Designing for the SWEETEST New Shop in Utah
Wednesday Jul 27 2022 by Stacey Beyer

The shop is Sweet Bath Co, but the name should actually be SWEETEST Bath Co, as Melissa and Alexa, the business owners, have put their hearts into creating a company that supports working moms. 


“I was a new mom and my daughter hated the bath, so we created these really fun bath bombs,” Alexa recalled. “We thought, if we can take one stressor out of the bedtime routine… let’s do it!” 

And do it, they did. Sweet Bath Co has been in business for two and a half years now, but they only opened the doors of their first brick-and-mortar store at Traverse Mountain in March of this year. Del Reanne Lucas Wilson, a senior designer at The Black Goose Design, helped make that happen.


“We met with Del Reanne in October of 2021 and started the planning process,” Melissa said. I knew what I wanted for our space and she definitely helped bring that vision to life!”


“Between my initial conversations with Melissa and their company their logo, I could see what they wanted … what they needed, “Del Reanne added. “We saw eye to eye from the beginning, which was really fun.”

From that instant connection and shared vision came this gorgeous outcome.


“I find the success of any project is based on the synergy of the client and the designer. When you come together and feed off each other and love a project together, you always have a much happier end result. That was certainly the case here,” Del Reanne added.


While certain design principals ring true whether you’re designing a residential space or a commercial one, there are aspects unique to commercial to consider.


“I love designing commercial spaces,” Del Reanne said. “More people get to see and experience your work, so creating a space the public really enjoys and watching people over and over and over come in and react is very creatively fulfilling.”



Del Reanne comes from a rich background in commercial design and knows you only have mere minutes to capture your audience and set your desired tone.


“When designing a commercial space like this, you have to give the audience an experience as soon as the step through the door,” Del Reanne explained. “You only have three seconds to make your first impression. It was our goal at Sweet Bath Co to create a space that feels fun, fresh, lovely and a bit elegant.”


“Stores often feel full and crowded,” Melissa added. “We knew we wanted a more open feeling and a very relaxing and welcoming environment. Light woods and lots of white… We wanted the shop to feel bright and happy, but also a bit fancy.”



When designing a leased space, you can sometimes be met with elements to work around. In this space, one such element was the flooring. It would have taken the project well beyond the budget to replace it, so it was up to the team to work with it and make it all come together seamlessly.

“Unless the flooring in a space is spectacular, you don’t want to make it memorable,” Del Reanne said. “Where this warm, orange-toned floor was already in place, it was my job to work with it and not make it look like a mistake. We wanted to draw the eye up and create the focus someplace completely different. Our solutions for doing that ended up being some of my favorite features in the store. The chandeliers are spectacular! They make the biggest pop! And the crazy gold metallic flowers on the walls really add a ‘wow’ to the entire space!”



A commercial space has unique needs, which can mean unique fixtures and pieces. The Black Goose Design can help with that!


“A lot of people don’t realize we can create custom casework,” Del Reanne noted. “It’s one of the many services we offer. Here, we designed the gorgeous front counter specifically for this business, and I adore it!”  



Retail often calls for unique areas and experiences within the larger space. That was the case at Sweet Bath Co.


“We needed to create sections to support the various product types,” Del Reanne explained. “A kids section… A bath and shower section... A seasonal section… A gift section… The trick is making each section feel unique but also cohesive and on brand as a whole.”



We saved the best for last. In a retail space, the design should ALWAYS complement the product on display, not over overpower it.


“Creating a beautiful space is important, but you want to equally highlight the product,” Del Reanne explained. “You don’t want either one to get lost. Especially when that product is as beautiful as this. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen. I knew we needed a backdrop that would showcase that kind of beauty and uniqueness.”



It’s easy to see the outcome of this collaboration does the brilliant products at The Sweet Bath Co justice. The shop, like the specialty bath products within, is relaxing. As you walk in, you’re not only greeted by the best smells imaginable but also a truly serene scene.  



Of course, the calm sweet Sweet Bath Co provides extends well beyond their Traverse Mountain retail shop or even a soak using their high-quality bath products. For them, it’s about adding much-needed mom calm. It’s why they’ve created a business owned and run by women that focuses on supporting women. From their design and fulfillment center to their storefont, Sweet Bath Co employs nearly 25 females, most of whom are busy mothers. For them, that’s the ultimate success story and the foundation of their happy brand.   


“I seriously can’t wait to get to work every day,” Melissa remarked. “We take dancing breaks and get to chat with friends all day. It is so much fun! We couldn’t ask for a better group of employees or a better way to recharge and bring more balance to all areas of our lives.”


Del Reanne worked primarily with Melissa on this project and felt an instant connection to her and the brand’s supportive mission.


“Melissa and I had the same excitement and vision, which I found very motivating. I mean, my desire to please is always huge, but when you add that kind of mutual excitement, it catapults it. I would do anything for Melissa. She’s darling and delightful. She’s so creative. Plus, she’s a really hard-working mom supporting other hard-working moms. That really resonates with me on a personal level.”


Wanting a solution to end-of-day bath time chaos, Sweet Bath Co ultimately created something even bigger. Even better. An inviting place to relax and feel supported. A memorable place to not only shop but to immerse yourself in beauty. Experience it all for yourself and stop by this serene storefront at Traverse Mountain soon.


Not in Utah? Don’t you worry. You can also shop their fabulous assortment of specialty products online

Bell Canyon Home Reveal, Part 2
Wednesday Jun 22 2022 by Stacey Beyer

Welcome back to the brilliant Bell Canyon Hom in Sandy, Utah, one of the latest projects to reach completion for our team at The Black Goose Design.


If you’ll recall from Part 1 of this two-part reveal, this home was the ultimate in collaboration, involving a previous home owner who started the build, our sister company, GV Construction, who completed the build and breathed modern design into the project, and design work by more than one senior designer on our team at The Black Goose Design! Wow! That’s a bunch of talent and vision behind one locale. No wonder the outcome is this beautiful!


Picking up where we left off, we have more favorite features to share, as well as design takeaways for you to try in your home today. Let’s go!

NOTE: All imagse taken by Lindsay Salazar Photography unless otherwise noted. 



For a home this substantial, an average front door simply wouldn’t do. It’s hard not to be smitten by this grand entrance!


“As you walk up to the home, the front door immediately grabs your attention,” Joe Long, co-owner of GV Construction and The Black Goose Design, said. “Everybody who sees it is like ‘whoa!’ It’s a huge pivot door, measuring 10’ x 7’. It’s incredible!”

FAV FEATURE: The Cantllever Decks

These statement areas are extensions of the interior living space.

“Another favorite aspect of this home are the cantilever decks. The doors are bifold collapsible, creating a seamless extension from the interior to the exterior of the home,” Joe remarked. “The way these decks extemd out, with the nearby Bell Canyon Creek running through the yard, it brings that beautiful outdoor sound and ambiance inside as soon as you open the doors.”


image credit: Coldwell Banker Homes


Like the dimensional design of art work, a design idea shared in our previous post, let’s layer on ideas to apply to your home.


The Rule of Thirds design principle relates to the strategic placement of three focal items. Did you know you can group a bunch of items together to equate to a single stop in your Thirds trifecta?


Even though this bookshelf holds multiple accent pieces, it still acts as a single focal point when grouped with the two adjacent art pieces. As a whole, the trio creates a well-balanced occupant for this space. Look for a decorative shelf in your home and see if it might be enhanced with the addition of two counterparts. You could try art, as we have or opt for large plants, an ottoman, or any other substantial presence. 

Of course, a pair of shelves is equally as striking!



Ottomans are popping up in homes everywhere right now! With as versatile and CUTE as these smaller furniture pieces are, it’s easy to see the BIG appeal Here are just a few of the awesome ottoman benefits:


  • Being smaller, they’re easy to tuck under thin side or entry tables. This both fills the space nicely and keeps extra seating close at hand.
  • They’re light weight, making them easy for even kids to grab, should they need to pull up another chair.
  • They stand alone. Float a pair under a fireplace, add them as seats at the heads of the dining table, or place one next to a soaker tub. Ottomans are so attractive that you certainly don’t have to tuck them away.
  • They’re more than just added seating and foot rests. Ottomans are also excellent options when you’re in need of a side table, a game table, or another convenient surface.



When working on a remodel or new build, don’t wait for walls and floors before ordering tables and drawers. Order furniture and high-end appliances as soon as possible. Our designers can work from floorplans and blueprints to help you select properly fitting pieces. If you’re a visual person, we can even create 3D renderings to help you see how those pieces will look in the finished space, long before a single wall gets framed. Why? Because lead times are currently lengthy and you don’t want to be stuck waiting when your project is done.


“Right now, custom upholstery orders and high-end appliances are taking from nine months to a year to be delivered,” Denise Johnson, one of the senior designers on this project, shared. “Don’t wait for your home project to be done to start placing your orders. The last thing you want to do is get moved in and then have to wait a long time for the furniture. If you’re sticking to a budget and furnishing areas in stages, prioritize key areas like the great room, primary bedroom, and dining room. You can then focus on the other areas as time and finances allow.”


Before we conclude this two-part tour of the stunning Bell Canyon Home, we'll leave you with a few final looks at the home.  





Need help on a remodel project? Call The Black Goose Design today to get connected with the pros at GV Construction. 

Bell Canyon Home Reveal, Part 1
Wednesday Jun 8 2022 by Stacey Beyer

Not all projects we take on at The Black Goose Design are new builds and remodels. We like to call this gorgeous Bell Canyon home an inherited project. Welcome to Part 1 of this two-part home reveal!


Lindsay Salazar Photo


The home started its life in the loving hands of its previous owner more than a decade ago. In that time, construction got underway, but life also happened and the build was never completed. Enter GV Construction Renovation Specialists. Like Gardner Village and its flagship stores, CF Home Furniture & Design, Down to Earth, and Layers Bedding, GV Construction is one of our sister companies, owned by the talented sister/brother team of Angie Gerdes and Joe Long. 

“I focused on building and construction,” Joe said. “As my partner and equal, Angie puts her expertise to work overseeing the furnishings and décor. It was definitely a tag-team effort.” 

As you can see from these before and after shots, the Bell Canyon Home underwent quite the transformation under GV Construction.



Lindsay Salazar Photo



Lindsay Salazar Photo



 Lindsay Salazar Photo

The collaboration continued at The Black Goose Design, where more than one senior designer on our team worked with Angie on the interior details.

Lindsay Salazar Photo

“I loved working on the finishing touches with the furniture and accessories,” said Denise Johnson, senior designer. ”It’s fun to see the project come to life at this phase.” 


Selecting a favorite feature on a home like this is a tall order, but here are just a few of the many standouts:

FAV FEATURE: Surroundings that Inspire

This Bell Canyon home is located below Snowbird in the impressive Little Cottonwood Canyon. With such a backdrop and the amazing 360-degree views, it’s no surprise that the home took on a mountain modern design scheme.

Lindsay Salazar Photo

“This home’s location really does check all the boxes,” Denise said. “Location: check! View: check! Private/secluded: check! It’s like the windows are works of art on the walls. Each window offers another amazing view, from the city view to the mountainside to the shrub oak in the yard, there is so much to take in.”

 Lindsay Salazar Photo

“As soon as I visited the property and saw the Bell Canyon Stream running through the property, I immediately had ideas and visions for working the home’s impressive surroundings into the design,” Joe added.

That majestic Utah scenery certainly inspired the home’s interior. From the stone work throughout the home, including the unique granite backdrop in the kitchen, to the striking wood detail throughout, it’s easy to see how Utah’s backdrop inspires the details.

Lindsay Salazar Photos


This home leaves us with many inspiring takeaways. Here is one of our favorite tricks to try in your home today!



Add dimension to your art pieces by layering a few accessories in front.


Lindsay Salazar Photos

On Part 2 of this massive home reveal, scheduled for June 22, 2022, we’ll share more of our favorite features and design ideas to try, plus a look at some of the top 2022 design trends. We can’t wait to see you then. In the meantime…


Good news! This home, completely furnished, can be yours! It went on the market last week. See the listing here for more information and even more pics! 


Need help on a remodel project? Call The Black Goose Design today to get connected with the pros at GV Construction. 

The Marx/Herr Home Reveal, Part 2
Wednesday May 25 2022 by Stacey Beyer

Welcome back, friends! We can’t wait to share part two of this gorgeous Marx/Herr home reveal. But first, you can take a second look at part one of this home here. Not going back for seconds would be a mistake. It’s just THAT good!

photos by Lindsay Salazar

Filled with florals, spring feels like the perfect time for our show & tell of this brilliant space. You’ll find its fresh femininity takes a turn toward the linear on the lower level of the home.


To bridge the gap between the softer stylings upstairs and the richness downstairs, The Black Goose Design senior designer, Del Reanne Wilson Lucas, worked with the home owners to create a seamless transition area outside of the more masculine media room.


This open, airy space is welcoming and provides plenty of room for family and friends to gather.


To create the design transition. Softer patterns were strategically placed with more geometrics and heavier textures. By setting the tone in this way, the shift to a more masculine area doesn’t feel at all jarring or out of place.

This rug was a perfect piece for this area of the home. The blush/blue combo pulls influence from the upper and lower levels.


TIP: Your home doesn’t have to be one style exclusively. Well… on second thought, it does — YOUR style. To create that, don’t hesitate to blend looks. Our team at The Black Goose Design can help you create smooth transitions and a harmonious look overall!


No wonder this space is a family favorite. The lush charcoal corduroy sectional is as comfortable as it is stunning. It’s topped with a sweet drizzle of caramel in the form of leather chairs and accent pillows. Together, it creates a warm space to relax.


We’d like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the Marx/Herr family for inviting The Black Goose Design to be a part of this memorable project. The end result is nothing short of spectacular!


Feeling inspired? Good news! Many of the fixtures, fabrics, and finishes seen in the Marx/Herr home are available now at The Black Goose Design. Stop in today to get your favorites! 

The Marx/Herr Home Reveal, Part 1
Wednesday May 11 2022 by Stacey Beyer

Welcome to the Marx/Herr residence, one of our latest design projects in south Salt Lake County. We’re delighted to unveil this show-stopper home with you and the many inspirational takeaways you can apply to your own design work.

Marx residence 

Home: Marx/Herr Residence

The Black Goose Design Team Member: Del Reanne Lucas Wilson

Photography: Lindsay Salazar

Project Timeframe: 20 months

Home Style: …It’s complicated


Why complicated? Well, the home was purchased as a nearly-finished new build, so the style was already in place — a contemporary industrial design. While the home owners were quite taken with the amount of space in the home and the fabulous neighborhood, they weren’t seeking an industrial look. Enter Del Reanne. It’s at times like this that having a trained professional at your side can make all the difference. Del Reanne saw the challenge in transforming the space but certainly didn’t fear it. She knew that with the right furniture and pieces in place, the homeowners’ true style would come shining through.

The Black Goose Design 

And just what is that style? The female home owner, with complete support from her fiancé, knew she wanted to infuse her personal preferences for the fun, feminine, light, and happy. You’ll see a French Country influence, but with a modern take, which complements the home’s foundation beautifully.

french country influence 


The key to making an established structural design bend to meet another style preference is often in selecting the right pieces. Where the home's industrial structure incorporated black, these gorgeous display pieces flanking the fireplace were the first big purchases, setting the tone for the design work to follow. The curve of the arch offers a softer, more feminine finish, and the shelves décor items work to further that feel.

modern yet feminine design

arched bookcases 


A fast track to femininity is florals! From wallpaper that wows and impressive artwork to floral displays and fabric choices, the bold blooms bring this home to life!

modern floral design 


primary bedroom design style for 2022

As far as transforming an established style was concerned, the bathrooms proved the biggest challenges. They had a very industrial look to them and yet it didn’t make sense to gut a brand new build. Flowers to the rescue! The ice blue florals with the gold and silver accents on this wallpaper were just what this powder room needed to take the edge off.

floral wallpaper 

TAKEAWAY TIP: Statement pieces don’t have to be furniture. Key accessories can work just as well to capture the look and feel of a home. The huge ginger jar on the fireplace mantel is a lovely example.

jinger jar 


Another easy way to weave a particular feel throughout a home is in your fabric choices. The selection used on the draperies, decorative pillows, linens, etc. certainly strike a lighthearted note.

soft fabric choices 


This home is certainly not without its modern moments. For example, the use of black seamlessly ties the modern with the French flair. In theory, this could seem like an odd pairing, but this home proves otherwise. The harmonious blend creates a space that’s as comfortable and casual as it is elegant and fresh.

 modern design with feminine touches


While this entire home is a perfect 10.0, you’ll want to sit for these statement stops on our tour.


With spare rooms available and a home owner with a healthy respect for fashion and style, it only made sense to transform an entire spare bedroom into a closet!

 Del Reanne Lucas Wilson designer

Everything in this room was custom made, including this swoon-worthy shoe storage!

Lindsay Salazar photography 

Of course, the light fixture takes an already-amazing space and adds even more brilliance!

 guest room transformed into a closet

TAKEAWAY TIP: Don’t limit your thinking when it comes to extra rooms. How many times do homeowners feel they have to have a dedicated guest room when, in reality, they rarely have company? If you have another way that you could use the room so much more, go for it! It’s your home and you should absolutely make the most of every square foot. 


