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Kevin Murphy Office Project Reveal Pt. 2
Wednesday Jul 19 2023 by Stacey Beyer

Welcome back to the impressive Kevin Murphy North American headquarters in Holladay, Utah. In part one of our reveal, we shared how Del Reanne Lucas Wilson, senior designer at The Black Goose Design, and her team used the company’s core values as her guidepost in designing this space. The result is a fashion-forward design that focuses on environment, performance, and overall employee satisfaction.

Kevin Murphy

How to renovate a leased space

All photography by Lindsay Salazar.

Today, we’re breaking this design down to the custom level and looking at how personalized touches can take tenant renovations to new heights in a leased space (pending necessary building approvals, of course!). You’re in for a major treat! Besides sharing these inspiring design ideas, Del Reanne also shares many of her local sources for getting this next-level custom work done. Grab a pen and paper, open Notes on your phone, or simply get ready to take screenshots. These are details you’ll want to remember.

Lindsay Salazar Photography

CUSTOM TOUCH #1: Logo Accent Pillows
Local Resource: Brent or Parker Burnham

Brent Parker Burnham Custom Pillows 

K, these are cool! And they’re one of the first things to catch your eye upon entering the Kevin Murphy offices. Best part is, you won’t find these statement pieces anywhere else. That’s the beauty of having something made to order. Believe it or not, Brent or Parker Burnham can even print photographs on fabric for a truly one-of-a-kind look.

Wood accent wall

Learn how this statement wall came to be here


CUSTOM TOUCH #2: Motorized Roller Shades and Steel Work (columns, transoms, valances, trim, logos)
Local Resource: Site Shade Co, Jacob Packard

ceiling clouds 

The Kevin Murphy name stands out in a big way throughout this office, thanks to local artistry. Incorporating your business logo into your space is a wise way to make your mark, and going with steel certainly adds to the elegance. Additionally, the custom valances elevate the look.

custom valances 

CUSTOM TOUCH #3: Ceiling Clouds
Local Resource: Creative West, Jake Riddle

Look up and you’ll notice an absence of typical office-building ceiling tiles. Wanting to open up the space, they decided to completely remove the low conventional ceiling and expose the whole ceiling, pipes and all! While the industrial look is on trend, it didn’t completely complement the elegance of this space, so Del Reanne put her head in the clouds and started dreaming up solutions. These ceiling clouds were handmade and work to soften the overall space without crowding the overhead area. Plus, they really support the acoustics, which is key in an open environment like this.

chic meeting space

 North America Headquarters Kevin Murphy

The wood clouds add variety to this overhead idea.

Business in Utah 

CUSTOM TOUCH #4: Live Plant Wall
Resource: Cactus and Tropicals

This one has us green with envy. Every space should have a live plant wall. After all, it’s both beautiful and environmentally friendly, making it a lovely touch for employees.

custom logo wall art


Some of the focal points found in this memorable space were outsourced from as far away as Italy. Take a look!

custom table

unique LED lighting


A long, lean area can start to feel like a bowling alley if you aren’t careful. Knowing this, Del Reanne was strategic with her flooring. By opting for two tones and a curved, diagonally oriented design, it creates the allusion of a much wider space and sends that bowling alley vibe to the gutter.

design tricks

LED lighting is used throughout. Again, this supports the Kevin Murphy desire to be sustainable, as it’s the most energy efficient choice. It’s also beautiful and really brightens the space, providing the perfect amount of light for the exact task required. 

cool chandelier

 Kevin Murphy Utah

With any design project, it’s smart to first identify your strengths already in place. In this case, the huge windows bring in the natural light as well as the views. There's no reason to clutter with art on the walls when Mother Nature is already putting on such a show.

Vibe Building 

Of course, a few key art pieces are never bad things.

 office design ideas

This is more than just an office building. It’s also a place to really understand the Kevin Murphy brand and products. In fact, they have a salon area built in where employees can learn and trainers can demonstrate the unique, high-end hair care offering.

sophisticated salon looks

high end hair care


To really understand the magic of this transformation, we’ll leave you with a few more of the before shots. What a difference!

before and after design

 old to new office

how to make over a leased space

What a difference a year makes! The Black Goose Design

nature inspired design

Ready to elevate your business space or apply some of these same looks to your home? Reach out to our team at The Black Goose Design today. You can also continue to fill your inspo bucket by taking a second look at the first half of this Kevin Murphy reveal here. Enjoy! 

where to go for interior design help in Utah

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