2023 is the Year to Think Pink
Wednesday Nov 9 2022 by Stacey Beyer

A new year means new trending colors to love, but this hue is clearly standing the test of time as a timeless classic – PINK! What do we expect more of in 2023? Pink paint! And we couldn’t be more tickled. We'll share a few of our favorite shades at The Black Goose Design.

image credit: Farrow & Ball



Redend Point (SW 9081) 

It's easy to see why this warm, welcoming hue is the Sherwin Williams Color of the year

Sherwin Williams Color of the Year

Conch Shell (052) by Benjamin Moore 

This soothing shade is one of the selected Color Trends for 2023. See the shades Benjamin Moore pairs it with here.  

Conche Shell Paint by Benjamin Moore

image credit: Benjamin Moore

Templeton Pink no. 303 by Farrow & Ball

Templeton Pink Paint by Farrow & Ball 

image credit: Farrow & Ball

Pink is no longer just for little kids and dreamhouses. These tones are straight out of nature. No wonder they have the ability to create such a calming effect. 



If you want to try pink on for size before taking your roller for a spin on those walls, look at adding pink fabrics to your upholstered items. Whether it’s a full-on pink chair or sofa (swoon!) or some pink accent pillows, you’ll feel the warmth and coziness this color family creates.

Wesley Hall Pink Fabric Swatchesimage credit: photo by Wesley Hall


Ready to think pink? Stop by The Black Goose Design today, and we’ll help you find your perfect pink match.

Holiday Entertaining Must Haves
Wednesday Oct 12 2022 by Stacey Beyer

Who are we to deny you what you want? Recently, we shared a sneak peek of some of the fab fall and winter accessories headed your way this season. The response was big! Big enough, in fact, that we’re back with more. Here’s an even closer look at the good things available to you this holiday season at The Black Goose Design. (You’re welcome!)

 autumn 2022 trends


Get ready to set. The table is a natural gathering place in the home. Make it shine with a few fresh layers. Reach for a cutting board. Place a pretty bowl. Opt for an attractive container.

 how to make your table stand out

TIP TO TRY: Decorate using a favorite book. It adds a personal and interesting touch. 

unique personalized decorating

Don’t forget the flora.

holiday greenery

This time of year, greenery and foliage replace flowers as a timeless centerpiece. Look for rich hues and interesting textures.

how to arrange plants for fall

winter foliage 



Want to know our fav go-to tip with making a bed feel extra inviting? Place a fluffy, folded duvet along the foot of the bed. It’s an easy way to make your guest room feel like a luxury resort.

 how to make a bed feel inviting

With cooler temps, knits are another excellent way to weave in some warmth.

 fall bedding ideas


The candle craze is here! We have battery-powered options if you want something that lasts.

battery candles 

Flammable finds are also in store. It’s hard to resist the fall smells available, but we do offer unscented candles if you simply want to add warmth without the added aromas.

winter metallics

 fall candles


As you think ahead to holiday decorating make a metallic note. With the gorgeous glow these pieces add, you’ll be humming a little Silver & Gold by Burl Ives in no time.

christmas decorating ideas 

 2022 holiday looks

Thanks for asking for more in décor. We LOVE sharing and are always delighted to know you share our passion for the pretty. For even more fall and winter wonders, check out our Instagram account or stop by and see them IRL soon. 

Help Us Welcome Kylie to the Team
Wednesday Aug 24 2022 by Stacey Beyer

Hello, and happy Kylie Day! We’re calling it that because it’s time to formally introduce you to talented team member, Kylie Cardwell. She’s been an interior designer with The Black Goose Design since March and, before joining us, she also designed for our sister store, CF Home Furniture & Design. In other words, we’ve been eagerly anticipating this e-meet-and-greet for a while now. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

The Black Goose Design team

Q. Rumor has it, you have a BS in kinesiology (the science of human body movement). Very cool! But, we’ve gotta ask, how does that turn into a career in design?

A. I spent much of my life in dance, both as a dancer and as a dance instructor. This degree made sense. But there was always a part of me very drawn to design. It stems from my grandmother. She’s constantly updating her home and helping friends and family with theirs. Like her, I have a huge passion and creativity for interior design, and something told me I couldn’t ignore that.  

career inspiration

Q. How does your grandmother feel about being the inspiration behind your career shift?

A. She loves it! She’s so happy. In fact, she and I share ideas and inspiration back and forth all the time. It’s very special to have that kind of connection!


Q. What is your favorite area of the home to design and why?

A. Like many designers, I’m drawn to the living room, because that’s where everyone hangs out, but I also love the entry of a home. It’s a great place to make a statement. It’s the first thing people see, so it draws the eye and can set the tone for the entire home.

how to decorate an entryway

Q. How would you describe your personal design style?

A. Cozy comes to mind. Also, earthy and organic with some Scandinavian touches. 

fall looks for 2022

how to decorate a sectional 


Q. What is your go-to color scheme right now?

A. Natural tones – tans, white oak, creams – with some moodier shades of gray, brown, and black mixed in.

neutral color pallet 


Q. Can you describe what your design process looks like?

A. It can look any number of ways, depending on the size of the project. I recently helped a client redesign her entire home, which meant walking through each room with her, taking pictures, taking notes, taking measurements… After the in-home consultation, I prepared a plan and presented it to her. In this case, she needed everything ready by November, which added the challenge of sourcing ideas and custom work that could be done quickly. Every project presents unique curveballs. That’s part of what makes it exciting. 

 kitchen design ideas

On larger projects like this, I’ll typically pair pictures from our in-home consult with product shots, swatches, patterns, and color schemes. Sometimes I'll provide more than one idea so the client has options to compare. Texture is always a good idea, so I’ll pull pieces that are sure to add various finishes. Once the design feels cohesive and captures the client’s wants, we’ll go over the ideas together and modify where needed. It’s such a fun and creative part of the process!

Kylie Cardwell interior designer 

 help remodeling a bathroom

Q. You clearly have a great eye! Anything in particular catching it right now at The Black Goose Design?

A. Oh my… so many things! I guess my current fav would have to be this beautiful coffee table we just got in. It’s such a cute shape and the gorgeous light wood works so well with a variety of different styles and colors. You can even pair it with darker wood tones. Don’t shy away from mixing finishes.

fall 2022 home trends 

Q. Thanks, Kylie! Any parting advice?

A. Sometimes, you have to listen to your heart. Your life might be going in one direction, but something is pulling you in another. Don’t ignore that. Following my heart and establishing a design career has made me so happy. I love being a part of the team here at The Black Goose Design!

design services in the salt lake area 

Thanks, Kylie. We’re so happy to have your talents and warm personality on this team.

Stop by and meet Kylie at The Black Goose Design soon. She’s full of fresh ideas and happy to help you bring some new life to your space.

Fall and Holiday 2022 Trends from the Las Vegas Furniture Show
Wednesday Aug 10 2022 by Stacey Beyer

Hello, VIP! Here’s your backstage pass to the Las Vegas Furniture Market. Members of our team at The Black Goose Design joined buyers from our Mill Company sister stores — CF Home Furniture & Design, Down to Earth, and Layers Bedding — for a trip to Las Vegas, where we got to check out the very good things coming to stores near you soon. Here’s a sneak peek at a few of our trends and even an early glimpse at some of the Christmas looks you can expect!  

Las Vegas Furniture Show 


The colors keep getting warmer and warmer. We adore the comforting shades you can expect to see more of in the coming weeks and months.

Fall 2022 colors 

home decor trends for 2022



It’s all about playful. From bright shades to happy patterns, the calm neutral look is about to meet its match with lively hues and moods on the horizon.

playful interior design

 brightly colored living room

wall art styles to try in 2022


Here in Utah, where four unique seasons can do a number on home fixtures and features, we love our wool. For one reason, it’s durable. For another, it’s easy to clean. So you can bet we were excited to see so much wool in the works!

wool trend 

We’re delighted to offer even more in-demand wool, including these welcoming rugs.

rug looks to love

new area rugs for 2022 


Sure, it’s still summer, but we’ve got our sites set on the upcoming holiday season. The halls are about to be decked in some gorgeous new looks. Here’s a quick sneak peek of one of the favorites making our Nice list.

 holidays 2022

From market to store, you can expect to find these looks and more coming to The Black Goose Design before the year is through. We get new pieces in all the time, so stop by often to get first dibs on your must-haves. Until then, we'll leave you with the stuff sweet dreams are made of — a few gorgeous beds that have us ready for a satisfying slumber!

bedding trends for 2022 

 how to place pillows on a queen bed

 must have bedding

High Point Furniture Market Recap and Upcoming Trends
Wednesday Apr 13 2022 by Stacey Beyer

High Point Furniture Market is like a crystal ball of good things on the design horizon! We love making this trip to North Carolina to take in the trends, shop for new pieces, and immerse ourselves in the wonderful world of home décor and design.


Will you be our +1? Join us on this walk-through of Market highlights and favs!

Highpoint Furniture Market 

Market Must #1: Warm Meets Cool

Whether you’re on Team Warm or drool for cool, the upcoming color schemes should make you smile. We saw gorgeous warms like red and rust being paired with calming greens and blues. These winning rugs from Surya are prime examples.

 2022 color trends

new rug designs for spring 2022

Market Must #2: Traditional Timelessness

Sometimes “traditional” is associated with heavy, dark, and large pieces. Not the case with these beautiful pieces.

 classic end table

What We Love About the Traditional Trend

  • Prove classic and classy can still be light
  • Pieces you can have in your home for years to come
  • These looks blend beautifully with numerous design styles and looks

classic kitchen furniture 

the Black Goose Design goes to market 

Market Must #3: Neutral Fabric

One of the best things about working with the vendors we do is the wide world of customization made available to you. You have so many gorgeous choices in upholstery with pieces like these from Wesley Hall, so even if you aren’t sure about a neutral finish, you can come in and shop our huge assortment of swatches to find your perfect finish!

Wesley Hall

sectionals for 2022

 upholstery to try in 2022

Market Must #4: Dedication to Detail

From fancy frames to intricate fabric finishes, the subtle but impeccable details spotted on our favorite pieces prove it pays to invest in quality brands. We’ll leave you with a look at a few more of our must-haves!

Break up the solid routine with a fresh pattern on a favorite accent chair!

detailed fabric trends

The fringe takes this Wesley Hall ottoman to the next level! 

home design in 2022 

We adore the placement of these Wesley Hall chaise pieces and the detail in the upholstery!

unique furniture placement 

Thanks for joining us on this spring 2022 market recap. Stop by The Black Goose Design for more fresh looks for spring! 

Our Go-To Ottoman and Why
Wednesday Mar 23 2022 by Stacey Beyer

The Lee Industries Tailor Made Ottoman is our go-to at The Black Goose Designs for MANY reasons. Take a look at why it holds our hearts.


image: Lindsay Salazar


Where finishes are concerned, this ottoman offers several options. Choose from one of the following:

1. Plain: Offering a smooth, modern, seamless look.


2. Diamond Tuft: For a more traditional take, this geometric option is a girl’s best friend. (And a guy’s, for that matter!)


3. Waffle Tuft: Mmmmm… waffles… No, it’s not the delicious name that makes this pattern our go-to. It’s the fact that it offers a beautiful blend between the two aforementioned tufts (plain and diamond), creating a pleasing transitional design.



This is far from a one-size-fits-all ottoman. In fact, you can customize it to nearly any size you’d like.


You can even make it into an eye-catching bench!


While we’re firm believers that it’s hip to be square, we are also all about the round option!



Whether you opt for leather or another fabric, you’ll swoon at the photo-worthy finish. Choose from any number of fabric or leather options and find the perfect material for your space.