Since this is the home to a happy couple, you will find more masculine influences as well. (Wait until you see the magical media room in our next post!) The one exception? The office! This beauty is a space created exclusively for the female homeowner who also happens to be a female entrepreneur who loves entertaining and welcoming business associates to her home. The spacious office perfectly captures this phenomenal woman and her impeccable style.

elegant home office design 

Many have said this is the most beautiful desk they’ve ever seen. They aren’t wrong.

 bold powerful soft art

The big and powerful yet soft and feminine floral artwork is no accident. It’s a beautiful reflection of the dedicated business professional occupying this office. 

TAKEAWAY TIP: Don’t just choose something pretty to hang on the wall. Think about the message it conveys and what message you might want conveyed in the space.


Since the homeowners enjoy having house guests, much thought and loving detail went into each of the spare bedrooms. The best part is that no two guest rooms are alike. They each have their own personalities. Of course, they also complement the home as a whole, keeping up the continuity.

how to style a guest room 

guest room design looks to love

TAKEAWAY TIP: Just because it’s a guest room, doesn’t mean it can’t represent your style and interest. Guests will enjoy seeing your influence infused in their surroundings. No need to keep things generic or stale. 

SEE YOU SOON (on May 25 to be exact)

That’s it for joining us on this first portion of this magnificent Marx/Herr home tour. Join us on May 25 for a look at the rest of this inspiring original! 


See something (or many somethings) you love? Stop by or contact The Black Goose Design in Midvale, Utah to discuss how you can make this inspiring style your own.  

Beautiful Basement Remodel Inspiration
Wednesday Mar 9 2022 by Stacey Beyer

Is there an area of your home that triggers the "One of These Things is Not Like the Others" song from our old-school Sesame Street days? The basement is a common contender. This remodel of a 20+ year-old home's basement definitely completes the gorgeous look and feel of the rest of this Kaysville, Utah, home. See how we took this space out of the, ahem, limelight, and into the modern day with impressive before-and-after pics, design rendering ideas, comforting color schemes, and more! 

PROJECT: Kaysville Basement Remodel
DESIGNER: Sam Atkinson
PHOTOGRAPHER: Lindsay Salazar 


Or... in this case, a little less color. ;) Yes, a bright color can help lighten up a dark basement, but opting for a white or pops of color works to both lighten up a room AND keep it feeling calm and inviting. 

BEFORE design before and after


built in media center

We love that these home owners aren't afraid of color. By adding gorgeous earth tones, the space feels intimate and relaxing while still neutral. 

2022 kitchenette design 

TIP: Don't be afraid to use color as a neutral. Shades of green and blue often work in a neutral capacity and can add more warmth than traditionally thought of neutrals. 

 warm color scheme



Remodeling a basement isn't always easy. As the base of the home, you frequently have load-bearing beams/walls, duct work, and other elements to consider. In this case, these three awkwardly placed pillars couldn't just come down, at least not without taking the rest of the house with them. So, Sam Atkinson, The Black Goose Design expert on this job set out to problem solve.


how to remodel a basement 

Consulting with the project's contractors, she found a solution that not only keeps the support in place but also opens up the room — a built-in media center. By adding two larger beams where the outside pillars were, they were able to safely remove the center pillar, leaving the ideal spot for this new focal point of the room.

Sam Atkinson designer

 AFTERThe Black Goose Design

Thanks to vital duct work, the ceiling above this space is lower. Placing the media center strategically under this lower area, adds to the built-in design and leaves more room for seating, including an extra large sectional, perfect for family!


family room furniture ideas

TIP: Consult the pros. Basements frequently come with obstacles that can be dealt with, but it's best to work with trained contractors and designers to ensure you proceed with caution.


Okay, so sometimes the word "old" is frowned upon, but it's very positive in this space. By "old," we simply mean things you already own. Existing. Loved. Yours! A key to making a new space feel like "home," whether it be a new build or a remodel, is in the pieces you already own. There's no need to start from scratch with decor. Blend some of the old with a bit of the new to create YOUR ideal surroundings. Adding new greenery to the homeowners' collection of pottery, for example, is an easy way to take the decor to the next level without starting over.

how to style a coffee table 

Even some of the furniture was already in the home. Isn't this bed stunning? It was already in the house and didn't even need a drop of paint. By pairing it with these modern surroundings, you get an amazing outcome! 

modern traditional design 


This basement is a lovely example of modern traditional design. It brings together florals and other classics with bolder prints and clean lines. In this darling guest room, the bed frames and wallpaper are more modern, while the accent pillows and linens are more traditional.

 cute kids room ideas


At one point, the playroom was closed off in this basement, which didn't support the owners' desire to have their entire family together. By knocking out that wall and eliminating the smaller room, the space gained a bunch more room for all to gather. Of course, the grandchildren still needed an area all their own. The solution? This stylish reading nook. 

modern reading nook 

With ample pull-out storage, including storage that pulls out from the bookshelf (so cool!), the beloved toys and favorite reads remain at the ready for the younger guests. The whimsical house wallpaper offers a youthful vibe but also blends seamlessly into the rest of the space.

how to create a play space that works with the rest of the room

TIP: Hidden storage is a great way to house toys and things that might not otherwise "fit" the look and feel of the area. Plus, it makes clean up a breeze! 


The home owners have 10 kids and many grands! They love spending time with their impressive family and wanted a retreat to welcome them. We'd say this breathtaking basement certainly fits the bill. The kitchenette, guest rooms, play space, and living area all create home-away-from-home happiness. The finishing touch... a bathroom remodel!


bathroom update 


beautiful guest bath ideas 

Wow, what a difference! (Dibs on the mirror!) 


Sam was so sweet when asked what her takeaway tip is from this project. 

"I'm not trying to sound boastful or brag, but it really does help to work with a designer on a project of this scale. We know how to see potential in a space that might not be seen otherwise. We can create exact design plans before a single change is made. We're trained to work side by side with contractors so the homeowner doesn't have to be a go between. Most of all, we LOVE getting to know our clients. It's about more than just building a strong connection with them because we adore them; it's about knowing them to ensure the finished result is an accurate reflection of the amazing people they are!"

best place to buy furniture in Utah

Not boastful at all, Sam. You're absolutely right! It does help to work with an interior designer for so many reasons. Plus, it's just more fun to tag team it. We have a team of trained experts at The Black Goose Design, ready to help you on your next project. Stop by or give us a call to discuss your ideas soon! 

Interior Home Design that Brings the FUN
Wednesday Nov 24 2021 by Stacey Beyer

In our last post, we took you inside the impressive South Jordan, Utah, home that proves modern design is quite inviting. From various natural elements and textures to an earthy color scheme and a focus on fabulous lighting, the home embodies warmth.

 The Black Goose Design

Today, we see another feature this home exudes — FUN! The lower level brings all the entertainment a person could want home. Not a bad thing in these pandemic times! Actually, not a bad thing at any time. This space is an entertainer’s dream and gives a family night at home all new possibility. Take a look!



Before we make our way downstairs, we must pause to check out this COOL home office! Work from home? More like PLAY from home!  

 home office ideas

No, that’s not the garage. It’s actually an extension of the homeowner’s office! Check out those custom, marbleized floors. Certainly not a bad view or backdrop for those Zoom calls!

custom garage flooring 

All that hard work can work up an appetite. Good thing there’s a kitchenette for those midday (or late night) snack breaks!

 kitchentte design


Yup, this home actually has its own sports bar. Game days just got a lot livelier!

 in home sports bar


Forget sticky floors, sitting next to strangers, freezing temps, and overpriced concessions. With a home theater of this caliber, it’s like going out to the show but with all the comforts and intimacy of home.

 home theater

Roll out the red carpet! The entry way adds to the theatrics with these amazing custom sliding doors.

custom sliding doors 


Whether you want to hit the shooting range, put around the golf course, or toss a pigskin on the field, you’re headed in the right direction. Down this corridor is the entertainment wing of the home, which includes various sports simulators. FOUR!

adding fun to home design 



Vino aficionados, we advise you take a seat for this one. It takes the home wine cellar to new heights!

modern wine cellar


An in-home safe is never a bad idea. Opt for a fireproof option and rest easier, knowing your important items have added protection.

 home safe



Of course, the lower level of this awesome abode isn’t all play. There are various living spaces that offer a comforting spot to visit and make all who visit feel at home.

2021 home design trends

natural modern

 sleek bathroom design


That concludes our tour of this imaginative, unique, captivating home. It’s been a project for The Black Goose Design for a year and a half, so this Reveal Day is always a bit bittersweet. Designer Denise Johnson has loved being a part of this family for this stretch of time and knows they’ve created a connection that will last. We now invite YOU to create your own connection as you create the home of YOUR dreams. Bringing your vision to life and helping you pinpoint what that vision is fills us with joy. Whether you’re building or simply updating, no task is too big or too small to capture our interests. Stop by or call today to get your next project underway.



Nearly all furnishings and décor in this post are available through The Black Goose Design.

Pillows and throws provided by The Black Goose Design and Layers Bedding at Gardner Village.

Photos taken by Lindsay Salazar.

Home interior design was a collaboration between the talented homeowners and The Black Goose Design team member, Denise Johnson.

Modern Design Meets Warmth In This SoJo, Utah Stunner
Thursday Nov 11 2021 by Stacey Beyer

When you think of MODERN design, what impressions come to mind? It’s commonly thought that modern = cool or sterile. (Especially in a space that's quite large!) This stunning South Jordan, Utah, home, which stands at an impressive 10,000 sq. feet, proves that couldn’t be further from the truth.

entertaining staging


 modern home design

Through strategic use of texture and an organic/natural influence, this residence is cozy and welcoming — a perfect complement to the warm people who call this beauty home.

 stagement fridge


As soon as you open the front door, it’s clear that this home brings the stunning outdoors in. In fact, the stone that adorns the front exterior also wraps around and lines the entryway of the interior.

interior stone

 south jordan utah home

You’ll also find various other natural influences throughout, including gorgeous wood detail, plants, stone, and an earth-toned color scheme.

earth tones sofa

modern sideboard 

 wood paneling ceiling

 modern bedroom furniture


A great way to warm up the clean lines and geometric structure of a modern design is with texture. From bricks and wood to granite and metal, the strategically placed finishes add movement and a cozy feel to this home. They've even added water features to the organic mix! The lesson here: Don't be afraid to bring exterior elements IN! 

wall mounted water feature

wood accent wall in bedroom 

metal wall treatment 

fireplace design

granite countertops

Various beams and wall treatments were even made to look like concrete. Very cool! 

faux concrete interior


Another way to brighten up a home? Windows! 

home with a view

So. Many. Wonderful. Windows.

two-story kitchen

We love the way these homeowners opted for minimal window treatments (electric roller shades), which they keep open most of the time. Not only do they allow natural light to flow freely in, they also treat the eyes to the gorgeous Utah surroundings!

 electric window roller shade


Various light fixtures throughout the home provide ample warm lighting, adding to the relaxing ambiance.

 bedroom lighting ideas

Isn’t this cabinet lighting in the bathroom a nice touch? It would be a great addition in a guest bath, as you could leave it on at night to guide guests without causing a distraction.

 under cabinet lighting

Of course, the chandelier above the tub isn't bad either. (Swoon!) 

soaker tub styling

Don't be afraid to take risks with your light fixtures. Selecting pieces that make YOU happy will set your home apart from the rest and allow your personality to come shining through. Isn’t this linear light hanging above the two-story ceiling in the kitchen a cool statement piece?

unbelievable kitchen lighting ideas 

The homeowners weren’t afraid to take risks with their lighting, and those risks pay off in a chic and unique way!

unique dining light 

 modern chandelier ideas


Who says girls get to have all the fun. The gentleman homeowner is a visionary who had brilliant ideas for this entire abode, including the oh, so FUN lower level. Join us next time for an inspiring look at how to make your house into an entertainment mecca. With these design ideas, you’ll never have to leave home again!

 sports bar in home


I’m going to miss these homeowners and our regular encounters. After seeing them weekly for a year and a half, we've established a tremendous connection. I consider them dear friends of mine. That's the wonderful thing about an extensive design project like this. The designer and the homeowner(s) really get to know and understand one another, making it an exciting and rewarding process." --Denise Johnson, The Black Goose Design, Midvale, Utah


Nearly all furnishings and décor in this post are available through The Black Goose Design.

Pillows, throws, and bedding provided by The Black Goose Design and Layers Bedding at Gardner Village.

Photos taken by Lindsay Salazar.

Home interior design was a collaboration between the talented homeowners and The Black Goose Design team member, Denise Johnson. Well done, all! 

The Black Goose Design

Reveal Day: Stunning Mountain-inspired Home
Wednesday Aug 11 2021 by Stacey Beyer

Hello, and welcome to the latest project to be completed by The Black Goose Design, the magical Canyon Residence!

photo credit: All images provided by Lindsay Salazar Photography.

photo by lindsay salazar

At last, our big reveal is here! After two years in the making (from lot selection to completion), we’re delighted to finally pull back the curtain and share this inspiring canyon home. This is a big home, so we’re splitting our tour into two parts. Today, we're looking at how the stunning mountain surroundings have influenced the architecture and flow of this inviting residence.


With the unreal mountain backdrop, a seamless living space seemed a must. Inspired by the GRAND mountains, we went large to accommodate that inside-out-vibe.


In a space this size that flows from the interior to the exterior, large floor tile works well. It’s durable yet sophisticated and connects the two areas of the home nicely.

indoor outdoor living space


Such an impressive view deserves nothing less. Floor-to-ceiling windows create the feeling of being at one with your surroundings, and who wouldn’t want to be connected to this serene scene?

wall of windows


The mountainous terrain even inspired the architecture of the home. Check out the how the roof peaks and valleys mirror those of the surrounding landscape.  

mountain inspired architecture

Inside, the unique angles and lines continue. We worked with the architect to focus the views of the home on the mountains, which required veering from a traditional rectangular floorplan. This can, at first, seem overwhelming. It isn’t. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at The Black Goose Design with any questions you might have about maximizing space that doesn’t follow the standard mold. We love the challenge and have many tips for working with floorplans of all sizes and types.

The Black Goose Design projects  


This home is a gorgeous example of transitional design. As the name suggests, this style transitions beautifully between modern and traditional, sampling elements from each aesthetic to an equally classic and fresh feel.


On the traditional side, we used stained white oak on the interior doors, while the custom-designed baseboards and door casings add a modern profile.

 transitional design

For seating, we paired classic menswear patterns on the upholstery with more traditional frames.

living room design ideas 

upholstered dining chairs

Working with this homeowner on this house has been an absolute treat. In fact, it’s the fourth project our designer, Randi Smith, has worked on with these particular homeowners, including our 2018 Parade of Homes residence. From the early days of visiting site lots with the owners to today’s big reveal, every step has been a memorable experience. We can’t wait to share part two with you soon!

A Look Inside Our 2021 Parade of Homes Residence (part 2)
Wednesday Jun 16 2021 by Stacey Beyer

Welcome back to The House That She Built, which is available to tour as a part of the Utah Valley Parade of Homes, now through June 19, 2021! 

Utah Valley Parade of Homes 2021 

In our last post, we shared the details behind this special home and a look at the bedrooms our team members at The Black Goose Design put together.

primary bedroom design ideas 

Today, the fun continues with a walk-through of the rest of the home. You’re in for an inspiring treat! The designers behind the main, upper, and lower living areas of the home went above and beyond.

NOTE: All images of The House That SHE Built featured in this post and our previous post were taken by Amanda Peterson.

MAIN LEVEL LIVING SPACE (designer: Allison Campbell)

Allison Campbell Design


Love the idea of a mantel but don’t want its footprint eating up limited space? Opt for a slim fireplace frame in an accent color. The color will make the statement without the need of a larger piece, and you’ll still have enough room for chic (and sleek!) décor!

 low profile fireplace mantel

SHE-influence: Cabinets for Miles

You’d be hard-pressed to find a woman alive who complains of too much storage space. No wonder a home engineered, constructed, and designed by women makes storage a priority!

kitchen storage ideas 


UPPER LEVEL LOFT (designer: Kimberly Parker)

Kimberly Parker Design 

SHE-influence: Homework Happiness

One of the many neat things about this home being created completely by women is the way its design supports the demands of motherhood. No place is that more felt than this open study area. The ample use of natural light makes it a bright and inviting space for young scholars to focus on their studies. Having a designated study space makes the daily the homework routine easier to embrace and enforce.

homework station design ideas 


LOWER LEVEL LIVING SPACE (designer: Kimberly Parker)

Kimberly Parker Design 

SHE-influence: Room to Move

This space takes the expression “my kids are climbing the walls” quite literally. Unlike days gone by, parents aren't as able to simply send their children outdoors to get their wiggles out. SHE to the rescue, with a room design focused on so much more than screen time. So cool!

 unique home gym ideas for kids

 built in play house ideas for kids


One of our favorite things about any Parade of Homes is seeing the various design trends being showcased. It’s a wonderful opportunity to gain ideas and inspiration, and this home certainly delivers. Here are just a few of the looks throughout this home that we’re loving right now:

TREND TO NOTE: Color Blocking

Welcome to the block party! You’ll notice several color-blocked elements (items with solid blocks of different tones) used throughout this home. A gorgeous example in the main living area can be found on the drapes.

color blocking trend 

Look closely at the decorative pillows in the entryway and bedrooms. They’re another inviting example of color blocking.

entryway design ideas 

The Black Goose Design

Layers Bedding

Even the Roman shades on the kitchen window, in their own way, reflect color blocking. However, in place of two colors, it’s a block of color paired with a block of glass. The two-tone outcome remains and is enhanced by the use of two-tone cabinets. 

 roman shades

Finally, you'll find big block appeal on the shower curtain in this bathroom designed by Chell Broadhead for Cambridge Home Company

 chell broadhead

TREND TO NOTE: Geometrics

We know, we know, it’s summer. The last thing anyone wants to do is discuss geometry, but we can’t help but adore the striking geometric shapes used throughout this home. It’s a way to add interest and pattern in a way that doesn’t feel busy. From the details on the front door to the overhead lighting, a linear look greets you as soon as you enter.


