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Wednesday Aug 24 2022 by Stacey Beyer

Hello, and happy Kylie Day! We’re calling it that because it’s time to formally introduce you to talented team member, Kylie Cardwell. She’s been an interior designer with The Black Goose Design since March and, before joining us, she also designed for our sister store, CF Home Furniture & Design. In other words, we’ve been eagerly anticipating this e-meet-and-greet for a while now. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

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Q. Rumor has it, you have a BS in kinesiology (the science of human body movement). Very cool! But, we’ve gotta ask, how does that turn into a career in design?

A. I spent much of my life in dance, both as a dancer and as a dance instructor. This degree made sense. But there was always a part of me very drawn to design. It stems from my grandmother. She’s constantly updating her home and helping friends and family with theirs. Like her, I have a huge passion and creativity for interior design, and something told me I couldn’t ignore that.  

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Q. How does your grandmother feel about being the inspiration behind your career shift?

A. She loves it! She’s so happy. In fact, she and I share ideas and inspiration back and forth all the time. It’s very special to have that kind of connection!


Q. What is your favorite area of the home to design and why?

A. Like many designers, I’m drawn to the living room, because that’s where everyone hangs out, but I also love the entry of a home. It’s a great place to make a statement. It’s the first thing people see, so it draws the eye and can set the tone for the entire home.

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Q. How would you describe your personal design style?

A. Cozy comes to mind. Also, earthy and organic with some Scandinavian touches. 

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Q. What is your go-to color scheme right now?

A. Natural tones – tans, white oak, creams – with some moodier shades of gray, brown, and black mixed in.

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Q. Can you describe what your design process looks like?

A. It can look any number of ways, depending on the size of the project. I recently helped a client redesign her entire home, which meant walking through each room with her, taking pictures, taking notes, taking measurements… After the in-home consultation, I prepared a plan and presented it to her. In this case, she needed everything ready by November, which added the challenge of sourcing ideas and custom work that could be done quickly. Every project presents unique curveballs. That’s part of what makes it exciting. 

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On larger projects like this, I’ll typically pair pictures from our in-home consult with product shots, swatches, patterns, and color schemes. Sometimes I'll provide more than one idea so the client has options to compare. Texture is always a good idea, so I’ll pull pieces that are sure to add various finishes. Once the design feels cohesive and captures the client’s wants, we’ll go over the ideas together and modify where needed. It’s such a fun and creative part of the process!

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Q. You clearly have a great eye! Anything in particular catching it right now at The Black Goose Design?

A. Oh my… so many things! I guess my current fav would have to be this beautiful coffee table we just got in. It’s such a cute shape and the gorgeous light wood works so well with a variety of different styles and colors. You can even pair it with darker wood tones. Don’t shy away from mixing finishes.

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Q. Thanks, Kylie! Any parting advice?

A. Sometimes, you have to listen to your heart. Your life might be going in one direction, but something is pulling you in another. Don’t ignore that. Following my heart and establishing a design career has made me so happy. I love being a part of the team here at The Black Goose Design!

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Thanks, Kylie. We’re so happy to have your talents and warm personality on this team.

Stop by and meet Kylie at The Black Goose Design soon. She’s full of fresh ideas and happy to help you bring some new life to your space.

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