An Exclusive look into our Designer Home Renovation with Randi Smith Pt.4
Thursday Mar 21 2019

Welcome to our final post on Randi Smith's historic home renovation. Randi is an extremely talented designer and also manages The Black Goose Design. The last few weeks on the blog Randi has given an exclusive inside look on her design renovation journey with helpful design tips on remodeling a home. Today she is sharing some updates she has made to her master bedroom. Each of Randi's home renovation projects has had different timelines, budgets and expectations. Randi and her partner, Dave, knew they wanted to tackle the majority of the home right away and quickly prioritized each project. New paint, flooring, kitchen, roof and HVAC were all a must and these major projects were well underway in a relatively short amount of time. However, there was one space that Randi and Dave were not quite ready to tackle, the master suite.

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This spacious room consists of a bedroom, sitting room, two tiny closets and a very large bathroom. Renovations can be costly and extensive and with major projects already in the works prioritizing projects became essential. Randi and Dave came to the conclusion rather than using a portion of their budget to pay for housing outside of the project, they chose to live in their project. They needed a space that was somewhat construction free and could offer a place they could sleep, eat, bath and store additional belongings. This master suite was very large and seemed to satisfy those needs. The master bedroom was often referred by both Randi and Dave as "the apartment" because it is almost the same size as their first apartment, making for an ideal living space while construction downstairs could begin.

double french doors

The master suite holds ample room for many design options to be considered. Dave likes the idea having a sitting room and thought it would be a great idea for both of them. But, Randi knows the two tiny closets will never be able to house her shoe collection. Brainstorming through exactly how you will use a space can be a helpful tool when trying to make the best use of space. Randi and Dave are still contemplating on final decisions that will be the most beneficial use of space to both of them. Renovations are a constant work-in-progress, Randi suggests to  carefully consider all design options that will best suit your lifestyle before making any final renovation decision.

master bedroom

The master bathroom is considerably large and consists of a giant shower and two smaller pedestal sinks. The overall distribution of space is not ideal for Randi and Dave. The decision was made to hold off on diving into remodeling this area of the home which was a good choice for them. Randi feels it is best to evaluate exactly how her and Dave wanted to live and utilize the space before renovations take place.

 remodel and renovation

This charming home was built in 1899, and it is important to Randi to keep a classic and timeless style within the home.  Keeping true to the historic nature of the home, Randi knew some things would remain in this space which included the French doors that open up to a beautiful patio overlook. These doors would remain in the same place so an investment in custom draperies were in order. The existing bedroom and bathroom colors did not work for their design vision so the entire space was painted the same bright white that was selected for rest of the home. 

home remodel

The lighting features were also updated including ceiling fans with additional recessed can lights that were dispersed throughout the space giving adequate lighting for the large room. Randi selected lighting fixtures that were affordable and classic so that they could still be used in the future-remodeled suite.

paned french doors

The new hardwood floors that were installed throughout the rest of the home were stopped at the master bedroom threshold. Why? Randi and Dave's plan is to move walls and perhaps even the entrance to the master bedroom. Randi mentioned, "I did not want to invest in new flooring knowing the layout could eventually change. I specifically had selected white oak floors in a classic Jacobean stain so that they would be easy to match when the time comes." 

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Randi is also contemplating a herringbone pattern for her new wood floors. Installing the wood floors in such a pattern will aid in easing the room transition so that minor differences in the flooring and wood stain would not be obvious.

  oak wood flooring

dark wood stain flooring

Randi and Dave would have liked to finished their master suite along with the rest of the home, but the reality was they had to be flexible and wise in where they needed to put their funds first. Budgeting and planning are essential to making home renovation a success.

textured throw pillows

upholstered bed

The updates that were made to this space were great long-term design decisions. The lighting, paint and draperies will all be kept as they continue to reinvent and renovate the entire space. 

master bathroom white paint

A fresh coat of paint really gives the biggest bang for your buck! As you can see, updating this space with a new crisp white paint gave the entire room a rejuvenated feel.

master bathroom soaking tub

pedestal sinks 

modern artwork 

With just a few minor updates less than $1,000 was spent, yet these updates bought Randi and Dave additional time to come up with the best design plan for this space. Living in and evaluating how they have lived in the master suite allowed for Randi and Dave to more fully develop a functional design plan that is absolutely ideal for them. This refreshing new space is a continuous project and has excellent direction of where it is going. Randi and Dave feel this space is renewed and suits their design style for now; however, they cannot wait to continue their renovations in this space.

modern iron bed

As designers we are always delighted to assist you in creating a solid master design plan for any project, whether that project may be a new build, remodel or updating and refreshing your home. Thank you Randi for sharing your personal renovation journey. We are looking forward to sharing the total completion of this historical home project in the near future. 


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