Fall 2021 Colors to Love
Wednesday Sep 22 2021 by Stacey Beyer

From pumpkin spice to buckets full of candy, fall makes our mouths water at The Black Goose Design. Of course, it’s the 2021 color trends that really have us saying YUM!

 The Black Goose Design

image credit: Wesley Hall

Hues are going deep with rust red, burnt orange, and rich shades of burgundy, blue, and green.

trend forecasting 2021

fabric by Highland House Furniture

 on-trend color combinations this year

image credit: Highland House Furniture

autumn color trends

fabric by Highland House Furniture

These cozy colors pair perfectly with leather. Good news! We have some fabulous leather pieces on order that should be arriving just in time for the holidays.

best looks for your home this season

image credit: Four Hands

Peter Jacobs chair

image credit: Wesley Hall

leather sofa

image credit: Bradington Young

 leather looks to love in 2021

image credit: Highland House Furniture

Fall is all about layering. Like your favorite sweater, a decorative pillow can add just the right amount of warmth to your home. We have many new styles to choose from that definitely say "fall."

fall 2021 decorative pillow trends

accent pillow designs 2021

Sweater weather is here. Time to cozy up your home with some inviting autumn shades. Stop by The Black Goose Design and grab a few new pieces today. 

living room looks for 2021

image credit: Wesley Hall

A Look At NEW Pieces Coming In
Wednesday Sep 8 2021 by Stacey Beyer

It's market season, which means NEW delights coming your way at The Black Goose Design. We've just returned from the Las Vegas Furniture Market and have a few sneak peeks to share with you. Take a look and let us know which ones are calling your name! 


Striking 100” sideboards are a current fav in the furniture department, so you know we’re all about this amazing metal version! What a cool home addition this versatile piece will make, whether you add it to a game room, a great room, an entryway, or even a bedroom!

 black sideboard

You’re going to want to sit down for this one… and never get up! These chairs are as comfortable as they are stylish!

 2021 chair trends

High Point Market 2021


Linen = LOVE! This inviting linen bedding is headed our way soon, just in time for you to create the coziest of fall beds!

 linen bedding


We purchased a number of new accessories at this show, so you’ll have plenty of choices when it comes to lining your shelves, adorning your walls, and dressing up your dressers. Here are a few sweet items you can expect!

 decorate with beads

We’re all about large, textured, unique pieces that make a statement. Watch for vases and lanterns in various shapes and sizes.

large containers and vases for the home

Plus, we have THE BEST rechargeable candles coming this fall, which will give these containers the perfect autumn glow!

lantern designs for the home 

Plants are a main attraction right now. Look forward to a number of container options for housing your faux freshness!

 items for decorating your shelves

Don’t forget your walls! The new wall art we found is both calming and striking, creating the ideal balance for your home décor.

boho wall art

2021 wall art trends

how to group smaller pictures 


What’s your favorite item here? Stop by The Black Goose Design to share what you’re loving this season. Trust us, you definitely want to see these beauties IRL, and you know we love seeing YOU! 

Modern Meets Traditional, Part Two
Wednesday Aug 25 2021 by Stacey Beyer

Welcome back to the fab Canyon Residence, one of our latest new-build home projects to reach completion at The Black Goose Design. This attractive transitional design blends modern lines and prints with more classic curves and traditional colors.

All images provided by Lindsay Salazar Photography.

2021 canyons home trends 

In our previous post, we were inspired at the home’s seamless inside/outside living space, as well as the way its mountainous surroundings influenced the overall look and feel. Today, we’re taking in the details and more of the inviting interior.

 indoor outdoor living space

The dining room is an ideal example of transitional design. The curve and style of the chairs paired with the contemporary fabric beautifully illustrates the blend of modern and traditional.

transitional style dining room 

You’ll find another example of transitional chair styling in the living room. We love how modern complements traditional!

 living room ideas

In this attractive arrangement, the traditional finish of the warm white oak seamlessly joins the modern upholstery on the bench and the more dramatic dark wall.

white oak mud room 

If this remarkable home teaches us anything, it’s that anything can work with design. You don’t have to fit a set mold or trend to create a home that feels current yet classic. Don’t ever shy away from your style. Instead, stop by The Black Goose Design and let’s explore it. Together, we’ll come up with fresh takes for the looks and pieces you love. It’s a process we enjoy so much, and we can’t wait to experience it with you soon!

See more of this stunning Canyons Home reveal here

Reveal Day: Stunning Mountain-inspired Home
Wednesday Aug 11 2021 by Stacey Beyer

Hello, and welcome to the latest project to be completed by The Black Goose Design, the magical Canyon Residence!

photo credit: All images provided by Lindsay Salazar Photography.

photo by lindsay salazar

At last, our big reveal is here! After two years in the making (from lot selection to completion), we’re delighted to finally pull back the curtain and share this inspiring canyon home. This is a big home, so we’re splitting our tour into two parts. Today, we're looking at how the stunning mountain surroundings have influenced the architecture and flow of this inviting residence.


With the unreal mountain backdrop, a seamless living space seemed a must. Inspired by the GRAND mountains, we went large to accommodate that inside-out-vibe.


