Meet Suzee King, Our New Assistant Manager
Wednesday Dec 27 2023 by Stacey Beyer

Hello! We’re delighted to introduce our new assistant manager at The Black Goose Design, Suzee King. Suzee has a rich management background at well-known design/home furnishing businesses. We’re so happy she now calls The Goose her professional home. Let’s get to know a bit more about her:

Q. What is it about this career move that has you the most excited?

I’ve worked in both retail, managing well known home décor and furnishing brands, and real estate, where my husband and I spent many years running a successful mortgage company. I enjoyed this work and feel the combination of experience really lends itself to this position. It has me very excited to move forward in my career in this way. Being able to do more custom work for clients is something I’m already enjoying. I also love management and being a part of this talented team.


Q. What are your favorite colors going into 2024?

Specific colors that really catch my eye right now are Regent Green and Antique Pewter, both by Benjamin Moore. Even though these are darker shades, they both add warmth, which creates interest and coziness to a home.


Q. What is your favorite area of the home to work on with clients?

A. Every area has something wonderful to offer, but the family/great room, where everyone congregates together, is my favorite. In my own life, I’ve loved creating a space where my adult kids can come home to and be together. I think this is what inspires me when helping others. Knowing I’m helping with an area where families can be together and feel comfortable is a special way to spend my time.



Of course, my desire for togetherness extends to my siblings and parents. There is no better way to spend time than with those you love. Speaking of love ... we all share a love for Disneyland. If we aren't gathered together at one of our homes, there's no place we'd rather be! 


Q. What’s a go-to tip you share with anyone embarking on a design project?

A. When working on YOUR home, make it about you first. Trends are fun. Design ideas are inspiring. But these things are nothing compared to personalized touches. Even if you’re working with a designer, don’t be afraid to speak up. Designers want you to love the outcome, and this includes adding your unique touch to every room you work on, whether or not it’s currently popular.

Q. How do you help someone make a space feel unique to them?

A. I spend time getting to know my clients and use that knowledge to visualize a space that feels like them. I believe a home should be more than just a space – it should also be a feeling. A well-designed space creates a mood representative of those who reside there. It’s why the time spent getting to know my clients is some of the most important time I spend on any project.


Q. How would you describe your personal design style/preference?

A. I’m a neutrals-first person. I tend to begin with a neutral pallet. Not only does this create an evergreen foundation, it also instantly makes an area feel cozy and inviting. With a warm, neutral base in place, I then love to work in pops of color and lots of texture. 


Q. What got you interested in design work?

A. I’ve always loved designing and updating my home. Because of that, friends and family often asked for my help on their own projects. All of this fueled my passion for this work, even before my career went in this direction.


Q. The new year is upon us. What is a trend going into 2024 that has you excited?

A. More color! It’s going to be a colorful year, which adds energy and excitement. That being said, don’t feel like you have to change your entire home based on this evolution. There are easy ways to work in colors you love without an overhaul. I’m also eager to see more organics in the coming year. Bringing the outdoors in with wood finishes and other elements is something that brings me joy.


Thank you for taking time with us, Suzee. We can’t wait to see you work your design magic in 2024!

If “finishing a design project” is one of your New Year’s resolutions, please give us a call or stop by. Suzee or any of our skilled team members would love to help you cross that worthwhile goal off your list. In the meantime, we’re all wishing you and yours a happy, healthy holiday and year ahead! 

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