and welcoming business associates to her home. The spacious office perfectly captures this phenomenal woman and her impeccable style.

elegant home office design 

Many have said this is the most beautiful desk they’ve ever seen. They aren’t wrong.

 bold powerful soft art

The big and powerful yet soft and feminine floral artwork is no accident. It’s a beautiful reflection of the dedicated business professional occupying this office. 

TAKEAWAY TIP: Don’t just choose something pretty to hang on the wall. Think about the message it conveys and what message you might want conveyed in the space.


Since the homeowners enjoy having house guests, much thought and loving detail went into each of the spare bedrooms. The best part is that no two guest rooms are alike. They each have their own personalities. Of course, they also complement the home as a whole, keeping up the continuity.

how to style a guest room 

guest room design looks to love

TAKEAWAY TIP: Just because it’s a guest room, doesn’t mean it can’t represent your style and interest. Guests will enjoy seeing your influence infused in their surroundings. No need to keep things generic or stale. 

SEE YOU SOON (on May 25 to be exact)

That’s it for joining us on this first portion of this magnificent Marx/Herr home tour. Join us on May 25 for a look at the rest of this inspiring original! 


See something (or many somethings) you love? Stop by or contact The Black Goose Design in Midvale, Utah to discuss how you can make this inspiring style your own.  

How to Select the Right Rug for Your Space
Wednesday Apr 27 2022 by Stacey Beyer

Welcome to this magic carpet ride! We compiled our go-to rug rules of thumb. From size and material to care and maintenance, consider this your go-to source for rug wisdom. 


Like any other textile, rugs come in various fibers and finishes. Understanding your different options and what to put where will help ensure your rug stands the test of time.

image credit: Lindsay Salazar  



Placement: High-traffic areas, such as entryways, living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms.

Quality: Extremely durable.

Avoid: Outdoor usage — wool is best for indoor use.

Pricing: Varies, depending on construction. Machine-made is the less expensive option, while hand tufted means a price increase.

Maintenance: Wool will shed but does so less and less with time. You can vacuum wool, making it easy to clean.

Note: Hand-knotted wool rugs will sprout. When this happens, simply trim the pulled areas with scissors.



Placement: Great in high and low traffic areas.

Quality: Durable, lightweight, and soft.

Pricing: Pricing varies depending on construction, pattern, and blends. Cotton is typically less expensive than wool.

Maintenance: Hand wash or professional cleaning. 

Note: This is typically a thinner rug, which makes it great for layering!



Placement: Great in high and low traffic areas, both inside and out (when under a covered porch). 

Quality: Durable.

Maintenance: Jute can be “dusty” and frequently shed. Avoid spot cleaning. 

Note: Jute rugs are dyed with vegetable oil, which means they’ll fade in the sun. Avoid putting them in direct sunlight.



Placement: Best in high to low-traffic areas.

Quality: Durable, but not as durable as their wool counterparts.

Pricing: Inexpensive option when wool is out of your price range. Offer the look of a high-end traditional rug without the price tag.



Placement: Great for indoor/outdoor use.

Quality: Durable.

Maintenance: Can be hosed off and cleaned with diluted bleach.



Placement: Great in lower traffic areas, such as bedrooms

Quality: Durable and soft but does not tolerate spills well.

Avoid: Getting it wet.

Maintenance: Any liquid, including water, can discolor a viscose rug. Avoid damp forms of cleaning.

Note: This is the softest rug you can get your feet on. If you love the idea of walking on butter, you’ll love a viscose rug.           


One of the most common questions we get is about size. What size rug should you get for your space. Here are a few helpful points of reference:


Beneath a Bed

Queen Bed: Minimum rug size is 6x9; ideal size is 8x10

King Bed: Minimum rug size is 8x10; ideal size is 9x12


Beneath Living Room Furniture

This one has many variables to consider (size of room, placement of furniture, etc.). With that, it’s best to look at your rug as an anchor. As long as the front legs of your furniture items are on the rug a minimum of 4-6 inches, you’re in good shape!


image credit: Lindsay Salazar


Beneath a Dining Table

A dining room rug should extend 24 inches past the edges of the table. Ideally, you want the legs of your dining chairs to be on the rug. Specifically, the side chairs, which can sometimes mean placing a custom rug order to get the perfect size. For tables extending longer than 8’, 9x12 rugs can come up short. We know not everyone can afford a custom rug. Don't fret. If your host chairs hang off the rug just a bit, we won’t tell.


Dining Tip: Select a rug with a low pile to keep chairs from catching as they slide in and out. Ideally, one that cleans easily.


In the Entry

Go big! Avoid 2’x3’ rugs in this area to keep the rug from looking like a door mat. A larger rug in your entry will elevate the look and create a more inviting space. Since this is where people enter the home from outside, durable and cleanable are a must! If it can fit, 5x7 is a great size for this space.



When rug shopping, the main thing to remember is that every space is different. With that, these rug “rules” can vary from space to space. If a typical rug size doesn't fit your space, we have custom rug options.



We always recommend following the care instructions on your rug tag and having your rug professionally cleaned. We also recommend using a rug pad, which helps prevent slipping hazards, adds comfort, and creates added durability.



We have hundreds of rug samples in store. Guess what?! You can even check them out to see how they look in your home before making a purchase. Stop by today and try a few on for size. Rugs are a wonderful way to update the home, create warmth, and make your surroundings all the more inviting. Rugs for the win! 

High Point Furniture Market Recap and Upcoming Trends
Wednesday Apr 13 2022 by Stacey Beyer

High Point Furniture Market is like a crystal ball of good things on the design horizon! We love making this trip to North Carolina to take in the trends, shop for new pieces, and immerse ourselves in the wonderful world of home décor and design.


Will you be our +1? Join us on this walk-through of Market highlights and favs!

Highpoint Furniture Market 

Market Must #1: Warm Meets Cool

Whether you’re on Team Warm or drool for cool, the upcoming color schemes should make you smile. We saw gorgeous warms like red and rust being paired with calming greens and blues. These winning rugs from Surya are prime examples.

 2022 color trends

new rug designs for spring 2022

Market Must #2: Traditional Timelessness

Sometimes “traditional” is associated with heavy, dark, and large pieces. Not the case with these beautiful pieces.

 classic end table

What We Love About the Traditional Trend

  • Prove classic and classy can still be light
  • Pieces you can have in your home for years to come
  • These looks blend beautifully with numerous design styles and looks

classic kitchen furniture 

the Black Goose Design goes to market 

Market Must #3: Neutral Fabric

One of the best things about working with the vendors we do is the wide world of customization made available to you. You have so many gorgeous choices in upholstery with pieces like these from Wesley Hall, so even if you aren’t sure about a neutral finish, you can come in and shop our huge assortment of swatches to find your perfect finish!

Wesley Hall

sectionals for 2022

 upholstery to try in 2022

Market Must #4: Dedication to Detail

From fancy frames to intricate fabric finishes, the subtle but impeccable details spotted on our favorite pieces prove it pays to invest in quality brands. We’ll leave you with a look at a few more of our must-haves!

Break up the solid routine with a fresh pattern on a favorite accent chair!

detailed fabric trends

The fringe takes this Wesley Hall ottoman to the next level! 

home design in 2022 

We adore the placement of these Wesley Hall chaise pieces and the detail in the upholstery!

unique furniture placement 

Thanks for joining us on this spring 2022 market recap. Stop by The Black Goose Design for more fresh looks for spring! 

Our Go-To Ottoman and Why
Wednesday Mar 23 2022 by Stacey Beyer

The Lee Industries Tailor Made Ottoman is our go-to at The Black Goose Designs for MANY reasons. Take a look at why it holds our hearts.


image: Lindsay Salazar


Where finishes are concerned, this ottoman offers several options. Choose from one of the following:

1. Plain: Offering a smooth, modern, seamless look.


2. Diamond Tuft: For a more traditional take, this geometric option is a girl’s best friend. (And a guy’s, for that matter!)


3. Waffle Tuft: Mmmmm… waffles… No, it’s not the delicious name that makes this pattern our go-to. It’s the fact that it offers a beautiful blend between the two aforementioned tufts (plain and diamond), creating a pleasing transitional design.



This is far from a one-size-fits-all ottoman. In fact, you can customize it to nearly any size you’d like.


You can even make it into an eye-catching bench!


While we’re firm believers that it’s hip to be square, we are also all about the round option!



Whether you opt for leather or another fabric, you’ll swoon at the photo-worthy finish. Choose from any number of fabric or leather options and find the perfect material for your space.

Fabric Finish

Leather Finish


image: Lindsay Salazar


Adding another customizable feature, you can select from various leg styles, including tapered and round, casters and no casters.


Adding to the leg love, you can also choose your wood finish.



Time to choose your finishing touches. You have various welt choices, including a bias welt, a leather welt, and more. (Learn more about welts here.) The following is an example of a fabric ottoman with a leather welt. What a striking combo!

image: Lindsay Salazar

If adding hardware, you’ll find Lee has many nail heads to consider. You also have stitching selections, buttons, mitering, and even bands to consider. We love the fabric band paired with the leather top on this round design! 

Who knew one small furniture piece could pack such a BIG punch? Stop by The Black Goose Design in Midvale, Utah today and see this Lee Designs beauty for yourself! You really oughtta, man. (Sorry. Couldn't help ourselves.) But, seriously, you definitely want to come by and check it out soon! :)

Beautiful Basement Remodel Inspiration
Wednesday Mar 9 2022 by Stacey Beyer

Is there an area of your home that triggers the "One of These Things is Not Like the Others" song from our old-school Sesame Street days? The basement is a common contender. This remodel of a 20+ year-old home's basement definitely completes the gorgeous look and feel of the rest of this Kaysville, Utah, home. See how we took this space out of the, ahem, limelight, and into the modern day with impressive before-and-after pics, design rendering ideas, comforting color schemes, and more! 

PROJECT: Kaysville Basement Remodel
DESIGNER: Sam Atkinson
PHOTOGRAPHER: Lindsay Salazar 


Or... in this case, a little less color. ;) Yes, a bright color can help lighten up a dark basement, but opting for a white or pops of color works to both lighten up a room AND keep it feeling calm and inviting. 

BEFORE design before and after


built in media center

We love that these home owners aren't afraid of color. By adding gorgeous earth tones, the space feels intimate and relaxing while still neutral. 

2022 kitchenette design 

TIP: Don't be afraid to use color as a neutral. Shades of green and blue often work in a neutral capacity and can add more warmth than traditionally thought of neutrals. 

 warm color scheme



Remodeling a basement isn't always easy. As the base of the home, you frequently have load-bearing beams/walls, duct work, and other elements to consider. In this case, these three awkwardly placed pillars couldn't just come down, at least not without taking the rest of the house with them. So, Sam Atkinson, The Black Goose Design expert on this job set out to problem solve.


how to remodel a basement 

Consulting with the project's contractors, she found a solution that not only keeps the support in place but also opens up the room — a built-in media center. By adding two larger beams where the outside pillars were, they were able to safely remove the center pillar, leaving the ideal spot for this new focal point of the room.

Sam Atkinson designer

 AFTERThe Black Goose Design

Thanks to vital duct work, the ceiling above this space is lower. Placing the media center strategically under this lower area, adds to the built-in design and leaves more room for seating, including an extra large sectional, perfect for family!


family room furniture ideas

TIP: Consult the pros. Basements frequently come with obstacles that can be dealt with, but it's best to work with trained contractors and designers to ensure you proceed with caution.


Okay, so sometimes the word "old" is frowned upon, but it's very positive in this space. By "old," we simply mean things you already own. Existing. Loved. Yours! A key to making a new space feel like "home," whether it be a new build or a remodel, is in the pieces you already own. There's no need to start from scratch with decor. Blend some of the old with a bit of the new to create YOUR ideal surroundings. Adding new greenery to the homeowners' collection of pottery, for example, is an easy way to take the decor to the next level without starting over.

how to style a coffee table 

Even some of the furniture was already in the home. Isn't this bed stunning? It was already in the house and didn't even need a drop of paint. By pairing it with these modern surroundings, you get an amazing outcome! 

modern traditional design 


This basement is a lovely example of modern traditional design. It brings together florals and other classics with bolder prints and clean lines. In this darling guest room, the bed frames and wallpaper are more modern, while the accent pillows and linens are more traditional.

 cute kids room ideas


At one point, the playroom was closed off in this basement, which didn't support the owners' desire to have their entire family together. By knocking out that wall and eliminating the smaller room, the space gained a bunch more room for all to gather. Of course, the grandchildren still needed an area all their own. The solution? This stylish reading nook. 

modern reading nook 

With ample pull-out storage, including storage that pulls out from the bookshelf (so cool!), the beloved toys and favorite reads remain at the ready for the younger guests. The whimsical house wallpaper offers a youthful vibe but also blends seamlessly into the rest of the space.

how to create a play space that works with the rest of the room

TIP: Hidden storage is a great way to house toys and things that might not otherwise "fit" the look and feel of the area. Plus, it makes clean up a breeze! 