Fabric Finish

Leather Finish


image: Lindsay Salazar


Adding another customizable feature, you can select from various leg styles, including tapered and round, casters and no casters.


Adding to the leg love, you can also choose your wood finish.



Time to choose your finishing touches. You have various welt choices, including a bias welt, a leather welt, and more. (Learn more about welts here.) The following is an example of a fabric ottoman with a leather welt. What a striking combo!

image: Lindsay Salazar

If adding hardware, you’ll find Lee has many nail heads to consider. You also have stitching selections, buttons, mitering, and even bands to consider. We love the fabric band paired with the leather top on this round design! 

Who knew one small furniture piece could pack such a BIG punch? Stop by The Black Goose Design in Midvale, Utah today and see this Lee Designs beauty for yourself! You really oughtta, man. (Sorry. Couldn't help ourselves.) But, seriously, you definitely want to come by and check it out soon! :)

2022 Trend Alert: Back to Our NATURAL Roots
Wednesday Jan 26 2022 by Stacey Beyer

If we could sum 2022 up in one word it would be… NATURAL. Natural elements and nature-inspired finishes are all the rage this year. From earth tones to organic textures, it’s all about simplicity and getting back to our roots. Take a look!

 Designing with Natural Elements

image credit: Four Hands


  1. It’s warm. Weaving in natural elements, such as warm wood tones, helps break up the white on white we saw so much of in years past.
  2. There’s a big trend toward simplification, and embracing elements naturally found around us represents getting back to our roots.
  3. Mother Nature provides looks that are calming, and evergreen. Shades of blue and green create a calming effect, have mass appeal, and look great all year long!

2022 Design Trends

image credit: Four Hands

image credit: Loloi


Here are a few of the MANY ways nature-inspired looks are appearing in interior design:

  • Natural woods
  • Earth tones
  • Greens (real plants and artificial options)
  • Plant-based textures (bamboo, rattan, etc.)
  • Feathers and grasses
  • Stone

Hooker Furniture

image credit: Hooker Furniture 

From rocking the rattan to singing the blues (and greens!), now’s a wonderful time to thank Mother Nature for the organic wonders adding warmth to our homes. Which natural look is your favorite?

image credit: Loloi

Adding a few new natural pieces to your surroundings is a great way to welcome spring (or at least get a jump on that beloved season!). Stop by The Black Goose Design, located in Midvale, Utah, and find an organic option to adore today! 

Four Hands Furniture

image credit: Hooker Furniture 

Heartfelt Holiday Traditions
Wednesday Dec 22 2021 by Stacey Beyer

We always adore designing homes, but we feel an extra appreciation this time of year. After all, creating a space where our clients can gather together and make memories is a gift! In that spirit of togetherness, our team at The Black Goose Design is here to share a few of our favorite holiday traditions with you. Perhaps you’ll find a new idea to enjoy with your loved ones!

 ways to make the holidays meaningful


My favorite Christmas tradition is getting together with my whole family on Christmas Eve for our holiday dinner party. After dinner, we give a homemade gift to the person whose name we drew on Thanksgiving. We’ve been doing this for 10 years now, and it’s amazing how creative we have gotten over the years! I love this not only because it’s a very heartfelt way to give, but also because it gives us a chance to see what we’re capable of doing when we give ourselves the time. —Sam Atkinson

family gift exchange ideas

 give the gift of handmade gifts

Every Christmas Eve, after our family dinner, we would drive around the neighborhoods and parks to look at all the lights. My parents would let us sit on their laps (not something we’d get away with these days LOL) and bring hot cocoa. It was a great way to end the night before Christmas! —Rachel Corbett

 things to do at Christmas with family

My favorite Christmas activity is to decorate trees!  It’s a big family tradition accompanied by hot chocolate and popcorn.  And then I decorate clients‘  trees also, just to spread the fun and joy!  So many trees, so little time! —Del Reanne Lucas-Wilson


I’m a coastal at heart, so I love incorporating that seaside vibe into my holiday decorating. Here, you can see that sneaky little elf of ours decided to take a trip on our sailboat one year. He was always a fun tradition. My adult kids still ask about him every year. —Denise Johnson

 elf on the shelf

Growing up, my dad would spend the majority of every December asking my siblings and I what our most memorable moments of the year were. He would then create homemade ornaments out of clay to represent those moments so we could look back and reflect! After Thanksgiving, we would haul up the ornaments from all the previous years and decorate our tree. As we took each one out, we’d reflect on all the memories they held. Once Christmas Eve came around, we would go out to dinner, go home to play cards, and receive our new ornament for that year! —Madi Johnson

handmade ornaments to represent the year

Christmas traditions... So many come to mind! Making gingerbread houses, Nutcracker performances, and ski trips, to name a few. My favorite, though, just happens to overlap with my birthday. I often hear friends tell me how much they dislike celebrating their birthday in December, but I love it!! After all, it's the most wonderful time of the year! On (or near) my birthday, my family and I will go out to dinner to celebrate. We then bundle up and walk Main Street to see the fun Christmas Window displays. We really enjoy Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake; it has the most beautiful Christmas lights and Christmas music playing. And we always stop at the "Giving Machines" to make a donation.  

This meaningful Christmas/birthday tradition has made lasting memories with my family! —Monica Woodland

the giving machine 

downtown salt lake holiday lights

My family’s Christmas tradition is to get a real tree. We have two little girls who are making the tradition more and more fun every year. We let them pick the tree and then take it home and decorate it together as a family. —Georgia Kendall

 tree farms in utah

holiday traditions

Thanks for joining us on this stroll down Memory Lane. Wherever you find yourself this season, we hope you’re enjoying traditions of your own with the ones you love. Happy holidays!


Your friends at The Black Goose Design

2022 Color Trends and the Benjamin Moore Color of the Year
Wednesday Dec 8 2021 by Stacey Beyer

With a new year comes new colors to crave. Some are subtle variations on timeless favorites, while others are new to the spectrum of must-have hues. Let’s take a look at the shades coloring our world at The Black Goose Design going into 2022, starting with Benjamin Moore’s 2022 Color of the Year…

October Mist (1495)

 2022 Color of the Year

image credit: Benjamin Moore

Here’s what they have to say about this earthy elegance: 

“Our annual celebration of color is the result of a yearlong exploration into design, art, fashion, cultural and environmental influences around the globe. From Benjamin Moore’s library of over 3,500 colors, we carefully curate a Color Trends palette that balances modern-day relevance with long-lasting appeal. At the center is one special hue that defines the palette—and the moment: the Color of the Year.”


Well said and great work, Benjamin Moore! Ready to see the rest of the carefully-curated palette? Let’s do it!


Gloucester Sage

 Benjamin Moore

image credit: Benjamin Moore


Pale Moon

brighten up a home with color 

image credit: Benjamin Moore


 Warm bathroom tones

image credit: Benjamin Moore


Farrow & Ball Curated by Liberty

In other color news (is there any better kind?), two of our favorite brands, Farbricut (Liberty fabric) and Farrow & Ball, have joined forces to bring us paint AND prints in colors that coordinate! The happiness gets even better. We carry Liberty fabrics at The Black Goose Design, so you can come in and select your favorites, knowing there’s a paint to pair it with. Here are a few of the stunning examples of this partnership!

how to design using blue 

 image credit: Farrow & Ball

bedroom color trends 2022

image credit: Farrow & Ball

Farrow and Ball Liberty

image credit: Farrow & Ball

Thanks for chatting color with us today! It’s one of our favorite topics and aspects of design. Have questions about how to add a little more color to your space? Call to schedule a paint consultation. Whether it’s the Color of the Year or simply your go-to fav, we want to see it and help you find your perfect solution! 

Fall 2021 Colors to Love
Wednesday Sep 22 2021 by Stacey Beyer

From pumpkin spice to buckets full of candy, fall makes our mouths water at The Black Goose Design. Of course, it’s the 2021 color trends that really have us saying YUM!

 The Black Goose Design

image credit: Wesley Hall

Hues are going deep with rust red, burnt orange, and rich shades of burgundy, blue, and green.

trend forecasting 2021

fabric by Highland House Furniture

 on-trend color combinations this year

image credit: Highland House Furniture

autumn color trends

fabric by Highland House Furniture

These cozy colors pair perfectly with leather. Good news! We have some fabulous leather pieces on order that should be arriving just in time for the holidays.

best looks for your home this season

image credit: Four Hands

Peter Jacobs chair

image credit: Wesley Hall

leather sofa

image credit: Bradington Young

 leather looks to love in 2021

image credit: Highland House Furniture

Fall is all about layering. Like your favorite sweater, a decorative pillow can add just the right amount of warmth to your home. We have many new styles to choose from that definitely say "fall."

fall 2021 decorative pillow trends

accent pillow designs 2021

Sweater weather is here. Time to cozy up your home with some inviting autumn shades. Stop by The Black Goose Design and grab a few new pieces today. 

living room looks for 2021

image credit: Wesley Hall

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Wesley Hall Furniture
Wednesday Jul 14 2021 by Stacey Beyer

You’re in for a rare treat! We’re taking you on a behind-the-scenes tour of one of our favorite furniture brands — Wesley Hall. Remain seated, please. Permanecer sentados, por favor.


Okay, so it isn’t THAT kind of ride, but you're in for a thrill if you appreciate hand-crafted quality and made-in-America tradition.


Members of our team at The Black Goose Design were lucky enough to visit the Wesley Hall factory in Hickory, NC, recently, and we’re sharing just a few of the MANY highlights.

 Wesley Hall Furniture

Welcome to Wesley Hall!

If you know quality furniture, you know the name. Wesley Hall has been a family-owned business for generations (currently in their fifth generation making high-end upholstered products), crafting top-of-the-line sofas, ottomans, beds, bar/dining options, sectionals and chairs. They’re a locally-owned business that always makes quality the top priority!

 Wesley Hall Bed


This made-in-the-US furniture keeps your wellbeing in the forefront of all it does. From springs made from recycled goods and coated with organic, lead-free materials to toxin-free, fire-retardant materials, you can expect the best! Of course, the way our Wesley Hall pieces sell, we already know you’re a fan. Here’s a client favorite, the Hartwell Chair.

Wesley Hall Chairs 

And here’s what the same chair model looks like in the process of being hand crafted.

how a chair is made

Step by Step 

So much goes into every Wesley Hall piece produced. From the rolls and rolls of fabric to the many patterns to numerous artisans, it really is an impressive process with many moving parts and contributors.

handcrafted quality

pattern gallery

This "Our Story" quick flick describes the process best. In a nut shell…

  • Attended
  • Engineered
  • Finished
  • Hand Tied
  • Cut
  • Sewn
  • Crafted
  • Upholstered
  • Detailed
  • Perfected

“Generations of tradition. Classic made current. We are Wesley Hall.”


Wesley Hall factory tour

Eight-Way What, Now?

Clearly, attention to detail is in every step of the time-intensive process. Of course, a little elbow grease is also involved. Have you ever heard of an eight-way hand tie? Wesley Hall sofas and sectionals are actually suspended so the springs can be tied eight ways, giving you a universal sit, no matter where your fav spot happens to be. This added (and BIG!) step keeps your springs in place so you won’t find yourself with a pit or springs that move around on you. Who knew an eight-way tie finish could be the ideal outcome? (See it in action here.)

8 way hand tie 

Why Wesley?