You'll take a step in the geometric direction on these VERY cool stairs.

unique stair risers

If you look closely at the backs of these stools, another geometric pattern is at play.

 modern kitchen stools

THE HOUSE THAT SHE Built — It’s About Opportunity

A Parade tour through The House That SHE Built concludes in the garage, where the walls are lined with images of the incredible women who made this plan a stunning reality. It’s a scene that made a significant impact on Utah’s Lt. Governor, Deidre Henderson.

 Professional Women Builders

The House that SHE Built

In a recent event honoring this project, Lt. Governor Henderson reflected on how she couldn’t help but relate the garage scene to the government buildings she’s served in throughout the years, where the portraits lining the walls are predominantly male. In fact, in Utah’s 125-year history, only 31 senate seats have been held by females. No wonder the garage scene had such an impact!

 female career opportunities

The House That SHE Built is about so much more than inspiring design choices. It’s about inspiring females everywhere and reminding them that they can be anything they put their keen, capable minds to! With your visit, we hope you’ll embrace the opportunity to have this conversation with your amazing girls AND boys. Let the experience empower change and continue to open doors of opportunity for all.

Utah Lt. Governor Henderson 

Thanks for taking this virtual tour with us today. We hope to see you at the Utah Valley Parade of Homes for the LIVE tour soon. You only have until June 19, 2021 to stop by. Get your tickets here

A Look Inside Our 2021 Parade of Homes Residence (part 1)
Wednesday Jun 9 2021 by Stacey Beyer

Hello! Come on in! Welcome to The House That SHE Built.

This is a project near and dear to our hearts, and we’re SO EXCITED to share the big reveal!

First, a few important things to note:

  1. You can see this home in person now through June 19, 2021 at the Utah Valley Parade of Homes.
  2. The House That SHE Built is just what its name suggests, a home engineered, built, and designed exclusively by women. Construction has always been a male-dominated field, and this home is opening doors in more ways than one! Read more about it here.
  3. All of the beautiful photos featured in this post were taken by Amanda Peterson Photography.
  4. This home is for sale! Interested? Check out the MLS listing


Okay, on with the reveal. Today, we’re going to focus on the areas of the home that two of our team members from The Black Goose Design, Denise Johnson and Randi Smith, furnished and decorated — the bedrooms! There are four bedrooms in this 3,200 sq. ft. home.



Showing SHE-support

The drapes used in the bedrooms of this home were provided by a woman-owned business we admire — Annie Selke.

annie selke

DESIGN TIP: Interior Brick Work

Nope, that's not brick paneling. It's actual brick. Did you know you can get thin brick, which looks amazing as a feature wall inside the home! Don't let its thin finish fool you; brick laying is an undertaking! We recommend you hire a professional for the install. 


We know we said we were going to focus on the bedrooms, but this primary bedroom tour doesn't feel complete without a look at the amazing primary bath, designed by Chell Broadhead of Cambridge Homes. 

chell Broadhead Cambridge Homes


Bathrooms are getting a major upgrade with these all-inclusive spaces, designed for a full shower AND a soaker tub. 




DESIGN TIP: Focus Wall Wisdom 

The accent-wall game is changing. In place of bright paint, walls are being treated with texture and pattern. Consider millwork, wallpaper, etc. Believe it or not, homeowners are even adding woodgrain tile to their walls right now, which creates a cool effect in areas like bathrooms where moisture is a factor.

ditsy floral wallpaper Nesting with Grace


For this room, we were delighted to use Ditsy Floral wallpaper, designed by one of our fomer collegues, Brooke Christen, who worked with us for 17 years before moving across the country and starting Nesting With Grace. We love that she was able to be here and collaborate on this project! Her wallpaper is the perfect feature-wall finish!



DESIGN TIP: Tone-on-Tone Millwork 

A great way to accent a wall without overwhelming a smaller space is a tone-on-tone treatment. Here, we added thin millwork, which adds tremendous interest while maintaining an open feel. 





DESIGN TIP: Stained Poplar

It’s no secret that lumber is hard to come by right now. If you love the look of oak but are having a hard time getting your hands on it, try using poplar. It will save you money and stains beautifully. That’s what we did to create the accent wall in this room. 




We mean it when we say we LOVE every design project we have the pleasure of working on, but this one will forever hold a special spot in our hearts. Being a part of this movement and working alongside brilliant women in construction and design is empowering and important. Plus, money raised on this home is being put towards creating more opportunities for females through scholarships and other financial support. Join us next week as we see the rest of this life-changing home and celebrate more gifted women and showcase their talents! 

Modern Farmhouse, Cozy Living
Thursday Oct 22 2020 by Stacey Beyer

Who says a home can’t be sophisticated and cozy at the same time? This remarkable new residence (and recent The Black Goose Design project) in Riverton, Utah, is proof that you can have the best of both worlds — a place that’s as stunning as it is inviting. Come inside; we’ll take a look around!

front door ideas 

Nothing says “inviting” quite like a roaring fire. Having this fab fireplace be the first thing to greet you upon entering sets a warm tone in more ways than one.

front entry ideas 

The warmth continues around the corner, with furniture and accents in rich, fall hues. 

“Fun” is another adjective to add to the long list of words describing this home. It’s hard to beat a large game set at the ready, welcoming players to sit for a bit and enjoy some screen-free entertainment.

DECORATING TIP: Make a statement with a large focal piece. This oversized chess board does more than add a great game option on rainy days. It adds decorative interest. Plus, because it’s all located on a single item (the game board), it’s easy to set out of the way when the ottoman is needed for kicking up those feet.

Rounding out the great room, the kitchen feels completely cohesive with its living room counterpart.


Look closely and you’ll see that this striking space is also loaded with decorating tips to apply in your home. Let’s discuss!


DECORATING TIP: Citrus often evokes feelings of summer sunshine, but citrus fruit is actually an excellent choice to use for pops of fall color. Pair them with more seasonally thought of items (gourds, mini pumpkins, etc.) for a fresh take on fall.


DECORATING TIP: Look beyond countertops. Adding interest to a kitchen doesn’t have to clutter those beautiful countertops. Think of other open space, such as the stovetop. Simply station your items on an easy-to-move surface, such as a tray or cutting board, and set the pretty display aside in one simple step when it comes time to cook.


DECORATING TIP: Lanterns often equal light, but don’t let that idea limit your creative potential. Fill lanterns with other items of interest, such as floral arrangements, fruit/veggies, seasonal décor, and more!

Ready for some major wow factor? This kitchen is keeping a little… errr… make that a BIG secret. Behind the far wall, a butler’s pantry is built in. Warning: Prepare yourself for some serious storage envy.


The rest of this remarkable residence is equally as stunning. Let’s go on a little room-by-room walk through, starting with the rest of the main floor.


More like master sweet! You can’t help but feel a serious sense of calm as soon as you enter this space.


While the room is fairly neutral in color, it is alive in texture. The combination is on trend and beautiful!

The master bath follows the same lead, with various textures and an overall calm about it. Of course, can a soak in a freestanding tub like this leave you feeling any other way? So relaxing!





Things to note in these essential spaces:

1. The stunning metallic wallpaper in the laundry room. When the light hits it just right, it really puts on a show.

2. The different flooring and how it works to add interest and movement to the space as a whole.

3. The cohesive vibe created using minimal accents, clean lines, and home-inspired décor items.


Question: Would one really get any work done in this room, or would they be too distracted by its beauty and the view out those amazing, large windows to get anything done? What a sophisticated space to place those Zoom calls!



Channeling The Dixie Chicks, we’re all about these wide-open spaces!



Okay, let’s make our way downstairs, where this home continues to put on a show with its brilliant autumn ambiance, farmhouse charm, and overall warmth. 



See that blur in this photo? That's Denise, the design mind behind this gorgeous home. She was far too engulfed in the process and every gorgeous detail to pause for pictures. (Plus, she’s a tad camera shy.)


Christy, Tyson, and their children call this stunner home. We sat down with Christy to discuss her experience working on a design of this scale.


“I know what I like, but I sometimes have a difficult time with size and scale,” Christy said. “Denise is amazing; she can simply look at an area and know sizes and how things will and should fit within a space. That isn’t an easy thing to do!”

“We worked with Denise on every aspect of our home,” Christy continued. “She helped me design all the cabinets, pick out the floors… even the stone for the outside of the home. Having someone by my side throughout the process who truly understood the look we wanted made all of the decision making easier.”  


We’re always curious about how our clients find us at The Black Goose Design, so we asked Christy that very question. This is what she had to say: “We went to a Parade of Homes before we started building. There was a home we loved and found out it was designed by The Black Goose. That’s how we knew exactly where we wanted to go.”


We worked with Denise from start to finish because we clicked right away.



Q: How would you describe your style?
A: Farmhouse style, for sure. I don’t want it to be like I own horses and live on the pumpkin patch. I’d be a poser. So minimal shiplap, not all distressed – a more modern take.


Q: What advice do you have for someone just entering into the design phase of a project or new build?
A: Patience is everything. It all takes longer than you think it will. Keep the big picture in mind. Eventually, you’ll be living in the space and loving it.


A (part 2): Also, don’t take it too seriously. Have fun with it. Trust your gut.

“Denise was great about reminding me of this when I’d feel conflicted or stuck on a decision,” Christy recalled. “’If you love something, just get it and we’ll make it work,’ she’d say. ‘If it speaks to you, you have to buy it and find your spot for it. Trust your gut.’ And that’s what I did. Now that the project is complete, I can see how she was absolutely right. The pieces all fit together beautifully and bring us joy. I’m so glad we followed our instincts.”


Q: What’s next?
A: Honestly? I keep stringing Denise along, because I don’t want it end. This entire experience has been so much fun, and I just love spending time with Denise.


Q: Based on your lovely previous answer, we think we know the answer to this one, but we’ll go ahead and ask it anyway. Would you recommend The Black Goose Design to a friend or neighbor?
A: Absolutely! We just loved working with the company. Everyone there who helped out did a great job. Of course, that goes double for Denise. We’re super happy with the way everything turned out!


Thanks so much for the tour of your incredible home, Christy and Tyson. The team at The Black Goose Design has loved going on this journey with you and couldn’t be happier for you now. For anyone reading this who’s about to enter into a design project, whether it’s an entire build or simply an update of a space within your home or business, we invite you to stop by or give us a call. Collaborating is our favorite! We hope to see you soon.

A Look at Mountain Modern Design
Thursday Jul 2 2020 by Stacey Beyer

Q. What do you get when you combine the scenic backdrop of Utah’s Wasatch Mountains with a style that epitomizes contemporary cool?

A.  Mountain Modern Design


And Mountain Modern style is exactly what this stunning Park City residence embodies!


“When it comes to a Mountain Modern design, striking the right balance is crucial,” says Ali Thomson, The Black Goose Design lead designer on this home project. “You go too modern, and it feels like an art gallery. Not modern enough, and it says cabin.”



With any client collaboration, our goal is always to begin by capturing the client’s dream for the look and feel of the home. Just because this divine dwelling sits at 6,000 ft. in elevation doesn't mean it needs to feel the least bit rustic.


“The homeowners had a very clear vision for their home,” Ali explained. “This is their primary residence, not a lodge, so we intentionally avoided commonly used mountain-inspired motifs. No skis on the ceiling. No moose head or pictures of buffalo on the walls. No wool blankets. But we did want to weave more subtle outdoor inspiration throughout, balanced with a blend of contemporary.”


While you won't find a buffalo on the wall, that's not to say you won't find other interesting animal influence here and there. ;) 



Even in an amazingly modern home, it’s easy to bring the peace of the outdoors in. From plant placement and wood works to stone styling and metal marks, let’s check out a few of the many striking mountain-meets-modern touches found inside this home:


MOUNTAIN: Walnut stain

MODERN: Front door design

Before you’ve even set foot in this home, its style is made clear. The front door is a brilliant blend of mountain and modern.


“If this door were all black, it would have been way too cold and modern,” Ali noted. “By warming it up with a walnut stain, it creates the welcoming feel of home.”


MOUNTAIN: Wood trim

MODERN: Metal accents

Upon entering the home, the three lights above the entryway continue to bridge the mountain-to-modern gap. Find these and other wood/metal fixtures at The Black Goose Design.



MOUNTAIN: Stone mantel

MODERN: Linear beams

It doesn’t get much more mountain than rock. The eye-catching rock surrounding the fireplace meets its modern counterpart at the ceiling, where the clean lines of the beams intersect.



The fireplace stone is actually part of the home’s structure, both inside and out. In fact, this house was designed by Upwall Design Architects, with the stonework being a key element. The architectural design of this floorplan is as technical as it is incredible. And to see the flawless way the construction team at Kent Construction brought such involved blueprints to life is remarkable.  The Black Goose Design experts were thrilled to round out this design trio!




MODERN: Planters

Whether you opt for real or artificial, potted plants are an on-trend way to bring the outdoors in. There isn’t a right or wrong in the number of plants you use. That has more to do with personal preference. But you do want to pay attention to your plant containers. To go modern, consider a concrete finish, hairpin legs, or other midcentury-inspired aesthetics.   



TIP: If you’d love to go green but find your thumb doesn’t always cooperate where real plants are concerned, check out the gorgeous artificial fig and olive trees available now at The Black Goose Design.



There’s nothing cool about this home… errr, by that, we mean nothing cold or uninviting. From a design standpoint, it’s all sorts of cool. It can be easy to go too modern with design, creating a harshness that is anything but inviting. By working in the natural influences of the home’s mountain locale, it creates a welcoming warmth that’s undeniable. Even with all its cool sophistication, it feels like a home you can rest and relax in with the ones you love. Doesn’t get much better than that.



Now that we’re rock solid on what Mountain Modern is all about, let’s look at several tips to note as you consider your next design project or home update.


TAKEAWAY TIP #1: Find your common denominator

The easiest way to design a home is to first select a key inspiration point to take the lead on all remaining choices. In the case of this casa, that element was the incredible stonework. Because it incorporates a plethora of amazing neutrals, it acted as a color coach for everything else.



“You should have seen us as carrying huge pieces of rock with as we shopped for every home detail,” Ali laughed. “We’d walk into fine showrooms and unearth this slab of stone from a big, beat-up bag, covered in debris, all to ensure we were selecting the perfect paint, carpet, and wood finishes.”  


TAKEAWAY TIP #2: Create something all your own


Did you know The Black Goose Design can order handcrafted, 100% custom furniture pieces for your home? This dining set, for example, was handmade by Amish crafters at Fusion Dining. No production line here. Everything from the stain, the wood used, the shape, and even the apron (beveled edge) were hand selected by the homeowners. Fabric was also selected and sent to Fusion Dining for the chairs. The rug that ties it all together is available at The Black Goose Design. What does the dining room of your dreams look like? We want to make it your reality!


TAKEAWAY TIP #3: Expand your seating

Up your seating with a thin console table behind your sofa. Besides added seats, you’ll find it’s a great place for kids and adults alike to craft, snack, play games, do homework, and so much more.


Sofa, console table, and bar stools: The Black Goose Design


TAKEAWAY TIP #4: Bring the backsplash to the bathroom

Why should the kitchen have all the fun? Tile the space surrounding a soaker tub to create a sleek bath backsplash (bathsplash?).


Bath and kitchen tile: Venetian Tile & Stone Gallery

Bench and accessories: The Black Goose Design

Of course, the kitchen tile isn't to be ignored. It's equally as elegant and also from Venetian Tile & Stone Gallery.


TAKEAWAY TIP #5: Keep things light

Free up valuable nightstand space with wall sconces or hanging pendants.


Pendant lights: Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallary 

Speaking of lighting, take a look at these lights, which hang above the kitchen counter. They're definitely modern in design, while they almost have a mountain look to them with their fun shape and all. Cute! 

 Same is true with these darling bathroom pendants. 

TAKEAWAY TIP #6: Embrace subtle asymmetry

One of these things is not like the other. That’s right, there’s a lone black pillow on an otherwise light, neutral sofa. You might say the sleek black decorative pillow is the splash of modern mixed in with a mountain of nature-inspired neutrals. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your decorative pillows, including both asymmetrical placement and color selection.


Decorative pillows: The Black Goose Design

You'll notice an asymmetrical placement with the pillows on this bed. It's a subtle touch that adds interest.


This guided hike through Mountain Modern at its best has yet to peak. Let’s take in a few final scenic shots of our sophisticated surroundings.