The home owners have 10 kids and many grands! They love spending time with their impressive family and wanted a retreat to welcome them. We'd say this breathtaking basement certainly fits the bill. The kitchenette, guest rooms, play space, and living area all create home-away-from-home happiness. The finishing touch... a bathroom remodel!


bathroom update 


beautiful guest bath ideas 

Wow, what a difference! (Dibs on the mirror!) 


Sam was so sweet when asked what her takeaway tip is from this project. 

"I'm not trying to sound boastful or brag, but it really does help to work with a designer on a project of this scale. We know how to see potential in a space that might not be seen otherwise. We can create exact design plans before a single change is made. We're trained to work side by side with contractors so the homeowner doesn't have to be a go between. Most of all, we LOVE getting to know our clients. It's about more than just building a strong connection with them because we adore them; it's about knowing them to ensure the finished result is an accurate reflection of the amazing people they are!"

best place to buy furniture in Utah

Not boastful at all, Sam. You're absolutely right! It does help to work with an interior designer for so many reasons. Plus, it's just more fun to tag team it. We have a team of trained experts at The Black Goose Design, ready to help you on your next project. Stop by or give us a call to discuss your ideas soon! 

Pillow Talk: Tips for Flawless Decorative Pillow Placement
Wednesday Feb 23 2022 by Stacey Beyer

It's the final week of February, and love certainly lingers in the air. Perhaps that’s why we long to whisper sweet nothings in your ear. Actually… on second thought… this pillow talk is all about the sweet somethings. More specifically, accent pillow pointers! Let's look at a few tips and tricks for accenting your sofa with this decorative dream:


Step 1: Bring on the Bookends

When adding decorative pillows to your seating, a safe approach is to begin with a foundation pair of matching pillows. We like to refer to these as your bookends, as they create a strong anchor, a pleasing sense of balance, and an obvious frame for everything to come afterward.

pillow pointers to remember 

PILLOW POINTER: Bookends can be solid or patterned. There's no right or wrong option.

bookend pillows 

Pilow Pointer: Here's some budget-friendly buzz to note. A neutral bookend, like these divine white pillows, can sit pretty all year long, while those that come after can change with the seasons. 

living room looks that last all year long

Step 2: Add Accents

This second pillow layer is a great place to break away from mirror images and instead select two pillows that complement.

 decorating with gold

PILLOW POINTER: A good rule of thumb to keep in mind here is the overall size of the print. Opt for small, medium, and large patterns for easy movement. If you were to use all large-patterned pillows, the eye wouldn’t know where to look, whereas a progression in size is easy for the eye to follow.


Step 3: Do you, pillow, take these pillows…

Want to tie your look together? If your answers is an enthusiastic “I do!,” the marriage pillow is key. This bridge connects all of your pillows, typically through color. In true matrimony fashion, a marriage pillow creates unity by representing shades from each of the pillows in play. 

how to place decorative pillows on a couch

Commitment issues clearly aren't a problem for this handsome fella. With shades of blue and gold, he's the family man of pillow, here for the long haul. 

 the marriage pillow


Just like that, you’ve mastered flawless sofa styling! Not wanting this love fest to end, we’ll leave you with a bit more pillow talk and tips to try:

1. We know, we know... Again with the texture. What can we say, it just feels right. ;) Pillows are an excellent place to incorporate different finishes. Whether you’re pairing linen with knit or velvet with cotton, combining different finishes is always a good idea!

 2022 pillow trends

2. Monochromatic doesn’t mean monochro-boring. A single color scheme is classy and calming. To ensure this solo approach doesn’t turn into a sofa blah, vary your prints. Pssst… Don’t forget to keep the scale/size of your patterns in mind and vary those, too.

positioning pillows on a sofa 

3. Say yes to solids. As much as we adore patterns, weaving in a solid is a, well, solid choice. It offers grounding and allows the surrounding patterns to shine.

how to style accent pillows 

4. Little lumbars are like the team-building exercise of pillows. They’re there to support the whole gang as another unifying option to consider. Have fun mixing up the height of your pillow tops from time to time!  

pillow pointers

Want to mix and match pillows until you find your perfect match? Stop by The Black Goose Design, here in Midvale, Utah, and try ours on for size. We’re happy to help and offer suggestions or simply let you do it to it until you’ve found perfect pillow placement.

 The Black Goose Design

2022 Trend Alert: Back to Our NATURAL Roots
Wednesday Jan 26 2022 by Stacey Beyer

If we could sum 2022 up in one word it would be… NATURAL. Natural elements and nature-inspired finishes are all the rage this year. From earth tones to organic textures, it’s all about simplicity and getting back to our roots. Take a look!

 Designing with Natural Elements

image credit: Four Hands


  1. It’s warm. Weaving in natural elements, such as warm wood tones, helps break up the white on white we saw so much of in years past.
  2. There’s a big trend toward simplification, and embracing elements naturally found around us represents getting back to our roots.
  3. Mother Nature provides looks that are calming, and evergreen. Shades of blue and green create a calming effect, have mass appeal, and look great all year long!

2022 Design Trends

image credit: Four Hands

image credit: Loloi


Here are a few of the MANY ways nature-inspired looks are appearing in interior design:

  • Natural woods
  • Earth tones
  • Greens (real plants and artificial options)
  • Plant-based textures (bamboo, rattan, etc.)
  • Feathers and grasses
  • Stone

Hooker Furniture

image credit: Hooker Furniture 

From rocking the rattan to singing the blues (and greens!), now’s a wonderful time to thank Mother Nature for the organic wonders adding warmth to our homes. Which natural look is your favorite?

image credit: Loloi

Adding a few new natural pieces to your surroundings is a great way to welcome spring (or at least get a jump on that beloved season!). Stop by The Black Goose Design, located in Midvale, Utah, and find an organic option to adore today! 

Four Hands Furniture

image credit: Hooker Furniture 

3 Easy Post-holiday Design Ideas to Refresh the Home
Tuesday Jan 11 2022 by Stacey Beyer

Putting the holiday décor away is a bittersweet experience. It’s nice to have things back in order, but it can also leave things feeling… bare. After all, glitter and lights and packages galore can be a tough act to follow! If you now find yourself feeling the post-holiday void (or you simply want a new ‘do for 2022), try these three simple tricks:


A common design slip comes when décor items used are all the same (or nearly the same) height. It’s one of the great things about a Christmas tree — it adds height to a space. Follow the pine’s flair for design and introduce another taller element into your space and see if it doesn’t create some more interest.

The Black Goose Design 

Height to Try:

  • A tall furniture item, such as a cabinet or
  • Draperies
  • Floor lamp
  • Plants: Why should evergreens have all the fun? Try a faux tree. Olive is one of our favs! (available at The Black Goose Design). If you have a green thumb, you can always go for the real deal, which is good for you and good looking!



Just as the holidays warm a space with furs and flannels and all the warmth of winter, texture can continue to create a cozy vibe well into spring.

 winter bedding looks

Texture to Try:

  • Add a throw to your sofa
  • Try new throw pillows on for size
  • Update an area rug



Kids aren’t the only ones who love a good game of dress up. Dress those windows with new window treatments. Like icing on the cake, this is a sweet way to transform a space with a perfect finishing touch!

roman drapers 

Treatments to Try:

  • Drapery panels on larger windows
  • Roman shades in the kitchen

 2022 looks for the home

Chase those winter blues away with these easy-to-apply ideas. They’ll add instant warmth to your home and fill that holiday void in no time. Our designers at The Black Goose Design in Midvale, Utah are always happy to meet and discuss your unique space and ideal solutions. Call to schedule a consultation today.

Heartfelt Holiday Traditions
Wednesday Dec 22 2021 by Stacey Beyer

We always adore designing homes, but we feel an extra appreciation this time of year. After all, creating a space where our clients can gather together and make memories is a gift! In that spirit of togetherness, our team at The Black Goose Design is here to share a few of our favorite holiday traditions with you. Perhaps you’ll find a new idea to enjoy with your loved ones!

 ways to make the holidays meaningful


My favorite Christmas tradition is getting together with my whole family on Christmas Eve for our holiday dinner party. After dinner, we give a homemade gift to the person whose name we drew on Thanksgiving. We’ve been doing this for 10 years now, and it’s amazing how creative we have gotten over the years! I love this not only because it’s a very heartfelt way to give, but also because it gives us a chance to see what we’re capable of doing when we give ourselves the time. —Sam Atkinson

family gift exchange ideas

 give the gift of handmade gifts

Every Christmas Eve, after our family dinner, we would drive around the neighborhoods and parks to look at all the lights. My parents would let us sit on their laps (not something we’d get away with these days LOL) and bring hot cocoa. It was a great way to end the night before Christmas! —Rachel Corbett

 things to do at Christmas with family

My favorite Christmas activity is to decorate trees!  It’s a big family tradition accompanied by hot chocolate and popcorn.  And then I decorate clients‘  trees also, just to spread the fun and joy!  So many trees, so little time! —Del Reanne Lucas-Wilson


I’m a coastal at heart, so I love incorporating that seaside vibe into my holiday decorating. Here, you can see that sneaky little elf of ours decided to take a trip on our sailboat one year. He was always a fun tradition. My adult kids still ask about him every year. —Denise Johnson

 elf on the shelf

Growing up, my dad would spend the majority of every December asking my siblings and I what our most memorable moments of the year were. He would then create homemade ornaments out of clay to represent those moments so we could look back and reflect! After Thanksgiving, we would haul up the ornaments from all the previous years and decorate our tree. As we took each one out, we’d reflect on all the memories they held. Once Christmas Eve came around, we would go out to dinner, go home to play cards, and receive our new ornament for that year! —Madi Johnson

handmade ornaments to represent the year

Christmas traditions... So many come to mind! Making gingerbread houses, Nutcracker performances, and ski trips, to name a few. My favorite, though, just happens to overlap with my birthday. I often hear friends tell me how much they dislike celebrating their birthday in December, but I love it!! After all, it's the most wonderful time of the year! On (or near) my birthday, my family and I will go out to dinner to celebrate. We then bundle up and walk Main Street to see the fun Christmas Window displays. We really enjoy Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake; it has the most beautiful Christmas lights and Christmas music playing. And we always stop at the "Giving Machines" to make a donation.  

This meaningful Christmas/birthday tradition has made lasting memories with my family! —Monica Woodland

the giving machine 

downtown salt lake holiday lights

My family’s Christmas tradition is to get a real tree. We have two little girls who are making the tradition more and more fun every year. We let them pick the tree and then take it home and decorate it together as a family. —Georgia Kendall

 tree farms in utah

holiday traditions

Thanks for joining us on this stroll down Memory Lane. Wherever you find yourself this season, we hope you’re enjoying traditions of your own with the ones you love. Happy holidays!


Your friends at The Black Goose Design

2022 Color Trends and the Benjamin Moore Color of the Year
Wednesday Dec 8 2021 by Stacey Beyer

With a new year comes new colors to crave. Some are subtle variations on timeless favorites, while others are new to the spectrum of must-have hues. Let’s take a look at the shades coloring our world at The Black Goose Design going into 2022, starting with Benjamin Moore’s 2022 Color of the Year…

October Mist (1495)

 2022 Color of the Year

image credit: Benjamin Moore

Here’s what they have to say about this earthy elegance: 

“Our annual celebration of color is the result of a yearlong exploration into design, art, fashion, cultural and environmental influences around the globe. From Benjamin Moore’s library of over 3,500 colors, we carefully curate a Color Trends palette that balances modern-day relevance with long-lasting appeal. At the center is one special hue that defines the palette—and the moment: the Color of the Year.”


Well said and great work, Benjamin Moore! Ready to see the rest of the carefully-curated palette? Let’s do it!


