Designing the Feng Shui Way, Pt. 1
Tuesday Apr 4 2023 by Stacey Beyer

Using specific tones to SET specific tones is behind the design of this beautiful home. Following Feng Shui guidance, color has been intentionally placed throughout the residence.

Adding a picture tv 

Denise Johnson, a senior designer here at The Black Goose Design, worked closely with the homeowner to create a space of intention through strategically placed color. Join us and learn how to choose your perfect feng shui hues.

“I’ve been designing for decades, but this is my first time mapping out a home in the feng shui way,” Denise said. “I think it’s great! The flow and energy in a home are important”


The Feng Shui philosophy breaks colors up into five groups.

  1. Fire Colors: Here’s where you’ll find reds, purples, oranges, and bright pinks.
  2. Earth Colors: Naturally, this is an assortment of yellows, browns, beiges, and soft oranges.
  3. Metal Colors: This metallic mixture includes white, gold, silver, copper, and pastels.
  4. Water Colors: Dive into this blend of black, indigo, and dark blues.
  5. Wood Colors: You’d think this would be browns, but it’s actually colors found IN the woods, meaning greens!

design the feng shui way 


These spaces combine fire and wood to create an energized spot for entertaining and being together with loved ones. Plus, pink is the color of romantic relationships, and red represents passion, so adding these colors also ups that loving feeling!

adding color to your home 

PRO TIP: You don’t have to paint your walls or even introduce all new furniture to create a Feng Shui feel. Color accessories are an easy place to start weaving in specific shades.


kitchen ideas for 2023 

Avoid overheating the kitchen by adding muted reds and pinks to the room. The awning above the window offers that happy medium.

 dining room design

PRO TIP: An area rug is an awesome way to work in color. Place one beneath the dining table to anchor the area.

turning tv into art 

In the living area, a common fixture that can interrupt the Feng Shui feel is the television. It’s a large black hole that isn’t exactly cute. Fortunately, Denise has your solution. 

“A picture TV is an easy way to turn your dark TV into a beautiful portrait, adding cohesion to your space.”

PRO TIP: Take your TV from a black box to a work of feng shui-inspired art using YouTube. Simply search “TV art” and discover amazing options that are designed to stay on for hours.

No need to reach for the paint. Accent pillows are an effortless way to paint the town red.  

accent with color

Of course, adding some earth green is a gorgeous and grounding complement. 

feng shui earth tones



Choose blues for the entry of your home. Shades of gray and lighter blue come together to make a calm, relaxing effect. What better way to end a busy day away from the house than to be greeted with a calming welcome.

calming entryway 

Since striking shades of blue are on trend, you should have no trouble creating a cool welcome. Find this classic entry table and more at The Black Goose Design.

 blues for 2023

On a smaller scale, blue accessories are always a win.

 calming design ideas


Seek balance. No one color dominates this happy home. It’s a well-balanced blend of shades. Taking a Feng Shui approach doesn’t have to mean going overboard with color. In fact, we suggest easing in and finding your sweet spot. After all, it’s far easier to add than to have to take away.


Join us next time as we continue this colorful tour. You might be surprised by the bedroom color choice, and you’re sure to feel inspired by the bathroom brilliance.

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