A Look Back at Some Of Our Fav 2022 Projects
Wednesday Dec 7 2022 by Stacey Beyer

What a year! From brilliant residential rennovation and new builds to unforgettable commercial space and an update to our own home base, our team at The Black Goose Design has been busy and loving every moment and completed project 2022 has had to offer. Here, in no particular order, is a look at a few of our favorites, along with design trends and market finds that continue to put smiles on our faces. 

Psstttt... We're even sharing a first look at the updates recently made to the upper level of our showroom. You don't want to miss this transformation! Let's get to it!  

Bell Canyon Home Renovation Project with GV Construction Renovation Specialists

Photos by: Lindsay Salazar Photography

Bell Canyon residence 

Breathing new life into an existing home it can be both challenging and extremely rewarding. In this inherited project, we got a gorgeous foundation to build from and still can't get over the end result. 

The natural light and views combined with the rich colors and interior elements come together in perfect harmony.

GV Construction and Renovation Specialists

Why we love it: This canyon home is infused with natural influence. From the stone work on the walls to the marble finishes, iron additions, and on-point wood workings throughout, the home's exterior surroundings weave seamlessly into the interior, making it the perfect mountainside oasis. 

See it all for yourself in the two-part reveal here and here

Sweet Bath Co. Commercial Project

Photos by: Lindsay Salazar Photography

Outlets at Traverse Mountain 

As much as we adore working residential, switching it up with commercial spaces is always a fun change of pace. Especially when that space is as sparkling as this Traverse Mountain shop.

Sweet Bath Company 

Why we love it: This isn't your ordinary shop. It's open and inviting but also warm and cozy. Of course, they're sensational bath bombs and other self-care products are pretty wonderful too. For a sneak peek, you can do a little shopping from the comfort of your phone, but there's nothing like visiting the shop in person to take in the full ambiance of this 2022 design highlight. 

See the full Sweet Bath Co. reveal here.

Marx/Herr Residential Project

Photos by Lindsay Salazar Photography

New home in South Jordan 

The blank slate of a new build always fills us with joy. When we started this home project, the building process was nearly complete, which meant we got to collaborate with the amazing owners with every decorative detail. 

floral interior design tricks 

Why we love it: This home has beauty and style all its own. The floral influences and soft feminine touches throughout make it feel light and so very happy! Plus, you've simply got to see the master closet in this one!

Take a two-part look around by visiting here and here.  


The Black Goose Design Remodel Project (upper level) 

Big things are happening around here! Here's a first look at the many chic updates we’re making to our showroom at The Black Goose Design. (Check back soon for a look at the full reveal!)

how to design a faux wall finish 

What a difference a new wall finish makes! Need help adding texture to your walls. Our designers are full of helpful tips and tricks that will make the project one you can tackle.

We’re in shiplap heaven with this facelift, featuring a top 2022 color – Redend Point 9081 by Sherwin Williams.

wall renovation

Sherwin Williams Redend Point

 The Black Goose Design

The wall wonder continues with a fresh coat of Vintage Vogue 462 paint by Benjamin Moore on the bricks and tons of rich texture using wood.

vintage vogue Benjamin Moore

wood on walls

how to add texture to your home

wood shiplap

TIP: Adding texture or even just new paint to a blank wall is relatively low-cost/time investment that guarantees a big return. 

2022 Market Memories

Of course, we can’t list every item that caught our eye at this year’s markets, but here are two of the ones that leave a big impression.

High Point Furniture Market

Doesn’t this BEAUTIFUL sitting area by Wesley Hall make you want to sit for a bit and share some laughs with friends? What a cozy yet cool vibe! 

Highpoint Furniture Market

See more show favorites here and visit The Black Goose Design to get your hands on the pieces we purchased from the show. 

Las Vegas Furniture Market

As this gorgeous Wesley Hall number represents, we saw lots of warm shades and playful patterns this year. 


Awwww, 2022, you certainly were good to us! Thanks, friends, for joining us for the reminiscing. We hope the trip down memory lane leaves you feeling inspired and excited about the fabulous things to come in the year ahead. We can assure you, they’re going to be GOOD. In the meantime, thanks for making this year so magical (and pretty!). 

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