Gloucester Sage

 Benjamin Moore

image credit: Benjamin Moore


Pale Moon

brighten up a home with color 

image credit: Benjamin Moore


 Warm bathroom tones

image credit: Benjamin Moore


Farrow & Ball Curated by Liberty

In other color news (is there any better kind?), two of our favorite brands, Farbricut (Liberty fabric) and Farrow & Ball, have joined forces to bring us paint AND prints in colors that coordinate! The happiness gets even better. We carry Liberty fabrics at The Black Goose Design, so you can come in and select your favorites, knowing there’s a paint to pair it with. Here are a few of the stunning examples of this partnership!

how to design using blue 

 image credit: Farrow & Ball

bedroom color trends 2022

image credit: Farrow & Ball

Farrow and Ball Liberty

image credit: Farrow & Ball

Thanks for chatting color with us today! It’s one of our favorite topics and aspects of design. Have questions about how to add a little more color to your space? Call to schedule a paint consultation. Whether it’s the Color of the Year or simply your go-to fav, we want to see it and help you find your perfect solution! 

Interior Home Design that Brings the FUN
Wednesday Nov 24 2021 by Stacey Beyer

In our last post, we took you inside the impressive South Jordan, Utah, home that proves modern design is quite inviting. From various natural elements and textures to an earthy color scheme and a focus on fabulous lighting, the home embodies warmth.

 The Black Goose Design

Today, we see another feature this home exudes — FUN! The lower level brings all the entertainment a person could want home. Not a bad thing in these pandemic times! Actually, not a bad thing at any time. This space is an entertainer’s dream and gives a family night at home all new possibility. Take a look!



Before we make our way downstairs, we must pause to check out this COOL home office! Work from home? More like PLAY from home!  

 home office ideas

No, that’s not the garage. It’s actually an extension of the homeowner’s office! Check out those custom, marbleized floors. Certainly not a bad view or backdrop for those Zoom calls!

custom garage flooring 

All that hard work can work up an appetite. Good thing there’s a kitchenette for those midday (or late night) snack breaks!

 kitchentte design


Yup, this home actually has its own sports bar. Game days just got a lot livelier!

 in home sports bar


Forget sticky floors, sitting next to strangers, freezing temps, and overpriced concessions. With a home theater of this caliber, it’s like going out to the show but with all the comforts and intimacy of home.

 home theater

Roll out the red carpet! The entry way adds to the theatrics with these amazing custom sliding doors.

custom sliding doors 


Whether you want to hit the shooting range, put around the golf course, or toss a pigskin on the field, you’re headed in the right direction. Down this corridor is the entertainment wing of the home, which includes various sports simulators. FOUR!

adding fun to home design 



Vino aficionados, we advise you take a seat for this one. It takes the home wine cellar to new heights!

modern wine cellar


An in-home safe is never a bad idea. Opt for a fireproof option and rest easier, knowing your important items have added protection.

 home safe



Of course, the lower level of this awesome abode isn’t all play. There are various living spaces that offer a comforting spot to visit and make all who visit feel at home.

2021 home design trends

natural modern

 sleek bathroom design


That concludes our tour of this imaginative, unique, captivating home. It’s been a project for The Black Goose Design for a year and a half, so this Reveal Day is always a bit bittersweet. Designer Denise Johnson has loved being a part of this family for this stretch of time and knows they’ve created a connection that will last. We now invite YOU to create your own connection as you create the home of YOUR dreams. Bringing your vision to life and helping you pinpoint what that vision is fills us with joy. Whether you’re building or simply updating, no task is too big or too small to capture our interests. Stop by or call today to get your next project underway.



Nearly all furnishings and décor in this post are available through The Black Goose Design.

Pillows and throws provided by The Black Goose Design and Layers Bedding at Gardner Village.

Photos taken by Lindsay Salazar.

Home interior design was a collaboration between the talented homeowners and The Black Goose Design team member, Denise Johnson.

Modern Design Meets Warmth In This SoJo, Utah Stunner
Thursday Nov 11 2021 by Stacey Beyer

When you think of MODERN design, what impressions come to mind? It’s commonly thought that modern = cool or sterile. (Especially in a space that's quite large!) This stunning South Jordan, Utah, home, which stands at an impressive 10,000 sq. feet, proves that couldn’t be further from the truth.

entertaining staging


 modern home design

Through strategic use of texture and an organic/natural influence, this residence is cozy and welcoming — a perfect complement to the warm people who call this beauty home.

 stagement fridge


As soon as you open the front door, it’s clear that this home brings the stunning outdoors in. In fact, the stone that adorns the front exterior also wraps around and lines the entryway of the interior.

interior stone

 south jordan utah home

You’ll also find various other natural influences throughout, including gorgeous wood detail, plants, stone, and an earth-toned color scheme.

earth tones sofa

modern sideboard 

 wood paneling ceiling

 modern bedroom furniture


A great way to warm up the clean lines and geometric structure of a modern design is with texture. From bricks and wood to granite and metal, the strategically placed finishes add movement and a cozy feel to this home. They've even added water features to the organic mix! The lesson here: Don't be afraid to bring exterior elements IN! 

wall mounted water feature

wood accent wall in bedroom 

metal wall treatment 

fireplace design

granite countertops

Various beams and wall treatments were even made to look like concrete. Very cool! 

faux concrete interior


Another way to brighten up a home? Windows! 

home with a view

So. Many. Wonderful. Windows.

two-story kitchen

We love the way these homeowners opted for minimal window treatments (electric roller shades), which they keep open most of the time. Not only do they allow natural light to flow freely in, they also treat the eyes to the gorgeous Utah surroundings!

 electric window roller shade


Various light fixtures throughout the home provide ample warm lighting, adding to the relaxing ambiance.

 bedroom lighting ideas

Isn’t this cabinet lighting in the bathroom a nice touch? It would be a great addition in a guest bath, as you could leave it on at night to guide guests without causing a distraction.

 under cabinet lighting

Of course, the chandelier above the tub isn't bad either. (Swoon!) 

soaker tub styling

Don't be afraid to take risks with your light fixtures. Selecting pieces that make YOU happy will set your home apart from the rest and allow your personality to come shining through. Isn’t this linear light hanging above the two-story ceiling in the kitchen a cool statement piece?

unbelievable kitchen lighting ideas 

The homeowners weren’t afraid to take risks with their lighting, and those risks pay off in a chic and unique way!

unique dining light 

 modern chandelier ideas


Who says girls get to have all the fun. The gentleman homeowner is a visionary who had brilliant ideas for this entire abode, including the oh, so FUN lower level. Join us next time for an inspiring look at how to make your house into an entertainment mecca. With these design ideas, you’ll never have to leave home again!

 sports bar in home


I’m going to miss these homeowners and our regular encounters. After seeing them weekly for a year and a half, we've established a tremendous connection. I consider them dear friends of mine. That's the wonderful thing about an extensive design project like this. The designer and the homeowner(s) really get to know and understand one another, making it an exciting and rewarding process." --Denise Johnson, The Black Goose Design, Midvale, Utah


Nearly all furnishings and décor in this post are available through The Black Goose Design.

Pillows, throws, and bedding provided by The Black Goose Design and Layers Bedding at Gardner Village.

Photos taken by Lindsay Salazar.

Home interior design was a collaboration between the talented homeowners and The Black Goose Design team member, Denise Johnson. Well done, all! 

The Black Goose Design

Fall 2021 Colors to Love
Wednesday Sep 22 2021 by Stacey Beyer

From pumpkin spice to buckets full of candy, fall makes our mouths water at The Black Goose Design. Of course, it’s the 2021 color trends that really have us saying YUM!

 The Black Goose Design

image credit: Wesley Hall

Hues are going deep with rust red, burnt orange, and rich shades of burgundy, blue, and green.

trend forecasting 2021

fabric by Highland House Furniture

 on-trend color combinations this year

image credit: Highland House Furniture

autumn color trends

fabric by Highland House Furniture

These cozy colors pair perfectly with leather. Good news! We have some fabulous leather pieces on order that should be arriving just in time for the holidays.

best looks for your home this season

image credit: Four Hands

Peter Jacobs chair

image credit: Wesley Hall

leather sofa

image credit: Bradington Young

 leather looks to love in 2021

image credit: Highland House Furniture

Fall is all about layering. Like your favorite sweater, a decorative pillow can add just the right amount of warmth to your home. We have many new styles to choose from that definitely say "fall."

fall 2021 decorative pillow trends

accent pillow designs 2021

Sweater weather is here. Time to cozy up your home with some inviting autumn shades. Stop by The Black Goose Design and grab a few new pieces today. 

living room looks for 2021

image credit: Wesley Hall

A Look At NEW Pieces Coming In
Wednesday Sep 8 2021 by Stacey Beyer

It's market season, which means NEW delights coming your way at The Black Goose Design. We've just returned from the Las Vegas Furniture Market and have a few sneak peeks to share with you. Take a look and let us know which ones are calling your name! 


Striking 100” sideboards are a current fav in the furniture department, so you know we’re all about this amazing metal version! What a cool home addition this versatile piece will make, whether you add it to a game room, a great room, an entryway, or even a bedroom!

 black sideboard

You’re going to want to sit down for this one… and never get up! These chairs are as comfortable as they are stylish!

 2021 chair trends

High Point Market 2021


Linen = LOVE! This inviting linen bedding is headed our way soon, just in time for you to create the coziest of fall beds!

 linen bedding


We purchased a number of new accessories at this show, so you’ll have plenty of choices when it comes to lining your shelves, adorning your walls, and dressing up your dressers. Here are a few sweet items you can expect!

 decorate with beads

We’re all about large, textured, unique pieces that make a statement. Watch for vases and lanterns in various shapes and sizes.

large containers and vases for the home

Plus, we have THE BEST rechargeable candles coming this fall, which will give these containers the perfect autumn glow!

lantern designs for the home 

Plants are a main attraction right now. Look forward to a number of container options for housing your faux freshness!

 items for decorating your shelves

Don’t forget your walls! The new wall art we found is both calming and striking, creating the ideal balance for your home décor.

boho wall art

2021 wall art trends

how to group smaller pictures 


What’s your favorite item here? Stop by The Black Goose Design to share what you’re loving this season. Trust us, you definitely want to see these beauties IRL, and you know we love seeing YOU! 

Modern Meets Traditional, Part Two
Wednesday Aug 25 2021 by Stacey Beyer

Welcome back to the fab Canyon Residence, one of our latest new-build home projects to reach completion at The Black Goose Design. This attractive transitional design blends modern lines and prints with more classic curves and traditional colors.

All images provided by Lindsay Salazar Photography.

2021 canyons home trends 

In our previous post, we were inspired at the home’s seamless inside/outside living space, as well as the way its mountainous surroundings influenced the overall look and feel. Today, we’re taking in the details and more of the inviting interior.

 indoor outdoor living space

The dining room is an ideal example of transitional design. The curve and style of the chairs paired with the contemporary fabric beautifully illustrates the blend of modern and traditional.

transitional style dining room 

You’ll find another example of transitional chair styling in the living room. We love how modern complements traditional!

 living room ideas

In this attractive arrangement, the traditional finish of the warm white oak seamlessly joins the modern upholstery on the bench and the more dramatic dark wall.

white oak mud room 

If this remarkable home teaches us anything, it’s that anything can work with design. You don’t have to fit a set mold or trend to create a home that feels current yet classic. Don’t ever shy away from your style. Instead, stop by The Black Goose Design and let’s explore it. Together, we’ll come up with fresh takes for the looks and pieces you love. It’s a process we enjoy so much, and we can’t wait to experience it with you soon!

See more of this stunning Canyons Home reveal here

Reveal Day: Stunning Mountain-inspired Home
Wednesday Aug 11 2021 by Stacey Beyer

Hello, and welcome to the latest project to be completed by The Black Goose Design, the magical Canyon Residence!

photo credit: All images provided by Lindsay Salazar Photography.

photo by lindsay salazar

At last, our big reveal is here! After two years in the making (from lot selection to completion), we’re delighted to finally pull back the curtain and share this inspiring canyon home. This is a big home, so we’re splitting our tour into two parts. Today, we're looking at how the stunning mountain surroundings have influenced the architecture and flow of this inviting residence.


With the unreal mountain backdrop, a seamless living space seemed a must. Inspired by the GRAND mountains, we went large to accommodate that inside-out-vibe.


In a space this size that flows from the interior to the exterior, large floor tile works well. It’s durable yet sophisticated and connects the two areas of the home nicely.

indoor outdoor living space


Such an impressive view deserves nothing less. Floor-to-ceiling windows create the feeling of being at one with your surroundings, and who wouldn’t want to be connected to this serene scene?

wall of windows


The mountainous terrain even inspired the architecture of the home. Check out the how the roof peaks and valleys mirror those of the surrounding landscape.  

mountain inspired architecture

Inside, the unique angles and lines continue. We worked with the architect to focus the views of the home on the mountains, which required veering from a traditional rectangular floorplan. This can, at first, seem overwhelming. It isn’t. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at The Black Goose Design with any questions you might have about maximizing space that doesn’t follow the standard mold. We love the challenge and have many tips for working with floorplans of all sizes and types.

