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How to Incorporate Alluring Animal Prints for a Timeless Designer Look
Thursday Feb 16 2017

The Black Goose Design invites you to get in touch with your inner interior design wildside!

Alluring animal prints combined with luxurious faux fur accents and timeless leather pieces are all the rage in the design industry. The question is how do you perfectly blend all of these amazing elements together and still create a professional designer look? Well, wonder no more... we are spilling some designer tips on how to embrace this striking style.


Mixing dramatic pattern and beautiful textured pieces allow for visual interest and are essential for a perfectly balanced room. It is important when introducing these elements especially with bold pattern, and is best applied in moderation.



The key to taming those amazing animal prints is by incorporating just a touch of the exotic pattern, perhaps in your throw pillows or layering with a rug. This will add a hint of glam to your overall look without letting the space to seem too overwhelming with bold patterns.


Even a simple faux fur throw can complement your space. Faux fur gives just enough texture for interest yet is still inviting and cozy. Throw pillows are also a great accessory to use when mixing in this neccessary element. Plush pillows scattered throughout a room are an ideal way to make a beautiful, textured impact.


Dramatic design statments can also come in smaller sophisticated pieces! A pair of luscious zebra printed ottomans are versatile and functional items that can easily be integrated into any space. A pair of petite faux fur stools are a wonderful way to also lend additional seating when needed. 


Rich lavish leather is a classic, timless texture! Comfortable, customized leather accent chairs, tufted ottomans or a stunning sofa can contribute a tremendous amount of texture, adding a gorgeous enduring element to your space. 



Our talented designers at The Black Goose Design are happy to assist you in finding your love for gorgeous texture, a pop-of-pattern and amazing animal-inspired design! Our unique throw pillows, ravishing rugs and rich leather pieces will grace your home with incredible style.

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