Okay, so this question is a bit redundant at this point, but these gorgeous chairs should seal the deal. (If nothing else, it will delight our fellow furniture nerds!) See the way the intricate pattern lines up from section to section? That's what hand-engineered, hand-cut, hand-sewn quality gets you. Pretty cool, right? 

hand crafted chairs

made in america

The Tour Continues

We’ve done business with Wesley Hall for decades, but we still felt like kids in a candy store seeing where the magic behind some of our favorite furniture happens. We hope this back-stage look at your beloved pieces leaves you appreciating all that goes into them even more (if that’s possible). Now that you've seen the factory tour, take a virtual showroom tour here to see the latest and greatest from Wesley Hall. When you find your next obsession, give us a call and we'll see that it gets to you. Happy touring! 

The House That SHE Built
Tuesday Apr 27 2021 by Stacey Beyer

What happens when a group of driven, talented, smart women put their minds to something? Magic! The House That SHE Built is our proof!

 Saratoga Springs, Utah

What started out as an empty lot is transforming into a show-stopping home of one lucky family’s dreams in the Oakwood Homes Wander Community in Saratoga Springs, Utah. 

 A woman's touch

It’s a project bringing together talented female professionals to complete every stage of the home-building process, from the moment the first plans were drafted to the day the last landscaping touch is completed.

On this fab female team — our very own Randi Smith and Denise Johnson from The Black Goose Design!

 The Black Goose Design team members

“I have always loved construction and design,” Randi shared. “It’s in the fiber of who I am. I love being able to use my experience and talents to help others design their dream homes.”


“I’ve been in the field of design for over 20 years and have worked on every aspect of building a house,” Denise added. “But being a part of this particular project is extra special. I’m so proud of the work everyone is doing and the hearts behind that work!”


The House That SHE Built truly puts the heart in the art of homebuilding. The proceeds from the sale of this beautiful two-story home will continue to create opportunities for women, with support going to women-run businesses and charities, as well as a scholarship program.

 women at work

“The scholarships will account for 60% of the total prof and will be awarded to women pursuing construction management related degrees and trade school programs.” –UtahPWB.com  



Such skilled trades as excavation, plumbing, and engineering (to name just a few) are often thought of as “a man’s world.” Of course, we know this to be false. Women are key players in every aspect of home building, but they ARE underrepresented. The House That SHE Built hopes to change that by creating more opportunities for females and shining a brighter light on these in-demand careers.


Plus, women bring unique and valuable perspective to home design, simply based on the fact that they can often see a home’s functionality and needs differently than their male counterparts.


“The home design is centered on functionality for a family, from a woman’s unique perspective. The design does an excellent job of providing for the individual needs of the family by incorporating elements such as a children’s play area downstairs and a serene master retreat, while also including opportunities for the family to gather together and create memories.” –UtahPWB.com

 tiled shower

SHE is skilled. SHE is capable. SHE deserves every opportunity to share her gifts with the world as SHE makes it a better place. Nothing against the talented, hardworking fellas out there. We need them! They, of course, bring much to the table, too. This project is just a shining reminder that there’s room and need for all kinds, backgrounds, experiences, and genders in this (and every!) field!



Save the date! The House That SHE Built will be in the 2021 Utah Valley Parade of Homes. It’s your opportunity to see the grand unveiling and the stunning results of Randi and Denise’s labor of love. With the amount of time, effort, thought, determination, strength, and creativity we know went into every single stage of the home’s development, we know you’re in for an inspiring treat! In the meantime, you can learn more about this noteworthy endeavor on the Utah Professional Women in Building website.

home exterior shot 


We’re so honored that The Black Goose Design was invited to be a part of this memorable experience. Our team beams with pride as we observe the work Denise and Randi are doing with the other brilliant minds on this project. And we aren’t the only ones recognizing their dedicated contributions. They were just featured on The House That SHE Built Instagram account (which is totally worth following, BTW!). See Denise’s spotlight here and click here to read what Randi had to say.

 kitchen being built



The House That SHE Built is about more than building a home. It’s about building up women in the field of construction, where they’re currently severely underrepresented. Show your support through a financial contribution or submit a quick note on their website if you wish to be a part of it all

 installing a brick wall in the home

“We are always looking to add to our team and network of contributors for The House That SHE Built!” –UtahPWB.com  

 entryway ideas

Our hardhats are off to all who are involved with The House That SHE Built. We can’t wait to see the end product at the Utah Valley Parade of Home this May 2021. We hope to see you there! 

What's NEW at The Black Goose Design
Wednesday Feb 10 2021 by Stacey Beyer

Sure, Valentine's Day is near, but it's spring design trends that have the hearts in our eyes. BEAUTIFUL new looks are coming to The Black Goose Design. From fresh trends and dreamy textiles to chic new furniture styles and design motifs, now’s a great time to breathe some new life into your space. All of the eye candy you’re about to see will be available at The Black Goose Design in the coming weeks, with some of it already in. Woot! Enjoy this look at styles we're crushing on right now.



Gone are the days of white on white on white. We're happy to see the pendulum swinging in the opposite direction, introducing striking contrast with dark statement pieces like these show stoppers from Gabby:

It's official, we're "leg" people. How can anyone not be with shapely gams like the ones on this chic console? 

Gabby consul 2021

Hmmm... Maybe we're leg AND feet people. After all, this cabinet's cute feet are impossible to resist.

Gabby Home consul


While the previous pieces are arriving in the weeks ahead (something awesome to look forward to!), we just got this attractive coffee table in. Yay! It's a must-see. Stop by our showroom and pay it a visit. You'll be glad you did. 

Gabby coffee table

Our friends at Noir are also embracing this divine design trend. The dark finish on this classic sideboard creates a vibe we certainly aren't mad at. ;)  


Noir Furniture sideboard


Who says texture has to come exclusively from textiiles, flooring, and wall treatments? These pieces from Hooker Furniture give us all the feels. The modern design is taken to the next level by the linen finish. And the warm neutral color means these pieces will complement a number of colors and design preferences. 

Hooker Furniture sideboard


Hooker Furniture


Hooker Furniture bedroom trends 2021



Whether you’re selecting fabric for a new sofa or chair or you simply want the refreshing pop new pillows provide, these are some of the 2021 textile trends to note:


Wesley Hall takes those straight lines for a curve with these unique geometric prints:

the hottest looks in textiles this spring

textile trends to try in 2021 

Wesley Hall fabric trends 2021

Lee Industries is also embracing geometric gold with these new prints: 

Lee Industries starburst

Lee Industries plaid


We're really feeling this spring fling now, thanks to these outdoor-inspired works of art by Wesley Hall. Which upholstery swatch is calling your name?




You’re going to want to sit down for this one. Just look at these NEW beauties by Welsey Hall! They make any excuse to sit impossible to resist. 

Wesley Hall Milbrook chair

Meet the Milbrook (above) and his curvey counterpart, Tulip (below). They'll both be in our showroom very soon. 

Wesley Hall Tulip Chair


Oh my… SO MANY good things to look forward to as the seasons change. Which looks are you loving? Flag your favorites and come see us at The Black Goose Design soon to start your spring refresh.



The Black Goose Design takes you inside the winter Las Vegas Market
Thursday Feb 6 2020 by Stacey Beyer

Utah might be up to its knees in snow at the moment, but spring is very much on our minds at The Black Goose Design. Our buyers recently attended the Las Vegas Market, where the trade show floor was alive with florals, color, clean lines, warm lighting, and more! Here’s a little sneak peek at some of the sweet things coming your way soon! 


While we appreciate clean lines and the minimalist approach to design, we can’t help but swoon when a good floral crosses our paths. You bet we’ll carry these beauties in the coming months. 

spring 2020 trends

floral accent pillow

The world of textiles was a vibrant mix of color and patterns, opening up many creative doors for your home! 

upholstery designs for 2020

TREND TIP: Expect to see more color and bold blooms as the temps rise. 

the black goose design


In design, every yin has its yang. In contrast to the color and blooms, we saw many clean and simple, yet eye-catching and unique accessories.

accessory trends for 2020

home decor looks for 2020

Along with the geometric element, the monochrome contrast of black and white was well represented.

monochrome design


DESIGN TIP: Design is never all-or-nothing. Soft florals and pops of color can blend beautifully with geometric shapes and a primarily monochromatic approach. The trick is placement and ratios. If you’re a fan of both styles but aren’t quite sure how to proceed, let us know. We’ll happily help you find your sweet spot.


Nothing says “inviting” quite like the right lighting.

2020 lighting trends

Plus, a new light fixture is an easy and relatively affordable way to breathe new life into a room. If lighting is on your list, you’re going to love the looks debuting at market.

unique lighting ideas

unique lamp looks

LIGHTING TIP: We recommend the lighting be consistent throughout your home. A go-to bulb choice is soft white at a temperature of 2700-3000k. 

black and white home design


Ready to welcome the fresh feel of spring in your home? Visit our store in the coming weeks and be the first to get the latest and greatest market releases. 

3 Must-Have Chair Frames for 2020
Thursday Dec 12 2019 by Stacey Beyer

You’re going to want to sit down for this one. Literally. This chair share is going to have you longing for a lounge. Go ahead, sit back. Relax. Kick up those tired feet. This is your time to simply enjoy a little eye candy and our list of must-have chairs for 2020!

The Scout by Wesley Hall

The Scout by Wesley Hall

Why We Love It: The outline! It’s sleek and stylish and we just can’t get enough. 

nailhead chair

Features to Fancy: Its height. This is a great chair for a room with taller ceilings. 

matching chairs for sitting area

Customization Qualities: The Scout is an extra fun option, because the customization options are endless. In this version, one fabric is on the body, another is on the seat, and leather has been used for the welt and buttons. What a chic combination! 

how to place chairs in a living room

Placement Pointer: The Scout is perfectly placed when it's in an open space (not up against a wall) where it can be seen from every angle, as it has qualities to show off from all sides. 


The Hartwell by Wesley Hall

The Hartwell by Wesley Hall

Why We Love It: The sit! It’s so good! This is, hands down, one of the most comfortable chairs we carry at The Black Goose Design.

most comfortable leather chair

Features to Fancy: The darling English arm and its nailhead detailing! 

chairs in a bedroom

Customization Qualities: You can choose from a number of different fabrics to find your perfect Hartwell finish. Plus, the casters on the front legs are optional. You can always order without them. 


Purchase Pointer: Its accommodating height. This chair is an ideal option for a family, because it’s comfortable for the tall and the small.


The Foremost by Peter Jacob for Wesley Hall

The Foremost by Peter Jacob for Wesley Hall

image credit: Wesley Hall

Why We Love It: It's tall, dark (when you want it to be), and handsome. What's not to love? Of course, this is one book you can judge by more than just its attractive cover. It's also incredibly comfortable! 

Decorative pillows for high backed chairs

Customization Qualities: From sleek leather to fashionable fabric, there are numerous ways to customize this king.

2020 chair trends

Features to Fancy: Its height makes it the star of any room it graces, and the buttons along the lower back (front side) are cute as a... well, you know where we're going with this. 

fabric high backed chair

Placement Pointer: Place this handsome devil in a bedroom, a living area, or even at the head of your dining table. It plays nice with any spot it calls home. 


’Tis the Seating Season

Who wouldn’t adore a new statement piece of furniture? Whether you’re looking for one standout choice or a chair pair for a sitting area, you’ll find these three fab frames and many more stylish choices at The Black Goose Design. Stop by for a test sit today. 

A Unique Building, A Fascinating History
Thursday Oct 17 2019 by Stacey Beyer

“It’s a wonderful building! I drove by it nearly every day, and each time I’d pass, it would catch my eye. Then, one day, it came up for sale! I said to my husband, ‘We’ve got to buy it!’ He asked what for and I told him we’d think of something…” 

The Black Goose 

And think of something, she did! This is how Nancy Long, The Black Goose Design and Gardner Village founder, describes her introduction to what is now our gorgeous home, furniture showroom and interior design business. 