The Black Goose Design projects  


This home is a gorgeous example of transitional design. As the name suggests, this style transitions beautifully between modern and traditional, sampling elements from each aesthetic to an equally classic and fresh feel.


On the traditional side, we used stained white oak on the interior doors, while the custom-designed baseboards and door casings add a modern profile.

 transitional design

For seating, we paired classic menswear patterns on the upholstery with more traditional frames.

living room design ideas 

upholstered dining chairs

Working with this homeowner on this house has been an absolute treat. In fact, it’s the fourth project our designer, Randi Smith, has worked on with these particular homeowners, including our 2018 Parade of Homes residence. From the early days of visiting site lots with the owners to today’s big reveal, every step has been a memorable experience. We can’t wait to share part two with you soon!

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Wesley Hall Furniture
Wednesday Jul 14 2021 by Stacey Beyer

You’re in for a rare treat! We’re taking you on a behind-the-scenes tour of one of our favorite furniture brands — Wesley Hall. Remain seated, please. Permanecer sentados, por favor.


Okay, so it isn’t THAT kind of ride, but you're in for a thrill if you appreciate hand-crafted quality and made-in-America tradition.


Members of our team at The Black Goose Design were lucky enough to visit the Wesley Hall factory in Hickory, NC, recently, and we’re sharing just a few of the MANY highlights.

 Wesley Hall Furniture

Welcome to Wesley Hall!

If you know quality furniture, you know the name. Wesley Hall has been a family-owned business for generations (currently in their fifth generation making high-end upholstered products), crafting top-of-the-line sofas, ottomans, beds, bar/dining options, sectionals and chairs. They’re a locally-owned business that always makes quality the top priority!

 Wesley Hall Bed


This made-in-the-US furniture keeps your wellbeing in the forefront of all it does. From springs made from recycled goods and coated with organic, lead-free materials to toxin-free, fire-retardant materials, you can expect the best! Of course, the way our Wesley Hall pieces sell, we already know you’re a fan. Here’s a client favorite, the Hartwell Chair.

Wesley Hall Chairs 

And here’s what the same chair model looks like in the process of being hand crafted.

how a chair is made

Step by Step 

So much goes into every Wesley Hall piece produced. From the rolls and rolls of fabric to the many patterns to numerous artisans, it really is an impressive process with many moving parts and contributors.

handcrafted quality

pattern gallery

This "Our Story" quick flick describes the process best. In a nut shell…

  • Attended
  • Engineered
  • Finished
  • Hand Tied
  • Cut
  • Sewn
  • Crafted
  • Upholstered
  • Detailed
  • Perfected

“Generations of tradition. Classic made current. We are Wesley Hall.”


Wesley Hall factory tour

Eight-Way What, Now?

Clearly, attention to detail is in every step of the time-intensive process. Of course, a little elbow grease is also involved. Have you ever heard of an eight-way hand tie? Wesley Hall sofas and sectionals are actually suspended so the springs can be tied eight ways, giving you a universal sit, no matter where your fav spot happens to be. This added (and BIG!) step keeps your springs in place so you won’t find yourself with a pit or springs that move around on you. Who knew an eight-way tie finish could be the ideal outcome? (See it in action here.)

8 way hand tie 

Why Wesley?

Okay, so this question is a bit redundant at this point, but these gorgeous chairs should seal the deal. (If nothing else, it will delight our fellow furniture nerds!) See the way the intricate pattern lines up from section to section? That's what hand-engineered, hand-cut, hand-sewn quality gets you. Pretty cool, right? 

hand crafted chairs

made in america

The Tour Continues

We’ve done business with Wesley Hall for decades, but we still felt like kids in a candy store seeing where the magic behind some of our favorite furniture happens. We hope this back-stage look at your beloved pieces leaves you appreciating all that goes into them even more (if that’s possible). Now that you've seen the factory tour, take a virtual showroom tour here to see the latest and greatest from Wesley Hall. When you find your next obsession, give us a call and we'll see that it gets to you. Happy touring! 

A Look Inside Our 2021 Parade of Homes Residence (part 2)
Wednesday Jun 16 2021 by Stacey Beyer

Welcome back to The House That She Built, which is available to tour as a part of the Utah Valley Parade of Homes, now through June 19, 2021! 

Utah Valley Parade of Homes 2021 

In our last post, we shared the details behind this special home and a look at the bedrooms our team members at The Black Goose Design put together.

primary bedroom design ideas 

Today, the fun continues with a walk-through of the rest of the home. You’re in for an inspiring treat! The designers behind the main, upper, and lower living areas of the home went above and beyond.

NOTE: All images of The House That SHE Built featured in this post and our previous post were taken by Amanda Peterson.

MAIN LEVEL LIVING SPACE (designer: Allison Campbell)

Allison Campbell Design


Love the idea of a mantel but don’t want its footprint eating up limited space? Opt for a slim fireplace frame in an accent color. The color will make the statement without the need of a larger piece, and you’ll still have enough room for chic (and sleek!) décor!

 low profile fireplace mantel

SHE-influence: Cabinets for Miles

You’d be hard-pressed to find a woman alive who complains of too much storage space. No wonder a home engineered, constructed, and designed by women makes storage a priority!

kitchen storage ideas 


UPPER LEVEL LOFT (designer: Kimberly Parker)

Kimberly Parker Design 

SHE-influence: Homework Happiness

One of the many neat things about this home being created completely by women is the way its design supports the demands of motherhood. No place is that more felt than this open study area. The ample use of natural light makes it a bright and inviting space for young scholars to focus on their studies. Having a designated study space makes the daily the homework routine easier to embrace and enforce.

homework station design ideas 


LOWER LEVEL LIVING SPACE (designer: Kimberly Parker)

Kimberly Parker Design 

SHE-influence: Room to Move

This space takes the expression “my kids are climbing the walls” quite literally. Unlike days gone by, parents aren't as able to simply send their children outdoors to get their wiggles out. SHE to the rescue, with a room design focused on so much more than screen time. So cool!

 unique home gym ideas for kids

 built in play house ideas for kids


One of our favorite things about any Parade of Homes is seeing the various design trends being showcased. It’s a wonderful opportunity to gain ideas and inspiration, and this home certainly delivers. Here are just a few of the looks throughout this home that we’re loving right now:

TREND TO NOTE: Color Blocking

Welcome to the block party! You’ll notice several color-blocked elements (items with solid blocks of different tones) used throughout this home. A gorgeous example in the main living area can be found on the drapes.

color blocking trend 

Look closely at the decorative pillows in the entryway and bedrooms. They’re another inviting example of color blocking.

entryway design ideas 

The Black Goose Design

Layers Bedding

Even the Roman shades on the kitchen window, in their own way, reflect color blocking. However, in place of two colors, it’s a block of color paired with a block of glass. The two-tone outcome remains and is enhanced by the use of two-tone cabinets. 

 roman shades

Finally, you'll find big block appeal on the shower curtain in this bathroom designed by Chell Broadhead for Cambridge Home Company

 chell broadhead

TREND TO NOTE: Geometrics

We know, we know, it’s summer. The last thing anyone wants to do is discuss geometry, but we can’t help but adore the striking geometric shapes used throughout this home. It’s a way to add interest and pattern in a way that doesn’t feel busy. From the details on the front door to the overhead lighting, a linear look greets you as soon as you enter.


You'll take a step in the geometric direction on these VERY cool stairs.

unique stair risers

If you look closely at the backs of these stools, another geometric pattern is at play.

 modern kitchen stools

THE HOUSE THAT SHE Built — It’s About Opportunity

A Parade tour through The House That SHE Built concludes in the garage, where the walls are lined with images of the incredible women who made this plan a stunning reality. It’s a scene that made a significant impact on Utah’s Lt. Governor, Deidre Henderson.

 Professional Women Builders

The House that SHE Built

In a recent event honoring this project, Lt. Governor Henderson reflected on how she couldn’t help but relate the garage scene to the government buildings she’s served in throughout the years, where the portraits lining the walls are predominantly male. In fact, in Utah’s 125-year history, only 31 senate seats have been held by females. No wonder the garage scene had such an impact!

 female career opportunities

The House That SHE Built is about so much more than inspiring design choices. It’s about inspiring females everywhere and reminding them that they can be anything they put their keen, capable minds to! With your visit, we hope you’ll embrace the opportunity to have this conversation with your amazing girls AND boys. Let the experience empower change and continue to open doors of opportunity for all.

Utah Lt. Governor Henderson 

Thanks for taking this virtual tour with us today. We hope to see you at the Utah Valley Parade of Homes for the LIVE tour soon. You only have until June 19, 2021 to stop by. Get your tickets here

A Look Inside Our 2021 Parade of Homes Residence (part 1)
Wednesday Jun 9 2021 by Stacey Beyer

Hello! Come on in! Welcome to The House That SHE Built.

This is a project near and dear to our hearts, and we’re SO EXCITED to share the big reveal!

First, a few important things to note:

  1. You can see this home in person now through June 19, 2021 at the Utah Valley Parade of Homes.
  2. The House That SHE Built is just what its name suggests, a home engineered, built, and designed exclusively by women. Construction has always been a male-dominated field, and this home is opening doors in more ways than one! Read more about it here.
  3. All of the beautiful photos featured in this post were taken by Amanda Peterson Photography.
  4. This home is for sale! Interested? Check out the MLS listing


Okay, on with the reveal. Today, we’re going to focus on the areas of the home that two of our team members from The Black Goose Design, Denise Johnson and Randi Smith, furnished and decorated — the bedrooms! There are four bedrooms in this 3,200 sq. ft. home.



Showing SHE-support

The drapes used in the bedrooms of this home were provided by a woman-owned business we admire — Annie Selke.

annie selke

DESIGN TIP: Interior Brick Work

Nope, that's not brick paneling. It's actual brick. Did you know you can get thin brick, which looks amazing as a feature wall inside the home! Don't let its thin finish fool you; brick laying is an undertaking! We recommend you hire a professional for the install. 


We know we said we were going to focus on the bedrooms, but this primary bedroom tour doesn't feel complete without a look at the amazing primary bath, designed by Chell Broadhead of Cambridge Homes. 

chell Broadhead Cambridge Homes


Bathrooms are getting a major upgrade with these all-inclusive spaces, designed for a full shower AND a soaker tub. 




DESIGN TIP: Focus Wall Wisdom 

The accent-wall game is changing. In place of bright paint, walls are being treated with texture and pattern. Consider millwork, wallpaper, etc. Believe it or not, homeowners are even adding woodgrain tile to their walls right now, which creates a cool effect in areas like bathrooms where moisture is a factor.

ditsy floral wallpaper Nesting with Grace


For this room, we were delighted to use Ditsy Floral wallpaper, designed by one of our fomer collegues, Brooke Christen, who worked with us for 17 years before moving across the country and starting Nesting With Grace. We love that she was able to be here and collaborate on this project! Her wallpaper is the perfect feature-wall finish!



DESIGN TIP: Tone-on-Tone Millwork 

A great way to accent a wall without overwhelming a smaller space is a tone-on-tone treatment. Here, we added thin millwork, which adds tremendous interest while maintaining an open feel. 





DESIGN TIP: Stained Poplar

It’s no secret that lumber is hard to come by right now. If you love the look of oak but are having a hard time getting your hands on it, try using poplar. It will save you money and stains beautifully. That’s what we did to create the accent wall in this room. 




We mean it when we say we LOVE every design project we have the pleasure of working on, but this one will forever hold a special spot in our hearts. Being a part of this movement and working alongside brilliant women in construction and design is empowering and important. Plus, money raised on this home is being put towards creating more opportunities for females through scholarships and other financial support. Join us next week as we see the rest of this life-changing home and celebrate more gifted women and showcase their talents! 