In a space this size that flows from the interior to the exterior, large floor tile works well. It’s durable yet sophisticated and connects the two areas of the home nicely.

indoor outdoor living space


Such an impressive view deserves nothing less. Floor-to-ceiling windows create the feeling of being at one with your surroundings, and who wouldn’t want to be connected to this serene scene?

wall of windows


The mountainous terrain even inspired the architecture of the home. Check out the how the roof peaks and valleys mirror those of the surrounding landscape.  

mountain inspired architecture

Inside, the unique angles and lines continue. We worked with the architect to focus the views of the home on the mountains, which required veering from a traditional rectangular floorplan. This can, at first, seem overwhelming. It isn’t. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at The Black Goose Design with any questions you might have about maximizing space that doesn’t follow the standard mold. We love the challenge and have many tips for working with floorplans of all sizes and types.

The Black Goose Design projects  


This home is a gorgeous example of transitional design. As the name suggests, this style transitions beautifully between modern and traditional, sampling elements from each aesthetic to an equally classic and fresh feel.


On the traditional side, we used stained white oak on the interior doors, while the custom-designed baseboards and door casings add a modern profile.

 transitional design

For seating, we paired classic menswear patterns on the upholstery with more traditional frames.

living room design ideas 

upholstered dining chairs

Working with this homeowner on this house has been an absolute treat. In fact, it’s the fourth project our designer, Randi Smith, has worked on with these particular homeowners, including our 2018 Parade of Homes residence. From the early days of visiting site lots with the owners to today’s big reveal, every step has been a memorable experience. We can’t wait to share part two with you soon!

Market Show & Tell and Order Time Discussion
Wednesday Jul 28 2021 by Stacey Beyer

Ready for everybody’s favorite class subject? It's Show & Tell! We just got back from the High Point Furniture Market and have a sneak peek at some of our favorite looks coming to The Black Goose Design. Take a look!  


SNEAK PEEK #1: Outdoor Furniture for 2021-22

Whether you’re planning for this season or next spring, it’s always a good time to think about outdoor living space updates. These days, outdoor space truly is an extension of the home’s living space, and this new dining space from Universal Furniture absolutely supports that fab philosophy. 




SNEAK PEEK #2: New Customizable Pieces

For many, “customizable” means upholstery, which is certainly the case... But not the only case. Did you know you can actually customize the finish on select wood pieces as well? This includes these beauties!


Of course, we always adore a look at what's coming in the world of customizable upholstery, too! Look at this show-stopping set-up from Wesley Hall!

Wesley Hall fabric

This little cutie of theirs sure caught our eye!

As did this serene Wesley Hall space! Nap time, anyone?

For those who love leather, the options are impeccable! 

SNEAK PEEK #3: New Storage Pieces

The storage love continues with this look that’s actually TWO cabinets, positioned side by side, creating the illusion of one statement piece. You know what that means, right? You can also divide it into two separate pieces for smaller spaces and more versatility. Love!


SNEAK PEEK #4: Color to Come

It wouldn’t be a Market show & tell without some color conversation. Blues will remains a classic favorite, but the temps are certainly rising. We were enamored by the beautiful earth tones on display, including shades of red, orange, brown, and green. Here are a few favs from Wesley Hall:

This red sofa is so warm and inviting!

Of course, when you see this inviting design by Universal Furniture, it's easy to see why blue will forever hold our hearts. It's wonderful that whether you prefer warmer or cooler hues, there's something divine to look forward to. Universal Furniture



Show & Tell is more fun, but we realize clients are also interested in order lead times, especially on upholstered pieces (sofas, chairs, sectionals, beds, etc.). Like much of the world right now, the furniture industry is currently experiencing longer-than-is-typical delays. Believe it or not, this has to do with the ice storms that hit Texas and Louisana. Remember that? The extended power outages that resulted shut the foam-producing plants down for days and made it slow for them to get back online. The outcome is a severe shortage in the foam used to pad seating. You can read more about this here

Our recent High Point Market visit included a special behind-the-scenes tour of the Wesley Hall factory, where we saw firsthand what this impact is having on furniture production. They had row after row of gorgeous, in-production pieces. Patterns have been cut and sewn, frames have been handcrafted and assembled… they’re just waiting for foam. Without that key element, production can’t be completed. Building materials are at a deficit across the board, it seems, explaining other building delays, but this one has the most significant impact on the work we do.




Foam is coming in. Beautiful upholstered pieces are being produced and shipped all the time. Unfortunately, it’s at a slower rate than we’re used to. Also, we have new pieces coming onto the showroom floor all the time. You can buy many of these directly from us, resulting in little to no delay. This includes some of the eye candy in this very post. Good things… errr, make that GREAT things are coming and we want you to have them. Huzzah!



Order now! If you think you’ll want a fresh look at the beginning of the new year, stop by today. Get the process started. The sooner, the better.



Our designers stay up to date on the latest in production times and availability. We're here to answer any questions or simply to discuss your options. Stop by, give us a call, or DM us on Instagram. We can't wait to discuss all things beautiful with you soon!