Our Best Design Projects of 2018 Pt.1
Thursday Dec 20 2018

As we reflect back on this past year, The Black Goose Design was honored to be part of so many stunning design projects, and we are delighted to share them with you today. Every interior design project brings us so much joy, and we adore building lasting friendships with each one of our clients. It is always our goal to make the design process an enjoyable journey. Being able to share beautiful design inspiration with our readers throughout the year has been such a delight. Our talented interior designers have created so many gorgeous spaces throughout this past year. You won't want to miss this exclusive inside peek at all of the many amazing completed projects of 2018.


A Heavenly Home Tour Pt.1 Pt.2

Get ready for a little slice of interior design heaven! It is always our great pleasure to give you an exclusive look inside some of our beloved clients' gorgeous homes. One of our expert designers, Denise, has collaborated with one of her clients to create their spectacular dream home!

interior design Utah
great room interior design


An Exclusive Client Home Tour Pt.1 & Pt.2

We are so thrilled to share this lovely space with you today. Located in North Salt Lake City, Utah this stunning home defines timeless interior design with beautiful designer details. One of our talented designers, Denise has created a ravishing restful retreat tailored to her client's personal style. Get ready for an interior design delight!

 large sideboard

custom sectional seating


An Exclusive Introduction to our Parade of Homes Project Banbury Manor

The Black Goose Design is thrilled announce we will be partnering with  Bradshaw Homes and Property to design their 2018 Salt Lake Parade of Homes  home, Banbury Manor! We are absolutely delighted to be giving you and exclusive sneak peek at the construction that is currently underway for this magnificent property. This exquisite home is nestled in the foothills of Draper, Utah and has phenonmenal views of the Wasatch Mountains. 


Salt Lake City interior design custom home



The Parade of Homes Banbury Park Manor Pt.1 , Pt.2 & Pt.3

The Black Goose Design is thrilled to bring you an exlusive look inside The Parade of Homes, Banbury Park Manor! The Black Goose Design and Bradshaw Homes and Property  have partnered together to bring you this incredible home. Banbury Park Manor defines design perfection in every way. From its charming exterior by Elite Custom Exteriors and lush landscaping, to a most inviting and exemplary interior. Every element of this home is harmoniously combined to create a design masterpiece!

 large leather ottoman

custom furniture living room

master bedroom interior design

basement kitchen

custom living room furniture

We are eagerly looking forward to 2019 and all of the many gorgeous design projects The Black Goose Design will be presenting to you this coming year. We adore each and every one of our clients and thoroughly find joy in making design dreams come true! Stay tuned for part two of our best design projects next week on the blog you will not want to miss these gorgeous spaces and more beautiful design inspiration!  

The Black Goose Design would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

Our Best Design Projects of 2018 Pt.2
Tuesday Dec 18 2018

Welcome back to part two of our best interior design projects of 2018! We are thrilled to share more inspirational interior spaces with you today. It is always a great pleasure to be able to work with the most amazing clients and we feel so honored to be a part of their design journey. Get ready for an exclusive look into some spectacular spaces. If you did not catch these beautiful homes throughout this past year, you will not want to miss the chance to see them today!

Client Home Tour Happiness Pt.1Pt.2 & Pt.3 

It is always such a delight when we can give our readers an exclusive peek inside our clients' homes! We love to bring you beautiful interior design and stunning inspiration. One of our talented designers, Heather, has showcased true designer beauty inside of her client's handsome home located in Bountiful, Utah! Join us as we give you a peek at this lovely home.

custom sofa

interior design dining room

master bedroom upholstered headboard


Lovely Living Room Design Inspiration: A Client Home Tour Pt.1 & Pt.2 

Today we have the pleasure of giving you an exclusive peek inside one client's living room space. This stunning home is located in Cottonwood Heights, Utah and is surrounded with gorgeous Wasatch Mountain views. One of our talented interior designers, Ali Thompson, has captured her client's design savvy style in this beautiful room with absolute perfection! Welcome to a splendid and sophisticated space! This room is oh-so-inviting, classic and comfortable. The entire space defines timeless design and enduring style. The rich color palette with touches of soothing blue flow nicely through the entire room giving a harmonious feel. Accents of deep crimson coloring add eye-catching vibrancy to the space. 

custom upholstery

custom living room furniture

A Charming Client Home Tour Pt.1 & Pt.2

This charming home located in Draper, Utah is filled with many unique design pieces and has such design-savvy presence. One of our talented designers, Kelly Winn, has encompassed her client's exquisite design style and has created a space full of beauty. Many of the classic pieces throughout this home are amazing antiques and grace it with a timeless presence.

modern farmhouse kitchen

interior design family room

A Dramatic Designer Client Home Tour Pt.1 & Pt.2

The Black Goose Design is ecstatic to present to you a refreshing and cheery client home tour! This home is bursting with eye-catching color and stunning sophistication! One of our talented designers, Kelly Winn, has transformed this home into a work of art that delivers incredible interior design inspiration! We are bringing you an exclusive sneak peek inside this home located in Mesa, Arizona.