Window Treatment Wisdom
Tuesday May 25 2021 by Stacey Beyer

It’s no wonder window dressings are commonly referred to as “treatments.” If there’s an important player in a home that should be treated well, it’s the windows. That said, your treatment choices should accent your space and not act as focal points. Let’s remove the blind(s)fold and take a look at various treatment options and why they work well.

roman shades in kitchen 


Whether your window treatments are strictly decorative or serve a functioning purpose, they bring the benefits. Check out these window-treatment pros:  

  • Add color
  • Present pattern possibility
  • Create texture
  • Soften external noise
  • Increase insulation
  • Reduce internal noise (echo, vibration)
  • Provide privacy
  • Enhance or block light (depending on finish)



As a general rule of thumb, it’s smart to place curtain rods close to the ceiling, as it makes the room appear larger. We also advise extending the length of your rod beyond your window so your panels can sit past the opening and not in front of it. This will make your window look better and maximize light flow. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, including these golden guidelines. It’s why we encourage you to consult one of our team members at The Black Goose Design when choosing window treatments and placing hardware.

The Black Goose Design 

Speaking of hardware, it’s not as simple has hanging a curtain from a rod. Your hardware options vary depending on the purpose and type of treatment you’re adding. Let’s take a closer look at one of our go-to rod options…  


Traverse curtain rods use an internal track and slide system and clips or curtain pins to pull curtains/panels open and shut. They’re ideal for:

  • Functioning window treatments that are opened and closed regularly
  • High/tall windows
  • Heavy panels/curtains

 traverse rod

when a traverse rod makes sense


…Do as the roman shades do. At The Black Goose Design, we’re big fans of this low-profile option. It’s ideal for spots with limited surrounding wall space, such as kitchen and bathroom windows, as well as windows that share real estate with surrounding furnishings (bed, sofa, table, etc.).

small window treatment ideas

how to dress windows behind furniture 



Why should walled windows have all the fun? Don't forget to dress those doors! Contact one of our designers to discuss your door design ideas.

window treatments for doors 


Let’s close the window on this conversation by reiterating our top treatment tip — draperies and dressings of all kinds should serve to enhance your overall space, not steal the show. Don’t be shy if you’re feeling stuck or unsure. We’re here to enhance your window wisdom and help you come up with the perfect treatment plan for your home. Stop by, call, or even reach out via DM on Instagram.

Design To YOUR Tastes and Create a Space You'll LOVE
Wednesday May 12 2021 by Stacey Beyer

At The Black Goose Design, it's no secret we like talking trends. Part of being good at our jobs is knowing what styles are in, what’s coming our way, and what's cycling out. That said, we’d like to take this opportunity for a little PSA, if you will.


Always decorate to your tastes first. Trends come and go, but your unique likes reflect you and, therefore, serve as a source of joy.


Take this year’s Pantone colors — sunny yellow (Illuminating) and Ultimate Gray. While this is a classic combination, it isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay! Love blue? Decorate in blue! All about vibrant colors and strong prints? Embrace the bold!

After all, how boring would life be if we were all doing the same thing? In the spirit of such variety, let’s take a look at a few looks we love right now that aren’t necessarily on any expert’s hip list but remain gorgeous nonetheless!

 designing a space you'll love


Starting with a neutral foundation is a great way to incorporate color, because you can easily swap those colors out as your interests and seasons change.

 add pops of color to a bedroom



Blue seems to be the superhero of the color community, as it can pop as an accent color AND also step in as a neutral. Check out how it plays that neutral role beautifully here!

 design with blue as a neutral


Scrolling Pinterest and Instagram, it’s clear neutrals are having their day (which we fully support!), but it’s not a one-or-the-other game. As much as we appreciate classic neutrals, we still get excited to see clients using bold colors and prints. They can add such energy and delight to a space.

 decorate with rich colors

 image credit: Wesley Hall

Clearly, there’s plenty of room in the design sandbox for all styles. Stop worrying about the "shoulds" and "dont's" and simply embrace your own wonderful interests and tastes. It's key in creating a space you'll love for years to come! Perhaps you've started down this path but find yourself feeling a little stuck? That's what we're here for. We delight in getting to know you and, as part of that, understanding what speaks to you from a design point of view. Stop by so we can get the conversation started and help you put more YOU into your beautiful surroundings!

The House That SHE Built
Tuesday Apr 27 2021 by Stacey Beyer

What happens when a group of driven, talented, smart women put their minds to something? Magic! The House That SHE Built is our proof!

 Saratoga Springs, Utah

What started out as an empty lot is transforming into a show-stopping home of one lucky family’s dreams in the Oakwood Homes Wander Community in Saratoga Springs, Utah. 

 A woman's touch

It’s a project bringing together talented female professionals to complete every stage of the home-building process, from the moment the first plans were drafted to the day the last landscaping touch is completed.

On this fab female team — our very own Randi Smith and Denise Johnson from The Black Goose Design!

 The Black Goose Design team members

“I have always loved construction and design,” Randi shared. “It’s in the fiber of who I am. I love being able to use my experience and talents to help others design their dream homes.”


“I’ve been in the field of design for over 20 years and have worked on every aspect of building a house,” Denise added. “But being a part of this particular project is extra special. I’m so proud of the work everyone is doing and the hearts behind that work!”


The House That SHE Built truly puts the heart in the art of homebuilding. The proceeds from the sale of this beautiful two-story home will continue to create opportunities for women, with support going to women-run businesses and charities, as well as a scholarship program.

 women at work

“The scholarships will account for 60% of the total prof and will be awarded to women pursuing construction management related degrees and trade school programs.” –  



Such skilled trades as excavation, plumbing, and engineering (to name just a few) are often thought of as “a man’s world.” Of course, we know this to be false. Women are key players in every aspect of home building, but they ARE underrepresented. The House That SHE Built hopes to change that by creating more opportunities for females and shining a brighter light on these in-demand careers.


Plus, women bring unique and valuable perspective to home design, simply based on the fact that they can often see a home’s functionality and needs differently than their male counterparts.


“The home design is centered on functionality for a family, from a woman’s unique perspective. The design does an excellent job of providing for the individual needs of the family by incorporating elements such as a children’s play area downstairs and a serene master retreat, while also including opportunities for the family to gather together and create memories.” –

 tiled shower

SHE is skilled. SHE is capable. SHE deserves every opportunity to share her gifts with the world as SHE makes it a better place. Nothing against the talented, hardworking fellas out there. We need them! They, of course, bring much to the table, too. This project is just a shining reminder that there’s room and need for all kinds, backgrounds, experiences, and genders in this (and every!) field!



Save the date! The House That SHE Built will be in the 2021 Utah Valley Parade of Homes. It’s your opportunity to see the grand unveiling and the stunning results of Randi and Denise’s labor of love. With the amount of time, effort, thought, determination, strength, and creativity we know went into every single stage of the home’s development, we know you’re in for an inspiring treat! In the meantime, you can learn more about this noteworthy endeavor on the Utah Professional Women in Building website.

home exterior shot 


We’re so honored that The Black Goose Design was invited to be a part of this memorable experience. Our team beams with pride as we observe the work Denise and Randi are doing with the other brilliant minds on this project. And we aren’t the only ones recognizing their dedicated contributions. They were just featured on The House That SHE Built Instagram account (which is totally worth following, BTW!). See Denise’s spotlight here and click here to read what Randi had to say.

 kitchen being built



The House That SHE Built is about more than building a home. It’s about building up women in the field of construction, where they’re currently severely underrepresented. Show your support through a financial contribution or submit a quick note on their website if you wish to be a part of it all

 installing a brick wall in the home

“We are always looking to add to our team and network of contributors for The House That SHE Built!” –  

 entryway ideas

Our hardhats are off to all who are involved with The House That SHE Built. We can’t wait to see the end product at the Utah Valley Parade of Home this May 2021. We hope to see you there! 

7 Lighting Tips to Update Your Home (and a SALE)
Wednesday Mar 24 2021 by Stacey Beyer

Ah ha! Like the flip of a switch, new lighting easily updates any home. After a year spent indoors, it’s only natural to desire a breath of fresh air. Unlike bigger cosmetic changes, such as paint and flooring, lighting changes can be completed quickly. Plus, we're having our popular Spring Sale event at The Black Goose Design, making now the bright time to make such updates!


Seven Lighting Tips to Update Your Home


Both indoors and out, your main entry lighting is important. For its function, of course, but also because it communicates your style to your guests before they’ve even set foot inside.

entryway lighting 

exterior home light fixtures

TIP: Chandeliers are a common choice in this space, but it depends on the amount of room you have. Our team at The Black Goose Design can help you figure out the best size and style for your home.


BRIGHT IDEA #2: Light Attracts Light

Think about where your family gathers. How is the lighting in those areas? If you plan on updating your home’s lighting in stages, communal spots are a natural first choice.

 dining room lighting

TIP: For your dining space, select a fixture that complements your table. If you have a long table, consider a longer option. If your table is round, on the other hand, and the area surrounding it is limited, a more compact choice, such as a striking drum, makes sense.

 overhead lighting for small dining area

BRIGHT IDEA #3: Mood Matters

From bulb tone (warm vs. cool) and intensity to the style of your fixture, lighting choices will vary from room to room and area to area of your home. The master bedroom is a wonderful example. Being where you go to unwind, warm light is a calming choice. For your fixture, opt for something that supports the overall look of your space. This chandelier, for example, is understated and romantic in its design, which goes beautifully with the neutral color scheme and soft florals.

 master bedroom chandelier ideas

TIP: Ceiling height plays a part, but please don’t feel as if you’re out of luck if your ceilings aren’t vaulted. The Black Goose Design has pieces for all floorplans.

TAKE NOTE: We love lights with a temperature of 2700-3000 Kelvin! 


BRIGHT IDEA #4: Add Wall Wow

Wall sconces are an on-trend choice that will immediately up the class and sophistication of your space. Of course, the added light they introduce is always nice! And being on the wall (or even the mirror!), they free up table and counter space -- another sconce score!

sitting area in master bedroom

 bathroom sconces

TIP: Consider your power source. If your sconce needs to be plugged in, there’s the chance you’ll have unsightly cords to contend with. Fortunately, with the help of an electrician, sconces can be hardwired, which means they don't have to be plugged in. If you don't want to cut your wall, however, you can can strategically hide your cords to keep your space looking sleek. 

BRIGHT IDEA #5: Enhance the Details

Shelf lighting brings in yet another light source without the need for any major electrical updates. At The Black Goose Design, we have numerous cabinets and display pieces available with built-in lighting, as well as options with lighting attached. This allows you to up the ambiance while giving your precious photos and keepsakes the spotlight they deserve.


TIP: You can also add lighting to existing furniture. Ask our designers how this simple trick is done.


BRIGHT IDEA #6: Consider Closets

While your closet might not be the first spot you consider when making lighting selections, it shouldn’t be overlooked. Besides furthering the overall style of your home, it also serves an important role. After all, this is where you go to glow. It's important to see your style choices in full brilliance. 


TIP: Even the closet is worthy of an overhead wow, but it’s the lights IN the cabinets that are the real show stoppers. Add these touches and your accessories will really sparkle!


BRIGHT IDEA #7: Play with Pattern

Why have one fixture when you can add three? Fill the space in larger rooms with smaller repeating fixtures, such as pendant lighting.

kitchen lighting 

TIP: Hanging multiple pendant lights above a kitchen counter is common, but this patterned approach also looks great in entry ways, halls, game rooms, and even outdoor living areas. 

entry way design ideas 

Yes, if you want your home’s design to really shine, lighting is an important factor. Stop by during our Spring Sale and discover how to give your home a brilliant update. Bring pics of your space, inspiration you love, and questions you have, and our team at The Black Goose Design will help you find your ideal illumination.   

7 Reasons to Work with a Designer
Wednesday Mar 10 2021 by Stacey Beyer

Working with a designer at the design phase of a project? Seems like a no-brainer, right? Not always! Especially in the age of Pinterest and Insta, it’s common to take the “I’ve got this” approach. And more power to you if you do! The problem is, what can look like a fun and easy endeavor on Pinterest boards is actually a much bigger puzzle to piece where new builds and renovations are concerned. After all, it’s about creating a cohesive feel throughout. More importantly, it’s about creating a space that realistically meets your needs and serves your unique family flawlessly. That’s a tall order for even the savviest of screen scrollers. Hiring an interior designer can be the best investment in your project. It’s the wise move to make, and our team at The Black Goose Design is here to share seven reasons why.

 The Black Goose Design



We’ve discussed the reasons why it’s smart to have a designer by your side during the construction stage of a new build or remodel. Now, let’s look at why it also makes sense at the fun decorating portion of the project.