It’s a building rich with Utah history and loads of unique personality. Join us on this behind-the-scenes tour. We’ll go through areas not typically open to the public and discover the rich history behind our showroom home.  


Let’s kick this trip back in time off with a look at this building’s story:  

  • This gorgeous space was built in the early 1900s.
  • Nancy Long purchased it in 1985.
  • Before The Black Goose Design called it home, this building was the Sharon Steel Smelter mine office building, a rec center, a doctor’s office, and a seamstress shop/drapery workroom.



Step foot inside The Black Goose Design, and you know you’ve arrived at a special place. At your feet, you’ll likely see original hardwood flooring, as well as a peek at its rec center past. 

 Utah history

Along the walls, you can’t help but notice the antique radiators, which are still used to heat the building.

 antique buildings in Midvale

Around nearly every turn, you’ll see signs of the antique architecture: 

  • gorgeous windows overhead

 Vintage design

  • a stylish stairwell running up the building’s center

furniture stores in Salt Lake area 

  • lightswitch plates that stand out from today’s flat crowd

 old light switch plates

  • layers of personality peeking through in a spot where the wallpaper has fallen off the wall

 a buildings history

  • thick brick walls… 

brick walls 

… and the list goes on! It really is a treat to experience. 



Of course, a feature that often catches the most attention are the large walk-in safes on both the main and upper levels.



cool design features

where to shop in utah

Today, they house fabric swatches and clearance items, but they served a much more intense purpose when this building was the Sharon Steel Smelter office building. They held large sums of money for the mining company, including solid gold used in payroll. 

Sharon Steel building 

At that point in history, a train ran directly behind the building and would stop to make high-dollar cash deliveries. This was before the days of armored cars, so armed guards would sit in these very upstairs windows, machine guns in hand, guarding the deliveries against theft. Crazy stuff to imagine today! 

days gone by 

a look at our past 


The Black Goose Design recently got a new front door. As the entryway was being remodeled, those who've worked here came by and signed their name on the wall around the door frame before the new casing went up. It's like our way of adding a piece of history to this already-interesting building's story! 

If you look closely, you might see "Joe Long" written across the top of the door before the gorgeous new frame (pictured below) went in. Others followed suit, adding their names all around the door. Very cool! 

Stories with heart 


Have you ever looked around Midvale and noticed a lack of trees? Well, maybe not a lack of trees, per se, but a lack of TALL trees. There’s a reason for this. 

where have all the trees gone

“Some 20-25 years ago, Midvale did a cleanup, saying the ground was contaminated and needed to be removed,” Angie Gerdes, Nancy Long’s daughter and Gardner Village co-owner, recalls. “Much of Midvale was given the choice to either have their trees removed at no cost or keep their trees, knowing that if they were to die, the expense of the removal would fall to the property owner. Nearly everyone allowed the city to remove the trees, but Mom opted to keep our trees. It paid off. The trees lived. Today, they stand beautifully above The Black Goose Deisgn, adding to the building’s unique beauty.”

beautiful landscaping 

heart of Midvale UT

The exterior is also known for its ivy abundance.

brick and ivy

ivy covered buildings

Between the towering trees and the green coating its brick walls, The Black Goose Design looks a bit like a cottage tucked away in the woods. Well… except for the fact that it sits right on the west end of Midvale, but you get the fairytale vision we like to see.  



The building may look like the stuff of fairytales, but The Black Goose Design's story sure doesn't have a fairytale beginning. Let’s pick up where Nancy Long left off in 1985. She and her husband had just purchased the building. Though, her husband still wasn’t entirely convinced of the decision. 

our roots 

“As we worked on renovating the space, my husband kept asking me what we were going to do with the building. ‘Make it a store,’ I’d tell him. ‘You already have a store,’ he’d reply. But I saw this store serving a different purpose than Country Furniture [now CF Home at Gardner Village]. It would be a higher-end furniture store.”

Nancy went ahead with her dream, attending a furniture market and buying as much as she could with her less-than-impressive credit rating at the time and a net-30 payback arrangement.

“The pressure was on. I had just one month to sell this furniture in order to make the payment, so I called my daughter Stacy in Wyoming and put her to work in the store. We filled the building with what we little we were able to purchase at market. I even brought in some of my own furniture to make it look less bare. To advertise our grand opening, we opted for a mailer, using our Country Furniture mailing list. On grand opening day, we had two furniture reps and our small staff ready to welcome our new customers... only they never came. Turns out the post office had failed to mail our flyers. I was so mad that I couldn't even get mad at that point. I just knew we HAD TO move this furniture, so I made a quick flyer and had the employees at Country Furniture put it in all the bags. I told them they had to get the word out. And that’s just what they did. We did $50,000 in business that first month and have been a success ever since.”

The Black Goose design

Talk about a stressful foot to start on. We admire Nancy Long and her vision. She knew she was on to something as soon as she saw the sale sign in front of this remarkable space, and she followed that gut instinct through, even though the deck seemed stacked against her. How happy we are she did, too. This space with all its character and its layers of history is the ideal backdrop for The Black Goose Design. Stop by anytime to take a look around for yourself. We'd love to meet you. Every customer who visits and client we serve adds to the rich tapestry that makes us who we are today!

 hours of operation

Congratulations on 25 Years Denise Johnson
Wednesday Oct 9 2019 by Stacey Beyer

25 years! Talk about a milestone! It’s how long Denise Johnson has been with the Gardner Mill Company stores. It’s also what makes Denise the employee who has been with our company the longest. That can only mean one thing—time for a party! 

Denise Johnson

Friends from The Black Goose Design and Gardner Village gathered together to celebrate Denise. 

outdoor brunch gathering

Angie Gerdes

Denise with Gardner Village co-owner, Angie Gerdes.

Little tributes to Denise were woven throughout, including plenty of cheese (her fav food!) and a blue/coastal decor vibe, because this girl LOVES the water. 

Naborhood Bakery

table centerpiece ideas

Denise’s Gardner Mill story began when she was just 16 when she was hired by Gardner Village founder, Nancy Long. 

“At that time, there was no Village,” Denise recalls. “It was just one store, Country Furniture. And the idea of working there sure beat delivering pizzas, so I left my Pizza Hut job and started this incredible journey!”


Country Furniture wasn’t Denise’s only place of employment before joining us at The Black Goose Design. In fact, she’s worked at a total of 15 different stores in Gardner Mill Company stores over the years. In 2011, she started her full-time design position with us here at The Black Goose Design. 

The Black Goose Design

“I was on the store-front side of things for many years, where I did the merchandising and displays and customer service and management and buying, but my vision has always been more big picture. I’m grateful for all of the experiences I’ve had that have helped get me where I am now.  I know each thing I've done and learned have helped prepare me for what I do now. I have a broader perspective and it all relates to how well I’m able to do my job.”



And what a fine job Denise does! Here are just a few of her recent projects:

guest room looks to love

how to style a home

2019 living room ideas

bedroom decorating ideas

black and white kitchen trends

2019 dining room ideas


Working with the same company for a quarter century is no small thing. No wonder Denise feels extremely close to her coworkers. 

interior designers in utah

“All of the relationships I’ve cultivated over the years… These are my people! When you spend this much time with others, they become your family.” 



25 years with this fine woman? No wonder a celebration was in order. We have much to be grateful for. Not only is Denise amazing at what she does, she’s also a wonderful human being. Having her in our family is a gift. Congratulations on your milestone, Denise! Thanks so much for all you've done over the years!

The Black Goose Design team of designers

Want to work with Denise on your next project? Call the store to schedule an appointment. 801.562.1933

Refresh your Home with Amazing Artwork
Thursday Jul 25 2019

Today we will be giving you some gorgeous designer inspiration on how to dress up and refresh your walls with amazing artwork! Artwork has the tremendous ability to transform a space and infuse it with a pop-of-personality! Those beautiful pictures we hang on our walls add stylish finesse within our homes and are a crucial detail to completing a well-designed room.  

mantel artwork

Be innovative when displaying your beloved art work. Art does not always necessarily have to be hung on a wall. Layering gorgeous art atop a mantel, a shelf or a piece of furniture always contributes unexpected interest. Displaying artwork in a unique way is always visually stunning and adds a "surprise" element in a room.

vintage artwork

The walls of your home tell a story about the people who live in it, so make it as personal as you can. We adore the idea of mixing and matching your favorite pieces of art in a collage-style display. This type of display feels effortless and eclectic, and it also allows flexibility to add even more pieces to your personal art collection in time. Grouping art together is visually expressive and powerful. 

gallery wall

Eye-catching wall prints, above this amazing console piece, create a stunning focal point. We love the bits of blue and grey tones throughout this room. Utilizing these subdued colors in the entire room, especially within the artwork, give such a tranquil feeling.

large floral artwork

Artwork can capture the essence of your personal design style. A large amount of wall space within the home is dedicated to displaying visual images that you adore, so make the best use of that prime real estate. Graphic prints and  pen and ink drawings always peek a visual interest with chic style. Muted coloring with simple shapes also can add great interest not only in the subject matter but in the amazing quality of the art piece itself!

simple floral art

Clustering unique sketches and paintings together can visually make a large impact within a space. We feel selecting artwork for your home is a very personal process. Choosing art pieces that you truly adore on your walls is important so display something you love! These sketched and watercolor art pieces are so elegant grouped together. Layering artwork also gives great depth and dimension. Every unique personal piece of art gives this room a refined and collected feel. 

artwork grouping

sketch art groupings

As designers, we often are asked how to fill large wall spaces within the home. Well, there is no better way to make a dramatic design statement than with a substantial art piece. Showcasing one visually impactful piece on a large wall or area in your home will add designer flair with sophisticated simplicity. 

large canvas artwork

Large art pieces contribute generous proportion bringing scale and balance to spacious rooms. Expansive spaces call for a heavier visual weight when it comes to artwork so select art pieces that are adequate sizes. Creating balance is key for making a room feel complete and grounded. 

large artwork

Grouping these simplistic art pieces together can make a large impact in a room. These elegant prints flow perfectly in this space and complement the beautiful bedding. Muted coloring will give a stylish and sleek presence when combining multiple art pieces together.

artwork grouping

Art is more than just hanging a picture on a wall. It is a way of expressing your design style and surrounding yourself in an atmosphere that you love to be in. Our designer showroom located in Midvale, Utah is filled with gorgeous unique artwork that is sure to suit any style. Our interior designers are always delighted to suggest art pieces that will complement your space perfectly. 

