Refresh your Home with Amazing Artwork
Thursday Jul 25 2019

Today we will be giving you some gorgeous designer inspiration on how to dress up and refresh your walls with amazing artwork! Artwork has the tremendous ability to transform a space and infuse it with a pop-of-personality! Those beautiful pictures we hang on our walls add stylish finesse within our homes and are a crucial detail to completing a well-designed room.  

mantel artwork

Be innovative when displaying your beloved art work. Art does not always necessarily have to be hung on a wall. Layering gorgeous art atop a mantel, a shelf or a piece of furniture always contributes unexpected interest. Displaying artwork in a unique way is always visually stunning and adds a "surprise" element in a room.

vintage artwork

The walls of your home tell a story about the people who live in it, so make it as personal as you can. We adore the idea of mixing and matching your favorite pieces of art in a collage-style display. This type of display feels effortless and eclectic, and it also allows flexibility to add even more pieces to your personal art collection in time. Grouping art together is visually expressive and powerful. 

gallery wall

Eye-catching wall prints, above this amazing console piece, create a stunning focal point. We love the bits of blue and grey tones throughout this room. Utilizing these subdued colors in the entire room, especially within the artwork, give such a tranquil feeling.

large floral artwork

Artwork can capture the essence of your personal design style. A large amount of wall space within the home is dedicated to displaying visual images that you adore, so make the best use of that prime real estate. Graphic prints and  pen and ink drawings always peek a visual interest with chic style. Muted coloring with simple shapes also can add great interest not only in the subject matter but in the amazing quality of the art piece itself!

simple floral art

Clustering unique sketches and paintings together can visually make a large impact within a space. We feel selecting artwork for your home is a very personal process. Choosing art pieces that you truly adore on your walls is important so display something you love! These sketched and watercolor art pieces are so elegant grouped together. Layering artwork also gives great depth and dimension. Every unique personal piece of art gives this room a refined and collected feel. 

artwork grouping

sketch art groupings

As designers, we often are asked how to fill large wall spaces within the home. Well, there is no better way to make a dramatic design statement than with a substantial art piece. Showcasing one visually impactful piece on a large wall or area in your home will add designer flair with sophisticated simplicity. 

large canvas artwork

Large art pieces contribute generous proportion bringing scale and balance to spacious rooms. Expansive spaces call for a heavier visual weight when it comes to artwork so select art pieces that are adequate sizes. Creating balance is key for making a room feel complete and grounded. 

large artwork

Grouping these simplistic art pieces together can make a large impact in a room. These elegant prints flow perfectly in this space and complement the beautiful bedding. Muted coloring will give a stylish and sleek presence when combining multiple art pieces together.

artwork grouping

Art is more than just hanging a picture on a wall. It is a way of expressing your design style and surrounding yourself in an atmosphere that you love to be in. Our designer showroom located in Midvale, Utah is filled with gorgeous unique artwork that is sure to suit any style. Our interior designers are always delighted to suggest art pieces that will complement your space perfectly. 

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