For help turning the home of your dreams into the home of your reality, whether it’s a new build or a update to an existing one, call or stop by The Black Goose Design today.

A Look Inside the Newly Remodeled Powderbird Lodge
Thursday Apr 9 2020 by Stacey Beyer

Just what is a Powderbird, anyway? No, it’s not some rare feathered species. It’s actually an unforgettable heli-skiing (helicopter skiing) experience offered right here in Utah. Skiers and snowboarders come from all over the world to be carried via helicopter to backcountry mountain peaks, where they’re then left to cruise down its slopes. Unfortunately, for as unusual and awesome as this experience is, it’s home-base facility didn’t have that same wow factor. Here’s a look at what the Powderbird lodge looked like before its remodel. 

 powderbird remodel


With its green, rubber flooring, the acoustical ceiling, and stark, white walls, the words “school cafeteria” come to mind. Nothing about the space suggested “once in a lifetime skiing experience.” 

 business design services

ski and snowboard experiences


The last time this space was updated was back in 1995. The Powderbird team wanted a fresh look — one that would accurately reflect the impressive experience they offer. Randi Smith, one of our expert designers at The Black Goose Design, was delighted to step in and help this bird soar into 2020 on a high note.

 GV Construction

Jessika Long, who works for Powderbird and headed up this design project on their end, actually has a special connection to The Black Goose Design. 

“I worked for The Black Goose Design for a year before taking on my role at Powderbird,” Jessika said. “So when this project came up, I was super excited to go back to design, which I love, and work with my talented friends again!”  

Even with her design background, Jessika understood the importance of having a partner to work on this project with. 

“It was nice to have a hand to hold,” Jessika said. “Having Randi on the project as a consultant reinforced the decisions I was making. With her, I knew it was all coming together and was going to look good, even when we were far from finished.”

A good design experience is always about collaboration. For as much as Jessika appreciated Randi’s help, Randi loved being a part of the Powderbird team with Jessika and the many others who were involved with the remodel. 

“I loved working with Jessika and the team at GV Construction,” Randi said. “Jessika was my intern a few years ago and then a designer at The Black Goose Design. Some of our past projects include work together on the phase-one remodel of Archibald's Restaurant, designing for a 2018 Parade of Homes house, and the remodel of Jessika’s parents' home. The team at GV Construction and I have also done several commercial projects together. Previous experiences as a group is never a requirement when starting a project together, but it sure doesn’t hurt. Because we’ve worked together before, it was easy to pick up and begin working together to achieve a beautiful goal on this project.”

 The Black Goose Design


Whether you’re looking for someone to lean on completely or you simply want a sounding board to offer advice in a consultation or two, The Black Goose Design team is ready to support you and your project.


“When I couldn’t find the last few pieces I needed to complete our remodel, Randi gave great recommendations and feedback,” Jessika said. “She also had smart suggestions for the stone used on the fireplace and backsplash. She even helped me measure the entire space to make sure things would fit properly before purchasing anything. Having Randi available throughout this process was such an asset. Whenever I found myself stuck, I could count on her to provide the missing piece. And from a budget perspective, it was wonderful to be able to pay for design consults here and there as needed vs. hiring a full-time designer.”

ski lodge remodel


At The Black Goose Design, we recognize the unique needs businesses have when it comes to furniture. Clients often want their pieces to have the comfort and sophistication of home but also be able to withstand business traffic. It’s why we carry top-grade manufacturers, known as much for their style as they are for their quality and craftsmanship. 


“We have clients coming in and out with big, bulky equipment,” Jessika said. “We knew we needed furniture pieces that could take a good beating and still look good. We found several furniture options that would withstand such use at The Black Goose Design. We ended going with Wesley Hall Furniture. We chose fabric from Sunbrella, which holds its pigment very well… perfect for sitting in our really big windows, where it gets plenty of sun. The fabric also protects against water damage, which is important. Of course, for as durable as it all is, it’s equally gorgeous!” 

 Little Cottonwood Canyon

Even if you don’t have a business to furnish, quality furniture that's made to last makes a difference. We carry pieces that stand up to children and grandchildren, house guests and renters, pets, and nearly any other challenge you might want to throw at it. The same is true for dining room pieces.

 Hooker Furniture

“At Powderbird, we serve our guests two meals a day,” Jessika added. “This means a lot of wear and tear on the dining furniture as well. I knew The Black Goose Design carried Hooker Furniture, which is really well known for its extremely high-quality wood pieces. With our guests eating in their ski boots, such durability was important to us, and we just love the sophisticated look these pieces add!” 

“Jessika had a very clear vision of how she wanted the space to function when the remodel was complete,” Randi recalled. “She wanted high-end luxury, but also somewhere where you could stomp about covered in snow. And that’s just what we were able to achieve.”



Whether you’re updating your home or business, The Black Goose Design will help you add your signature style to everything you do.

 custom furniture options in Utah

“It was really fun selecting the fabric and finishing touches,” Jessika recalled. “With so many options to choose from, we were able to select textiles that complement the cabinetry, backsplash, granite, etc. It really allows you to pick pieces that fit your surroundings!” 

salt lake area design services 


Sometimes it takes a business to help a business. Commercial spaces present their own unique challenges and requirements. Our team is well versed in what those needs are and how we can best help you meet them to ensure a successful outcome. 

 powderbird resort

“In designing this space, we had many regulations to follow,” Jessika recalled. “We had to meet specific ADA standards and codes.It’s a different realm of functionality than designing for a home. This is another reason I was glad to have a designer to collaborate with. Randi was a huge help in many different areas. She really does understand the importance of staying on schedule, working with contractors, and designing for a commercial space.” 



“The views at Powderbird, which face down Little Cottonwood Canyon, are phenomenal,” Jessika added. “I love that we now have a facility that matches those views in its beauty. And everything functions so much better now.”

Wasatch Mountains 

“Jessika and I walked the space early on in the process, discussing the layout and how the space should function,” Randi added. “Since it would be used for breakfast during the day and a second meal after the heli-skiing adventure concluded, we knew we needed to make the most of the seating availability while also leaving enough open space for clients to freely and comfortably move about. The solution we came up with is the live-edge seating along the west wall of windows, which ended up being my favorite thing about this remodel. It gives guests room to dine comfortably while also experiencing the unbelievable view of Little Cottonwood Canyon down to the Salt Lake Valley. Talk about a room with a view!”

 room with a view


When we asked Jessika what her employer thought of the remodel, she had this to say: 

“They were thrilled! They said this update changes everything in the way we’re able to serve our guests. They’re so excited and pleased with the overall look. They love that we’ve created a space that our clients can really buy into and enjoy.”

 kitchen cabinet ideas for commercial space


Powderbird is certainly a unique business, but its needs aren’t all that unusual. Like any business, they want a space that reflects their brand and leaves their guests with favorable impressions. We can create that for you at The Black Goose Design, and the outcome will be one you can actually see reflected back to you in the way your customers feel when they’re with you. 

durable furniture for office space 

“With helicopter skiing being so weather dependent, clouds, high wind speeds, or heavy snowfall can mean delays,” Jessika said. “People spend a lot of money to come to Powderbird, often flying hundreds of miles to be here. They look forward to the day so much, so it’s easy to understand how weather delays can cause stress. However, since remodeling our space, we’ve seen a noticeable change in our clients when they have to wait. Where people used to get anxious, they seem at ease and comfortable. Having an inviting sofa, big, comfortable chairs, and a large TV over a warm fireplace will do that. It all creates such a calming effect and helps eliminate guest anxiety. It just goes to show how a well-designed space really can make a difference in the business you do.” 

 Wesley Hall Furniture


Due to current Covid-19 concerns, The Black Goose Design is open for design services by appointment only. You can schedule an appointment via our website. Stay safe, dear friends! 

The Spendlove Home, part 2: Design ideas for bedrooms, baths, media rooms and more
Thursday Mar 19 2020 by Stacey Beyer

Welcome back to the Spendlove home. Our last look at this breathtaking dwelling took us through the kitchen/great room, the living room, and the entryway. Today, our tour of this impeccable remodel continues in the owner’s retreat. 

Spend love home remodel

Before we take a deeper dive, let’s pause and see what this space looked like when Kari and Scott Spendlove moved in.

how to make over a bedroom

And today… 

Colarusso Construction

Wow! What a difference nine months of hard work makes! Like the living room (seen here), the barrel ceiling in this room is thanks to the talents of Trent Colarusso and his team at Colarusso Construction. 

master bedroom design ideas

how to create a small sitting area

bedding trends for 2020

how to layer a bed

Once the room’s structure was so beautifully established, Ali Thomson, one of the extremely talented designers at The Black Goose Design, continued her work on the Spendlove home, creating a place here that's all about the R&R! 

Ali Thomson

how to make a king bed


There isn’t much to say about this calming corner of the Spendlove home except, “ahhhhhh!” 

master bath design ideas

design a spa at home

double vanity updates


master bath standup shower

Such a tub setting ought to come with fineprint: “Warning: High risk of pruned skin due to prolonged tub exposure; enter at your own risk.” 

soaker tub

Of course, the shower is not to be ignored. Looks like either option puts the “Oh!” in H2O.

classy bathroom fixtures

designer tile work

DESIGN TIP: Don’t hesitate to ask for exactly what you want. This window treatment wasn’t found in any store, but Kari and Ali knew a window this grand needed the perfect finishing touch. The pros at The Black Goose Design can have custom designs created to complement your specific needs. The same is true for nearly every chair and sofa we carry. Don’t like the color/finish? Let’s swap it! Your wish is our command! 

handcrafted window treatments

2020 bathroom trends


This media room all started with a tile sample. Kari loved this flooring (and we don't blame her!), and Ali and Trent took it from there, creating a media room that rivals old Hollywood. 

gold faucet and knobs and pulls

Classic Hollywood home theater



Ready for a major wow? This room once looked like this: 

amazing home renos

Trent’s team rebuilt the entire space, adding the coolest custom door, stunning wall paneling and lights, creating a look straight out of the Golden Age. 

custom sliding doors

home theater design tips

Ali added the comfort, with sectional seating, chic decorative pillows, and a center ottoman that serves as both a table and a padded place to kick up your feet! 

family room seating ideas

She even found a media cabinet that perfectly blends with the wood work in this incredible space. 

media cabinets

DESIGN TIP: Keep it personal. Wanting this room to reflect their family, Scott and Kari asked all of their children to share their favorite movies. They then selected and framed movie posters to represent their choices, with this particular poster representing a shared family favorite. 

personalized home decor ideas

No matter your media room style, you’ll find furnishings and decorative touches at The Black Goose Design to complete the look. Don’t hesitate to bring a photo of your room in to the store. Together, we'll find you just the pieces you’re looking for! 

media room special touches

how to dress up your tv room


Kari wanted her mother to feel right at home at their house, so created this space specifically for her. 

guest room design ideas

chairs for bedrooms

secretary desk

black and white bedroom ideas

DESIGN TIP: When gutting your kitchen in a remodel think of ways you can repurpose cabinets that still have some life left in them. These cabinets once lived in the Spendlove kitchen, and with a little elbow grease and updating, they look good as new in this guest bath. 

repurpose old cabinets

DESIGN TIP: Create unity within a space by adding cohesive patterns throughout. In this case, the delicate flower style of the floor tile also makes an appearance in the shelves of the shower. 

tile ideas


Kari’s mom isn’t the only lucky lady on the Spendlove guest list. Grandchildren are also frequent occupants. Kari worked with Ali to create this sweet room just for them. 

kids rooms 2020

room for granddaughter

little girls bedding


Speaking of grandkids, what kiddo wouldn’t love access to their own water fountain?! This hallway addition is so charming! 

chic interior design ideas

home water fountain

Down the same hall, it's all about the bomb lighting in the mud room! (Does it remind you of any tile we've seen?)

mudroom ideas

how to decorate with minimal items

Of course, the unique stained-glass window isn't too bad either! In our last post, this window was a Texas find, adding another bit of the Spendlove’s roots to their home’s design. 

DESIGN TIP: Think of design elements that represent aspects unique to your past and story. Such touches are sure to make your house feel more like home.


It's just us to push the laundry off until last. Nah. We kid. This may be a work space, but that doesn't make it any less fun than the rest of this remarkable home. Laundry? Fun?! Welllll… maybe not. But it sure would be more enjoyable in a room like this. 

laundry room ideas

laundry room decor

red and white laundry room


Don’t miss the rest of the impressive Spendlove home. It’s glorious great room, luxurious living room and enchanting entry will leave you inspired, whether you’re looking to update or simply love a little eye candy! 

entryways that wow

The Spendlove home tour continues here.


Did we wet your whistle? Ready to start your own home remodel?

black and white trend

Maybe you have your eye on a particular item from this post? The Black Goose Design offers both residential and commercial design services, and we carry the latest looks in furniture, wall art, area rugs, bedding, lighting and more for your home. Helping our clients bring their visions to life fills us with gratitude and delight. We can't wait to chat with you!

The Black Goose Design

The Spendlove Home: An Unbelievable Transformation
Thursday Mar 5 2020 by Stacey Beyer

“You should have seen where we started.” Scott Spendlove laughed as he gave our photographer the tour of his newly-remodeled home in Mapleton, Utah. “We’ve come a long way from that little one-bedroom apartment in Provo where we lived when we were first married.” 

Spendlove Home

Indeed! It’s easy to see why Scott’s beaming. After nearly a year of hard work, the home he shares with his lovely wife Kari is finally remodeled. From floor to ceiling, every detail looks magazine-amazing! 

The Black Goose Design

Being the warm people they are, the Spendloves have graciously invited us inside to tour their newly- finished re-design. Let’s go!   


“We live here!” Kari said several times throughout our visit, almost to herself, as if she were trying to pinch herself awake from a dream. Yes, Kari, this is YOUR breathtaking home. YOUR stunning vision. YOUR happily ever after. Here’s to a job well done. The Black Goose Design, and designer Ali Thomson specifically, LOVED being a part of this memorable transformation!

decorative pillow trends 2020 


The clean sophistication of the home hits you as soon as you enter. It’s a feeling that’s as calming as it is inviting.

how to style an entryway 

hallway design ideas


Just inside the entry, the living room takes center stage with its impressive barrel ceiling and detailed wood work on the walls.

wall design ideas

living room looks to love

cool chandeliers

clean and simple living room decor

These custom touches are the genius of Trent Colarusso and his team at Colarusso Construction (pictured with Ali and Kari below).

interior design help in Utah

The connection Kari, Scott, Trent, and Ali share is clear from the moment they get in a room together. The design/remodeling experience, with the right personality fits, is a very connective experience for those involved. 

music room styling 

“It’s so important for the designer/client relationship to click,” Ali said. “That’s absolutely what happened at the Spendlove home. The four of us quickly became close and caught a shared vision, which made the process smooth and FUN!” 

A remodel? Fun? Yes, it can happen, and The Black Goose Design will see that it does!


The main living area of the home reflects both the Spendlove family’s history and where it’s going, with pieces representing their past combined beautifully with new fixtures and designs. 

great room design 

game area of a home

“We had this wide-open wall space to fill,” Ali recalls. “I mentioned it to Kari and gave her a few possible ideas. From there, she found the perfect touch — these doors from Texas, the state they called home for many years.” 

how to decorate a large wall space 


Of course, it's the kitchen that puts the added GREAT in this great room. It's the stuff chef dreams are made of!

dream kitchen 

kitchen table with bench


When the Spendloves moved in, their kitchen looked like this. What a difference design updates make! 


With any design project, trust is paramount. The Black Goose Design prides itself on prioritizing the client/designer relationship. This promotes confidence and trust, which, in the end, leads to a space reflective of the client’s visions and then some. We never want the process of designing a space to feel overwhelming or unattainable. 

 Ali Thomson

“As we started this process, I was unsure of everything,” Scott recalled. “But as the work started to expand and I could see the direction we were headed in, it gave me great confidence in Ali, Trent and their teams. I knew they were doing this project right. Everything my wife had envisioned came together just as we hoped it would.” 

 Extreme home makeover

“I feel so grateful Scott trusted me to do what I wanted in our home,” Kari added. “I just love the way it all came together!”

 The Spendloves

We love it too, Kari! You and Scott have impeccable taste. We’re honored you looked to The Black Goose Design to turn your dreams into such a special reality. We know you’re going to make a lifetime of amazing memories with your darling family in this heartfelt space. 


Loving the Spendlove home? We are too! Join us again on March 19, 2020, for the second half of this gorgeous walkthrough. We’ll check out: 

  • The bedrooms: From the magnificent master to special spots created for family, you’re sure to be inspired!

  • The laundry room: It’s pretty difficult to make the task of laundry look appealing, but this space manages to do just that!

  • The home theater: Hello, old Hollywood! This space is close-up ready. You won’t believe the before-and-after. 

home theater ideas


Like something you see in the post? Odds are, it's available for purchase at The Black Goose Design. We carry everything from area rungs and wallpaper to furniture and light fixtures to decorative pillows and on-trend finishing touches.

stunning ceiling ideas

Ready to start your own design process? Our designers live for this stuff and want to help you bring your dreams to life. Stop by or call The Black Goose Design today so we can start putting your plans into motion. 

