Congratulations on 25 Years Denise Johnson
Wednesday Oct 9 2019 by Stacey Beyer

25 years! Talk about a milestone! It’s how long Denise Johnson has been with the Gardner Mill Company stores. It’s also what makes Denise the employee who has been with our company the longest. That can only mean one thing—time for a party! 

Denise Johnson

Friends from The Black Goose Design and Gardner Village gathered together to celebrate Denise. 

outdoor brunch gathering

Angie Gerdes

Denise with Gardner Village co-owner, Angie Gerdes.

Little tributes to Denise were woven throughout, including plenty of cheese (her fav food!) and a blue/coastal decor vibe, because this girl LOVES the water. 

Naborhood Bakery

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Denise’s Gardner Mill story began when she was just 16 when she was hired by Gardner Village founder, Nancy Long. 

“At that time, there was no Village,” Denise recalls. “It was just one store, Country Furniture. And the idea of working there sure beat delivering pizzas, so I left my Pizza Hut job and started this incredible journey!”


Country Furniture wasn’t Denise’s only place of employment before joining us at The Black Goose Design. In fact, she’s worked at a total of 15 different stores in Gardner Mill Company stores over the years. In 2011, she started her full-time design position with us here at The Black Goose Design. 

The Black Goose Design

“I was on the store-front side of things for many years, where I did the merchandising and displays and customer service and management and buying, but my vision has always been more big picture. I’m grateful for all of the experiences I’ve had that have helped get me where I am now.  I know each thing I've done and learned have helped prepare me for what I do now. I have a broader perspective and it all relates to how well I’m able to do my job.”



And what a fine job Denise does! Here are just a few of her recent projects:

guest room looks to love

how to style a home

2019 living room ideas

bedroom decorating ideas

black and white kitchen trends

2019 dining room ideas


Working with the same company for a quarter century is no small thing. No wonder Denise feels extremely close to her coworkers. 

interior designers in utah

“All of the relationships I’ve cultivated over the years… These are my people! When you spend this much time with others, they become your family.” 



25 years with this fine woman? No wonder a celebration was in order. We have much to be grateful for. Not only is Denise amazing at what she does, she’s also a wonderful human being. Having her in our family is a gift. Congratulations on your milestone, Denise! Thanks so much for all you've done over the years!

The Black Goose Design team of designers

Want to work with Denise on your next project? Call the store to schedule an appointment. 801.562.1933

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