Introducing our New Luxurious Outdoor Furniture Line: Summer Classics
Thursday Jun 13 2019

Hip, hip, hooray, summertime is finally here! With warmer days ahead, we find ourselves spending a little more time outside, making this the ideal time to refresh your outdoor living space. The Black Goose Design is ecstatic to introduce our brand new outdoor furniture line, Summer Classics. As designers, we love creating gorgeous outdoor spaces just as much as interior spaces! Summer Classics has the very finest in high-end outdoor furniture that will perform and stand up to the test of mother nature! Every furniture piece in this new line has charming designer details and breaks the mold of the typical "outdoor furniture" look.  

teak modern outdoor chari

Cozy custom chairs, sectionals, dining sets, chaise lounges and table accents were all designed to be visually pleasing, functional and comfortable. These stylish pieces are constructed with durable materials and excellent craftsmanship that will give you the longevity you are looking for when investing in your outdoor furniture.

iron and teak outdoor chair

teak chaise lounge

As designers, we always encourage utilizing the entire space of your home, both inside and out! Outdoor spaces often get overlooked, however, they should be viewed as an important extension of your home and property. Who could say no to relaxing in your very own private retreat? Creating a serene space that surrounds you in nature's beauty is a wonderful bonus, especially when you get to relax in the most comfortable outdoor furniture. 

custom outdoor furniture

Summer Classic's entire line of outdoor furniture is timeless and designer chic. The very best in materials is used on each product to ensure quality and durability. Powder coated framing, UV resistant fabrics, and high-quality teak wood are just a few features that makes this furniture line the pinnacle of technology with beautiful craftsmanship. 

aluminum outdoor chairs

Guests will most certainly feel right at home and want to linger a little longer in your new outdoor escape. Custom upholstery pieces can be created to your personal design style. Hundreds of fade resistant fabrics with design-savvy style can be customized on cozy cushions and throw pillows to make a vignette that is as unique as you.

teak outdoor chair

aluminum outdoor upholstery

All of the plush, deep cushioning will surround you in total comfort. Distinct designer details like this striking brass hardware on the back of these heavenly chairs are stunning! Relish the outdoors in complete luxury with furniture from Summer Classics this summer. A welcoming outdoor space can be as simple as putting a few chairs together to create a great conversation area.

teak and brass outdoor furniture

outdoor dining set

wicker outdoor furniture

Gather your dearest family and friends and create a memorable outdoor evening filled with designer details, delicious food and a beautiful space. 

summer classics outdoor furniture 

modern outdoor furniture

Our expert designers are eager to create an outdoor oasis tailored to your personal design needs. We are happy to design the ultimate outdoor entertaining space that you will adore for years to come! So grab a glass of refreshing lemonade and allow us to help you enjoy your new space in the great outdoors! Cheers to summertime! 

Introducing New Designer Trends from Lee Industries
Thursday May 30 2019

You are in for a interior design treat today! Lee Industries, a high-quality upholstery company that we absolutely adore and carry, has given us an exclusive look at their brand new fabric and furniture design trends for this year! You will be the first to see this incredible line of amazing fabrics and latest in upholstery trends here on our blog.

The Black Goose Design carries the finest in furniture, especially when it comes to upholstery. Lee Industries produces extremely high-quality pieces made with precision craftsmanship. Every upholstered piece is proudly constructed in the USA, specifically in North Carolina! Each piece of furniture is crafted by skilled associates all by hand, ensuring a high standard of quality. Did you know 98% of Lee's components that go into their products are supplied domestically? Being eco-friendly is extremely important to Lee.  By sourcing materials from local suppliers, this results in reduced transportation costs, which is all around better for the environment. Lee Industries had a fantastic spring furniture market, and we are thrilled to be showing these fresh new textiles.

Lee Industries spring market fabrics

Lee Industries hand made uphosltery

We feel honored to have had a visit from the very talented Jan Whitson. She is the lead fabric designer and buyer for Lee Industries. Jan has been in the design industry for over 25 years. With a degree in textiles, her knowledge and expertise about creating new textile designs is astonishing. 

spring market 2019 fabrics

 upholstery fabrics

Jan created original fabric designs specially for Lee Industries, and they are nothing short of stunning! Her vision for a few fabrics came from organic, nature-inspired elements. She focused on fluidity and movement within the textiles, and her final products are proudly welcomed into Lee's new spring line. Her inspirations started from agate rock, ash trees, an african mud cloth and tantalizing textures. The fabrication of these fabulous fabrics all came together wonderfully!

lee industries design board

This gorgeous print was actually inspired from a lily pad. Bold larger-scaled prints always look stellar on upholstered accent chairs. Utilizing a large-sized print such as this one delivers a punch of personality and visual interest.

lily pad fabric

This extraordinary textile mimics the look of aspen trees and is an unbelievable work of art!

aspen tree fabric

This faux paux (meaning "fake bark") pattern resembles the natural beauty of a tree trunk. Organic elements influenced a large part of this year's market at Lee. Every print turned out phenomenal.

The movement in this fabric is breathtaking. Dramatic patterns are a must for a well-designed room, and this particular fabric truly brought a "wow" factor to the 2019 spring line!

agate fabric

An eye-grabbing geometric with a subtle texture was inspired from an African mud cloth design. We adore the primitive simplicity of this remarkable fabric.

Delicate watercolor floral prints are always a designer favorite! These prints are soft, feminine and are a great take on a modern, chic floral look.

Lee has incredible fabrics that are also super durable. These types of fabrics are a perfect match for busy homes that take a lot of wear and tear! Crypton fabrics are serious performance fabrics that will not only look beautiful but will give you longevity for your upholstery. These fabrics have an impressive soft hand or "feel" and are extremely comfortable. We featured an entire blog post specifically on crypton fabric, and be sure to revisit that post here to learn more!

lee industries spring market 2019 fabrics

lee industries custom chairs

Lee has also created mind-boggling indoor and outdoor endurance fabrics that can resist any spill. The unique moisture barrier allows spills to bead up on top of the fabric which helps to avoid seepage into your upholstery. A simple blot and wipe will have your sofa or chair looking brand new in no time! Lee has state-of-the-art textiles that can withstand the true test of "life!" Combining multiple fibers such as linen, wool and soft cotton produce exceptional fabrics that encompass both beauty and durability.

crypton fabric

The Black Goose Design is ecstatic to have had a wonderful business partnership with Lee Industries for many years. The high-quality and craftsmanship that goes into every custom upholstered piece is amazing! As designers, it is our goal to always educate and share the very best in furniture that the design industry has to offer to our clients. Partner with one of our talented designers to customize any high-quality upholstered piece from Lee Industries today. With hundreds of extraordinary, beautiful fabrics to select from, our expert interior designers are happy to help guide you in creating an ideal living space that suits your personal style.


Introducing New Designer Trends from Wesley Hall
Thursday May 9 2019

Get ready for an exclusive inside peek at the latest in gorgeous designer fabrics and a showroom tour from upholstery company Wesley Hall! Wesley Hall is a high-quality upholstery line that is proudly manufactured in the USA with supreme craftsmanship. The Black Goose Design proudly carries Wesley Hall and is delighted to work with them to bring you the very latest in interior design textiles and upholstery. This spring market was a sensational success with stunning new fabrics and chic upholstery styles galore! 

tufted back sofa

Zack Taylor, the president of Wesley Hall, has given us an exclusive showing of stunning new fabrics that have been introduced for this year. Mr. Taylor is an expert on furniture and fabric construction creating the perfect combination of experience to grow with the Wesley Hall brand. Previous to being at Wesley Hall he worked for Valdese Weavers, a fabric product manufacture. Valdese Weavers makes a very large portion of Wesley Hall's fabrics. Quality textiles are a tremendous part of upholstery, and the distinct blending of colors, patterns and textures found in fabric makes each upholstered piece unique. As designers, it is our goal to educate our clients about the textiles they are investing in for their furniture. Exceptional fabrics of the highest quality are made exclusively for Wesley Hall. Each custom upholstered piece is made to detailed specifications, making Wesley Hall a supreme upholstery company that delivers excellence in design.

blue settee

Wesley Hall is a family owned company that is currently employing their fifth generation in the business! All of their fabulous furniture pieces are made right here in the USA, specifically in North Carolina, the furniture capital of the world. These splendid photos are from their latest spring design market which displayed remarkable fabrics and new upholstered pieces that were added to their line. We absolutely adore this quilted leather chair! Leather is always a winner for incorporating rich texture within a room, Wesley Hall provides the very finest in leathers and hair-on-hides.

quilted leather

Wesley Hall is extremely detail-oriented from start to finish, they make sure that every upholstered piece is completed with perfection. They hand cut all of their quality fabrics with absolute precision, this guarantees the fabric pattern will match-up with exactness and produces very little waste of the fabric. This high-quality upholstery company also uses the "8-way" hand-tied system, meaning each spring inside the frame is tied together eight times which establishes even wear. They use this system for all of their seating including stools and chairs.

8-way hand tied

Every textile and fabric is a true work of art within Wesley Hall's gorgeous line! This stunning scene has light airy fabrics paired with a deep jewel-toned tufted leather sofa, a designer match made in heaven! Patterned fabrics are eye-catching and can showcase personality, Wesley Hall has hundreds of impeccable patterns to choose from to adorn your personal space.  

tufted leather upholstry

Wesley Hall puts an enormous amount of time in making sure each custom upholstered piece is completed to a high standard. Their large selection of frame styles will always remain classic pieces with enduring style. Wesley Hall's tagline is, "Classic made Current", taking classic design and approaching it with fresh styling.  

barrel back accent chairs

Rich color, pattern and texture are ample within Wesley Hall's gorgeous fabric selection. Their brilliant combination of styling and high-quality craftsmanship makes Wesley Hall furniture the very best in the design industry! The Black Goose Design was ecstatic to have a visit with Peter Jacobs, an expert designer and stylist who is the genius behind some of these wonderful collections specially made for Wesley Hall. 

custom sectional

Peter Jacobs and Zack Taylor Wesley Hall

Peter Jacobs designer

Wesley Hall has just celebrated a tremendously successful 30 years within the furniture business! The Black Goose Design is proud to say we have shared a strong business relationship with them for many years. We firmly believe in partnering with the best in the design industry and creating long-term business relationships that are cherished. 

high back accent chairs 

Our design team is always delighted to indulge our clients with the finest textiles and assist in creating a custom upholstered piece that is ideal for their design style. We have full access to the most sought-after designer fabrics within the industry allowing for us to create gorgeous one-of-a-kind handmade furniture. The Black Goose Design has a stunning showroom located in Midvale, Utah filled with phenomenal, comfortable upholstery that will knock your socks off! 


Our Top Accessory Picks to Complete a Designer Look in Your Home
Thursday Feb 21 2019

Spring is just around the corner and we are oh so delighted! This spry season is a favorite at The Black Goose Design. Season changes are all about rejuvenation and refreshing your home in many ways! Today we are giving you and exclusive sneak peek at our top home accessory picks to brighten up your space. Our stunning showroom located in Midvale, Utah and is always stocked with the latest in "must have" designer accessories that are ready to grace your home!

1.Gorgeous Greenery 

When it comes to home accesories, one of our favorite items to incorporate within a space is varied types of greenery and lucious stems. These gorgeous natural looking stems are used to create height, fullness and texture. We adore this method of filling the home with essential texture, simple greenery can make a big design impact and bring instant energy to the home! 

home floral accents

Be sure to mix up your stems and greenery with some added color and assorted shapes, this adds interest and diversity to a room.

floral stems

Incorporating organic texture is always highly recommended by our designers to bring life and vitality into a space!

home greenery accents


2. Amazing Artwork Groupings

Switching up artwork around your home gives a refreshing change of atmosphere and feel to your surroundings. The Black Goose Design has the most spectacular and stunning artwork ready to grace your home and suit your personal design style.

