A Look Inside Our Latest Home Project
Wednesday Mar 8 2023 by Stacey Beyer

More than two years ago, Monica Woodland, an interior designer here at The Black Goose Design, stepped in to help a local Utah family with the finish work in their relatively new home. After having lived in the new build for two years, the family was ready to work on updates to the cabinetry and flooring, the beams and columns, the paint and wallpaper, and other finishing details. Today, we’re delighted to sit down with Monica and share the first half of this inspiring two-part reveal!

The Black Goose Design 

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“When I first met my clients, they had only been living in their newly built home for two years,” Monica recalled. “They had a few goals with the project. The first goal being to make their spaces more welcoming and homier as they entertained family and friends. Having four children, including a set of triplet boys, they constantly have friends in their home and they wanted more room to welcome any all who happen along. They also wanted to beautify and complete several spaces. With these goals, we got to work.”



Upon entering this home, you’re greeted by a statement piece, proving that every area of a home has something valuable to add.

entryway design ideas 

“I always strive to include a statement piece in the entry way of a home,” Monica said. “If someone only comes to the front door, what kind of message is your entryway conveying? Is it representing the overall look and feel of your home in the way you want it to? If your entry could use a refresh, consider a large area rug, a place to sit, and a spot to remove a coat.”

 bench seating


Once through the beautiful entry, the great room makes everyone feel right at home with its ample seating and overall welcoming ambiance.

blue home decor

“We wanted to increase the seating so everyone would have a place to relax,” Monica noted. “We used two full-sized sofas, two swivel chairs, and two poof ottomans, which are not only darling but also very comfortable as seats.”

 ceiling beams

Overhead, the lighting was updated and ceiling beams were added. Both elements work together beautifully to warm up the space.

“For a custom touch, we added the beams,” Monica said. “This brought the floor color up and added warmth.”

Here's a before shot of this space. Love the transformation!

how to update a new living room


When thinking about finishing touches, always think about items that will reflect those living in the home.

personalized decor 

“We completed the look of the room by adding custom drapery and accessories that really displayed the love this family has for each other, their horses, and the great outdoors,” Monica mentioned.


When adding books to shelves, pull some of the largest ones out and use them as statement items with other display pieces. Simply place them horizontally to create the base of a display stack.

reading nook ideas

For books lined up on the shelf, we often suggest removing the book jackets, as they can quickly get tattered and are often hiding a pretty book cover beneath. Removing the outer jackets creates a more polished feel.

how to style books


Because this home is nearly brand new, much of the work focused on enhancing existing elements. Take the rich blue on the cabinetry in the kitchen. It was already in place and really created a theme to work with throughout the home’s otherwise neutral foundation.

 kitchen island design

“I took hues of that blue and worked them into other spaces,” Monica said. “Creating this kind of cohesive connection makes the home feel larger and creates natural flow. If you want to give this design concept a try, take a pillow from a coordinated grouping of pillows located in one room and pull it into another room. The connection created will work to create the illusion of added square footage by mentally expanding the overall space.”

 how to decorate a kitchen

farmhouse sink


The kitchen in any home is often filled with much love, so Monica and the homeowners knew they wanted to warm up that area.

dining room trends for 2023

“The curtains framing the dining space make it feel inviting and cozy, which is just what we wanted for this central gathering spot,” Monica shared. “We also selected a custom table and chairs that could expand during the holidays to accommodate extra friends and family.” 

Here's another shot of how this room looked before. The textures added definitely warm things up! 


We can’t wait to share part two of this home reveal with you in our next post this month. Until then, you can contact our team at The Black Goose Design for more information on any of the ideas shared here. We love when a finished project can help inspire something you’ve been working on. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

 ways to warm up shiplap

A special thanks to these homeowners for including us in this memorable project. We’ve loved working with you and can’t get enough of the outcome. Your home is stunning! 

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