Kelly had orginally created a master plan for this home 15 years ago. The overall look of the home was styled with European French country influences. Deep reds, yellows and a warm toned color palette was initially displayed throughout the home. Since then, her client's design style has evolved and Kelly was eager to assist her in updating her home with a fresh, modern European look. 

colorful living room

black and white kitchen

As we welcome 2019, we are enthusiastic to start new design projects. Interior design is a love that our talented designers are eager to share with you. Whether you live Utah or not, our design team delights in every aspect of creating beautiful and functional home design. We invite you to share in our design excitement throughout this coming year. You will not want to miss a single post on our inspiring Instagram feed or our blog! We wish you all a very bright and Happy New Year! 

Revive your Home with a Ravishing Rug
Thursday Dec 13 2018

As designers, we always want to inspire and give the best tips when it comes to interior design. Today we are sharing one of the most powerful pieces that can impact your overall space, an area rug! Placing this one simple piece within your space will instantly bring all the elements of your room together.

  custom living room furniture

Area rugs make a huge design statement and are vital to a well-designed room. Reviving your space with a rug assists in "grounding" all the furniture and prevents the feeling as if your furniture was "floating." When it comes to ensuring a space will come together perfectly, is critical that you have a solid grounding feature within the room such as an area rug.

 area rugs

Rugs are a vibrant visual focal point and will aid in defining your space. A fun way to think of an area rug is a stunning piece of artwork for your floor! It can add playful pattern, a burst of color and neccessary texture, enriching your room with designer style.

 iron bed

twin beds interior design

Well-designed rooms always have a definite conversation or seating area. An area rug will naturally allow your furniture pieces to come together creating a cohesive feel.  

 white brick fireplace

custom tufted chair

Area rugs always will also add a layer of warmth, texture and give a welcoming feeling to a space. These are all choice elements that we strive for when putting together a room. Pretty pattern and detaling within an area rug will give vitality to your room! 

interior design dining area

master bedroom

An rug is the foundation to your living area so remember to select the correct scale suitable for your room. Choosing the right size of rug is critical to a well-balanced space. A helpful tip is to make sure the key furniture pieces in the room are all touching the area rug.

 home office interior design


As mentioned before, rugs can also speak as art and not all art belongs on a wall! This specific and unique artwork for your floor adds warmth, depth and definition to home design.

 large area rug

The Black Goose Design carries the highest quality and selection of area rugs. With an extensive selection of pattern, style and durability our interior designers would love to find the perfect rug to suit your space. Revive and refresh your home with the ideal area rug. You can be assured it will make all the difference within your home!

The Value of Investing in an Interior Designer
Thursday Dec 6 2018

At The Black Goose Design we are passionate about designing interior spaces. There are so many benefits that come from partnering with an interior designer when taking on a home project, remodel or even selecting a paint color. Taking on a design project may seem a bit overwhelming, there are so many critical choices and elements that go into designing surrounding spaces. We all want to feel assured that the best possible decisions were made when designing any space within your own home. 

custom upholstered chairs

You may have given some thought about hiring an interior designer, and we are here today to give you some helpful reasons why you should hire an experienced designer. There is tremendous value in partnering with an interior designer when starting a home design project. With a skilled designer by your side, you can feel at ease knowing you will save time and avoid costly mistakes. Most importantly, you will be investing in your overall lifestyle!

Utah interior design services

Our designers understand your time is valuable. By collaborating with an expert designer, we can assist you in your project and ease the decision-making process. Having an experienced designer by your side throughout the entire design process will give you reassurance that every detail of your project will come together perfectly. Starting with a master design plan that a professional interior design will create for you puts you on a path for design planning success!

interior design custom furniture

Interior designers have trained eyes and are professionals in every aspect of design. We love creating and sharing the overall vision of home design. Having a clear master design plan will ensure that every detail of a room will cohesively flow with ease.

bright colored living room

Our elite design knowledge ensures that what we create with our clients will remain true and timeless to their design preference and lifestyle. Design done well gives you the pleasure of being surrounded in a beautifully-designed home that is tailored to how you actually live in it.

 interior design accessories

Hiring a designer will help you experience the feeling of being confident. Your investment in your home is important and knowing it will be taken care of and managed properly can give you great peace of mind.  You also will be certain the end result will be completed just as you had envisioned.

interior design great room

As designers, we thoroughly enjoy the entire design process and are eager to assist you from consultation to finishing the last designer detail! A planned layout for your home is essential for all the design pieces to come together with proficiency and style. Our goal is to create an entire vision for your space from start to finish with a plan and a purpose. Take the first step toward achieving your design dreams by collaborating with an expert interior designer at The Black Goose Design.

family room design plan

We would love to help you with all of your interior design needs. A simple consultation eases the stress of the design process, and we are delighted to talk through your design goals and expectations. We offer the very best in interior design services in the Salt Lake City area. Contact one of our talented designers here, and start your design journey today.