Five Wallpaper Trends for 2024
Friday Jan 26 2024 by Stacey Beyer

When it comes to 2024 interior design trends, the writing is on the wall. Wallpaper! It adds an instant boost to any space and, because it’s a popular design approach to take, the paper possibilities seem endless. Here are our top five favorite ways to incorporate wallpaper this year:


image credit: Thibaut Design

1. Wallpaper Ceilings

What was once a forgotten spot in a room is now an added place to add interest and energy. A wallpapered ceiling draws the eye up, highlighting already-beautiful framed ceilings or adding interest to a more basic overhead surface. After all, why should rugs have all the fun when there are floor-to-ceiling ways to accentuate a room?

image credit: York Wallcoverings


2. Wallpaper Murals

Murals are often associated with paint, but you can greatly simplify the process with a papered mural and achieve the same stunning results. Opting for the muraled approach to wallpaper creates an impressive art piece that both tells a story and sets a defined mood.


image credit: Thibaut Design

image credit: Thibaut Design

3. Wallpaper with Contrasting Trim

Want your wallpaper to really pop? Paint your wall trim a contrasting color. It’s an easy way to make your wallpaper stand out while also incorporating color.  


image credit: York Wallcoverings 

4. High-contrast Floral Wallpaper

Floral wallpaper is nothing new. It seems like flowers were on wallpaper as soon as wallpaper was a thing. What IS new is choosing high-contrast prints. It’s a effective way to add a modern twist to this classic look.


image credit: York Wallcoverings

image credit: York Wallcoverings

5. Coordinating Wallpaper and Fabric

Bring on the drama. Matching your fabric (window treatmetns, bedding, and more!) to your paper will give your space designer detail. You can adjust the level of drama depending on how much pattern mating you do. Have fun trying on options for size until you land on a look you love.

image credit:  Thibaut Design

image credit: Thibaut Design

image credit: York Wallcoverings

Ready to take your walls to new heights? Call and schedule a design consultation to go over your numerous wallpaper options today. There’s a perfect print just waiting to elevate your surroundings! We can’t wait to help you find it. 

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