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Wednesday Jan 11 2023 by Stacey Beyer

It’s January, and we’re suddenly in the mood to sort, clean,and organize. There could be any number of explanations for this annual organization phenomenon, from the new influx of items in the home to returning things to their “everyday” appearance after months of holiday styling. Whatever the reason, we’re all for getting our stuff together on this month and have several sleek ideas, big and small, for many areas in your home.

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Let’s start small. Okay, as far as baskets go, these aren’t exactly petite, but they're on the smaller end of our storage solution line-up. Tuck these beauties in a corner for a storage solution that’s as decorative as it is functional.

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Here are just a few fav ways to put the baskets in business:

  • A shoe catch-all, strategically placed near the entry of your home. Say goodbye to the clutter and hello to a welcoming doorway.
  • A blanket bank. Having a few extra throws nearby is always a good idea, but it’s extra wise this chilly time of year. Use your big baskets to house the heat.
  • A toy box. Add a few large baskets to the main living areas of your home and keep toys within arm’s reach… even those little arms. Plus, this makes clean up a breeze and something everyone can help with.
  • Pillow placement. Whether you’re tucking away seasonal accent pillows currently in the off season or you place baskets near your bed for nightly use when it’s time to set those dreamy bed pillows aside, baskets are great for keeping the fluffy stuff contained.



Adding a new furniture item doesn’t have to mean overhauling your entire floorplan. Opt for something slender, like this sofa table, which adds storage space without taking up a bunch of room in the process.

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Here are a few fav ways to include accent tables:

  • Some extra sofa storage. They’re often referred to as sofa tables for a reason – they line up nicely behind a sofa or sectional. This means you have more room to store things like the remotes, chargers, pens, and other go-to items you like to have on hand without being out in the open.
  • A welcoming place to place. Entryways are often narrower than the rest of the home, making a sleek piece like this an ideal option. It provides a place for car keys, handbags/backpacks, homework, water bottles, and other frequently-used on-the-go elements. Of course, nobody wants a pile of packs greeting them as they walk in the door, which is why we love adding closed containers like these wood boxes to the lower level of entry tables. They’re the prime spot for such everyday essentials.
  • A hallway helper. Another narrow spot that sometimes need a little support is the hallway. If your walkway is large enough to support a slim addition, you could make this a central location for frequently-used household items (scissors, pens, paper, tape, chargers, batteries, schedules/planners, passes/library cards/etc., permission slips, shopping lists and more.



Now we’re to our largest solution – cabinets. Whether you find yourself short on closet/cabinet space (don’t we all?) or you simply want a gorgeous new focal point for the home, these favorite cabinets are just the ticket.

 on trend storage cabinets

Here are a few fav ways to use cabinets:

  • Your office assistant. Whether you opt for a tall cabinet or a horizontal style, you'll find a cabinet makes a fine office companion. Add some pretty books, plants, and other decorative touches for style, and use boxes for the less attractive office supplies. 
  • A kitchen keeper. Because cabinets are often open or have glass doors, it’s a good idea to be intentional with the items you select. Think of pieces that not only serve you well but look good while doing it. Examples include your beloved dishes, cake stands, barware, pretty mixing/serving bowls, candle sticks, trays, etc.

 how to style a kitchen shelf

NOTE: Look for a cabinet with drawers for smaller or less eye-catching items, such as linens, cutlery, and other go-to items.

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  • A TV ta-da! The television is a common gathering place, so it might as well look its best. Add a horizontal cabinet as a chic TV stand and place key entertainment items inside. For things that don’t really fit your design aesthetic, add small boxes and baskets. Abracadabra, the unsightly clutter is gone (but never out of reach!).
  • Your playroom partner. A horizontal cabinet is also a smart choice in a playroom, as it’s close to the ground, which helps with accessibility and safety. This is another time when baskets and bins come in handy and make sorting different toy types easier. With a long, lean storage machine such as this, you can have baskets for art supplies, blocks, dolls, toy cars, stuffed animals, play food, dress-up supplies, and so much more. Let your storage dreams run wild!

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Yes, there’s something about flipping the calendar flipping that makes now a fine time to get organized. Stop by The Black Goose Design today to explore these and other options. If you find yourself stuck with a specific storage task, don’t hesitate to bring a few pics in and chat with one of our designers. They’ve never met a storage challenge they couldn’t master and would love to help you achieve your org goals this year! 

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