Designing for Commercial Spaces
Thursday Oct 3 2019 by Stacey Beyer

The Black Goose Design is known for home interior design, but did you know we also specialize in transforming commercial spaces? Whether it's taking an office from blah to ahhh or helping you decorate a brand new build from the ground up, we love helping business owners identify and create their ideal spaces. 

One of our recent ground-up projects — The Wheel Room at Gardner Village! 

Believe it or not, this gorgeous events space was once a dark and crowded furniture store basement. Today it serves as an in-demand spot to host weddings and receptions, corporate gatherings, reunions, holiday parties, and more. Phew! Designing a space that serves so many purposes? That's a tall order! But we were up for the challenge. Take a look at what our talented designer, Randi, did with this space. 




Like any project we approach, Randi first had to identify the client's wish list, as well as any unique requirements for the space. In this cool commercial area, that list included (but wasn't limited to) the following: 

* creating a cohesive design that works with the other events spaces already located in the historic Gardner Mill

* embracing the established industrial look of the mill and allowing its cool factor to shine, while also incorporating softer touches that complement such an asthetic

* designing a space that works for a variety of purposes, including corporate gatherings, weddings/receptions, reunions, and more



Just as you want the overall feel of your home to be cohesive from one room to the next, a business should maintain a unifying feel throughout. Fortunately for us, we were actually involved in the designing phase of the Archibald's Restuarant (also located in the Gardner Mill at Gardner Village) re-model a few years ago, as well as the design work in the various events spaces on site, so it was easy to pick up where we left off with this newest addition.

Of course, this isn't to say we can't come in and enhance a project we haven't already had a hand in. We absolutely can. We love picking up where someone else has left off to create the finished look you desire.  



It's not every day you get to offer design expertise for a building that was made before Lincoln was president. Talk about an exciting challenge! Our goal was to add touches of warmth that would let this one-of-a-kind building still come shining through as the star. Greens were a natural choice. They're a bright addition that will add life to any space (yes, even if those greens aren't, themselves, alive -- artificial works!).  

Linens increase the inviting aspect of a room. This is true in a home and can also be true in a commercial space. When appropriate, look for an area where you can add a bench or a few decorative pillows to a seating area. It can make all the difference in how your customers feel.

If throws and pillows don't make sense for your business, consider windor treatments and other opportunities to introduce fabric finishes.

When it comes to friendly details, inspiring words are a no-brainer. 


Finally, we worked warm and neutral shades in, like the reds woven into this divine table runner and the warm furnishings.



An old flour mill that functioned in Utah's pioneer days? Talk about a designer's dream today. Industrial is in! To enhance such a magnifcent canvas, we opted for classic simplicity. Clean lines and geometric shapes made sense and support the wheels and gears and such of days gone by.

The sleek contrast of black and white was another go-to choice. While very much on trend right now, black and white are also a classic choice that will stand the test of time. That's an imporatant aspect to consider when designing a commercial space. You don't want it to feel dated one, two, or five years from now.   



As mentioned, Gardner Village created this space to meet their many clients' needs. From high school reunions and wedding receptions to business meetings and corporate celebrations, it's a room for all. The room even has a smaller meeting space on site, which can be used as a bridal suite or a smaller business meeting space. 


To go from corporate-cooperative to happily-ever-after in a single room? It can be done! The trick is sublety. For example, romantic touches that don't scream lovey-dovey but still offer sweet touches in the background of those wedding shots.  

We also selected decorative touches that wouldn't be too distracting. The last thing you want is a room full of business women and men who are more caught up in the decor than they are the task at hand. 


We recognize that not all businesses serve a one-size-fits all purpose, and we have the tricks up our sleeves to ensure your space can effectively transition from one need to the next. 



It’s hard to imagine this bright, beautiful, open area was once the dark, crowded basement of a furniture store. To see it transformed in this way has been such a neat experience.




Learn more about The Wheel Room at Gardner Village here.



Being involved in your business is a highlight of ours! Whether you already have an idea for the direction you want to take your commercial space in or you’re starting with a blank slate, the team at The Black Goose is here for you. Give us a call to set up an appointment with one of our talented designers today.

Presenting a Designer Home Tour: Smalls Manor Pt. 2
Thursday Jun 27 2019

Get ready for part two of the stunning Smalls Manor, a historic home built in 1899 and located in the Avenues of Salt Lake City, Utah. This glorious home has recently been through a two-year design renovation completed by our own interior designer, Randi Smith. We are absolutely thrilled to give you an exclusive look inside of Randi's charming home. We had previously featured her lovely home on our blog during renovations, and if you missed it, be sure to check out the incredible before and after photos here

Randi felt the renovations that needed to take place should look fresh and modern, yet still capture the charm of a historical home. Classic and timeless materials were used to keep true to this home's historic roots. A fully-updated kitchen, complete with luxurious appliances, are definitely a highlight at Smalls Manor. We adore this bright, white kitchen with its accents of gold hardware and vintage pendant lighting. A large island was constructed in the center of the kitchen along with a counter bar to provide functional use and additional seating.

classic white kitchen

leather bartstools

We admire the sharp contrast of black and white features within the kitchen. They are oh-so-handsome! Classic coloring and sleek custom cabinetry were combined to create a timeless and seamless look. Here is a quick reminder of what this kitchen looked like before renovations took place.

utah interior design

black and gold stove

Randi also paid close attention to the architectural features of the home, such as crown molding and interior doors. She had a clear vision of how the interior details should be showcased and went to work on designing fashionable doors. These custom doors were made specifically for Smalls Manor, and the rich detailing of each door is amazing! We love the curvature and elegant lines of every unique interior door. They finish off the home perfectly.

white kitchen

custom door

gold hardware accents

Smalls Manor houses some incredible lighting fixtures. Everywhere you look there is a different visually stunning source of light. These kitchen pendant lights are a strong feature and visually echo a vintage look, which is ideal for this home.

kitchen lighting

kitchen pendant lighting

The kitchen and living space give an open and airy feel. This space is ideal for lounging in total comfort with friends and family.

designer accessories

As interior designers, we are always ecstatic when we have the opportunity to create a spectacular space for our clients. If you are thinking about starting your own renovation, building a new home or simply are needing a refreshed look within your home, we would be happy to be your partner and assist you in your design projects. Having an experienced interior designer by your side through the design process can save you valuable time and expense. We have the expertise and knowledge to bring your interior design vision together with ease!

custom sectional

This open living space is so welcoming and warm! The rich color palette is sophisticated yet casual. A custom sectional paired with a rich leather ottoman are ideal for this space. The Black Goose Design carries the highest quality upholstery companies, and can be completely customized to fit your personal design style!

Before this casual living space felt heavy and dark. A lighter bright paint and new window treatments completely transformed this room, The difference is amazing!

utah interior design

So many gorgeous details fill this room, and we love the idea of incorporating additional seating wherever you can. These sleek stools are tucked away perfectly but can be pulled out with ease if extra seating is needed!

accent ottomans

designer accessories

These custom roman shades give a pop-of-pattern without overwhelming the space. Window treatments can add fantastic texture to a room and will also visually help "frame-in" your windows. We especially like how these Roman shades complement the gorgeous original stained-glass window in the center of the room.

custom roman shades


roman shades

Custom, cozy chairs are abundant at Smalls Manor. This particular chair style is one of our favorites! We adore the high-back and the plush luxurious seat on these custom accent chairs. The exposed wood also highlights the chic lines of the chair frame and gives definition to both chairs.

custom upholstered chairs

custom upholstered chair

Off the kitchen is an endearing hallway filled with beautiful artwork (many art pieces are originals) that hold special meaning and are close to Randi's heart. Many of the art pieces are varied in scale and size making this hallway visually interesting. These fun art pieces have been arranged in a gallery-type styling which allows for flexibility to keep adding to her beautiful art collection with ease.

art gallery wall

At the end of the charming hallway, a darling door opens up into a quaint powder bath. This magnificent bathroom is complete with black and white hexagon tiling, an ideal selection for keeping true to this home's original style. 

black and white hexagon tile

As we journey upstairs, a lovely vignette is arranged at the top of the stairs which leads into the marvelous master bedroom. 


interior design hall

A serene scene of tranquil bedding and plush pillows make this master bedroom heavenly! Natural textures, combined with light coloring, give a peaceful ambiance throughout this room. When it comes to bedding, it is a good idea to select versatile main bedding pieces. By keeping your main bedding pieces neutral, this will allow for flexibility to mix in a variety of accent throw pillows or playful prints. This is especially helpful when you may be itching to switch up your bedding seasonally. 

master bedroom bedding

master bedroom

bedroom accessories

A delightful seating area, complete with a lush velvet chaise lounge, adorns this master bedroom. Randi visualized a small seating area in the bedroom where she could relax in total comfort at the end of the day. Natural elements are carried throughout this gorgeous seating area, and the large textured rug brings in an organic feel to this space and creates a cohesive look. Grand french doors are dressed with the most spectacular pleated draperies and are the perfect finishing touch to this master suite.

custom throw pillows

Master bedroom before

master bedroom

sitting area

The many renovations that took place in Smalls Manor have been completed with absolute design perfection! It has been our pleasure to share this incredible design journey of an extraordinary project and transformation. 

velvet chaise lounge

Our interior design team is always eager to partner with you in all of your design needs. We offer professional interior design services that will ease the design process. Whether you are building a new home, starting a renovation project or are considering refreshing your space, we would love to assist you through it all! Investing in an interior designer and having a design expert by your side will assure you that you are making the very best choice in your design selections. Our latest major interior design project Banbury Manor, was a property featured in the 2018 Salt Lake Parade of Homes. This stunning home had a beautiful master plan and vibrant vision. Each of our talented designers made this home a stunning design dream and tremendous success. 

Banbury Manor

great room

Each interior designer at The Black Goose Design is extremely knowledgeable, professional and will give you the expertise and guidance you desire throughout you design project. We would love to meet with you, to set up a design appointment click here.

custom door

We want to be your interior design partner in all of your projects, there is no better time then now to meet with one of our expert designers to start making your design dreams become a reality. Working with an interior designer will put you on the path to design success. Our knowledge in many aspects of design will give you peace of mind that your design project is properly managed and will deliver the gorgeous results you had envisioned.

Presenting a Designer Home Tour: Smalls Manor Pt. 1
Thursday Jun 20 2019

The Black Goose Design is so delighted to present a very special designer home tour. This beautiful home located in the historic Salt Lake City Avenues belongs to one of our designers, Randi Smith. Randi has been on a two-year journey renovating this incredible home that was built in 1899. We previously featured her lovely home on our blog while she renovated. You can check out the amazing before and after photos here.

We are ecstatic to finally reveal many stunning designer details throughout this home and give you an up close and personal sneak peek inside! Welcome to Smalls Manor, a charming home that showcases gorgeous interior design. 

exterior porch

As you are welcomed into this quaint entryway, a handsome vignette greets you. We absolutely adore the stunning floor, and the tilework is a work of art! The entryway sets a classic feel and style for the entire home. Randi felt it was important to keep many of the home's features timeless, as if these fabulous details had always been part of the home. 

home entryway

Below is a friendly reminder of what this space looked like before renovations took place. Amazing isn't it?! Look for the "before" photos so that you can see the stunning transformation of this extraordinary home! You will not believe your eyes!

Entryway before

Many striking lighting fixtures are displayed throughout Smalls Manor, giving such a unique and visual presence. We love how this round light casts gorgeous shadowing as you enter the home.

ceiling lighting fixture

One of our favorite upholstered furniture pieces is this custom-made bench. The textured fabric and tufted backing is simply stunning! Incorporating an upholstered piece into your entryway is a great way to create an inviting look to the space that welcomes friends and family.

custom entryway bench

tufted bench

The sleek lines of this bench gives a transitional and modern feel, and the nailhead trim combined with contrasting fabrics are delightfully picturesque.

entryway custom bench

Living room before

custom sofa

When starting a renovation, (or any design project) having a professional designer by your side can be a tremendous help and is a great investment. As expert interior designers, we have the ability to help you see the potential of your space and create a master design plan to suit your design style and needs. 

interior design Utah

We absolutely admire all of the soft textures within this space. The hair-on-hide pouf ottomans display soft curves and are such a pretty detail to finish off this sitting room.

pouff ottoman 

white fireplace

A simple yet stunning mantel display lends a touch of gold glam. Layered artwork, which incorporates the color palette of this space, fits the room perfectly. We love the crackled vintage presence this art piece brings to the room.

fine art on fireplace

globe chandelier

Crisp, white walls paired with deep jewel-toned accents create a sharp and handsome contrast. Adding rich color within your space will contribute depth and dimension for a visually impressive room.

salt lake city interior design

Every single design detail was flawlessly brought together to create phenomenal interior design! Randi has incredible design talent and her expertise in every aspect of this home made the renovation a complete success (and it shows)!  

formal living room design

Dining room before

wood pocket doors

The dining room is the ideal space to share a delicious meal and make memorable moments surrounded in style. Randi enjoys hosting dinner parties and social get-togethers so a large, functional dining area was a must! Cozy upholstered dining chairs paired with a warm-toned dining table sets the mood for a lovely soiree. 

formal dining room

burl wood dining table

A chic black sideboard visually anchors this room, and how can you overlook the breathtaking floral artwork? These large art pieces add such a delicate touch and echos the beautiful blooms on display.

black sideboard

Every angle in this room is a total interior design dream!

dining room chandelier

We simply cannot get enough of all of the phenomenal lighting fixtures throughout this home. This particular light gives a soft, warm glow making it the perfect fixture for hosting cozy dinner parties. The exposed bulbs and chic design of this chandelier fits the room and style of the home magnificently.

exposed lighting fixture

The home features many beautiful and grand windows. Custom draperies are not only essential for controlling light exposure and privacy, they also aid in framing in those wonderful windows. Adding draperies to your home will give you the ultimate finished and refined look to any space. We are always happy to customize window treatments for your home.

custom draperies

Mixing in amazing accessories completes a room with perfection! A hint of gold with some organic elements atop this stunning sideboard gives life to the space and also draws attention to the striking artwork.

designer accessories

Layering accessories within a room will bring color and key textures that are essential for a well-designed room. Allow us to manage all of your home accessory needs, creating ambiance and designer presence in a room is our specialty. Our designers can install beautiful and unique accessories in your home with a designer's touch. The best part is you will not even have to worry about placing a single item!

formal dining room

transitional interior design

 Glorious natural lighting fills this stairway giving a bright and fresh ambiance. 

white staircase

Magnificent original stained glass windows are present throughout this historic home. Each window is a complete artistic masterpiece and contributes so much character.

Stairway before

stained glass window

stained glass window

Updating a home is always a good idea and will increase the value of the home so you cannot go wrong with remodeling. The added bonus of comfort and ease of livability will make a huge improvement in your lifestyle making a remodel a win-win.

We are so thrilled to give you, our wonderful readers, an exclusive look at the completion of this amazing historic home. Our talented designers would love to assist you in any and all of your design projects. We are always eager to create a custom master design plan that is tailored to your design needs. It would be our absolute pleasure to partner with you on your next design project, large or small! Next week we will be showing many more striking details of Smalls Manor, and you won't want to miss it!

An Exclusive look into our Designer Home Renovation with Randi Smith Pt.4
Thursday Mar 21 2019

Welcome to our final post on Randi Smith's historic home renovation. Randi is an extremely talented designer and also manages The Black Goose Design. The last few weeks on the blog Randi has given an exclusive inside look on her design renovation journey with helpful design tips on remodeling a home. Today she is sharing some updates she has made to her master bedroom. Each of Randi's home renovation projects has had different timelines, budgets and expectations. Randi and her partner, Dave, knew they wanted to tackle the majority of the home right away and quickly prioritized each project. New paint, flooring, kitchen, roof and HVAC were all a must and these major projects were well underway in a relatively short amount of time. However, there was one space that Randi and Dave were not quite ready to tackle, the master suite.

