Designing the Feng Shui Way, Pt. 2
Wednesday Apr 19 2023 by Stacey Beyer

In our previous post, we shared one of our latest home remodel projects. Denise Johnson, one of our talented team members here at The Black Goose Design, helped the homeowner weave color into every room of this vibrant home. But they didn’t use just any colors. Every shade was used intentionally, all in an effort to create a Feng Shui finish.

Previously, we shared how reds and pinks were used in the main living areas, adding energy and love, while blues were placed in the entryway, creating a calming welcome.

feng shui influence 

Now, let’s see what work was done in the more private areas of the home with a look at the bed and bath. Plus, we’ll explore earth accents and why they’re a natural finishing touch.



Unwind after a long day surrounded by soft yellow. This relaxing color evokes calm.

soft yellow bedroom 

PRO TIP: Doors are an awesome place to add some color and paint. The mirrors on this door also give the appearance of added square footage. 

cool closet door ideas

You’ll notice metals also making an appearance in this room. Gold complements the yellow, so it looks amazing, but it’s also said to increase clarity, which is a nice emotional balance to yellow's soothing ways.


PRO TIP: Keep the foundation neutral. A simple way to work color into your space without overwhelming the area or creating a clash is to begin with a neutral foundation. The white walls in this home offer the perfect backsplash and allow the colorful accessories and furniture to come shining through. Find our favorite whites for 2023 here

white backdrop 



This bathroom is the best of all worlds. By working in a rainbow of color, it connects all areas of the home in one happy way. While “rainbow” isn’t technically a part of the Feng Shui family, it never hurts to add some extra vibrancy.

colorful bathroom  



Complement any area of the home/color using earth-inspired extras. Wood creates more harmony and energy indoors.

 natural wood elements

Whether real or artificial, plants sprinkle in vitality.

lemon trend 2023 


At the end of the day, the way color speaks to you is the most important aspect to keep in mind when designing your space. Feng Shui isn’t a hard and fast rule, and there is certainly no singular approach. It is simply meant as a guide to help bring about added harmony in the home. Plus, it’s a wonderful way to bring in some color, which we fully support. Want to learn more about this energetic approach to design? Stop by The Black Goose Design today!  

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