An Exclusive look into our Historic Home Renovation with Randi Smith Pt.2
Thursday Mar 7 2019

Welcome back to part two of Randi Smith's historic home renovation! Randi is an extremely talented designer and also manages our gorgeous interior design store, The Black Goose Design located in Midvale, Utah. She has been on a home renovation journey since October of 2017 and all of the details are coming together beautifully! Today we are continuing to share more helpful tips from Randi and giving you an exclusive peek at her construction experience. 

Seek Trustworthy Professionals

Seeking out industry professionals that you trust is key to a sucessful renovation. We encourage everyone to include an interior design professional at the earliest stages of design projects. As designers, we are eager to share our knowledge and expertise with you when starting any design project. Partnering with a design professional allows us to show you fresh design ideas and give you complete vision of your project. 

Another key professional to be a part of your renovation is your general contractor. Randi mentions, " I have worked with several general contractors, builders and other home professionals in a 24-year career with Gardner Mill Company Stores and The Black Goose Design. Your designer and contractor will see you at your best and worst. They will hold your hand when you find out something is not going according to plan, and help you determine those critical choices for your home. You need a relationship that involves excellent communication with a clear vision of acheiving your ideal end result." 


Randi Smith interior designer

As a design professional herself, Randi knew she needed a reliable contractor to keep them on schedule and have well-established connections in many trades. Randi was lucky enough to have her father, who also happened to be a general contractor to head her project. Seek referrals from trusted family members, friends and neighbors. A dependable choice can make all the difference for a successful renovation. Experience the feeling of being confident that your investment will be taken care of and managed properly, allowing the result to be completed just as you had envisioned.

interior design Utah


Budgeting and Research

This is a step where you need professional advice. You may think your budget is realistic, but you may be in for a surprise. Don't let the "whoops" factor happen to your new project. Small mistakes can end up costing you big, both financially and in time. Randi felt it was a great idea to get estimates for each project she wanted to tackle before renovation took place. Listed below are helpful tips for budgeting a project.

  • Maintain and hold to a reasonable budget
  • Get bids and make sure the numbers work for you
  • Have a healthy contingency fund 

An overlooked factor when renovating is the evaluation of other homes in the neighborhood. You are making a huge investment so be sure your changes will hold their value. Think about how long you plan on being in the home, is it five years or is this your forever home? Knowing your time frame will help you to make decisions that will best suit your family.

The kitchen was a major part of this renovation so budgeting for this was essential. Randi and Dave wanted a large gathering area and plenty of space to cook. The previous layout had two islands which cut off the adjoining family room. Knowing they wanted to open up the space, plans were made to install one large island allowing for ease of traffic flow and a functional kitchen workspace.

kitchen remodel

As the tile floor was removed, Randi also peeled up several layers of old linolium uncovering the original kitchen floor.

home renovation tile

Adjacent to the kitchen was a tiny laundry room and a 10' x 13' foot bathroom. As a designer, Randi knew there was no need for a bathroom that large off of the kitchen especially with no bedrooms on this floor. The design plan was to include a tidier powder bath and a laundry/mud room with a spacious pantry maximizing every inch of this space.

home renovation Salt Lake City

bathroom remodel

The exsisting laundry and bathroom space was dysfunctional. After their first walk through of the home, Randi and Dave had drafted plans to create a useful and unique space. The final drafted plan was not far from what they originally envisioned. They redistributed the space to have a gracious butler's pantry.

home restoration interior design

A hallway was also added to lead to an appropriately-sized bathroom and a large laundry/mud room on the right-hand side.

home remodel

What a tremendous difference and excellent use of space this turned out to be. One of our favorite details of this space is the custom doors that were designed by the talented Randi herself, with some help from  FJP Supply Company! These doors were one of Randi's orignial ideas and she was thrilled when they became a reality!

custom pantry doors


Expect the Unexpected

It is inevitable with renovations not all will go smooth. Randi had a few issues herself including a flooded basement which was a bit overwhelming but they pushed through it. This is all part of the renovation process. Choose to be flexible with time, material selection and your current living situation while in a remodel as it will all pay off in the end. Randi and Dave found they had to be flexible when it came to their flooring choice. They wanted to save the original floors, but with new HVAC ducts and reviewing the floors' conditions, they just were not worth saving. 

home renovation project

They installed new oak wood flooring and debated on stain color ranging from a lighter natural stain or a rich deep wood tone. It was the dark Jacobean finish that felt timeless and fit the house perfectly. 

oak wood flooring

It was most important to Randi and Dave to restore this home with classic details as if they had always been there. New crown mouldings with a timeless presence were added which blended perfectly with the 120-year-old walls. The ceilings of the home were also dropped allowing for all new electrical to be installed and to also repair the condition of the original ceilings. 

pendant lighting

There is still more to come of this amazing home renovation next week on the blog. It is such a pleasure to share special design projects like this one with you. By partnering with one of our expert designers at The Black Goose Design, your home investment will be effectively maximized. A master design plan and layout for your home is essential for all the design pieces to come together with ease and style. We can create an entire vision for your space from start to finish with a plan and a purpose that will fit your personal lifestyle for you to enjoy for many years to come!  

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