An Exclusive look into our Historic Home Renovation with Randi Smith Pt.3
Thursday Mar 14 2019

Today we are thrilled to present part three on this amazing historical home transformation located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our wonderful manager at The Black Goose Design, Randi, has given us a rare opportunity and exclusive look inside her personal home renovation. This stunning home was originally built in 1899 and still displays remarkable charm today. Renovations can be extensive and rather stressful at times. There are so many critical choices and elements that go into renovating a home and in the end, you want to feel assured that you made the best decision possible. As interior designers, we completely understand and are eager to assist you in taking on a remodeling project.

Partnering with expert professionals during a design project will allow you to feel at ease knowing you made the best choices possible for your home. Randi is sharing her helpful design tips on home remodeling to put you on a path for renovation success!

Living Arrangements

With 75% of Randi's home renovated, she has lived through an extensive project. Trying to tidy up a construction zone and eating off silverware with construction dust, was not ideal. Randi knew what she was going to be dealing with, yet it was still a challenge. If renovations are intense, it may be beneficial to find alternate housing during construction. Be sure to include your alternate temporary living space in your budget. 

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Planning for Furnishings and Window Treatments

Window treatments and home furnishings are also a large part of renovation; however, these items are overlooked and are not in an overall budget. Considerable planning goes into overall design, flooring, lighting and landscaping, but you need to consider where will you enjoy your dinner at the end of the day. Investing in a home renovation takes time, money and enery getting your home to a designer dream state. Planning ahead with proper budgeting for furnishings and window treatments will help you transition into your newly-renovated home with ease.

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modern globe chandelier

As interior designers, we will not only assist you in lighting selection, flooring and paint, but we will create a master plan and vision for how exactly you will furnish your home. Custom furniture can have extensive lead times. As designers, we can plan when your perfect furniture pieces will arrive and the timing of your design project. Planning and partnering with a designer from the begining will ensure all of the designer details will come together with the functionality you desire.  

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Designer details will always add character and charm to a space. Randi planned for timeless detailing throughout her home. The style of a classic black and white hexagon tile pattern fit this home perfectly. Randi kept all of the renovation details as true to its historic roots as possible. These unique details feel as if they have always been a part of the home.

With absolute certainty, Randi wanted glossy basket weave tile in her pantry and laundry room. When she priced the tile product it was three times the cost of a matte finish, and she quickly changed her mind to matte. However, no one could talk her out of the stunning marble tile in her entryway. The price did not matter. She felt flexible in certain product choices which allowed her to install what she truly loved and will love forever. Being flexible throughout a renovation will lessen the stress and ease some of the process. 

marble tile floor

Crisp white hexagon tiles, paired with a sharp black border, added an enduring and elegant look to this space. White subway tile was also installed on the walls for a beautiful finished look. Using varied tiled material in a home always displays a chic and design savvy look within a space. 



basketweave tile flooring

Sleek subway tile was carried throughout Randi's gorgeous white kitchen! We adore the subtle pattern combined with the richly detailed mouldings on the windows.


The grand staircase is a stunning feature in her historic Salt Lake City home. Randi adored all of the original hard carving in the newel posts and the magnificent design statement these gorgeous stairs displayed. 

Breathtaking stained glass windows complement this historic home and add so much charm to the landing of the grand staircase. 

Randi and Dave tried to strip the stain but after three fairly unsuccessful attempts, they decided to have a local artisan restain the entire railing.

They also removed the wooden balusters as several were cracked or broken. The landings were replaced with oak and a new stain was applied to the pine stairs to match the rest of the new wood flooring. 

This stunning staircase was finally completed with charismatic beauty welcoming guests into this captivating home. 

This photo is of Dave sitting on the landing if the stairs, as they climbed down inside. There was a seven foot drop. Prior to the addition of the grand staircase, Randi and Dave assumed this was a sort of formal living room. There is a fireplace and a large window that is now filled in with brick, so many wonderful and interesting discoveries have been revealed throughout this renovation.

This interesting space had a decorative pattern found on the wall which was thought to be vintage wallpaper. This decorative paper was actually a wall coating that was used not only for protecting the wall but added a unique embellishment.

Beneath the stairs they had found the original color guide for the wall coating with prices ranging from 19 cents to 39 cents, depending on the color intensity. 

Peeling back the design layers and history have been an absolute delight for both Randi and Dave. It is not often we get to be a part of uncovering such design treasures.


The completed grand staircase which was added in 1912 is an absolutely striking space within this historical home. The richly-stained wood, against the crisp white walls, creates an impressive ambience and sets the tone for the entire home.


As the manager of The Black Goose Design, Randi felt lucky to have an entire team of designers behind her as she renovated her own home. She was able to get expert advice when it was diffucult for her to make small yet impactful decisions such as, different hardware knobs or door styles. As designers, we always joke that your own home can be the most difficult to make final decisions on, and Randi feels this is 100% true! Randi had the ability to design The Black Goose Design's beloved Parade of Homes property faster than she did her own home.

The team at The Black Goose Design has years of expertise and hundreds of homes worth of experience. We would love to be a part of your designer dream project and assist you in creating a master design plan that you will adore for many years to come! Stay tuned for next week as we will be featuring our last post on Randi's renovation featuring her master bedroom.


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