Utah historic homes

This spacious room consists of a bedroom, sitting room, two tiny closets and a very large bathroom. Renovations can be costly and extensive and with major projects already in the works prioritizing projects became essential. Randi and Dave came to the conclusion rather than using a portion of their budget to pay for housing outside of the project, they chose to live in their project. They needed a space that was somewhat construction free and could offer a place they could sleep, eat, bath and store additional belongings. This master suite was very large and seemed to satisfy those needs. The master bedroom was often referred by both Randi and Dave as "the apartment" because it is almost the same size as their first apartment, making for an ideal living space while construction downstairs could begin.

double french doors

The master suite holds ample room for many design options to be considered. Dave likes the idea having a sitting room and thought it would be a great idea for both of them. But, Randi knows the two tiny closets will never be able to house her shoe collection. Brainstorming through exactly how you will use a space can be a helpful tool when trying to make the best use of space. Randi and Dave are still contemplating on final decisions that will be the most beneficial use of space to both of them. Renovations are a constant work-in-progress, Randi suggests to  carefully consider all design options that will best suit your lifestyle before making any final renovation decision.

master bedroom

The master bathroom is considerably large and consists of a giant shower and two smaller pedestal sinks. The overall distribution of space is not ideal for Randi and Dave. The decision was made to hold off on diving into remodeling this area of the home which was a good choice for them. Randi feels it is best to evaluate exactly how her and Dave wanted to live and utilize the space before renovations take place.

 remodel and renovation

This charming home was built in 1899, and it is important to Randi to keep a classic and timeless style within the home.  Keeping true to the historic nature of the home, Randi knew some things would remain in this space which included the French doors that open up to a beautiful patio overlook. These doors would remain in the same place so an investment in custom draperies were in order. The existing bedroom and bathroom colors did not work for their design vision so the entire space was painted the same bright white that was selected for rest of the home. 

home remodel

The lighting features were also updated including ceiling fans with additional recessed can lights that were dispersed throughout the space giving adequate lighting for the large room. Randi selected lighting fixtures that were affordable and classic so that they could still be used in the future-remodeled suite.

paned french doors

The new hardwood floors that were installed throughout the rest of the home were stopped at the master bedroom threshold. Why? Randi and Dave's plan is to move walls and perhaps even the entrance to the master bedroom. Randi mentioned, "I did not want to invest in new flooring knowing the layout could eventually change. I specifically had selected white oak floors in a classic Jacobean stain so that they would be easy to match when the time comes." 

home renovation

Randi is also contemplating a herringbone pattern for her new wood floors. Installing the wood floors in such a pattern will aid in easing the room transition so that minor differences in the flooring and wood stain would not be obvious.

  oak wood flooring

dark wood stain flooring

Randi and Dave would have liked to finished their master suite along with the rest of the home, but the reality was they had to be flexible and wise in where they needed to put their funds first. Budgeting and planning are essential to making home renovation a success.

textured throw pillows

upholstered bed

The updates that were made to this space were great long-term design decisions. The lighting, paint and draperies will all be kept as they continue to reinvent and renovate the entire space. 

master bathroom white paint

A fresh coat of paint really gives the biggest bang for your buck! As you can see, updating this space with a new crisp white paint gave the entire room a rejuvenated feel.

master bathroom soaking tub

pedestal sinks 

modern artwork 

With just a few minor updates less than $1,000 was spent, yet these updates bought Randi and Dave additional time to come up with the best design plan for this space. Living in and evaluating how they have lived in the master suite allowed for Randi and Dave to more fully develop a functional design plan that is absolutely ideal for them. This refreshing new space is a continuous project and has excellent direction of where it is going. Randi and Dave feel this space is renewed and suits their design style for now; however, they cannot wait to continue their renovations in this space.

modern iron bed

As designers we are always delighted to assist you in creating a solid master design plan for any project, whether that project may be a new build, remodel or updating and refreshing your home. Thank you Randi for sharing your personal renovation journey. We are looking forward to sharing the total completion of this historical home project in the near future. 


An Exclusive look into our Historic Home Renovation with Randi Smith Pt.3
Thursday Mar 14 2019

Today we are thrilled to present part three on this amazing historical home transformation located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our wonderful manager at The Black Goose Design, Randi, has given us a rare opportunity and exclusive look inside her personal home renovation. This stunning home was originally built in 1899 and still displays remarkable charm today. Renovations can be extensive and rather stressful at times. There are so many critical choices and elements that go into renovating a home and in the end, you want to feel assured that you made the best decision possible. As interior designers, we completely understand and are eager to assist you in taking on a remodeling project.

Partnering with expert professionals during a design project will allow you to feel at ease knowing you made the best choices possible for your home. Randi is sharing her helpful design tips on home remodeling to put you on a path for renovation success!

Living Arrangements

With 75% of Randi's home renovated, she has lived through an extensive project. Trying to tidy up a construction zone and eating off silverware with construction dust, was not ideal. Randi knew what she was going to be dealing with, yet it was still a challenge. If renovations are intense, it may be beneficial to find alternate housing during construction. Be sure to include your alternate temporary living space in your budget. 

home renovation

Planning for Furnishings and Window Treatments

Window treatments and home furnishings are also a large part of renovation; however, these items are overlooked and are not in an overall budget. Considerable planning goes into overall design, flooring, lighting and landscaping, but you need to consider where will you enjoy your dinner at the end of the day. Investing in a home renovation takes time, money and enery getting your home to a designer dream state. Planning ahead with proper budgeting for furnishings and window treatments will help you transition into your newly-renovated home with ease.

historic home remodel

modern globe chandelier

As interior designers, we will not only assist you in lighting selection, flooring and paint, but we will create a master plan and vision for how exactly you will furnish your home. Custom furniture can have extensive lead times. As designers, we can plan when your perfect furniture pieces will arrive and the timing of your design project. Planning and partnering with a designer from the begining will ensure all of the designer details will come together with the functionality you desire.  

modern exposed bulb chandelier

Designer details will always add character and charm to a space. Randi planned for timeless detailing throughout her home. The style of a classic black and white hexagon tile pattern fit this home perfectly. Randi kept all of the renovation details as true to its historic roots as possible. These unique details feel as if they have always been a part of the home.

With absolute certainty, Randi wanted glossy basket weave tile in her pantry and laundry room. When she priced the tile product it was three times the cost of a matte finish, and she quickly changed her mind to matte. However, no one could talk her out of the stunning marble tile in her entryway. The price did not matter. She felt flexible in certain product choices which allowed her to install what she truly loved and will love forever. Being flexible throughout a renovation will lessen the stress and ease some of the process. 

marble tile floor

Crisp white hexagon tiles, paired with a sharp black border, added an enduring and elegant look to this space. White subway tile was also installed on the walls for a beautiful finished look. Using varied tiled material in a home always displays a chic and design savvy look within a space. 



basketweave tile flooring

Sleek subway tile was carried throughout Randi's gorgeous white kitchen! We adore the subtle pattern combined with the richly detailed mouldings on the windows.


The grand staircase is a stunning feature in her historic Salt Lake City home. Randi adored all of the original hard carving in the newel posts and the magnificent design statement these gorgeous stairs displayed. 

Breathtaking stained glass windows complement this historic home and add so much charm to the landing of the grand staircase. 

Randi and Dave tried to strip the stain but after three fairly unsuccessful attempts, they decided to have a local artisan restain the entire railing.

They also removed the wooden balusters as several were cracked or broken. The landings were replaced with oak and a new stain was applied to the pine stairs to match the rest of the new wood flooring. 

This stunning staircase was finally completed with charismatic beauty welcoming guests into this captivating home. 

This photo is of Dave sitting on the landing if the stairs, as they climbed down inside. There was a seven foot drop. Prior to the addition of the grand staircase, Randi and Dave assumed this was a sort of formal living room. There is a fireplace and a large window that is now filled in with brick, so many wonderful and interesting discoveries have been revealed throughout this renovation.

This interesting space had a decorative pattern found on the wall which was thought to be vintage wallpaper. This decorative paper was actually a wall coating that was used not only for protecting the wall but added a unique embellishment.

Beneath the stairs they had found the original color guide for the wall coating with prices ranging from 19 cents to 39 cents, depending on the color intensity. 

Peeling back the design layers and history have been an absolute delight for both Randi and Dave. It is not often we get to be a part of uncovering such design treasures.


The completed grand staircase which was added in 1912 is an absolutely striking space within this historical home. The richly-stained wood, against the crisp white walls, creates an impressive ambience and sets the tone for the entire home.


As the manager of The Black Goose Design, Randi felt lucky to have an entire team of designers behind her as she renovated her own home. She was able to get expert advice when it was diffucult for her to make small yet impactful decisions such as, different hardware knobs or door styles. As designers, we always joke that your own home can be the most difficult to make final decisions on, and Randi feels this is 100% true! Randi had the ability to design The Black Goose Design's beloved Parade of Homes property faster than she did her own home.

The team at The Black Goose Design has years of expertise and hundreds of homes worth of experience. We would love to be a part of your designer dream project and assist you in creating a master design plan that you will adore for many years to come! Stay tuned for next week as we will be featuring our last post on Randi's renovation featuring her master bedroom.


An Exclusive look into our Historic Home Renovation with Randi Smith Pt.2
Thursday Mar 7 2019

Welcome back to part two of Randi Smith's historic home renovation! Randi is an extremely talented designer and also manages our gorgeous interior design store, The Black Goose Design located in Midvale, Utah. She has been on a home renovation journey since October of 2017 and all of the details are coming together beautifully! Today we are continuing to share more helpful tips from Randi and giving you an exclusive peek at her construction experience. 

Seek Trustworthy Professionals

Seeking out industry professionals that you trust is key to a sucessful renovation. We encourage everyone to include an interior design professional at the earliest stages of design projects. As designers, we are eager to share our knowledge and expertise with you when starting any design project. Partnering with a design professional allows us to show you fresh design ideas and give you complete vision of your project. 

Another key professional to be a part of your renovation is your general contractor. Randi mentions, " I have worked with several general contractors, builders and other home professionals in a 24-year career with Gardner Mill Company Stores and The Black Goose Design. Your designer and contractor will see you at your best and worst. They will hold your hand when you find out something is not going according to plan, and help you determine those critical choices for your home. You need a relationship that involves excellent communication with a clear vision of acheiving your ideal end result." 


Randi Smith interior designer

As a design professional herself, Randi knew she needed a reliable contractor to keep them on schedule and have well-established connections in many trades. Randi was lucky enough to have her father, who also happened to be a general contractor to head her project. Seek referrals from trusted family members, friends and neighbors. A dependable choice can make all the difference for a successful renovation. Experience the feeling of being confident that your investment will be taken care of and managed properly, allowing the result to be completed just as you had envisioned.

interior design Utah


Budgeting and Research

This is a step where you need professional advice. You may think your budget is realistic, but you may be in for a surprise. Don't let the "whoops" factor happen to your new project. Small mistakes can end up costing you big, both financially and in time. Randi felt it was a great idea to get estimates for each project she wanted to tackle before renovation took place. Listed below are helpful tips for budgeting a project.

  • Maintain and hold to a reasonable budget
  • Get bids and make sure the numbers work for you
  • Have a healthy contingency fund 

An overlooked factor when renovating is the evaluation of other homes in the neighborhood. You are making a huge investment so be sure your changes will hold their value. Think about how long you plan on being in the home, is it five years or is this your forever home? Knowing your time frame will help you to make decisions that will best suit your family.

The kitchen was a major part of this renovation so budgeting for this was essential. Randi and Dave wanted a large gathering area and plenty of space to cook. The previous layout had two islands which cut off the adjoining family room. Knowing they wanted to open up the space, plans were made to install one large island allowing for ease of traffic flow and a functional kitchen workspace.

kitchen remodel

As the tile floor was removed, Randi also peeled up several layers of old linolium uncovering the original kitchen floor.

home renovation tile

Adjacent to the kitchen was a tiny laundry room and a 10' x 13' foot bathroom. As a designer, Randi knew there was no need for a bathroom that large off of the kitchen especially with no bedrooms on this floor. The design plan was to include a tidier powder bath and a laundry/mud room with a spacious pantry maximizing every inch of this space.

home renovation Salt Lake City

bathroom remodel

The exsisting laundry and bathroom space was dysfunctional. After their first walk through of the home, Randi and Dave had drafted plans to create a useful and unique space. The final drafted plan was not far from what they originally envisioned. They redistributed the space to have a gracious butler's pantry.

home restoration interior design

A hallway was also added to lead to an appropriately-sized bathroom and a large laundry/mud room on the right-hand side.

home remodel

What a tremendous difference and excellent use of space this turned out to be. One of our favorite details of this space is the custom doors that were designed by the talented Randi herself, with some help from  FJP Supply Company! These doors were one of Randi's orignial ideas and she was thrilled when they became a reality!

custom pantry doors


Expect the Unexpected

It is inevitable with renovations not all will go smooth. Randi had a few issues herself including a flooded basement which was a bit overwhelming but they pushed through it. This is all part of the renovation process. Choose to be flexible with time, material selection and your current living situation while in a remodel as it will all pay off in the end. Randi and Dave found they had to be flexible when it came to their flooring choice. They wanted to save the original floors, but with new HVAC ducts and reviewing the floors' conditions, they just were not worth saving. 

home renovation project

They installed new oak wood flooring and debated on stain color ranging from a lighter natural stain or a rich deep wood tone. It was the dark Jacobean finish that felt timeless and fit the house perfectly. 

oak wood flooring

It was most important to Randi and Dave to restore this home with classic details as if they had always been there. New crown mouldings with a timeless presence were added which blended perfectly with the 120-year-old walls. The ceilings of the home were also dropped allowing for all new electrical to be installed and to also repair the condition of the original ceilings. 

pendant lighting

There is still more to come of this amazing home renovation next week on the blog. It is such a pleasure to share special design projects like this one with you. By partnering with one of our expert designers at The Black Goose Design, your home investment will be effectively maximized. A master design plan and layout for your home is essential for all the design pieces to come together with ease and style. We can create an entire vision for your space from start to finish with a plan and a purpose that will fit your personal lifestyle for you to enjoy for many years to come!  

An Exclusive look into our Historic Home Renovation with Randi Smith Pt.1
Thursday Feb 28 2019

"We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us." - Winston Churchill. 

At The Black Goose Design, we believe our homes are a part of our identity. Home is a place where we escape, celebrate and find solace. We believe each home should reflect the unique inhabitants within its walls. We are delighted to show the remarkable renovation of this historic home. Built in 1899, it is located in the charming Avenues neighborhood of Salt Lake City, Utah.  It is a pleasure to share extraordinary design projects, especially one as unique as this home. We are also ecstatic to announce this home belongs to our wonderful manager and buyer, Randi Smith, at The Black Goose Design.

historic home remodel

We are thrilled to share some of Randi's personal expert tips to help you plan for any design project. Randi's renovation project that has been a work in progress since October 2017. Over the next few blog posts, we will share insight of the design process and photos of the journey. We hope that it will be a helpful and encouraging guide to your personal design projects. 

large home porch

Deciding to Renovate

Making the decision to renovate and restore a home can be a daunting task. Questions like, Where to begin? What do I want to invest? What do I want to accomplish with this project?, are all valid. Having lived through this process, Randi is excited to give some helpful designer advice. Randi explains, "We started looking casually at homes in 2016. We knew we loved our current home and neighborhood, but there were some things that were missing. We love to entertain and needed a bigger kitchen and dining space. We also longed for a space where our clothes did not have to be in every closet in the house." 

brick porch

Ask Questions and Evaluate

One of the first steps to a remodel is to ask, "Could our current home ever become what we need?" In Randi's exisiting home, she hired a structural engineer to see if adding a second story to the home would be an option. It wasn't. To increase the size of her home, it would have to be torn down and rebuilt, a task that she did not want to undertake. So began the journey of finding a home that had the space she needed. If you are deciding whether to remodel or to build a new home, the following questions could be helpful to you when making this choice. 

  • What is the amount of living space I desire? Do I need to scale up or down?
  • Is my existing structure sound?
  • Does the layout of my home work for my present lifestyle and for the future?
  • Is the styling of your home what you would like it to be? 

design plan renovation

vintage home

With starting a renovation in this home, there were many design issues that needed to be addressed. One of the biggest differences made in the home was the paint color! Dark, worn walls were refreshed with a light and bright fresh coat of a creamy white, custom-mixed paint. 

before and after fireplace


white fireplace

Be Specific

Searching for the ideal home can be time consuming but is worth the wait when you finally find the perfect home with potential. Randi felt a bit like Goldilocks in this phase. It was an adventure walking through dozens of homes that needed minimal work to complete overhauls. This took a while but in the end, she found her perfect home and started her design journey. 

 master bathroom remodel

Updating a home is always a good idea and will increase the value of the home so you cannot go wrong with remodeling. The added bonus of comfort and ease of livability will make a huge improvement in your lifestyle making a remodel a win-win.

kitchen remodel

kitchen renovation

Define your Style

Throughout the process of looking for a new home, several people had suggested to build a new home. Both Randi, and her partner Dave, prefer old, established neighborhoods and a brand new home just was not for them. Being firm in your design style and knowing exactly what you want, will help with the type of home you will be happy with in the future.

vintage stained glass window

Writing down a list of changes you need in your home, or collecting images of interior styles that you like can be helpful. Visual photographs with functional design goals are key to help kickstart a plan into action. Design done well will give you the pleasure of being surrounded in a beautifully-designed home that is tailored to how you actually live in it.


Envision Potential

Both Randi and Dave felt like they had won the lottery when the home they purchased came on the market! It had the exact space and details they were hoping for. A 120-year-old home, original mouldings and fireplaces, 10-ft. ceilings and a large porch. The character of the home was exactly their design style and had the potential to become the home they were imagining. 

wood banister

When starting a renovation, having a professional designer by your side can be a tremendous help and is a great investment. As expert interior designers, we have the ability to help you see the potential of spaces and will create a master design plan to suit your design style and needs.  

wood staircase

As interior designers, our experience of assisting with many homes over the years has given us elite experience and ensures that what we create with our clients remain true and timeless to their design preference and lifestyle. Randi adored this home and every detail in it. Throughout her renovation, she included modern features while still keeping true to this home's historic Avenue roots. 

master bedroom remodel

vintage fireplace

Be sure to check out the original blog post here when Randi and Dave first purchased this charming home. With a creative design plan in mind, this gorgeous Salt Lake City Avenues home has been an incredible (and continues) to be a memorable one. Next week we will take a closer look at the specific projects throughout the home in detail, with more exclusive photos and design tips from Randi as she shares her personal design story.

