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Wednesday Dec 21 2022 by Stacey Beyer

If you’ve followed The Black Goose Design for a substantial amount of time, you know our building has been remodeled a time or two since we opened in 1985. This leads us to our first design tip…

TIP: Don’t be afraid to see your structure and try new ideas. For ideas and directions on how to safely add or remove walls, where a structure update could help, and more, we suggest working with a designer and/or a contractor. 

We’re currently working with GV Construction & Remodel Specialist to add a wall, new flooring, and drop the ceilings.

Why the remodel? We want The Black Goose Design building to feel open and inspiring from the moment you walk in. By moving the showroom focus to the front of the building, you’ll be greeted with design happiness.

Speaking of design happiness, we also want the brilliant talent working here to be surrounded by beauty. By moving our Design Center to the southeast corner of the building, we’re able to create a more functioning space for them to work and feel inspired.

The Black Goose Design

OUR HISTORY (and a special memorium)

Our beautiful building was built in the early 1900s. It’s a piece of Utah history we take great pride in preserving. The building was purchased by our founder, Nancy Long, in 1984. We’d be remiss if we didn’t pause here to show our respects to and appreciation for Nancy. You see, she passed away a few weeks ago after a difficult battle with muscular dystrophy. You can read more about her incredible life story here. Rest peacefully, dear Nancy.


Residing in an old building is a unique and wonderful treat that comes with unique and not-always-wonderful responsibility. If you’ve ever tried to remodel an older home, you know the interior walls and ceilings were typically built using lath and plaster, which can make hanging art and light fixtures difficult. Also, sadly, the flooring was showing its age.

TIP: Know the history and age of your structure before diving into a remodel. If possible, obtain blueprints. As mentioned, working with a designer and trained remodelers can make this entire process easier and safer, as they know what to look for and questions to ask to ensure the process is a safe one.

updated office space

As much as we LOVE the old flooring, it was damaged beyond repair, so we are getting new engineered hardwoods installed over the old wood floors.
GV Construction and Remodel
Here's a last look at the flooring its former glory. It has served us well! 

vintage flooring

TIP: Don’t be afraid to build over existing structures. Professionals know how to safely and effectively add new elements, such as floors, and when you can do so without compromising room height.

New Walls

We are moving our design office, currently in the front of the store, to the southwest corner of the building. To do this, we have put up a wall in the south room dividing it into two spaces. By doing this, the front room at the Goose will be converted back into showroom space. (We know you're excited about that. We’ve missed that room, too.)
new sub floors
adding a wall
TIP: Open floor plans are all the rage anymore, but it’s okay to want to close things up a bit and/or open other areas of the room to better serve your family needs. Perhaps that’s adding a butler’s pantry in the kitchen or creating a larger closet for the main bedroom? Could part of the main room be turned into a separate mudroom? Our team loves hearing your wishes and looking at undiscovered potential waiting in your home.

Reinforced Walls

Beyond the addition of walls, we’re also reinforcing our existing walls to sustain more weight. Here, this is being done by adding faux brick paneling, which will make it easier to attach art, mirrors, shelving, etc.
interior brick walls

TIP: Faux wall finishes can introduce fresh textures while also giving older walls some new structure from which to hang pieces. I think all of this could go.

Dropped Ceilings

When this gem of a building was built, lights weren’t the show pieces they can be today, so we’re dropping the ceilings to allow us more opportunity to add focal lighting pieces, as well as recessed canned lighting.
dropped ceiling

TIP: Dropping ceilings, when height in a room allows, is a savvy way of hiding duct work and electrical elements and other unsightly elements that could be in view. It’s also a way to reinforce your home and allow for heavier chandeliers to be introduced. Consult a design professional for more on this process.

Pardon Our Dust

This is no small project. We anticipate completion sometime in the spring of 2023. In the meantime, we are open. Call today to get the latest on connecting with a designer and to learn more about GV Construction & Remodeling.

Nancy Long
In loving memory of Nancy Long, our founder at The Black Goose Design.

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