The Must Have Plant for your Home: A Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree
Thursday Sep 28 2017

The talented designers at The Black Goose Design are revealing the most sought after accessory item in the design world, the Fiddle Leaf Fig! We absolutely adore this perfect plant not only for its stunning simplicity, but its greenery can make a big design impact in any space. This lucious leafy green plant contributes high-style design when it comes to incorporating an organic feel into your home. 


real fiddle-leaf fig tree


imitation fiddle leaf tree


The Fiddle Leaf Fig has such a sense of whimsy and individuality about it and is a striking plant that can be used to create height, fullness and texture. Tucking this terrific little tree beside a chair or sofa will help with establishing height if perhaps a few extra inches are needed in your space. Large leaves contribute fabulous fullness without "overdoing it" and is a great scuplted accessory piece which adds interest.  

transitional interior design

Incorporating organic texture into any space is always highly recommended by our designers, and adding in greenery instantly brings life and vitality into a space! Now here comes the big question when it comes to selecting the right Fiddle Leaf Fig for you. Do you want the real deal or a close imitation? We have a few helpful tips that may assist you in that choice. 

A live Fiddle Leaf Fig requires a little more tender loving care and perhaps a bit of a green thumb! They tend to be a little temperamental; but if taken care of correctly, you will have a gorgeous green tree to showcase in your home for years to come. Be sure to do the proper research on caring for your new little tree!

  • Always be sure to check the water temperature. Figs are not fond of cold water, watering with more lukewarm water is ideal. Also maintain a regular water schedule and be careful not to overwater your tree.  
  • Ensure proper lighting for your tree, placement and rotation are key!
  • Wipe down leaves. This allows your fig tree to soak up all of the sun's nutrients. This is also how these little darlings breathe!
  • Keep close watch on the roots. As your tree grows, you will need to repot it if you start to see the roots inching their way out of the bottom.

designer accessories

*imitation Fiddle Leaf Fig 

If just sitting back and enjoying this little beauty of a tree, a close imitation may suit you and your lifestyle a bit better. Our showroom floor located in Midvale, Utah is filled with these fabulous imitation Fiddle Leaf Figs, and they look so real it is difficult to tell a difference! We admire each little tree so much that yes, in fact, we do give them names. It is the proper thing to do! Featured in the following photo is a real Fiddle Leaf Fig whose name is Stuwart Call. He is such a handsome fellow and accents this room so perfectly don't you think?!


designer living room space

*Real Fiddle Leaf Fig 

Whether your selection may be the real deal or a beautiful imitation, you cannot make an incorrect choice when it comes to incorporating a Fiddle Leaf Fig into your home! Adding just a hint of organic texture into your space will bring such liveliness and vigor when placed in your space. Make a design statement with the must have accessory of the design industry. Our designers are always happy to assist you when selecting the perfect accessory for your home. Oh, and don't forget, to name your new fabulous fig!

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