If you have a large wall space to fill, a helpful designer solution is to tightly group assorted art pieces. Grouping smaller prints together will help to fill large wall spaces that can often be a challenge. Varied artwork can create a visually effective and professional designer look in your room. Soft, subtle artwork adds just the right amount of color and pop of pattern for a striking focal point. 

 artwork grouping

Be sure to include a common theme throughout your grouping. Matting, framing, coloring and subject matter should all flow creating a harmonious look.

wall artwork grouping

We also love the idea of allowing personal creativity to shine when using wall accessories other than artwork in your space. Clustering these darling wire baskets are a great way to help with organization in your space while presenting design-savvy style. Pair with adorable artwork or place greenery inside the basket to bring life to your wall. These baskets are light, airy and can be easily placed anywhere in your home to add an extra design detail.

home decor wall accessories


3. Marvelous Mirrors

It is key to incorporate dramatic design details by layering unique and unexpected accessories into your home. A gorgeous round mirror is the perfect way to soften any space and add delicate curves giving visual interest.

round mirror

bathroom accent mirrors

Using mirrors in a space gives a splash of designer glam and sparkle. As an added bonus, mirrors have the ability to reflect natural light which allows your space to feel a bit brighter and gives the illusion of making any space look larger!

beaded round mirror

Round mirrors also are aesthetically balancing to the many strong rectangular lines that define our spaces. We strongly recommend intergrating a ravishing round mirror within your home!

wall home decor


4. Lovely Ladders

Layering a ladder into your home is a classic accent and chic accessory. Ladders add a wonderful architectural element to any space and are also great storage for those extra, cozy blankets.

ladder storage

This rack-style ladder with clean lines makes for a lasting elegant display piece for towels. This eye catching accesory effortlessly leans against your wall or can be hung for additional height in a bathroom.

wall mount ladder


5. Fabulous Florals

Fill your home with vibrant energetic touches of color that are echoed in these amazing floral and succulent arrangements. Capture elegance within your home with just a few crisp floral details. These wonderful bright colors will change the entire feel of your space making every corner of your home seem radiant. 

faux peonies

Beautiful blooms can be gracefully placed within a unique decorative container for visual intrigue or additional pattern in your room. 

floral accents  

home decor floral grouping

bedroom home accessories

spring florals

Another little accessory we are obsessing over as of lately is succulents! These charming little green plants showcase such personality and charm. A delightful array of succulents are a simple way to contribute an artistic, transitional accent to your home.

faux succulants

succulant pot

The Black Goose Design has so many ideal accessory pieces for making your home feel renewed. Iincorporate any of these enduring, stylish pieces to complement your home! Classic and timeless accent accessories will always have everlasting style. Our talented designers are thrilled to share spectacular designer trends and accent pieces to complete your home with high designer style. 

Happy Thanksgiving from The Black Goose Design
Thursday Nov 22 2018

The Black Goose Design would like to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! Our hearts are full of gratitude for each and everyone of youour wonderful clients and friends! Interior design is a tremendous passion for us and we thank you for allowing us to be a part of your continued interior design inspiration.

 custom upholstery

interior design great room

Assisting all of our many clients everyday and helping you achieve your design dreams fills our souls with such delight. We are sincerely grateful for all of you, you are our family!

 large dining room table

It is an honor to work with the most amazing clients. We adore building relationships and creating lasting friendships that are deeply treasured. Connecting with you through interior design is beyond fulfilling and brings us great joy.

 interior design custom furniture

high back custom upholstered chair

Creating beautiful functional design and bringing a design plan to life within the walls of your home is a great privilege. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your interior design appreciation.

custom white kitchen


On behalf of all the interior designers here at The Black Goose Design, we thank you for your loyalty and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving and holiday season!

An Interior Designer Spotlight: Denise Johnson
Thursday Sep 27 2018

Hip, Hip Hooray! The Black Goose Design is overjoyed to spotlight and celebrate one of our beloved interior designers, Denise Johnson. Denise is celebrating 24 amazing years with Gardner Mill Company!  The Black Goose Design is owned by Gardner Mill Company and is a sister company of CF Home at Gardner Village, a charming property with retail and furniture shops. This is where Denise's design journey began.

Denise possesses a copious amount of wonderful talent, and we feel extremely grateful to have Denise be a part of our talented design team. 

Interior Designer Denise Johnson

Denise started working for Gardner Mill Company when she was in high school writing furniture and accessory tags. With her exquisite penmanship on many store tags and a love for making furniture and accessory displays look oh-so-pretty, Denise found her passion! Denise then worked the retail sales floor where she met many new clients and created long lasting business relationships with them.

Denise took some brief time away to raise her children and was then back at The Black Goose Design as the buyer for our store. She moved to Gardner Village assisting in the set-up of new retail stores and became the main buyer of furniture and accessories carried at CF Home.

With many years of experience in the design field, her expertise ultimately led her to The Black Goose Design where she is fulfilling her calling of designing beautiful spaces for her clients. We are thrilled to share with you today some of Denise's incredible work.

Utah interior design

living room interior design

dining table

custom barstools

modern farmhouse design

Denise cares with all her heart and soul for each one of her clients and counts them among her friends. Giving her clients a superior design experience start to finish is extremely important to her. Denise really listens to her clients' needs and desires when it comes to achieving their design goals. Creating a master plan and seeing every element of design come together right down to the last detail and exceeding her clients' expectations are truly rewarding to her.

bench settee

dining chandelier

custom draperies

white kitchen interior design

master bedroom bedding

Even when the design project is complete, Denise recieves countless messages from her clients telling her how much they adore their homes and how she executed their personal design style with perfection!

bright color living room

interior design entryway

great room interior design

blue painted bed

industrial barstools

Denise is such a well-rounded designer. Her expertise and knowlege allow her to collaborate all the elements of design resulting in beautiful, functional spaces for her clients.

transitional sideboard

custom living room furniture

herringbone chair


Utah interior design

glass display cabinet

custom sectional seating

custom leather seating

We are fortunate to have Denise as part of our talented design team! We love and adore her so very much, we are thankful for Denise and sharing her many talents with us. Every project she takes on results in stunning and exeptional design. It is always a treat to witness her creating such breathtaking spaces. Thank you Denise for all of the great years and cheers to many more!

Sweet Summer Savings at The Black Goose Design
Thursday Aug 2 2018

Today we are sharing an exclusive offer with our loyal readers! Any opportunity The Black Goose Design gets to share sweet savings with you is always a delight! Refresh your home with charming home accents and furniture pieces that will be sure to bring you pure design bliss this summer. 

The Black Goose Design coupon 

Our designer showroom located in Midvale, Utah is filled with the latest styles of cozy upholstery, ravishing rugs and unique home decor items for your home.

 home design accessories

accessory grouping

Allow our expert designers to create a one-of-a-kind upholstery pieces that are beautifully detailed to fit your personal style. These stunning pieces will be sure to grace your home with design-savvy style for years to come.

custom sectional

vintage artwork

Amazing artwork and distinct home accent pieces are abundant throughout out showroom floor! Laying beautiful accessories within your home is a simple way to rejuvinate and revitalize your space.  

home design furniture

Mention this coupon to save $50 off your purchase of $150 or more at The Black Goose Design! With our exclusive selection of home decor and furniture accents you will be sure to find something that will suit your dashing designer style.

The Black Goose Design coupon 

We have a passion for capturing personal design style for each on of our clients. Whatever your design goals may be, from master design planning to accessory installation we are happy to offer professional design services and help you exceed your design goals. The Black Goose Design carries the very best in high-quality furniture and amazing accessories for your home. We welcome you to take advantage of this exclusive coupon now through August 4th! 


Classic Designer Pieces to Complement your Home
Saturday Mar 31 2018

When we hear the words, great design, we think of a classic look and timeless style. As designers, we are delighted to share ageless furniture pieces and accents that will complement any home. These pieces are tried-and-true and will instantly bring warmth, texture and serious design-savvy style to your home.

Rich, supple leather is always an enduring element of design and always adds terrific texture to a space. Pair beautiful leather with sleek and detailed nailhead trim showing off those sophisticated lines and you have a match made in designer heaven! 

leather recliner

This recliner sets the mood for serene relaxation with its comfy high back and deep ultra-soft cushioning. 

family great room

One of our favorite accents is this darling fig tree.This lucious, leafy green plant contributes high-style design when it comes to incorporating an organic feel into your home. The Fiddle Leaf Fig has such a sense of whimsy and individuality about it and is a striking plant that can be used to create height, fullness and texture. We absolutely adore this perfect plant not only for its stunning simplicity, but its greenery can make a big design impact in any space. 

fig leaf tree

Incorporating organic texture into any space is always highly recommended by our designers, and adding greenery instantly brings life and vitality into a space!

fiddle leaf fig tree

Incorporate dramatic design details by layering unique and unexpected accessories into your home. A gorgeous round mirror is the perfect way to soften any space and add delicate curves by giving visual interest. 


Using mirrors in a space gives a splash of designer glam and sparkle. As an added bonus, they also give the illusion of making any space look larger!

large round mirror

These gorgeous chairs are one of our favorite upholstered pieces! The back on these chairs has such great height and overall stunning scale to them. With a sleek transitional look and subtle tufting, they make for effortless styling.  

plaid chairs

This chair is a fun piece to showcase your design style in your home. Adding a contrasting fabric to the seat or a unique throw pillow, really makes this beauty pop with personality!

custom upholstered chair

Layer a ladder into your space. This is such a classic and chic accessory. Ladders add a wonderful architectural element to any space and are also great storage for those extra, cozy blankets.

accent ladder


This leaning rack-style ladder with clean lines makes for a lasting elegant display piece.  

blanket storage option



Refresh your space this spring and incorporate any of these enduring stylish pieces into your home! Classic and timeless accent pieces will always have everlasting style. Our talented designers at The Black Goose Design are always thrilled to share spectacular furniture and accent pieces to complement your home with high designer style. 



The Must-Have Designer Accessory: An Oversized Cutting Board
Thursday Mar 15 2018

It is always an added bonus when you have an amazing accessory item double as a useful item in your home!

Let us introduce you to one of our favorite "must have" accessory pieces for your home and kitchen! The oversized cutting board. 


Using texture, like rich woodgrain in a space is such a key element to creating great design within your home. Incorporating warm wood tones within your space will also give vital visual interest.

round cutting board


These boards are stunning displayed individually, allowing you to really showcase it's grogeous grain pattern. But, if you are looking to make a design statement, layer a few beautiful boards together and you have a picturesque grouping for your kitchen! 

accent cutting board


These oversized boards are not only unique but so handy to have in your kitchen. Serve friends and family with delicious goodies in style with one of these beauties.

Be sure to visit The Black Goose Design's stunning showroom in Midvale, Utah to pick-up a few elegant "must-have" cutting boards. 


Showing Our Love for Lee Industries
Thursday Feb 15 2018

It is that time of year where love is in the air and our hearts are bursting with adoration for Lee Industries! The Black Goose Design is always delighted to bring to you the "Lee Loves Local Sale"!

Lee Industries

Lee Industries is an ultra-comfortable upholstery company that manufactures supreme, one-of-a-kind products. We are always delighted to have luxurious Lee Industry products grace our showroom floor! During this wonderful sale, Lee is offering additional savings of 30% off list price on any new upholstery order for our local clients!

wood accent chair
This is the perfect opportunity to refresh your space and bring home that perfect sofa, stunning sectional, or cozy chair.
pink throw pillows
Partner with one of our talented designers to customize any high-quality upholstered piece from Lee Industries. With hundreds of extraordinary, beautiful fabrics to select from, our expert designers are sure to help guide you in creating an ideal living space.
designer showroom
Lee Industries and The Black Goose Design have been partners in the design industry for over 30 years. We are thrilled to bring these special savings to our amazing clients.
Lee Industries upholstery
So set your heart-a-flutter, by experiencing the love for Lee Industries and their unique upholstery pieces. Enjoy splendid savings during our Lee Loves Local Sales Event! 
*disclaimer photo ad from Lee Industries

The Future of Fabric: An Exclusive look at Crypton
Thursday Feb 1 2018

Today we are excited to spotlight the "future of fabric" this distinct material is hands down one of our top designer picks for upholstery fabric! When it comes to purchasing furniture, especially upholstery, we all want to select a high-quality upholstered piece and combine it with a design-savvy durable material that will hold up. Allow us to introduce you to the ulitmate fabric in the design industry, crypton fabric! 

