Introducing New Designer Trends from Wesley Hall
Thursday May 9 2019

Get ready for an exclusive inside peek at the latest in gorgeous designer fabrics and a showroom tour from upholstery company Wesley Hall! Wesley Hall is a high-quality upholstery line that is proudly manufactured in the USA with supreme craftsmanship. The Black Goose Design proudly carries Wesley Hall and is delighted to work with them to bring you the very latest in interior design textiles and upholstery. This spring market was a sensational success with stunning new fabrics and chic upholstery styles galore! 

tufted back sofa

Zack Taylor, the president of Wesley Hall, has given us an exclusive showing of stunning new fabrics that have been introduced for this year. Mr. Taylor is an expert on furniture and fabric construction creating the perfect combination of experience to grow with the Wesley Hall brand. Previous to being at Wesley Hall he worked for Valdese Weavers, a fabric product manufacture. Valdese Weavers makes a very large portion of Wesley Hall's fabrics. Quality textiles are a tremendous part of upholstery, and the distinct blending of colors, patterns and textures found in fabric makes each upholstered piece unique. As designers, it is our goal to educate our clients about the textiles they are investing in for their furniture. Exceptional fabrics of the highest quality are made exclusively for Wesley Hall. Each custom upholstered piece is made to detailed specifications, making Wesley Hall a supreme upholstery company that delivers excellence in design.

blue settee

Wesley Hall is a family owned company that is currently employing their fifth generation in the business! All of their fabulous furniture pieces are made right here in the USA, specifically in North Carolina, the furniture capital of the world. These splendid photos are from their latest spring design market which displayed remarkable fabrics and new upholstered pieces that were added to their line. We absolutely adore this quilted leather chair! Leather is always a winner for incorporating rich texture within a room, Wesley Hall provides the very finest in leathers and hair-on-hides.

quilted leather

Wesley Hall is extremely detail-oriented from start to finish, they make sure that every upholstered piece is completed with perfection. They hand cut all of their quality fabrics with absolute precision, this guarantees the fabric pattern will match-up with exactness and produces very little waste of the fabric. This high-quality upholstery company also uses the "8-way" hand-tied system, meaning each spring inside the frame is tied together eight times which establishes even wear. They use this system for all of their seating including stools and chairs.

8-way hand tied

Every textile and fabric is a true work of art within Wesley Hall's gorgeous line! This stunning scene has light airy fabrics paired with a deep jewel-toned tufted leather sofa, a designer match made in heaven! Patterned fabrics are eye-catching and can showcase personality, Wesley Hall has hundreds of impeccable patterns to choose from to adorn your personal space.  

tufted leather upholstry

Wesley Hall puts an enormous amount of time in making sure each custom upholstered piece is completed to a high standard. Their large selection of frame styles will always remain classic pieces with enduring style. Wesley Hall's tagline is, "Classic made Current", taking classic design and approaching it with fresh styling.  

barrel back accent chairs

Rich color, pattern and texture are ample within Wesley Hall's gorgeous fabric selection. Their brilliant combination of styling and high-quality craftsmanship makes Wesley Hall furniture the very best in the design industry! The Black Goose Design was ecstatic to have a visit with Peter Jacobs, an expert designer and stylist who is the genius behind some of these wonderful collections specially made for Wesley Hall. 

custom sectional

Peter Jacobs and Zack Taylor Wesley Hall

Peter Jacobs designer

Wesley Hall has just celebrated a tremendously successful 30 years within the furniture business! The Black Goose Design is proud to say we have shared a strong business relationship with them for many years. We firmly believe in partnering with the best in the design industry and creating long-term business relationships that are cherished. 

high back accent chairs 

Our design team is always delighted to indulge our clients with the finest textiles and assist in creating a custom upholstered piece that is ideal for their design style. We have full access to the most sought-after designer fabrics within the industry allowing for us to create gorgeous one-of-a-kind handmade furniture. The Black Goose Design has a stunning showroom located in Midvale, Utah filled with phenomenal, comfortable upholstery that will knock your socks off! 


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