Simply put, this is a BIG undertaking. With years of combined schooling and experience, our team knows how to effectively scale such a task. More than that, we know how to prioritize and properly order the steps involved so we aren’t putting any carts before horses. We say nay to that kind of time waster! Having the ability to break the steps and decisions down might not seem like a big deal right now, but we assure you you’ll feel otherwise a few weeks into a solo project of this scale.

where to get design help in Utah 


Okay, so it might seem counterintuitive to advise hiring help to make your design process MORE personal. But knowing YOU and your needs are always our first priorities. We know the questions to ask and conversations to have to get us to your ideal outcome. In other words, we’ll take your most-loved Pins and translate them it into YOUR home, with your unique flair and fabulousness.



We don’t make random purchases here and there. We KNOW product. We know what sofas stand up to children and pets. We know what coffee table shape fits best in a specific room footprint. We know what table will serve both as your everyday dining and a place to host Thanksgiving dinner. We begin by knowing you and your vision for your home (see #2), and we combine that with our extensive product knowledge to get you THE BEST selection of pieces for your day-to-day living.

 how to choose fabrics


Do you have those spots in your home that just don’t feel quite right and you can’t put your finger on why? Totally normal! This is another area where we come in to lend our know-how. Sooo… you’ve got the sofa table… now what? We can tell you, again based on ideas that are both practical and pretty. (Sorry, fancy vase, you simply aren’t two-year-old friendly. But here’s another awesome option that is! You know… as a ‘for instance.’)

 why work with an interior designer

Remember, design doesn’t stop at furniture. Accessorizing is all about striking balance. Comparing it to fashion, each decorative pillow and piece of wall art is like jewelry for your room. When done well, it creates the perfect finishing detail. Alas, when done poorly, it can detract from all of your hard work and become an eyesore.


5. IT’S PERSONAL (part 2)

Okay, so we already said this, but let’s take personalizing to the next level. Beyond function that works for you, we’re talking detail. The sentimental pieces, the photos, your children’s artwork… all of the amazing details that make a house a home. We know how to blend that love layer with new pieces to create a fresh, balanced outcome that is very much YOU.

 how to dress a coffee table

6. IT’S A COST (and headache) SAVINGS

Rather than guess at pieces and go through the process of ordering online, only to have to then return, we can bring many of the samples to you. From color swatches to actual accessory samples, we can try accents on for size, so you can keep only what captures your heart. It takes shipping costs and return fiascos out of the picture. Plus, it allows you to compare selections in a real-life way, which makes a HUGE difference in finding your look.

stylish footstools  


Going back to our jewelry analogy, creating a beautiful room is like putting together an outfit. You don’t want to wear all of your favorite things at once. They simply won’t go together. With home décor, we can help you select only the items that will work well together and create a stunning overall look. Suffering from decision fatigue? We get it! Often, it just takes a second set of eyes to make such decisions. On a larger scale, we’ll help you create a beautiful room that complements another beautiful room and another and… well, you get where we’re going with this. We’ll help you create a consistent tone and feel throughout your home. An entire experience, if you will, and an experience you and your lucky guests will LOVE!

 entryway design ideas

There it is, friends — seven+ reasons why working with a designer at the design phase of a project is a GREAT idea. Of course, we hope that designer is a member of The Black Goose Design team. We delight in learning about you and turning your hopes and dreams into reality, whether you’re making over a room or creating from the blank canvas of a new home. Stop by or give us a call to discuss how we can come together and make your plans happen. 

6 Reasons Why It's Important to Work with a Designer During the Construction Phase
Wednesday Feb 24 2021 by Stacey Beyer

It’s a common misconception that designers come into the building/remodeling phase when it’s time to pick furniture and add decorative touches. Truth is, it’s even more important to have dedicated design assistance at the construction stage. After all, the last thing anyone wants to do is spend all of the money and time on a new build or remodel, only to find they aren’t in love with the outcome. So sad! Our team at The Black Goose Design is trained to know YOU and your unique wants and needs. We’re able to see every detail, even before a space has actual walls to adorn. Let’s look at six reasons why working with a designer at the construction phase of the process is key.





Enough said, right? Some feel it costs MORE money to hire a designer, when it can actually be a big cost savings. Having a designer involved as you select structural and cosmetic details will have you making confident decisions, so you can avoid buying the wrong things and/or those nasty change fees later on in the building process, as you realize something isn’t working. This is a very common (and understandable!) pitfall when building without a trained eye in your corner.


As some would say, this isn’t our first rodeo. Giddy up! Where you’re not likely going to have much experience building and remodeling homes, we've spent years refining our technical skills through schooling and hands-on training. We know what questions to ask, what's trendy vs. timeless, what mistakes to avoid, and what must-have features to add.

custom home building in utah

designers who help with custom home building


A BIG part of any designer’s process is getting to know you. What is YOUR vision? What do you want out of your home? As funny as this sounds, a good designer often knows more about what you’ll want than you do. At least initially. Because of that, we help ensure you’re adding details to your plans that will best serve you in the long run. Need a table that seats 12? We can make sure your dining area will accommodate. Want a sofa table with lamps? We know to incorporate floor outlets into your space and where to put them. Want natural lighting to hit just right? We’re all about window placement pointers! And the list goes on!

natural lighting design ideas

how to plan your living space before a design

custom carpentry


People often want to choose paint first. Reality is, you should first identify any must-have elements that can't/shouldn't change. Perhaps there's only ONE rug you love, one tile that makes your heart sing, or one perfect sofa/chair fabric combination. These details should lead the way, with paint selections to follow. This allows you to choose shades that enhance your must-haves. With more than 900 shades of paint, it's far easier to adapt your paint to fit your finishing details. Of couse, this also brings up the fact that there are 900+ colors. Yowza! Don't worry, we know how to narrow that massive swatch book down to your perfect pairings. 

how to select paint 


As designers, we have the tools needed to bring plans on a spreadsheet to life. By creating samples, pulling swatches, and designing room renderings, we can turn data and lines into a first look at your new home. And who doesn’t want to see what their space could look like BEFORE making big decisions?!

(Okay, we confess: Designers are part wizard.)

 working with an interior designer


We work with many excellent custome home builders. Being on the building team in this way is a role we thrive in. It's our joy and pleasure to serve as a voice between the builder and you, the amazing homeowner, to achieve the best results for all involved. 

Randi Smith

Ready to get to work? So are we! Call or stop by The Black Goose Design today to explore your options and get your design bestie by your side. Together, we’ll turn what's often an overwhelming process into an experience that’s fun and beyond rewarding! 

What's NEW at The Black Goose Design
Wednesday Feb 10 2021 by Stacey Beyer

Sure, Valentine's Day is near, but it's spring design trends that have the hearts in our eyes. BEAUTIFUL new looks are coming to The Black Goose Design. From fresh trends and dreamy textiles to chic new furniture styles and design motifs, now’s a great time to breathe some new life into your space. All of the eye candy you’re about to see will be available at The Black Goose Design in the coming weeks, with some of it already in. Woot! Enjoy this look at styles we're crushing on right now.



Gone are the days of white on white on white. We're happy to see the pendulum swinging in the opposite direction, introducing striking contrast with dark statement pieces like these show stoppers from Gabby:

It's official, we're "leg" people. How can anyone not be with shapely gams like the ones on this chic console? 

Gabby consul 2021

Hmmm... Maybe we're leg AND feet people. After all, this cabinet's cute feet are impossible to resist.

Gabby Home consul


While the previous pieces are arriving in the weeks ahead (something awesome to look forward to!), we just got this attractive coffee table in. Yay! It's a must-see. Stop by our showroom and pay it a visit. You'll be glad you did. 

Gabby coffee table

Our friends at Noir are also embracing this divine design trend. The dark finish on this classic sideboard creates a vibe we certainly aren't mad at. ;)  


Noir Furniture sideboard


Who says texture has to come exclusively from textiiles, flooring, and wall treatments? These pieces from Hooker Furniture give us all the feels. The modern design is taken to the next level by the linen finish. And the warm neutral color means these pieces will complement a number of colors and design preferences. 

Hooker Furniture sideboard


Hooker Furniture


Hooker Furniture bedroom trends 2021



Whether you’re selecting fabric for a new sofa or chair or you simply want the refreshing pop new pillows provide, these are some of the 2021 textile trends to note:


Wesley Hall takes those straight lines for a curve with these unique geometric prints:

the hottest looks in textiles this spring

textile trends to try in 2021 

Wesley Hall fabric trends 2021

Lee Industries is also embracing geometric gold with these new prints: 

Lee Industries starburst

Lee Industries plaid


We're really feeling this spring fling now, thanks to these outdoor-inspired works of art by Wesley Hall. Which upholstery swatch is calling your name?




You’re going to want to sit down for this one. Just look at these NEW beauties by Welsey Hall! They make any excuse to sit impossible to resist. 

Wesley Hall Milbrook chair

Meet the Milbrook (above) and his curvey counterpart, Tulip (below). They'll both be in our showroom very soon. 

Wesley Hall Tulip Chair


Oh my… SO MANY good things to look forward to as the seasons change. Which looks are you loving? Flag your favorites and come see us at The Black Goose Design soon to start your spring refresh.



2021 Color Trends with The Black Goose Design
Wednesday Jan 13 2021 by Stacey Beyer

Now that the New Year's Eve champagne cork has popped, it's time to celebrate color pop. Add a fresh feel to your home with a new coat of paint in any of the inviting 2021 on-trend shades. To get you inspired, our team at The Black Goose Design is here with our favorites. 


2021 HUE NEWS WITH DEL REANNE LUCAS: Welcome back, warmth!

So glad to see the really warm tones coming back for 2021! Muted golds, greens, and clay colors are the newest accents. Combining these with warm creams, tans, and grays will create some interesting moods. From totally renovating to just replacing accents with the new palette, it should be a fun endeavor! Try a bit of paint or some new accessories to get you started.

 color trends 2021 warm paint colors 2021 on-trend colors

Even the temperature of the grays has gone up.

warm grays warm gray trends

The trick is blending what you currently have with the fresh palette and make it look on purpose!  Our interior design team is ready to help you do just that!


2021 HUE NEWS WITH RANDI SMITH: Add Sparkle; Enhance Detail

I love a jewel box room at the front of the home. It could be a formal living room, music room, or office. We made a long room feel cozy at our Federal Heights Remodel by using Knoxville Gray by Benjamin Moore.

 The Black Goose Design

I love a pop of color on the mill work. It gives a room depth and character. In our Federal Heights remodel, we used Woodlawn Blue by Benjamin Moore.

 painted mill work

With the tall ceilings and dramatic angles at our #MilesfromthePost home in Big Cottonwood Canyon, we decided to paint both the walls and celiings in the same color. We had a few wood accent walls. The rest of the walls and ceilings were painted in Colonnade Gray by Sherwin Williams.

painted ceiling  

2021 HUE NEWS WITH DENISE JOHNSON: Going Green; Embracing Monochrome

I’m loving the pops of green! I recently used Rosemary by Sherwin Williams for a client’s island and built-in breakfast nook. It creates a very inviting feel.

green for kitchen  

We also refreshed the client’s railing by painting her null posts in black (Caviar by Sherwin Williams) and white (Alabaster by Sherwin Williams). Black is ALWAYS a favorite neutral!

 warm monochrome warm black and white combo


Color is back! One of my current favs is Wall Street by Sherwin Williams, which is a versatile blue-grey color that pairs beautifully with a warm white. For a moodier look, go all out and paint the trim work in this rich shade.

image credit: Sherwin Williams

wall street paint



I’m drawn to green kitchen accents. Give it a try on your cabinets or the island.

Some soft greens I adore are:

green color trends green paint to try in 2021 green paint ideas for the new year

Dark green cabinets with gold or champagne hardware are always a crowd favorite!  

For interior paint in larger, open spaces, I see the trend going toward softer neutrals. The gray phase is mellowing out, and I think off whites will be coming back.A couple to take note of are:

must-have warm whites whites that warm in paint

Swoon! Who’s excited to warm things up in 2021? Even if you’re not ready to commit to paint, you can take your first steps by adding warmer accents (decorative pillows, florals/containers, wall art, area rugs, etc.). Stop by The Black Goose Design any time (Mon.-Sat.) to chat trends and see what we have in store.


Happy New Year!

Meet Designer Del Reanne Lucas Wilson
Thursday Nov 12 2020 by Stacey Beyer

Welcome to another meet-and-greet. Today, we’re joined by Del Reanne Lucas Wilson. She brings 35+ years of professional design experience to The Black Goose Design, including two years as a senior designer at our sister store, Down to Earth at Gardner Village. Del Reanne is a creative who believes beautiful interiors have the power to transform daily life. With an eye for quality, a superior sense for style, and a client-centered approach to her work, she’s a strong addition to our team.