Our Best Design Projects of 2018 Pt.1
Thursday Dec 20 2018

As we reflect back on this past year, The Black Goose Design was honored to be part of so many stunning design projects, and we are delighted to share them with you today. Every interior design project brings us so much joy, and we adore building lasting friendships with each one of our clients. It is always our goal to make the design process an enjoyable journey. Being able to share beautiful design inspiration with our readers throughout the year has been such a delight. Our talented interior designers have created so many gorgeous spaces throughout this past year. You won't want to miss this exclusive inside peek at all of the many amazing completed projects of 2018.


A Heavenly Home Tour Pt.1 Pt.2

Get ready for a little slice of interior design heaven! It is always our great pleasure to give you an exclusive look inside some of our beloved clients' gorgeous homes. One of our expert designers, Denise, has collaborated with one of her clients to create their spectacular dream home!

interior design Utah
great room interior design


An Exclusive Client Home Tour Pt.1 & Pt.2

We are so thrilled to share this lovely space with you today. Located in North Salt Lake City, Utah this stunning home defines timeless interior design with beautiful designer details. One of our talented designers, Denise has created a ravishing restful retreat tailored to her client's personal style. Get ready for an interior design delight!

 large sideboard

custom sectional seating


An Exclusive Introduction to our Parade of Homes Project Banbury Manor

The Black Goose Design is thrilled announce we will be partnering with  Bradshaw Homes and Property to design their 2018 Salt Lake Parade of Homes  home, Banbury Manor! We are absolutely delighted to be giving you and exclusive sneak peek at the construction that is currently underway for this magnificent property. This exquisite home is nestled in the foothills of Draper, Utah and has phenonmenal views of the Wasatch Mountains. 


Salt Lake City interior design custom home



The Parade of Homes Banbury Park Manor Pt.1 , Pt.2 & Pt.3

The Black Goose Design is thrilled to bring you an exlusive look inside The Parade of Homes, Banbury Park Manor! The Black Goose Design and Bradshaw Homes and Property  have partnered together to bring you this incredible home. Banbury Park Manor defines design perfection in every way. From its charming exterior by Elite Custom Exteriors and lush landscaping, to a most inviting and exemplary interior. Every element of this home is harmoniously combined to create a design masterpiece!

 large leather ottoman

custom furniture living room

master bedroom interior design

basement kitchen

custom living room furniture

We are eagerly looking forward to 2019 and all of the many gorgeous design projects The Black Goose Design will be presenting to you this coming year. We adore each and every one of our clients and thoroughly find joy in making design dreams come true! Stay tuned for part two of our best design projects next week on the blog you will not want to miss these gorgeous spaces and more beautiful design inspiration!  

The Black Goose Design would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

Our Best Design Projects of 2018 Pt.2
Tuesday Dec 18 2018

Welcome back to part two of our best interior design projects of 2018! We are thrilled to share more inspirational interior spaces with you today. It is always a great pleasure to be able to work with the most amazing clients and we feel so honored to be a part of their design journey. Get ready for an exclusive look into some spectacular spaces. If you did not catch these beautiful homes throughout this past year, you will not want to miss the chance to see them today!

Client Home Tour Happiness Pt.1Pt.2 & Pt.3 

It is always such a delight when we can give our readers an exclusive peek inside our clients' homes! We love to bring you beautiful interior design and stunning inspiration. One of our talented designers, Heather, has showcased true designer beauty inside of her client's handsome home located in Bountiful, Utah! Join us as we give you a peek at this lovely home.

custom sofa

interior design dining room

master bedroom upholstered headboard


Lovely Living Room Design Inspiration: A Client Home Tour Pt.1 & Pt.2 

Today we have the pleasure of giving you an exclusive peek inside one client's living room space. This stunning home is located in Cottonwood Heights, Utah and is surrounded with gorgeous Wasatch Mountain views. One of our talented interior designers, Ali Thompson, has captured her client's design savvy style in this beautiful room with absolute perfection! Welcome to a splendid and sophisticated space! This room is oh-so-inviting, classic and comfortable. The entire space defines timeless design and enduring style. The rich color palette with touches of soothing blue flow nicely through the entire room giving a harmonious feel. Accents of deep crimson coloring add eye-catching vibrancy to the space. 

custom upholstery

custom living room furniture

A Charming Client Home Tour Pt.1 & Pt.2

This charming home located in Draper, Utah is filled with many unique design pieces and has such design-savvy presence. One of our talented designers, Kelly Winn, has encompassed her client's exquisite design style and has created a space full of beauty. Many of the classic pieces throughout this home are amazing antiques and grace it with a timeless presence.

modern farmhouse kitchen

interior design family room

A Dramatic Designer Client Home Tour Pt.1 & Pt.2

The Black Goose Design is ecstatic to present to you a refreshing and cheery client home tour! This home is bursting with eye-catching color and stunning sophistication! One of our talented designers, Kelly Winn, has transformed this home into a work of art that delivers incredible interior design inspiration! We are bringing you an exclusive sneak peek inside this home located in Mesa, Arizona.

Kelly had orginally created a master plan for this home 15 years ago. The overall look of the home was styled with European French country influences. Deep reds, yellows and a warm toned color palette was initially displayed throughout the home. Since then, her client's design style has evolved and Kelly was eager to assist her in updating her home with a fresh, modern European look. 

colorful living room

black and white kitchen

As we welcome 2019, we are enthusiastic to start new design projects. Interior design is a love that our talented designers are eager to share with you. Whether you live Utah or not, our design team delights in every aspect of creating beautiful and functional home design. We invite you to share in our design excitement throughout this coming year. You will not want to miss a single post on our inspiring Instagram feed or our blog! We wish you all a very bright and Happy New Year! 

A Dramatic Designer Client Home Tour Pt.2
Thursday Nov 8 2018

Welcome back to part two of this dramatic designer home tour! The Black Goose Design is delighted to share this refreshing home update that our talented designer Kelly Winn has completed with creativity and perfection. This stunning home is located in Mesa, Arizona and is filled with interior design inspiration! The design goal for this home was to create a welcoming and comfortable space with a modern European influence. Splashes of vibrant eye-catching color complement the entire home and showcases her client's lively design personality. Today we are giving you an exclusive look at this classy kitchen. The kitchen is where the heart of the home is, and this space is where friends and family can gather together surrounded in serious style! This gorgeous space is completed with accents of sharp blacks, crisp whites, deep navy accents with pops of playful patterns mixed in.  

There are so many details that we adore about this kitchen, and we are excited to highlight a few details. These show-stopping lighting features contribute a clean transitional look to this space while giving soft luminous light that accentuate the many features of this kitchen. Mixing varied lighting pieces together gives a room visual interest. Both lighting fixtures are different in shape and finish but are superbly visually balanced. Accents of gold hardware with rich blacks are perfectly combined creating an overall cohesive look to this space. 

Playful patterns can be found throughout this entire home, and the many assorted textiles add character and charm without overwhelming the space. A geometric wallpaper was installed and adds a bit of drama with a burst of color. We adore the eclectic appeal that this crisp, clean kitchen portrays. Defining this kitchen space with gorgeous tile has never looked so good! The white herringbone tiled patterned floor with double black striped border frames in the entire space nicely and transitions well with the classic hardwood flooring.

The master bedroom is a dreamy, restful retreat with chic floral patterns trimmed in loads of cheery color! This tranquil space has a bit of a romantic side with mixed shading of blush and aubergine colors. This serene space includes plentiful textures that can be found in throw pillows and accent rugs. These wonderful rich textures bring a cozy and comfortable feeling to the master bedroom. Every detail and design accessory in this space makes an extraordinary design statement. The artwork is especially significant and noteworthy. Kelly commissioned an extremely talented local Utah artist, Loralee Nicolay to paint complementary artwork for the unique fabrics selected in the home. These gorgeous art pieces blend perfectly with the many patterns and colors used throughout the entire home.

Clean lines, sleek materials and a burst of color within the artwork create a tranquil space where relaxtion reigns in this master bathroom! The large window allows for natural light to pour into this spa-like space and makes an ideal spot for the extra large tub. This bathing beauty is ready for anyone to soak away the day while enjoying beautiful views. 

We cannot get over all of the darling wallpaper accents throughout this home! Perking up walls with pattern and color is always a plus when it comes to adding interest to a space. Wallpaper is a simple way to elevate any room with design-savvy style.

Rest assured, at The Black Goose Design our expert designers can create a luxurious, personal retreat to suit your personal design style complete with all the details! 

This client home tour has been an absolute delight to share with our wonderful readers. It is always a special treat when our amazing clients open up their homes and are willing to share the beauty that has been created within it. The talented designers at The Black Goose Design are always eager to assist you in any design project, whether that project may be a new build, remodel or updating and refreshing your home. Creating master plans and seeing design dreams of our clients become a reality is truly rewarding in evey way. Thank you Kelly for sharing this stunning designer project with us!

 *Photographs courtesy of Lindsey Bennett

A Dramatic Designer Client Home Tour Pt.1
Thursday Nov 1 2018

The Black Goose Design is ecstatic to present to you a refreshing and cheery client home tour! This home is bursting with eye-catching color and stunning sophistication! One of our talented designers, Kelly Winn, has transformed this home into a work of art that delivers incredible interior design inspiration! We are bringing you an exclusive sneak peek inside this home located in Mesa, Arizona.

Kelly had orginally created a master plan for this home 15 years ago, the overall look of the home was styled with European French country influences. Deep reds, yellows and a warm toned color palette was initially displayed throughout the home. Since then, her client's design style has evolved and Kelly was eager to assist her in updating her home with a fresh, modern European look. This innovative remodel has been a dream come true for her client and was executed with such design-savvy precision. We are thrilled to bring you the end result today!

traditional sideboard

One of the first changes that was made to the home was a reselection of paint. Kelly traded out yellow walls for a crisp white. By selecting a lighter color, this created an overall brighter presence throughout the home.

custom draperies

Dramatic drapery panels frame in these stunning windows and contribute to the granduer of this room.

colorful living room

bright accessories

They key to a well-designed room is to create balance. Just the right amount of energentic color has been perfectly paired with neutral accents and furniture pieces that creates uniformity in this living space.

colorful living room

The fireplace wall is a major focal point within the room and was in need of updating. The fireplace mantel and surround were originally painted black. With the goal of staying consistent in lightening up the home, Kelly and her client chose to refresh the fireplace with a clean white color. A deep navy hue was selected for the accent wall that contributes a chic and modern vibe. Hints of gold seen in the striking mirror and fireplace screen add a touch of "glam" to the room. The golden glow of the sconces also gives a soft highlight to this noteworthy wall. 

large fireplace with sconces

The inspiration for this home update was found in the lavish "watercolor" fabric on these exposed wood living room chairs. Bold pattens with larger scale prints demand attention in a playful way. Kelly captured her client's personality through stunning fabrics, amazing artwork and elegant accents. 

colorful custom upholstery

Rich texture is also abundant in this home, this exposed brick was painted white and gives the perfect backdrop to showcase the substantial rough-hewn mantel piece. The walls throughout this home are covered in spectacular trimwork, the exeptional detail of the woodwork adds a sophisticated architectual element. We cannot take our eyes off all of the breathtaking details!

exposed white brick fireplace

Striking shades of green are a vivacious accent against white walls. Incorporating impactful colors bring depth and dimension to this space. The inspiring artwork includes all of the colors that can be found throughout this beautiful home and creates a cohesive feel.

transitional interior design

Magnificent built-in cabinetry display gorgeous blue and white serving pieces. We adore the striking combination of black and white while mixing in a splash of color! Layers of luminous light give added highlight fabricating a warm and welcoming ambience throughout this home.

custom built-in cabinetry

custom cabinetry

This home is filled with vibrant color bringing a feeling of vitality and energy throughout every room! This extraordinary space encompasses a refreshed style defining classic and dapper design. Stay tuned for part two of this elegant home tour coming next week to the blog. You will not want to miss out on any of the designer details of this phenomenal home!

*Dislaimer photographs from Lindsey Bennett

A Charming Client Home Tour Pt.2
Thursday Oct 25 2018

The Black Goose Design is delighted to welcome you back to part two of this charming client home tour! Talented interior designer, Kelly Winn, has captured her client's personal design style with perfection! Located in Draper, Utah this home has so many distinct and creative design elements. We cannot wait to share with you all the details this home showcases.

home exterior

Last week we relished in the beautiful design and unique touches of the main kitchen. We are pleased to continue the tour of this darling dining area!

farmhouse kitchen

Exposed vintage-inspired brick grace the walls of the dining area adding sublime texture. We absolutely adore all of the charming pendant lighting. Rather than choosing one dining chandelier, a grouping of enchanting pendant lights were installed creating layers warm illuminous light.

dining lighting

round kitchen table

A large round rug was custom made for this dining area. This area rug is actually two different rugs that were combined together to create the desired size, pattern and color for this space.

farmhouse dining chair

exposed brick

A striking striped fabric was selected for these delicate roman shades. Window treatments are vital for creating a finished look in any room. This superb stripe is a classic and bold pattern, yet still softens and completes the space nicely.

custom roman shades

farmhouse interior decor

lamp accessory

farmhouse pendant lighting

Utah interior design

We promised distinct designer details and this home does not disappoint! Everywhere you look there is a story to be told about the many unique pieces within this space. This aged antique window creates a layer of visual interest, and we admire its rare pattern with a classic, aged presence.

interior design family room

This petite pub table is nestled underneath a stunning chandelier creating an intimate seating space. This cozy corner is the perfect place to take in the views both inside and out!

custom drapery panel

vintage chandelier lighting

Rich leather accents combined with a stunning fabric make these gorgeous chairs one of the best seats in the house! Notice the double nailhead trim which shows off the sleek lines of this dignified club chair.

custom leather upholstery

bulit-in window seating

leather and fabric chair

shiplap wall treatment

custom drapery paneling

We adore all of the bright, vivacious color and pattern that is pulled into this entire room! Such eye-catching color gives a feeling of energy and vibrance. The larged patterned ottomans are a great option for additional seating or simply for guests to kick up their feet and relax.

colorful living room

Built-in bench seating, complete with pillows-a-plenty and stunning views, is the perfect place to curl up with a good book.

wood plank ceiling

Magnificent wood beams and wood planking adorn the ceiling. Large spacious windows allow for abundant natural light to illuminate the entire space. Dramatic drapery panels frame in this grand view and create balance within the room.

custom upholstery

Could these oversized industrial-chic ceiling fans be any more fitting for this room? We love the scale and design of these distinctive fans. They make such an impressive design statement.

farmhouse ceiling fan

wood planked ceiling treatment

custom upholstered sofa

Collected accessories and touches of greenery add a natural and organic element. Shiny bits of copper accents give this vignette a hint of aged sparkle.

interior design accessories

greenery accessories

A neutral textile was selected for this cozy and welcoming sofa. By choosing a neutral color as a base, this allowed flexibilty for marvolous splashes of color to be displayed and incorporated within the throw pillows and accents. A helpful designer tip to create a new feeling in your space, is to keep a neutral base for your main upholstered piece and switch up throw pillows. This allows for more options when you want to mix coloring or pattern just by simply shaking things up with a variety of throw pillows.

custom upholstery interior design

We thought you may want a closer look at this embroidered masterpiece! This throw pillow is such an inspirational piece. It encompass all of the energentic colors of the entire room together with perfection! What a stunning work of art.

bright throw pillows

custom embroidered throw pillow

Utah interior design

An antique fan all the way from New York City made its way into this lovely space. It is important to incorporate meaningful personal items into accessory groupings. Including these personal items will always give an added interest, and make for great conversation pieces.

vintage antique accessories

Crisp white shiplap walls grace the entire room giving a light and airy feel. 

modern farmhouse design

Interior design Salt Lake City

By partnering with one of our expert interior designers and investing in a master design layout for your project, we can create an entire vision for your space with a plan and a purpose. Whether your design project may be starting a remodel, building a new home or simply updating your existing space, every project will be completed with the assurety that the end result will be a design dream come true!

This home has so many wonderful designer details and we are thrilled to be able to share this amazing space with our readers. The Black Goose Design is always eager to assist you in your design needs. To contact one of our talented designers and for complete interior design consulation information, click here .