Crypton fabric will give you the longevity you desire and perform beautifully for years to come.

Lee Industries crypton fabric

Essentially, crypton fabric is made by transforming the fibers of the material through a specific immersion process. This specially-engineered fabric system can withstand major everyday wear and tear with ease!


Crypton is an amazing fabric that has a extraordinary moisture barrier making it resistant to stains, spills, mildew and odor yet remains breathable.


The durability of this material is phenomenal, making this the perfect fabric for those "well-loved" upholstered furniture pieces in your home.

custom crypton fabric


Crypton fabric captures all the designer beauty you desire and delivers excellent performance! You do not have to sacrifice designer style for durability. There is a large selection of gorgeous crypton fabrics to suit any style. From bold color and pattern to soft and subdued texture, there are many ideal options when it comes to crypton upholstery.

Let's face it, life and spills are going to happen but crypton fabric allows you to breathe a little easier when it does. The moisture barrier does not allow liquid to penetrate the fabric. Instead, it beads up on top, and all you have to do is blot it dry! Phew!

Allow us to demonstrate how effective this amazing fabric is, watch as it easily repels liquid!



Crypton fabric is a game changer when it comes to partnering design-worthy upholstery textiles with functionality! The design industry is thrilled to showcase the durability of this unique textile, and we are ecstatic to be able to bring the future of fabric to you!

The Black Goose Design carries a wonderful variety of gorgeous crypton fabrics within our upholstery lines. Our talented designers are always happy to create and customize a beautiful design plan exclusively for your home!

Refresh your Home with Custom Cozy Chairs
Thursday Jan 18 2018

With some chilly afternoons ahead, there is nothing better than putting your feet up and cuddling in a cozy chair! We absolutely adore accent chairs and the playful personality they can bring into any room.

Comfy accent chairs are the perfect solution if you are looking to refresh your space and want to add a splash of color, pattern or amazing texture to your home!  

modern upholstered chair

There are many choices of chair frame styles, and it can feel a bit overwhelming, but don't worry! Our designers are happy to help you select an ideal chair that fits your personal design taste, comfort level and lifestyle. 

custom accent chairs

As designers we suggest playing-up the personality in your accent pieces! Select a detailed nailhead trim to highlight the beautiful frame style and add a bit of glam to your chair.

Wesley Hall plaid chair

high back upholstered chair

Exposed wood chairs always contribute a touch of warmth and really showcase the chair curves and style.

sectional seating

Go bold with a large-scaled pattern or a creative combination of contrasting fabrics. This is a great way to bring in complementary colors and fun texture into your room.

custom upholstered chair

We are smitten with this accent leather banding along the bottom of these beauties! Incorporate a touch of rich, supple leather to a chair. This will contribute vital texture to a room.

leather accent ottoman


buffalo check chair

Our welcoming showroom is filled with gorgeous chairs and unique chair frame styles. With a large variety of high-quality upholstery fabrics to choose from, our talented designers will assist you in creating the perfect custom chair for your home.

custom sofa

turned wood chair

The Black Goose Design has many timeless chair styles to complement your home. Allow our talented designers to assist you in creating the ultimate place of comfort and beauty within the walls of your home. Show your room a little "design love" and perk up your space with a comfy accent chair!


Ravishing Rugs: Artwork for your Floor
Thursday Jan 11 2018

Today The Black Goose Design is sharing a juicy interior design secret when it comes to the one item that will instantly bring and entire room together. Have you ever felt as if your room was not complete or lacking that "put-together" feeling? Not to worry, you are not alone and the solution is a simple one, an area rug!

custom size area rug

This single design element is often overlooked but will pack a powerful punch in any room. This key piece will elevate your design style, instantly complete your look and bring vitality and life to your space!

Placing a rug in a room also prevents the feeling as if your furniture is "floating". An area rug acts as a "grounding" feature, rugs are a vibrant visual focal point and aids in really defining your space.

vintage wash area rug

Think of an area rug as stunning artwork for your floor. It can add playful pattern, a burst of color and neccessary texture, enriching your room. 

patterned area rug

 Well-designed rooms always have a definite conversation or seating area. An area rug will naturally tie all of your furniture pieces together creating a cohesive feel.  

traditional area rug

Rugs add such a soft warmth and cozy welcoming feeling to any space. The pretty details in an area rug can make all the difference for a beautifully-designed, perfectly put together room.

area rugs in great room

An area rug is the foundation to your living area so remember to select the correct scale suitable for your room. Choosing the right size of rug is critical to a well-balanced space. 

Niels Grey Woven Wool/Viscose Rug

Keep in mind that area rugs provide an essential artistic value to a rooms design. Think of an area rug as a vital layer to complement your furniture, accessories and overall interior design.

Rugs can also speak as art, and not all art belongs on a wall! This specific artwork for your floor adds warmth, depth and definition to home design.

modern interior design

The Black Goose Design carries a large selection of rugs from companies that offer a variety of size, pattern and durablity options. We have extraordinary gorgeous rugs that will enhance your home and suit your personal design style. Whatever your design needs may be, our talented designers can assist you in selecting the perfect area rug for your space.

Refresh your room, pamper your floors and complete your home with a ravishing rug!


A Cozy Christmas at The Black Goose Design
Thursday Nov 30 2017

It is the most wonderful time of the year! With such delight, Christmastime always comes early at The Black Goose Design! Our Christmas decor is displayed joyfully throughout our entire showroom floor. 

 tinsel christmas tree

All of our designers agree that receiving our holiday accessories is better than Christmas morning! It is always an enchanting scene when our talented designers get to deck the halls at The Black Goose Design! We cannot wait to give you an exclusive sneak peek at our cozy Christmas decor.

 snowflake ornaments

These vintage miniature winter scenes with glittery, frosty-filled rooftops are a whimsical sight! These sweet ornaments can easily be incorporated into any cozy holiday vignette. 


paper christmas tree

designer christmas tree

snow christmas village

wood nativity set

Adorn your home with all the trimmings of glorious greenery. Nothing says Christmas like the perfect holiday wreath! Gorgeous greenery is always a classic complement to any holiday home decor. Our beautiful wreaths, garlands and accent greenery pieces will bring a traditional and fresh look to your seasonal decor. You can almost smell the fragrant pine!


christmas greenery wreath

christmastime florals

spruce topiary tree

Create that soft, warm glow of a perfect holiday atmosphere. These amazing realistic flickering candles are a simple way of adding just a hint of radiance and ambiance to your holiday table.

christmas table centerpiece

bottlebrush christmas tree

christmas glitter house

greenery garland

christmas white village house

Charming wintery houses will whisk you away into a nostalgic and magical holiday scene!

christmas white glitter house

Thes delightful snowy scenes capture an endearing sight of blissful winter wonderland settings. Did you spy that darling flamingo complete with his own holiday wreath?! 

christmas pink glitter house

christmas glitter village house


merry christmas garland

These sweet bottle-brush trees give a beautiful burst of color! Such a happy variety of colors will bring on the holiday cheer! 

colored bottle brush tree

colorful christmas tree

vintage christmas village

pink vintage christmas decor

mini christmas house

Set the holiday season all aglow with these exquisite votives! With eye-catching hints of gold accompanied with warm inviting light, these shimmery votives will set the scene for a perfect holiday gathering. Votives will always deliver a welcomed soft glow around and create ambiance. These vintage mercury glass votives can easily be incorporated into a cozy holiday vignette. A simple way of adding just a hint of radiance!



glass votives

gold glass votives

christmas wreath

faux fur pillow

You know you have been extra nice all year long so treat yourself with a bit of holiday sparkle to enhance your home.

 white nativity

christmas glitter house

christmas winter house

Add a little snowflake-like texture into your holiday vignette with these darling delicate paper trees. These sweet trees are so wispy and light they will give a pretty pop of white to your home this holiday.

white snowflake trees

glitter bottle brush tree

vintage pink christmas decor

christmas tinsel tree

These splendid holiday home accent pieces and unique seasonal accessories will create an inviting and cozy scene in your home. Our unique Christmas decor items dash off to their new homes in a hurry! Be sure to bustle in our beautiful store located in Midvale, Utah and snag your all your favorite holiday home decor items. Make your home a place of pure holiday happiness this season!

Giving Gracious Thanks to our Clients
Thursday Nov 23 2017

The Black Goose Design would like to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

modern farmhouse design

custom sectional seating

The Black Goose Design team has such full hearts because of you our wonderful clients and friends! We give a great many thanks to all of you, our customers are the reason we are passionate about our business and what we do. 

master bedroom shiplap


master bathroom remodel

It is our great pleasure to assist our amazing clients everyday and helping you achieve your design dreams. We are sincerely grateful for each and every one of you, you are our family!

timeless interior design living space

custom upholstery furniture

white shiplap

It is a tremendous honor to work with our clients building relationships that are most treasured. Our talented designers feel a great pleasure to be able to be a part of creating beautiful surroundings within the walls of your home. 

On behalf of all the interior designers here at The Black Goose Design, we thank you for your loyalty and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Our Favorite Fall Designer Looks for your Home
Thursday Oct 19 2017

Fall is here! This is the time of year when our thoughts focus on being indoors as we prepare our homes to be a place where we want to linger a little longer. Now is the perfect time to cozy-up your home with a comfy chair, stunning sofa or refresh your space with amazing accessories. 

interior design lighting


Our talented designers are always here to you help fulfill every design need, especially when we are spending more time inside of our homes. We delight in making your surroundings beautiful and a place you love to be in! 

custom sectional


Texture is a vital design element, we adore the look of incorporating textures like a fur throw or accent pillow into your room. Adding just a touch of beautiful, soft, luxurious faux fur is a great way to give your space a hint of texture, glamour and that feeling of comfort.

interior design upholstery

faux fur throw pillow with leather


Layer in eye-catching artwork and unique accessories to your home to create an alluring vignette. This will instantly give an inviting feeling and contribute visual interest. Soft ambient lighting with beautiful lamps will also help set the mood for a comfy night in.

traditional designer console


Rich supple leather is the definition of a sophisticated classic look any time of the year but specifically during the fall season. Incorporating accents such as a large leather ottoman or comfortable chair is a simple yet stunning addition that can be introduced to any space.

leather accent pieces 

The Black Goose Design has so many ideal pieces for making your home the ulitmate place of comfort this fall! Allow our designers to create a beautiful space for you to enjoy not only this season but for years to come.

Designer Wall Inspiration with Our Favorite Accessories
Thursday Oct 5 2017

At The Black Goose Design, fall is our favorite time of the year. With all of the glorious scenery changing outdoors, we are delighted to change our surroundings indoors as well! Get ready to cozy your home with some of our top accessory picks to adorn your walls. 

Create a striking designer look in your space with these beautiful botanical prints that echo the colors of fall. Grouping smaller prints together will visually expand your space making it appear larger and will fill in a large wall perfectly! This soft, subtle artwork adds just the right amount of texture, color and pop of pattern for an eye-catching focal point.

wall grouping

Clustering these darling wire baskets are a great way to help with organization in your space while presenting design-savvy style. Place in a home office or perhaps by a door as a convienient way to keep all of the mail in order!

We love the idea of allowing personal creativity to shine when using these fun baskets in your space. Pair with adorable artwork or place organic greenery inside the basket to bring vitality and life to your wall. These baskets are light, airy and can be easily placed anywhere in your home to add an extra design detail.


hanging baskets

wall accessories


Incorporate dramatic design details by layering unique and unexpected accessories into your home. A gorgeous round mirror is the perfect way to soften any space and add delicate curves giving visual interest.