 Del Reanne

Del Reanne has two rules she always follows when working on projects: 1. Her clients must love the experience and outcome; and 2. Everyone involved must have fun!


We’re confident you’ll have fun getting to know more about this talented lady. Read on to see samples from her impressive portfolio and pick up some design tips along the way.



Quick Q&A With Del Reanne


Q. What is your favorite room to design?

A. My favorite space is any one I’m currently working on. Each has so much to offer, making every design experience special and memorable.


Q. What do you feel sets you apart as a designer?

Q. I’m really good at pinpointing a person’s style. More often than not, clients are unsure about what it is they like. Nurturing them through this part of the process is one of my favorite things to do. It’s how I connect to my client and also how I help my client connect to our theme and process.


Q. What is one go-to design tip you like to share with clients?

A. Don’t be afraid to branch out and explore possibilities before you make design decisions.



Exploring possibilities can sometimes feel overwhelming. Fortunately, Del Reanne knows just what to do to ensure clients enjoy the experience and land on looks they’ll love.


“It’s my job to stretch each client so they know where they’re comfortable. If I show them all the same concepts within a single genre, it’s not stretching them. I would hate for them to see something after a project is complete and ask why I didn’t share it with them, so I ensure our options are all explored. It’s how I hone in and get clients extremely comfortable. After all, you can’t appreciate one style fully if you haven’t seen its counter. I believe in being thorough and exploring to the fullest to ensure every client is 100% confident in the choices they’ve made.”



Let's take a closer look at some of Del Reanne's work.  


As these impressive transformations show, Del Reanne can take you from start to gorgeous finish, whether you’re building a new home or simply want to update your current place.

how to update a dated kitchen 

“Before we began this process, the homeowners were pretty sure they needed to buy a new home or build,” Del Reanne explained. “It’s amazing seeing what kind of transformation can happen within your existing space, no matter how dated.”

 family room before and after


Isn’t this a show-stopper? Del Reanne worked on it in Phoenix several years ago, proving she’s ahead of the curve where trends are concerned.

Phoenix AZ home 

living room ideas


Del Reanne worked with the team at Down to Earth on a 2019 Parade of Homes residence, but her role extended beyond design. She acted as a liaison between the stylists and the builder. It’s a task her depth of experience prepared her for, as she’s worked with every facet of the design process over the years. While this was the first Parade for Down to Earth, it was the sixth for her, so she knew what to expect and helped guide her team to this striking and well-received outcome.

Parade of Homes 2019

Of course, we’re honored to work alongside someone with such talent and experience, Del Reanne, but it's your personality and heart that really close the deal. You're a special part of our team, and we’re so glad you're here!


No project is too big or too small for Del Reanne or any of our team members at The Black Goose Design. Stop in and see how we can fit into your next design endeavor. 

Meet New Interior Designer, Monica Woodland
Thursday Nov 5 2020 by Stacey Beyer

Hello! Please join us in welcoming Monica Woodland to The Black Goose Design.

 Monica Woodland

Monica has a long history with The Black Goose Design. She’s been a loyal customer for 20 years and in her 10+ years of design work with two different firms, she often came to us for furniture and decor to complete many of her clients' projects. 

“Even though I’ve only been an employee here since August, it already feels like home.” Monica said. “I think some of that comes from the many years I’ve spent shopping here, but it’s also about our team. They already feel like my extended family.”

The path leading Monica to our family is a special one, involving her own family. We’ll let her tell you about it:

“It started when my father passed away,” Monica said. “For as heartbreaking as that was, it also offered clarity. In April, I was furloughed due to the COVID pandemic shutdown, which gave me time to think about fulfilling my purpose. As much as I liked my previous employer, I knew I needed to seek a new job with a different firm. That's when I stumbled upon The Black Goose Design listing. The way things just sort of fell into place, I knew my dad was opening doors for me. Now I can continue doing the work I adore and know I am supposed to be doing. Losing a loved one was a poignant reminder that life is short and I needed to take a leap of faith and join The Black Goose Design team."

The Black Goose Design

We love when life paths so perfectly align. Many who work for The Black Goose Design have known Monica for years as a valued client. To now have her on our team is such a gift!

Q&A with Monica

Q. What is your favorite aspect of design?

A. Color and textiles. A little pop of color goes a long way. Right now, I’m preparing a color scheme for a client that’s made up of blues. By adding just a hint of kiwi, it really brings it all together. I’ll even dress this way sometimes… like an all-black outfit but with pink shoes. Just the smallest amount of a second color can really add energy to a room, an outfit… anything.

 blue with pop of kiwi color scheme

Q. What is your favorite space to design and why?

A. I love working on kitchens and family rooms, because those are the areas where families create so many of their memories. It’s where holidays are spent and where people come together.

living room design ideas 

Q. What is your go-to design tip or advice?

A. Home should feel welcoming… a place where people can come in and relax. Creating that kind of feeling is always my goal.


Thank you, Monica. You already bring so much wisdom and warmth to The Black Goose Design. We’re so grateful our long history with you turned into having you on our in-house team.


With the holidays around the corner, now's a great time to add welcoming touches to your home. If you’d like to sit down with Monica or any of our team members to discuss your options and ideas, stop in or give us a call.


We'll leave you with a few of Monica's latest design boards she's created for clients since joining us. As they show, this talented lady has a gift when it comes to getting the most out of a space and bringing a fresh feel to any project she works on. 

Modern Farmhouse, Cozy Living
Thursday Oct 22 2020 by Stacey Beyer

Who says a home can’t be sophisticated and cozy at the same time? This remarkable new residence (and recent The Black Goose Design project) in Riverton, Utah, is proof that you can have the best of both worlds — a place that’s as stunning as it is inviting. Come inside; we’ll take a look around!

front door ideas 

Nothing says “inviting” quite like a roaring fire. Having this fab fireplace be the first thing to greet you upon entering sets a warm tone in more ways than one.

front entry ideas 

The warmth continues around the corner, with furniture and accents in rich, fall hues. 

“Fun” is another adjective to add to the long list of words describing this home. It’s hard to beat a large game set at the ready, welcoming players to sit for a bit and enjoy some screen-free entertainment.

DECORATING TIP: Make a statement with a large focal piece. This oversized chess board does more than add a great game option on rainy days. It adds decorative interest. Plus, because it’s all located on a single item (the game board), it’s easy to set out of the way when the ottoman is needed for kicking up those feet.

Rounding out the great room, the kitchen feels completely cohesive with its living room counterpart.


Look closely and you’ll see that this striking space is also loaded with decorating tips to apply in your home. Let’s discuss!


DECORATING TIP: Citrus often evokes feelings of summer sunshine, but citrus fruit is actually an excellent choice to use for pops of fall color. Pair them with more seasonally thought of items (gourds, mini pumpkins, etc.) for a fresh take on fall.


DECORATING TIP: Look beyond countertops. Adding interest to a kitchen doesn’t have to clutter those beautiful countertops. Think of other open space, such as the stovetop. Simply station your items on an easy-to-move surface, such as a tray or cutting board, and set the pretty display aside in one simple step when it comes time to cook.


DECORATING TIP: Lanterns often equal light, but don’t let that idea limit your creative potential. Fill lanterns with other items of interest, such as floral arrangements, fruit/veggies, seasonal décor, and more!

Ready for some major wow factor? This kitchen is keeping a little… errr… make that a BIG secret. Behind the far wall, a butler’s pantry is built in. Warning: Prepare yourself for some serious storage envy.


The rest of this remarkable residence is equally as stunning. Let’s go on a little room-by-room walk through, starting with the rest of the main floor.


More like master sweet! You can’t help but feel a serious sense of calm as soon as you enter this space.


While the room is fairly neutral in color, it is alive in texture. The combination is on trend and beautiful!

The master bath follows the same lead, with various textures and an overall calm about it. Of course, can a soak in a freestanding tub like this leave you feeling any other way? So relaxing!





Things to note in these essential spaces:

1. The stunning metallic wallpaper in the laundry room. When the light hits it just right, it really puts on a show.

2. The different flooring and how it works to add interest and movement to the space as a whole.

3. The cohesive vibe created using minimal accents, clean lines, and home-inspired décor items.


Question: Would one really get any work done in this room, or would they be too distracted by its beauty and the view out those amazing, large windows to get anything done? What a sophisticated space to place those Zoom calls!



Channeling The Dixie Chicks, we’re all about these wide-open spaces!



Okay, let’s make our way downstairs, where this home continues to put on a show with its brilliant autumn ambiance, farmhouse charm, and overall warmth. 



See that blur in this photo? That's Denise, the design mind behind this gorgeous home. She was far too engulfed in the process and every gorgeous detail to pause for pictures. (Plus, she’s a tad camera shy.)


Christy, Tyson, and their children call this stunner home. We sat down with Christy to discuss her experience working on a design of this scale.


“I know what I like, but I sometimes have a difficult time with size and scale,” Christy said. “Denise is amazing; she can simply look at an area and know sizes and how things will and should fit within a space. That isn’t an easy thing to do!”

“We worked with Denise on every aspect of our home,” Christy continued. “She helped me design all the cabinets, pick out the floors… even the stone for the outside of the home. Having someone by my side throughout the process who truly understood the look we wanted made all of the decision making easier.”  


We’re always curious about how our clients find us at The Black Goose Design, so we asked Christy that very question. This is what she had to say: “We went to a Parade of Homes before we started building. There was a home we loved and found out it was designed by The Black Goose. That’s how we knew exactly where we wanted to go.”


We worked with Denise from start to finish because we clicked right away.



Q: How would you describe your style?
A: Farmhouse style, for sure. I don’t want it to be like I own horses and live on the pumpkin patch. I’d be a poser. So minimal shiplap, not all distressed – a more modern take.


Q: What advice do you have for someone just entering into the design phase of a project or new build?
A: Patience is everything. It all takes longer than you think it will. Keep the big picture in mind. Eventually, you’ll be living in the space and loving it.


A (part 2): Also, don’t take it too seriously. Have fun with it. Trust your gut.

“Denise was great about reminding me of this when I’d feel conflicted or stuck on a decision,” Christy recalled. “’If you love something, just get it and we’ll make it work,’ she’d say. ‘If it speaks to you, you have to buy it and find your spot for it. Trust your gut.’ And that’s what I did. Now that the project is complete, I can see how she was absolutely right. The pieces all fit together beautifully and bring us joy. I’m so glad we followed our instincts.”


Q: What’s next?
A: Honestly? I keep stringing Denise along, because I don’t want it end. This entire experience has been so much fun, and I just love spending time with Denise.


Q: Based on your lovely previous answer, we think we know the answer to this one, but we’ll go ahead and ask it anyway. Would you recommend The Black Goose Design to a friend or neighbor?
A: Absolutely! We just loved working with the company. Everyone there who helped out did a great job. Of course, that goes double for Denise. We’re super happy with the way everything turned out!


Thanks so much for the tour of your incredible home, Christy and Tyson. The team at The Black Goose Design has loved going on this journey with you and couldn’t be happier for you now. For anyone reading this who’s about to enter into a design project, whether it’s an entire build or simply an update of a space within your home or business, we invite you to stop by or give us a call. Collaborating is our favorite! We hope to see you soon.

A Look at Mountain Modern Design
Thursday Jul 2 2020 by Stacey Beyer

Q. What do you get when you combine the scenic backdrop of Utah’s Wasatch Mountains with a style that epitomizes contemporary cool?

A.  Mountain Modern Design


And Mountain Modern style is exactly what this stunning Park City residence embodies!


“When it comes to a Mountain Modern design, striking the right balance is crucial,” says Ali Thomson, The Black Goose Design lead designer on this home project. “You go too modern, and it feels like an art gallery. Not modern enough, and it says cabin.”



With any client collaboration, our goal is always to begin by capturing the client’s dream for the look and feel of the home. Just because this divine dwelling sits at 6,000 ft. in elevation doesn't mean it needs to feel the least bit rustic.


“The homeowners had a very clear vision for their home,” Ali explained. “This is their primary residence, not a lodge, so we intentionally avoided commonly used mountain-inspired motifs. No skis on the ceiling. No moose head or pictures of buffalo on the walls. No wool blankets. But we did want to weave more subtle outdoor inspiration throughout, balanced with a blend of contemporary.”


