Kevin Murphy Offices Project Reveal Pt. 1
Wednesday Jul 5 2023 by Stacey Beyer

No, this isn’t the Australian coastline, though we totally see how you got that impression. Believe it or not, this serene scene is actually located in Holladay, Utah! It’s the brilliant new North American home of Kevin Murphy, a high-end international haircare brand that originated in Australia.

Kevin Murphy 

So, how does a relatively generic office space go from this…

Vibe Building

To this!?

Vibe Inc Holladay UT

In this case, it was the perfect combination of company core values + handcrafted custom work! Of course, having Del Reanne Lucas Wilson, a senior designer here at The Black Goose Design, leading the project also helped. She has years of commercial work experience!

The Black Goose Design 

“I wish I could just move into this space,” Del Reanne laughed. “We started working on this project last September. After that much time together, working with a team you love on a project you care about, it’s always hard to reach the end.”

contemporary office design 

Who could blame Del Reanne for feeling this way. There is much to adore about this design. Fortunately, there are also beautiful takeaways that you can apply to your own surroundings, whether for your home or office. Let’s take a good look around in this two-part reveal of the outstanding Kevin Murphy offices!

high end hair care 


The Kevin Murphy brand is built around equal appreciation for the environment and high-quality, high-performing haircare products. With this, the company’s core values are fashion, performance, and environment. But how does one take a position and turn it into a visual representation? Simply put, they work with a designer.

open floor plan for office 

“That’s my job,” Del Reanne said. “And I love it. It’s all about bringing vision to life. Designing for a company, this includes capturing what a brand stands for and really showcasing that identity in all of the design elements." 


One look at this contemporary space, and it’s easy to see Kevin Murphy is a stylish and sophisticated company.

glass office walls 

“Like the Kevin Murphy brand, the design of this space is elegant,” Del Reanne noted. “It was important that the building’s backdrop complemented that fashion-forward position.”

fashion forward 


Just like Kevin Murphy products, their business space is high performing.

best places to work in Utah 

“This is a company that believes in being very open and transparent,” Del Reanne said. “Their office reflects that. The workstations are together and the executive offices have all-glass walls. It comes together to create a friendly and inviting environment that aligns seamlessly with their approach to doing business.”

nature inspired design


Environment is everything, and we don’t just mean this internal oasis. At Kevin Murphy, eco awareness is top of mind.

how to decorate shelves 

“The natural elements represent the company’s love of our earth while also allowing the colorful products to shine,” Del Reanne shared. “More than anything, these details create a wonderful environment for the employees. The live plant wall is more than just a beautiful statement, it reduces toxins in the atmosphere and also brings the outside splendor right inside.”

live plant wall 

Raise your hand if you now want a plant wall in every room. What a cool concept! Live plants, on a wall or not, are more than just a pretty detail. They do much to improve the air you breathe. It’s why nearly every plant in this space is alive and working hard to support the Kevin Murphy team.

conference room ideas 

It’s hard to compete with such a statement piece as a plant wall, but the wood wall in the lobby just might steal the spotlight.

wood tile wall 

“It’s made up of 3,000 individual wood blocks that were each hand cut, sanded, and stained,” Del Reanne said with a smile. “This proves natural doesn’t have to mean boring. It’s organic and beautiful and, in this case, a great way to breathe new life into an old resource.” 

upcycled decor 

Wow! Shout out if “wood block wall” is now being added to that wish list as well. What a clever statement and way to upcycle!  

how to design a retail space


Creating this kind of retreat within the confines of a leased space seems an impossibility… unless you’re a trained designer who knows the ins and outs of the “tenant improvements” process. Of course, Del Reanne will tell you it’s also about the location you choose and the importance of doing your homework before signing a lease. In this case, the Vibe Building in Holladay, Utah, ended up being a dream place to be.

designing a leased building

“Working with Nyla and the Vibe Inc. team was an absolute pleasure,” Del Reanne said. “They not only allowed the kind of detail work we needed to happen, but they also encouraged and welcomed it. It was collaborative and fun!”

break room ideas

In our next part of this two-part reveal, we’ll share more before/after shots that really emphasize how far a leased location can come with the right space and team in place. You don’t want to miss it. 

 main entry


Another tip Del Reanne lives by is the importance of customization. Custom is key, especially when starting with a very basic, boxy space. The Kevin Murphy office is filled with floor-to-ceiling details, and most of them were created just for this project. In essence, designers are like magicians, with many tricks up their talented sleeves. However, unlike magicians, Del Reanne is going to reveal her secrets. That’s right, join us next time when she shares not one but MANY of the local artisans and skilled craftspeople she worked with to make each original detail. Set a reminder in your phone. It’s a list you won’t want to miss and a close-up look at ideas you won’t soon forget. We’ll see you back here on July 19 for part two of this inspiring Kevin Murphy reveal!  

natural lighting  


Del Reanne and The Black Goose Design would like to thank Lisa Marx, the President of North America, Tyler Doveton, Global CFO, and the rest of the Kevin Murphy team for making this project possible. Collaborating with you has been an extreme pleasure.

product wall

We'd also like to recognize our talented photographer, Lindsay Salazar, who photographed this space. Great work, Lindsay!  

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