Meet Chelsea, our new designer and assistant manager at The Black Goose Design
Thursday Dec 26 2019 by Stacey Beyer

Meet Chelsea Porter, our new assistant manager at The Black Goose Design. She joined us in October 2019, and her fresh outlook and creative ideas have already made a great impact. We’re delighted to have her on our team and share a bit more about her with you here today. 

Q. How many years have you been a designer?

A. I have four years of interior design experience along with four years of fashion and graphic design experience.


Q. How would you define your personal style?

A. I would describe my personal style as creative. Growing up, I didn't have all the resources to do whatever I wanted with my wardrobe and space, so I had to get creative to accomplish the closest thing possible to the style and surroundings I wanted. Looking back, I’m extremely grateful life worked out this way, as possessing such creative skills has really played a positive role in my career thus far. 

keep design creative

Q. What is your go-to color scheme?

A. I find myself drawn to natural earth tones. Being able to pull inspirations from the outdoors in is my favorite way to create.


image credit: Wesley Hall

Q. What is your favorite room to design?

A. The bedroom! Because it’s an intimate space, it allows me the opportunity to get to know my clients better. Rather than just focusing on how they want to be seen by others in the more common areas of the home, the bedroom is about THEM, their personal style, and their interests. Creating a private space that feels like a personal getaway for a client is always a treat! 

The Black Goose Design

Q. What interior trends are you loving right now?

A. I am absolutely loving that wallpaper is back. Not only is it back, but it's also back in a very dramatic way. It adds so much to a room that you just can't get in any other way.

2020 design trend wallpaper

 Thibaut Designs wallpaper damask

image credit: Thibaut 

Q. Tell us a bit more about your background and expertise. 

My background is varied. I’ve worked in two very different showrooms in Los Angeles, with a focus both on residential and commercial interior design. I find relying on knowledge of both aspects of interior design really does help when tailoring a residential space.


Q. What about this new position with The Black Goose Design has you the most excited?

A. I’m excited to be working with so many different designers. Their experiences and perspectives will help me learn and grow in my own career. As the Assistant Manager, I'm excited to not only work on design projects, but also learn the business side of The Black Goose Design and connect with the community. 

chelsea porter

Q. If you could only share one pro design tip, what would it be?

A. Start simple. You can always add to a space; it's far more difficult to take away. 

clean and simple design ideas

Welcome and thanks for the wisdom, Chelsea! We know our clients are going to love working with you just as much as we do. With your training and versatile background, you’re a great asset to The Black Goose Design. 

3 Must-Have Chair Frames for 2020
Thursday Dec 12 2019 by Stacey Beyer

You’re going to want to sit down for this one. Literally. This chair share is going to have you longing for a lounge. Go ahead, sit back. Relax. Kick up those tired feet. This is your time to simply enjoy a little eye candy and our list of must-have chairs for 2020!

The Scout by Wesley Hall

The Scout by Wesley Hall

Why We Love It: The outline! It’s sleek and stylish and we just can’t get enough. 

nailhead chair

Features to Fancy: Its height. This is a great chair for a room with taller ceilings. 

matching chairs for sitting area

Customization Qualities: The Scout is an extra fun option, because the customization options are endless. In this version, one fabric is on the body, another is on the seat, and leather has been used for the welt and buttons. What a chic combination! 

how to place chairs in a living room

Placement Pointer: The Scout is perfectly placed when it's in an open space (not up against a wall) where it can be seen from every angle, as it has qualities to show off from all sides. 


The Hartwell by Wesley Hall

The Hartwell by Wesley Hall

Why We Love It: The sit! It’s so good! This is, hands down, one of the most comfortable chairs we carry at The Black Goose Design.

most comfortable leather chair

Features to Fancy: The darling English arm and its nailhead detailing! 

chairs in a bedroom

Customization Qualities: You can choose from a number of different fabrics to find your perfect Hartwell finish. Plus, the casters on the front legs are optional. You can always order without them. 


Purchase Pointer: Its accommodating height. This chair is an ideal option for a family, because it’s comfortable for the tall and the small.


The Foremost by Peter Jacob for Wesley Hall

The Foremost by Peter Jacob for Wesley Hall

image credit: Wesley Hall

Why We Love It: It's tall, dark (when you want it to be), and handsome. What's not to love? Of course, this is one book you can judge by more than just its attractive cover. It's also incredibly comfortable! 

Decorative pillows for high backed chairs

Customization Qualities: From sleek leather to fashionable fabric, there are numerous ways to customize this king.

2020 chair trends

Features to Fancy: Its height makes it the star of any room it graces, and the buttons along the lower back (front side) are cute as a... well, you know where we're going with this. 

fabric high backed chair

Placement Pointer: Place this handsome devil in a bedroom, a living area, or even at the head of your dining table. It plays nice with any spot it calls home. 


’Tis the Seating Season

Who wouldn’t adore a new statement piece of furniture? Whether you’re looking for one standout choice or a chair pair for a sitting area, you’ll find these three fab frames and many more stylish choices at The Black Goose Design. Stop by for a test sit today.