The Black Goose Design has an incredible selection of home decor items in the Salt Lake Area. Our designers are always delighted to create unique wall groupings tailored to our clients' personal design styles.


large round mirror


Large, striking statement pieces such as framed artwork can also make a big design impact even if you are tight on space. A key design tip is to keep your wall accessories in correct scale with your surroundings and furniture pieces...don't skimp on filling in those walls! 

large wall art

modern artwork

An interesting and great way to display personal artwork is to arrange varied sizes of cherished pieces in a tight grouping. This will give you a gorgeous gallery look while showcasing extraordinary personal artwork you adore!

oil paintings

wall canvas prints


Let our talented designers at The Black Goose Design guide you to transforming your space into a restful retreat this season. It is always our pleasure to create the ultimate cozy fall setting for your home, and there is no better way to start than with beautiful wall accessory pieces!

The Must Have Plant for your Home: A Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree
Thursday Sep 28 2017

The talented designers at The Black Goose Design are revealing the most sought after accessory item in the design world, the Fiddle Leaf Fig! We absolutely adore this perfect plant not only for its stunning simplicity, but its greenery can make a big design impact in any space. This lucious leafy green plant contributes high-style design when it comes to incorporating an organic feel into your home. 


real fiddle-leaf fig tree


imitation fiddle leaf tree


The Fiddle Leaf Fig has such a sense of whimsy and individuality about it and is a striking plant that can be used to create height, fullness and texture. Tucking this terrific little tree beside a chair or sofa will help with establishing height if perhaps a few extra inches are needed in your space. Large leaves contribute fabulous fullness without "overdoing it" and is a great scuplted accessory piece which adds interest.  

transitional interior design

Incorporating organic texture into any space is always highly recommended by our designers, and adding in greenery instantly brings life and vitality into a space! Now here comes the big question when it comes to selecting the right Fiddle Leaf Fig for you. Do you want the real deal or a close imitation? We have a few helpful tips that may assist you in that choice. 

A live Fiddle Leaf Fig requires a little more tender loving care and perhaps a bit of a green thumb! They tend to be a little temperamental; but if taken care of correctly, you will have a gorgeous green tree to showcase in your home for years to come. Be sure to do the proper research on caring for your new little tree!

  • Always be sure to check the water temperature. Figs are not fond of cold water, watering with more lukewarm water is ideal. Also maintain a regular water schedule and be careful not to overwater your tree.  
  • Ensure proper lighting for your tree, placement and rotation are key!
  • Wipe down leaves. This allows your fig tree to soak up all of the sun's nutrients. This is also how these little darlings breathe!
  • Keep close watch on the roots. As your tree grows, you will need to repot it if you start to see the roots inching their way out of the bottom.

designer accessories

*imitation Fiddle Leaf Fig 

If just sitting back and enjoying this little beauty of a tree, a close imitation may suit you and your lifestyle a bit better. Our showroom floor located in Midvale, Utah is filled with these fabulous imitation Fiddle Leaf Figs, and they look so real it is difficult to tell a difference! We admire each little tree so much that yes, in fact, we do give them names. It is the proper thing to do! Featured in the following photo is a real Fiddle Leaf Fig whose name is Stuwart Call. He is such a handsome fellow and accents this room so perfectly don't you think?!


designer living room space

*Real Fiddle Leaf Fig 

Whether your selection may be the real deal or a beautiful imitation, you cannot make an incorrect choice when it comes to incorporating a Fiddle Leaf Fig into your home! Adding just a hint of organic texture into your space will bring such liveliness and vigor when placed in your space. Make a design statement with the must have accessory of the design industry. Our designers are always happy to assist you when selecting the perfect accessory for your home. Oh, and don't forget, to name your new fabulous fig!

Our Designers are Mad about Plaid
Thursday Jul 13 2017

At The Black Goose Design we are completely mad about all things plaid! If you are looking for the perfect accent print to add a major pop-of-personality to your space plaid is the answer. 

Incorporate the classic print of plaid into your home, it is a simple way to showcase design-savvy style! Plaid has always been such a timeless classic and our talented designers are ecstatic to share some of their favorite plaid accents. 

grey plaid chairs

nailhead trim chair

A larger scale windowpane plaid suits the look of these transitional styled chairs. Mix up hints of plaid on a sleek chair, throw blankets or smaller ottomans to create visual interest.

high-back chairs

transitional chair

Plaid prints are extraordinary in texture and pattern, think timeless Ralph Lauren designer styling but with a modern twist. Apply playful plaids on transitional or modern pieces to create a refreshed look.


Plaid pillows are always perfection! If you are craving this classic pattern but want just a hint within your space, try mixing this pleasing pattern in your decor with small accents.

plaid accents

Often times flooring gets overlooked as a great place to include pattern in your space. This stylish tuftex carpet is an ultra-chic way to blend the enduring classic look of plaid.

tuftex plaid carpet


Technically speaking buffalo check is not your classic plaid, but as designers we feel the need to include this popluar print. A subdued grey color in a sweet buffalo check pattern is peaceful perfection on this chair.

 buffalo check chair

Another great way to capture pleasing plaids is to select this pattern within the same color family. This still adds interest yet keeps a monochromatic feel without overwhelming the space. "Tying" in similar coloring throughout your room will allow for all your pieces to flow together with ease.

monochromatic space

blue buffalo check


The possibilties of incorporating plaids are endless! Bottom line, have fun with this pretty pattern and make it all your own within your space.

Spruce Up Your Home with Spectacular Spring Florals
Wednesday Mar 1 2017

Spring is in the air at The Black Goose Design and we have just the remedy to cure those wintery blues. We are swooning over our spectacular spring florals throughout our entire showroom. Springtime is one of our favorite seasons to refresh and rejuvenate your home!

It is finally time to open those windows, welcome in warm sunshine and freshen up your home with stunning spring florals. Create a gorgeous greeting for familiy and friends with a fresh springtime wreath hung happily on your front door.


Hints of springtime are popping up throughout our showroom floor, and our hearts are a flutter with these fabulous florals. Spring is a season of renewal, and it is filled with vibrant energetic touches of color that are echoed in these amazing floral pieces.




Gorgeous sprintime florals are making us blush the same sweet shade of pink as these beauties. As an added bonus, these fabulous flowers will be adored all year through!


The refreshing new feeling of springtime can be captured within your home with just a few crisp floral details. These wonderful bright colors will change the entire feel of your space making every corner of your home seem radiant. Let's face it, who doesn't love the look of happy beautiful blossoms gracing their home?




Combining beautiful springtime pops-of-color with the many textures of gorgeous greenery are a match made in designer heaven! Incorportaing a natural texture in your home is a key element for a well- designed room, the simplest details like fresh florals can add such life and vitality to a space.

We absolutely adore these perfect petals! Florals bring such a soft and organic feel into your home. Springtime bunches of sweet peonies, roses and hydrangeas are the must-have accessory for the spring season. It is the perfect time to celebrate this wonderful time of year by mixing in these elegant accents within your home.



Fresh florals accents just make you feel...well, just happy! Let happiness surround you everyday by capturing the beauty of this season of change inside your home with exquisite bunches of springtime blooms! Happy Spring everyone!

How to Incorporate Alluring Animal Prints for a Timeless Designer Look
Thursday Feb 16 2017

The Black Goose Design invites you to get in touch with your inner interior design wildside!

Alluring animal prints combined with luxurious faux fur accents and timeless leather pieces are all the rage in the design industry. The question is how do you perfectly blend all of these amazing elements together and still create a professional designer look? Well, wonder no more... we are spilling some designer tips on how to embrace this striking style.


Mixing dramatic pattern and beautiful textured pieces allow for visual interest and are essential for a perfectly balanced room. It is important when introducing these elements especially with bold pattern, and is best applied in moderation.



The key to taming those amazing animal prints is by incorporating just a touch of the exotic pattern, perhaps in your throw pillows or layering with a rug. This will add a hint of glam to your overall look without letting the space to seem too overwhelming with bold patterns.


Even a simple faux fur throw can complement your space. Faux fur gives just enough texture for interest yet is still inviting and cozy. Throw pillows are also a great accessory to use when mixing in this neccessary element. Plush pillows scattered throughout a room are an ideal way to make a beautiful, textured impact.


Dramatic design statments can also come in smaller sophisticated pieces! A pair of luscious zebra printed ottomans are versatile and functional items that can easily be integrated into any space. A pair of petite faux fur stools are a wonderful way to also lend additional seating when needed. 


Rich lavish leather is a classic, timless texture! Comfortable, customized leather accent chairs, tufted ottomans or a stunning sofa can contribute a tremendous amount of texture, adding a gorgeous enduring element to your space. 



Our talented designers at The Black Goose Design are happy to assist you in finding your love for gorgeous texture, a pop-of-pattern and amazing animal-inspired design! Our unique throw pillows, ravishing rugs and rich leather pieces will grace your home with incredible style.

Lee Industries Loves our Local Clients
Thursday Feb 9 2017

Our hearts at The Black Goose Design adore Lee Industires! Lee Industries, located in charming North Carolina is a wonderful company that manufactures gorgeous high-quality upholstery products for the many spaces within your home. These one-of-a-kind pieces are carefully hand-crafted and beautifully detailed to your personal design style. Lee Industries takes great pride in creating not only exquisite but durable upholstery. Lee Industries also ensures that each piece will maintian it's proper longevity gracing your home with design-savvy style for years to come.



We are thrilled to announce our Lee loves Local Sale happening February 13th -18th! Lee is offering additional savings of 10% off any new Lee order, an exclusive sale only available to our valued clients.

Shake off those winter blues and refresh your home with an ultra comfortable sofa, stunning sectional, cozy chair or even a beautiful upholstered bed!



Partner with one of our talented designers and create a space where you want to linger a little longer. Lee Industries has created the finest in timeless upholstered products with hundreds of gorgeous quality fabrics to select from. Allow our designers to assist you in customizing the perfect piece for your home.


This 42" ottoman is an ideal piece for large gathering areas, it beckons friends and family to kick up their feet and relax!

The detailed tufting also adds charm and can be customized in durable upholstry or in a variety of rich supple leathers.


The Black Goose Design and Lee Industires have enjoyed a wonderful relationship in the design industry for over 30 years and are looking forward to many more. We are so excited to be able to pass these amazing savings onto our wonderful clients! Fall in love with Lee during this spectacular sales event!

Join Us for our Dreamy Bedroom Sale
Thursday Feb 2 2017

Enjoy dreamy savings during our Bedroom Sale during the month of February at The Black Goose Design!

The bedroom, the most personal space of the home, is defined as a place of comfort and serenity. Let our expert designers create the ultimate restful retreat you have been dreaming of! 

Indulge in sensational savings up to 40% off all cozy beds and our beautiful bedroom furniture.

 Solana King Bed

Sale $1199 reg. $4373


Metal and Linen Bed

Sale $1199 reg.$1980


The key to a serene and stunning bedroom is all in the beautiful bedding details. Whether it is a pop of color you desire or a stunning subdued neutral adorning your bed, The Black Goose Design has ravishing bedding to suit your personal design style!

All of our amazing bedding is up to 30% off regular price throughout February 2017.

Cuddle up in layers of our luxurious bedding and surround yourself with gorgeous plush throw pillows perfect for those afternoon naps! (don't worry your secret is safe with us.)




Settle into the new year with style, and relax in your personal retreat by making your bedroom dreams a reality during our February Bedroom Sale!