While you won't find a buffalo on the wall, that's not to say you won't find other interesting animal influence here and there. ;) 



Even in an amazingly modern home, it’s easy to bring the peace of the outdoors in. From plant placement and wood works to stone styling and metal marks, let’s check out a few of the many striking mountain-meets-modern touches found inside this home:


MOUNTAIN: Walnut stain

MODERN: Front door design

Before you’ve even set foot in this home, its style is made clear. The front door is a brilliant blend of mountain and modern.


“If this door were all black, it would have been way too cold and modern,” Ali noted. “By warming it up with a walnut stain, it creates the welcoming feel of home.”


MOUNTAIN: Wood trim

MODERN: Metal accents

Upon entering the home, the three lights above the entryway continue to bridge the mountain-to-modern gap. Find these and other wood/metal fixtures at The Black Goose Design.



MOUNTAIN: Stone mantel

MODERN: Linear beams

It doesn’t get much more mountain than rock. The eye-catching rock surrounding the fireplace meets its modern counterpart at the ceiling, where the clean lines of the beams intersect.



The fireplace stone is actually part of the home’s structure, both inside and out. In fact, this house was designed by Upwall Design Architects, with the stonework being a key element. The architectural design of this floorplan is as technical as it is incredible. And to see the flawless way the construction team at Kent Construction brought such involved blueprints to life is remarkable.  The Black Goose Design experts were thrilled to round out this design trio!




MODERN: Planters

Whether you opt for real or artificial, potted plants are an on-trend way to bring the outdoors in. There isn’t a right or wrong in the number of plants you use. That has more to do with personal preference. But you do want to pay attention to your plant containers. To go modern, consider a concrete finish, hairpin legs, or other midcentury-inspired aesthetics.   



TIP: If you’d love to go green but find your thumb doesn’t always cooperate where real plants are concerned, check out the gorgeous artificial fig and olive trees available now at The Black Goose Design.



There’s nothing cool about this home… errr, by that, we mean nothing cold or uninviting. From a design standpoint, it’s all sorts of cool. It can be easy to go too modern with design, creating a harshness that is anything but inviting. By working in the natural influences of the home’s mountain locale, it creates a welcoming warmth that’s undeniable. Even with all its cool sophistication, it feels like a home you can rest and relax in with the ones you love. Doesn’t get much better than that.



Now that we’re rock solid on what Mountain Modern is all about, let’s look at several tips to note as you consider your next design project or home update.


TAKEAWAY TIP #1: Find your common denominator

The easiest way to design a home is to first select a key inspiration point to take the lead on all remaining choices. In the case of this casa, that element was the incredible stonework. Because it incorporates a plethora of amazing neutrals, it acted as a color coach for everything else.



“You should have seen us as carrying huge pieces of rock with as we shopped for every home detail,” Ali laughed. “We’d walk into fine showrooms and unearth this slab of stone from a big, beat-up bag, covered in debris, all to ensure we were selecting the perfect paint, carpet, and wood finishes.”  


TAKEAWAY TIP #2: Create something all your own


Did you know The Black Goose Design can order handcrafted, 100% custom furniture pieces for your home? This dining set, for example, was handmade by Amish crafters at Fusion Dining. No production line here. Everything from the stain, the wood used, the shape, and even the apron (beveled edge) were hand selected by the homeowners. Fabric was also selected and sent to Fusion Dining for the chairs. The rug that ties it all together is available at The Black Goose Design. What does the dining room of your dreams look like? We want to make it your reality!


TAKEAWAY TIP #3: Expand your seating

Up your seating with a thin console table behind your sofa. Besides added seats, you’ll find it’s a great place for kids and adults alike to craft, snack, play games, do homework, and so much more.


Sofa, console table, and bar stools: The Black Goose Design


TAKEAWAY TIP #4: Bring the backsplash to the bathroom

Why should the kitchen have all the fun? Tile the space surrounding a soaker tub to create a sleek bath backsplash (bathsplash?).


Bath and kitchen tile: Venetian Tile & Stone Gallery

Bench and accessories: The Black Goose Design

Of course, the kitchen tile isn't to be ignored. It's equally as elegant and also from Venetian Tile & Stone Gallery.


TAKEAWAY TIP #5: Keep things light

Free up valuable nightstand space with wall sconces or hanging pendants.


Pendant lights: Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallary 

Speaking of lighting, take a look at these lights, which hang above the kitchen counter. They're definitely modern in design, while they almost have a mountain look to them with their fun shape and all. Cute! 

 Same is true with these darling bathroom pendants. 

TAKEAWAY TIP #6: Embrace subtle asymmetry

One of these things is not like the other. That’s right, there’s a lone black pillow on an otherwise light, neutral sofa. You might say the sleek black decorative pillow is the splash of modern mixed in with a mountain of nature-inspired neutrals. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your decorative pillows, including both asymmetrical placement and color selection.


Decorative pillows: The Black Goose Design

You'll notice an asymmetrical placement with the pillows on this bed. It's a subtle touch that adds interest.


This guided hike through Mountain Modern at its best has yet to peak. Let’s take in a few final scenic shots of our sophisticated surroundings.





For help turning the home of your dreams into the home of your reality, whether it’s a new build or a update to an existing one, call or stop by The Black Goose Design today.

A Look Inside the Newly Remodeled Powderbird Lodge
Thursday Apr 9 2020 by Stacey Beyer

Just what is a Powderbird, anyway? No, it’s not some rare feathered species. It’s actually an unforgettable heli-skiing (helicopter skiing) experience offered right here in Utah. Skiers and snowboarders come from all over the world to be carried via helicopter to backcountry mountain peaks, where they’re then left to cruise down its slopes. Unfortunately, for as unusual and awesome as this experience is, it’s home-base facility didn’t have that same wow factor. Here’s a look at what the Powderbird lodge looked like before its remodel. 

 powderbird remodel


With its green, rubber flooring, the acoustical ceiling, and stark, white walls, the words “school cafeteria” come to mind. Nothing about the space suggested “once in a lifetime skiing experience.” 

 business design services

ski and snowboard experiences


The last time this space was updated was back in 1995. The Powderbird team wanted a fresh look — one that would accurately reflect the impressive experience they offer. Randi Smith, one of our expert designers at The Black Goose Design, was delighted to step in and help this bird soar into 2020 on a high note.

 GV Construction

Jessika Long, who works for Powderbird and headed up this design project on their end, actually has a special connection to The Black Goose Design. 

“I worked for The Black Goose Design for a year before taking on my role at Powderbird,” Jessika said. “So when this project came up, I was super excited to go back to design, which I love, and work with my talented friends again!”  

Even with her design background, Jessika understood the importance of having a partner to work on this project with. 

“It was nice to have a hand to hold,” Jessika said. “Having Randi on the project as a consultant reinforced the decisions I was making. With her, I knew it was all coming together and was going to look good, even when we were far from finished.”

A good design experience is always about collaboration. For as much as Jessika appreciated Randi’s help, Randi loved being a part of the Powderbird team with Jessika and the many others who were involved with the remodel. 

“I loved working with Jessika and the team at GV Construction,” Randi said. “Jessika was my intern a few years ago and then a designer at The Black Goose Design. Some of our past projects include work together on the phase-one remodel of Archibald's Restaurant, designing for a 2018 Parade of Homes house, and the remodel of Jessika’s parents' home. The team at GV Construction and I have also done several commercial projects together. Previous experiences as a group is never a requirement when starting a project together, but it sure doesn’t hurt. Because we’ve worked together before, it was easy to pick up and begin working together to achieve a beautiful goal on this project.”

 The Black Goose Design


Whether you’re looking for someone to lean on completely or you simply want a sounding board to offer advice in a consultation or two, The Black Goose Design team is ready to support you and your project.


“When I couldn’t find the last few pieces I needed to complete our remodel, Randi gave great recommendations and feedback,” Jessika said. “She also had smart suggestions for the stone used on the fireplace and backsplash. She even helped me measure the entire space to make sure things would fit properly before purchasing anything. Having Randi available throughout this process was such an asset. Whenever I found myself stuck, I could count on her to provide the missing piece. And from a budget perspective, it was wonderful to be able to pay for design consults here and there as needed vs. hiring a full-time designer.”

ski lodge remodel


At The Black Goose Design, we recognize the unique needs businesses have when it comes to furniture. Clients often want their pieces to have the comfort and sophistication of home but also be able to withstand business traffic. It’s why we carry top-grade manufacturers, known as much for their style as they are for their quality and craftsmanship. 


“We have clients coming in and out with big, bulky equipment,” Jessika said. “We knew we needed furniture pieces that could take a good beating and still look good. We found several furniture options that would withstand such use at The Black Goose Design. We ended going with Wesley Hall Furniture. We chose fabric from Sunbrella, which holds its pigment very well… perfect for sitting in our really big windows, where it gets plenty of sun. The fabric also protects against water damage, which is important. Of course, for as durable as it all is, it’s equally gorgeous!” 

 Little Cottonwood Canyon

Even if you don’t have a business to furnish, quality furniture that's made to last makes a difference. We carry pieces that stand up to children and grandchildren, house guests and renters, pets, and nearly any other challenge you might want to throw at it. The same is true for dining room pieces.

 Hooker Furniture

“At Powderbird, we serve our guests two meals a day,” Jessika added. “This means a lot of wear and tear on the dining furniture as well. I knew The Black Goose Design carried Hooker Furniture, which is really well known for its extremely high-quality wood pieces. With our guests eating in their ski boots, such durability was important to us, and we just love the sophisticated look these pieces add!” 

“Jessika had a very clear vision of how she wanted the space to function when the remodel was complete,” Randi recalled. “She wanted high-end luxury, but also somewhere where you could stomp about covered in snow. And that’s just what we were able to achieve.”



Whether you’re updating your home or business, The Black Goose Design will help you add your signature style to everything you do.

 custom furniture options in Utah

“It was really fun selecting the fabric and finishing touches,” Jessika recalled. “With so many options to choose from, we were able to select textiles that complement the cabinetry, backsplash, granite, etc. It really allows you to pick pieces that fit your surroundings!” 

salt lake area design services 


Sometimes it takes a business to help a business. Commercial spaces present their own unique challenges and requirements. Our team is well versed in what those needs are and how we can best help you meet them to ensure a successful outcome. 

 powderbird resort

“In designing this space, we had many regulations to follow,” Jessika recalled. “We had to meet specific ADA standards and codes.It’s a different realm of functionality than designing for a home. This is another reason I was glad to have a designer to collaborate with. Randi was a huge help in many different areas. She really does understand the importance of staying on schedule, working with contractors, and designing for a commercial space.” 



“The views at Powderbird, which face down Little Cottonwood Canyon, are phenomenal,” Jessika added. “I love that we now have a facility that matches those views in its beauty. And everything functions so much better now.”

Wasatch Mountains 

“Jessika and I walked the space early on in the process, discussing the layout and how the space should function,” Randi added. “Since it would be used for breakfast during the day and a second meal after the heli-skiing adventure concluded, we knew we needed to make the most of the seating availability while also leaving enough open space for clients to freely and comfortably move about. The solution we came up with is the live-edge seating along the west wall of windows, which ended up being my favorite thing about this remodel. It gives guests room to dine comfortably while also experiencing the unbelievable view of Little Cottonwood Canyon down to the Salt Lake Valley. Talk about a room with a view!”

 room with a view


When we asked Jessika what her employer thought of the remodel, she had this to say: 

“They were thrilled! They said this update changes everything in the way we’re able to serve our guests. They’re so excited and pleased with the overall look. They love that we’ve created a space that our clients can really buy into and enjoy.”

 kitchen cabinet ideas for commercial space


Powderbird is certainly a unique business, but its needs aren’t all that unusual. Like any business, they want a space that reflects their brand and leaves their guests with favorable impressions. We can create that for you at The Black Goose Design, and the outcome will be one you can actually see reflected back to you in the way your customers feel when they’re with you. 

durable furniture for office space 

“With helicopter skiing being so weather dependent, clouds, high wind speeds, or heavy snowfall can mean delays,” Jessika said. “People spend a lot of money to come to Powderbird, often flying hundreds of miles to be here. They look forward to the day so much, so it’s easy to understand how weather delays can cause stress. However, since remodeling our space, we’ve seen a noticeable change in our clients when they have to wait. Where people used to get anxious, they seem at ease and comfortable. Having an inviting sofa, big, comfortable chairs, and a large TV over a warm fireplace will do that. It all creates such a calming effect and helps eliminate guest anxiety. It just goes to show how a well-designed space really can make a difference in the business you do.” 

 Wesley Hall Furniture


Due to current Covid-19 concerns, The Black Goose Design is open for design services by appointment only. You can schedule an appointment via our website. Stay safe, dear friends!