Our Latest Home Reveal, Part 2
Wednesday Mar 22 2023 by Stacey Beyer

With four children, including three teenage boys, a welcoming place for the family and friends to gather was the driving force behind this inviting home update. We shared the main living areas in our previous post. Let’s finish up this tour with the fun that awaits on the lower level!


All images in this post provided by Lindsay Salazar Photography.

But, first, we have one main-level room left to reveal – the home office!

Isn’t this dark blue built-in incredible? As with the other areas of the home, it pulls in that soothing shade, giving the shelving a professional polish!

To really understand what this pop of color does, here's what the room looked like before. 

Okay, let’s head downstairs. Wait! Speaking of stairs… Check out the stairway update! By adding carpet, it softens the space and absorbs the excess sound, which is a winning combination. While hardwood stairs are beautiful, they don’t always feel as cozy. This runner solution maintains the beauty of the wood while upping the warmth.


To see a side-by-side, here’s how the stairway looked before.


Now that we’ve made our way down this cushioned flight of stairs, we find ourselves in a gamer’s dream. With triplets, three screens were a must. Now the kids can sit together and play instead of spreading out.


Here’s a before shot of this same space. What a difference!


The theater area also got a major upgrade, with the new seating and other theatrical touches!


The before on this shows the drastic change that happened here. Very cool!


Of course, it isn’t all fun and games. This family also focuses on fitness, so a home gym was a priority. Oh, who are we kidding, this, too, is FUN! Especially with a room like this to break a sweat in.


And because we love a good before/after, here’s how the area looked before the redesign.


Finally, a touch we love about this family-focused dwelling is the way the walls are lined with loving photos. Whether they’re professional shots or snapshots, the end result is the same – photos make a house feel like a home.

Monica Woodland, an interior designer here at The Black Goose Design, did an amazing job collaborating with this fab family. The outcome will leave them with a space to make so many memories and simply enjoy being together. Thanks again to these residents for allowing our team to be a part of such a heartfelt project!


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