A Charming Client Home Tour Pt.1
Thursday Oct 18 2018

It is always a great pleasure to give our wonderful readers an exclusive sneak peek into one of our client's homes. This charming home located in Draper, Utah is filled with many unique design pieces and has such a design-savvy presence. One of our talented designers, Kelly Winn, has encompassed her client's exquisite design style and has created a space full of beauty.

blue door home exterior

Many of the classic pieces throughout this home are amazing antiques and grace it with a timeless presence. This magnificent fireplace was a fabulous antique find and is very fitting for this cozy space.

custom upholstered chair

antique fireplace

This stunning seating area is the perfect place to relax and enjoy wonderful conversation with family and friends.

colorful throw pillows

These stylish chairs are a favorite furniture piece at The Black Goose Design. The comfortable high-back and deep cushioning surrounds you in total comfort. A pop of vibrant color can be found throughout this home and feels so refreshing. These gorgeous throw pillows give a playful feel to the room.

double flanged throw pillow

traditional living room design

The handsome home office is graced with a sophisticated settee sofa and is paired with cozy chairs. 

custom swivel chair

Alluring textures are abundant atop this sofa. The many textiles are combined together to create a striking designer look. We adore the buttery leather pillows and pretty prints as this office setting defines distinguished design.

custom upholstery settee

accent throw pillows

A tailored Roman shade complements this classic space. Roman shades are great choices for window treatments, they give terrific texture to a window without a heavy presence. 

linen roman shade

tradtitional office design

Welcome to a most charming and creative kitchen! This space is filled with such fun character and unique designer details!

modern farmhouse kitchen

We adore this stunning ceiling, its rich barnwood texture and crisp white accents are combined to create a show-stopping focal point.

barnwood ceiling

Crisp white custom cabinetry paired with a soft blue island creates a most cheerful space! There are so many wonderful rich design elements that make this kitchen a special place for family and friends to gather together.

white farmhouse kitchen

Double islands enhance this delightful space, one for delicious food prep, and the other houses ample casual seating with built-in barstools. This stunning curved island softens the room and is the ideal place to enjoy a yummy meal.

curved island kitchen

antique pantry door

A playful patterned tile is the backdrop to this amazing kitchen. Beautiful floating exposed wood shelving displays a charming collection of dishes.

blue kitchen island

gold kitchen hardware

exposed floating wood shelves

Warm illuminating layers of light can be found throughout the kitchen giving the space depth and dimension. These glass pendant lights give a hint of sparkle with a classic farmhouse look.

glass pendant lighting

This amazing pantry door is such a darling and distinct feature of this kitchen. This door is in fact an antique and was particularly installed for this pantry area. The warm wood finish and seeded glass is fitting for this modern farmhouse kitchen.

antique pantry door

built in barstools

exposed brick kitchen

Another extraordinary antique is placed in the cozy corner of this kitchen. A classic black and white cast iron stove is a phenomenal accent to this space. A beefy butcher block was placed on the stove and an additional storage area for cookbooks was added.

antique cast iron stove

farmhouse antiques

The adorable wall grouping defines an endearing farmhouse style, and we love the splashes of bold color!

modern farmhouse design kitchen

custom white kitchen

We are delighted to share more of this fabulous tour with you next week on the blog! Stay tuned for more winsome design features of this home, you won't want to miss it! 

Lovely Living Room Design Inspiration: A Client Home Tour Pt.2
Thursday Oct 11 2018

Welcome back to our second part of one of our client's gorgeous home located in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. We are thrilled to present all of the designer details of this lovely living room space. Ali Thompson, one of our talented designers has executed this stunning space perfectly capturing her client's personal design style. This home has such charming curb appeal, the landscaping is impeccable with beautiful plants and flowers on display welcoming family and friends.


Utah home exterior

From the delightful exterior to the gorgeous interior, this entire home is a classic beauty full of timeless furniture and dapper design. 

custom living room furniture

patterned throw pillows

Alluring and elegant artwork adorn the walls with sophisticated simplicity. Large gorgeous prints hanging above the sofa fill the wall nicely and create a dramatic focal point. 

designer artwork

living room cocktail table

We love the touches of sparkle throughout the entire room, the hints of gold complement the beautiful framing of many art pieces in the space. 

botanical art print

Last week on the blog we introduced you to these exquisite chairs, they are lovely to look at from every angle! We adore the unique curves and the exposed woodwork of these beauties. 


custom throw pillows

custom wood chairs

This high-back chair is also another furniture favorite at The Black Goose Design! This cozy chair surrounds you in comfort. We admire its petite tufting and striking double nailhead trim. With high-quality upholstery adorning this space, any place you pick in this room is always the best seat in the house! 


herringbone chair

Utah interior design

A handsome herringbone pattern is paired with the perfect throw pillow complete with a playful pom-pom trim.

custom upholstered chair

designer accessory grouping

This wonderful client is an artist and holds incredible talent. We are ecstatic to share this stunning orignal piece of art that she created and is beautifully displayed in her room! The charming fine art has soft coloring with pops of yellow and red that blend with the overall color palette of the room. This impressive piece is delightfully fitting for this space and is a remarkable work of art! 

bird artwork


interior design living room

This cabinet is filled with enchanting accessories, and we simply adore all the personal touches inside this particular furniture piece. By mixing in personal and sentimental items into your accessory groupings, you will create a collected and composed look. Your home should be a reminder of your personal design style and should include items that have special meaning to you.

designer accessories

Subdued landscape artwork is layered within this cabinet which gives substance and balance atop the shelves.

cabinet accessories

custom upholstered sofa

Varied elegant patterns are harmoniously combined to create this room full of unique and gorgeous furniture.

traditional living room design

Stunning, functional design woven together has created this lovely living room a place of beauty and comfort. The talented design team at The Black Goose Design is always pleased to partner with our incredible clients and to create spaces they love to live in!  

Lovely Living Room Design Inspiration: A Client Home Tour Pt.1
Thursday Oct 4 2018

Get ready for some living room interior design inspiration! Today we have the pleasure of giving you an exclusive peek inside one client's living room space. This stunning home is located in Cottonwood Heights, Utah and is surrounded with gorgeous Wasatch Mountain views. One of our talented interior designers, Ali Thompson, has captured her client's design savvy style in this beautiful room with absolute perfection! 

 Utah home exterior

Welcome to a splendid and sophisticated space! This room is oh-so-inviting, classic and comfortable. The entire space defines timeless design and enduring style. The rich color palette with touches of soothing blue flow nicely through the entire room giving a harmonious feel. Accents of deep crimson coloring add eye-catching vibrancy to the space. 

custom upholstery

We love the sleek and tailored silhouettes of each custom upholstery piece. This elegant sofa with ultra plush pillows is the ideal spot to sit back, relax and take in all the beautiful details of this room.

Utah interior design

These spectacular accent chairs create such a design statement! We adore the exposed wood that showcase the chairs unique curved lines. Darling patterned throw pillows adorn these chairs and give a light and playful feeling.

custom upholstered wood chairs

These perfectly paired chairs are a stunning sight from every angle. This particular space is open to an adjacent room exposing the back of the chairs, so choosing the ideal chair was important. These chairs were selected not only for their smart style but for the distinct wood detailing that adds a unique element to the room. The chairs are complete by layering varied sized throw pillows which creates visual interest and depth. We just adore these pretty patterned pillows!

throw pillows

Delightful accessory details are placed perfectly atop this captivating cocktail table. The hints of gold accents give a sweet sparkle and allow this display to shine.

interior design accessories

large artwork

interior design living room

custom upholstered chairs

Striking vignettes can be found throughout the entire room and are gracefully displayed.

accessory vignette

A pretty pop of greenery brings texture, vitality and an organic element into the space. 

interior design living room

This grand front room window allows for natural light to pour in illuminating the entire space and every designer detail. The combination of both natural light and soft layered lamp lighting gives warmth and dimension to this living room.

accent furniture pieces

This ravishing rug pulls the entire room all together, this spectacular area rug is truly work of art! The enduring style of this rug complements this space superbly and is a favorite item at The Black Goose Design. Remember this juicy design tip, an area rug in a room is crucial and acts as a "grounding" feature. Choosing a correctly-sized area rug is a key focal point that aids in really defining your space!

traditional area rug

Each talented designer at The Black Goose Design has such a passion and love for making interior spaces beautiful and functional. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity of working with each one of our clients. Partnering with our clients and creating a master design plan for their ideal homes is always such a pleasure.  Stay tuned next week on the blog. We will be taking an up close and personal look the designer details of this luxurious living room space!  You will not want to miss it!

Client Home Tour Happiness Pt. 3
Thursday Sep 13 2018

The Black Goose Design welcomes you today for a final look inside one of our client's home. Our talented designer, Heather, has created a dreamy restful retreat in this master bedroom tailored to her client's personal style. We are thrilled to share this gorgeous space that is delightfully detailed with beautiful accents.


master bedroom

The bedroom is the most personal space within your home, a place where you can finally retire the day away and relax! This room should feel the most tanquil, serene and define your personal design style. This soothing bedroom are what dreams are made of!

custom bedding

This stylish upholstered bed with detailed nailhead trim surrounds you in comfort. The height of this beautiful piece also makes a dramatic design feature in this blissful bedroom.

Utah interior design

Fluffly, billowy bedding complements this beautiful bed! The many layers atop this bed are so inviting and are perfect to curl up for those afternoon naps!

custom throw pillows

The Black Goose Design offers the most lovely bedding for your master bedroom! We adore the tranquil coloring in this bedroom.. These soft colors create a serene and calm feeling that carries throughout the space 

master bedroom upholstered bed

custom bedding

A cozy corner filled with natural light is an ideal spot for reading and relaxing.

transitional dresser

accessory grouping interior design

This charming chaise lounge chair is not only gorgeous but so inviting! This is the perfect place to settle in with a good book or perhaps a well-deserved rest!

custom chaise lounge

custom chaise lounge

textured throw pillow

accent lighting


geometric dresser

master bedroom interior design

This entire space feels cohesive and very well-balanced. Create a sense of calm in your bedroom by selecting subdued soft coloring as this is key to establishing a harmonious space.

salt lake city interior design

This master bedroom space is so heavenly, and we adore all of the personal design details that make this space so crisp and cozy. From unique furniture pieces to layers of luscious bedding, this room defines comfort and tranquility. Allow one of our talented designers to help you in creating the space of your dreams!


Client Home Tour Happiness Pt. 2
Thursday Sep 6 2018

The Black Goose Design welcomes you back for part two of an exclusive peek inside the home of one of our wonderful clients. Today we will be sharing the dining room, a beautiful space with vast hillside views of Bountiful, Utah. This home has an alluring and timeless style every room and is filled with fresh color, exqusite home decor and great texture. These wonderful elements are combined to create a most design-savvy space!

interior design dining room

This dining room has such dramatic details that are oh-so-lovely! The deep-tufted, upholstered chairs gathered around the table are an ideal way to dine in lavish comfort! 

upholstered dining chairs

The dining room chairs are upholstered in a light, neutral textured fabric. The accent nailhead trim showcases the silhouette of the chairs beautifully. 

interior design dining room

We adore this elegant trestle table not only for its stunning style and luxurious lines but for its functionality as well. There is ample space for guests to be seated comfortably, and when not in use, these charming chairs can be tucked underneath the table nice and neat.

trestle dining table

Utah interior design

custom dining chairs

A large splendid sideboard fills this room superbly. The detailed glass panes add visual interest and give a pop of geometric pattern.

dining room sideboard

glass paned sideboard

Layering accessory vingettes within a room is key to a well-designed room. Accessories are the small details and make all the difference. They are like the icing on the cake! All of the appealing accessories in this space contribute such charming details.

table accessory grouping

dining room artwork

neutral dining room

floral wreath

farmhouse accessory grouping

interior design accessories

neutral home decor

These darling pendant lights suspended above the dining table give a soft and inviting glow. We admire the handsome aged finish and sleek design. These unique lights are ready to set the mood for a sparkling dinner conversation!

dining room pendant lights

The views from the dining area are spectacular both inside and out! The gracious open rooms allow for family and friends to enjoy a comfortable and inviting living area, a delightful way to gather together in comfort and style!

Utah interior design

This fabulous home is a classic, and it is filled with fresh furniture and amazing accents that define this client's personal style. Our talented interior designers are eager to assist you in creating the home of your dreams! You will not want to miss out on our final post of this home tour coming soon to our blog! 

Client Home Tour Happiness Pt. 1
Thursday Aug 30 2018

It is always such a delight when we can give our readers an exclusive peek inside one of our clients' homes! We love to bring you beautiful interior design and stunning inspiration. One of our talented designer's, Heather, has showcased true designer beauty inside of her client's handsome home located in Bountiful Utah! Join us as we give you an exclusive peek at some lovely spaces within this client's elegant home.

 custom upholstery sofa 

This light and airy living space is most inviting and has such a warm ambiance. Gorgeous natural light spills into the room illumnating this cozy gathering area.

Stunning symmetry gives a cohesive and classic look to this space. Hints of deep blues paired with neutral tones are echoed in the accessories, furniture pieces and throw pillows. Using these soft colors throughout the home gives consistancy and flow when it comes to the overall color pallete.

fiddle leaf fig greenery

Utah interior design

Gorgeous round nesting tables are the center of attention in this room. They give a touch of lustrous sophistication and design-savvy style! We also adore the hint of sparkle it gives to the room. 

glass accent table

accessory grouping

These smartly styled custom upholstered chairs are a favorite at The Black Goose Design! The high-cushioned back and deep cozy seat surrounds your body in total comfort giving you the best seat in the house. This darling striped fabric paired with a soft floral print are a match made in heaven!

custom upholstery chair

striped upholstered chair

Detailed nailhead trim adds a tailored touch and showcase the chairs classic lines.

nailhead trim chair

Beautiful accent lighting adorn this room giving a soft, warm radiance. Layering accent lighting is a key element to a well-designed living space.

transitional interior design style

Floral accents and greenery always deliver great texture and give an organic feel to any space.

large landscape artwork

modern gold light fixture

This entire room expresses exeptional design with a most welcoming feeling. This room is the perfect place for family and friends to gather together, take in stunning views and relax in ultimate comfort and style!

custom design living room

high back custom chair

interior lighting

interior design living room

This charming living room is filled with so many lovely eye-catching designer details that we adore! The talented designers at The Black Goose Design are always eager to assist in creating a master design plan tailored to your personal design style, and it is our goal to make your designer dreams become reality. You will not want to miss the next gorgeous space in this amazing home coming next week to the blog, stay tuned! 

Presenting The Parade of Homes Banbury Park Manor: Pt. 3
Thursday Aug 23 2018

Welcome to our third and final tour of the magnificent Parade of Homes property, Banbury Park Manor located in Draper, Utah. The Black Goose Design and Bradshaw Homes and Property partnered together to create this design masterpiece that is featured in this year's Salt Lake Parade of Homes.

 white exterior

Take a peek at the gorgeous lower level of this home. Spacious dining and seating areas greet you as you enter the downstairs living space.

 dining area

Rich blue on blue color tones grace this stunning kitchenette. Open wood shelving paired with a geometric tiled backsplash gives a sleek and design-savvy look.

basement kitchen

Oversized glass pendant lighting softly illuminates the island and creates a feeling of grandeur. 

blue cabinetry

High spacious ceilings and impressive picture windows allowed for this space to feel open and airy. We adore how so much light is let in filling this lower level, and brightening every inch of the "basement".  

living room custom furniture

This soft color palette paired with crisp white is a heavenly combination for this gathering area!

utah interior design


oversized ottoman

leather pouf

textured throw pillows

custom upholstery

A beautifully textured brick fireplace creates a stunning focal point.

white brick fireplace

basement great room

A sweet powder bath with a basketweave floor gives a classic and timeless look. There are so many details throughout this home that add tremedous character, yet keeps a feeling of a current refreshing style.

basketweave tile floor

The guest bedrooms are a dream come true! The lucious cozy bedding atop makes for a most welcoming retreat.

guest bedroom

upholstered bed

transitional nightstand

custom bedding

grey nightstand

Floor to ceiling cabinets fill this beautiful bathroom. Handsome lighting fixtures were installed on the cabinet to give a custom and grand look.

custom cabinetry bathroom

Large white brick columns throughout this space give terrific texture and ground the space nicely. Layers of luminous light highlight and give depth to the entire lower floor.

home theater room


custom high back chairs

sideboard furniture


dining room table interior design

basement kitchenette

An impressive theatre space with the coziest furniture beckons you to curl up and enjoy a show!

home theater room

custom chaise lounge

home theater furniture

buffalo check print

Ahhh, this is where you want to spend a lazy afternoon! This patio and pool area are the perfect place for soaking up sunshine, enjoying the lucious landscape and mountian views.

exterior home deck

outdoor dining

custom home outdoor pool

pergola landscaping 

This exquisite home truly defines divine design in every way, this entire home has a timeless look and is a true design classic! Interior design is a tremendous passion for each one of our talented designers at The Black Goose Design and we love to see an entire design plan come to life. The design process is one that we thoroughly enjoy. When a new construction project starts with envisioning an idea and ends with design perfection it is truly rewarding.  With the many aspects of design coming together with proficiency it has been a delight witnessing this gorgeous house become a home. It has been an honor and pleasure working with a wonderful builder, many contractors and home specialists that assisted in making Banbury Park Manor the glorious design masterpiece it is!

Presenting The Parade of Homes Banbury Park Manor: Pt. 2
Thursday Aug 16 2018

Welcome back to part two of our exclusive look inside the Salt Lake Parade of Homes, Banbury Park Manor located in Draper, Utah. The Black Goose Design partnered with Bradshaw Homes and Properties to create this design masterpiece! We are thrilled to show you more of this lovely home! 

custom home exterior

Last week we gave you a sneak peek at the main level. Now, journey with us as we explore the upstairs loft! There are so many design details throughout this entire home and we are excited to share them with you. A clean lined nickleboard was applied to the staircase giving a wonderful wall treatment that feels oh so fresh!  The sleek custom design of the railing echo's the round windows that can be found throughout the entire home.

custom iron stair railing

The exposed wood beams add a great architectural element to the home. The view from the loft provides a closer look at the stunning detailing. The large round chandelier offers soft lighting in the loft as well as the living space downstairs.

exposed wood beams

custom furniture living room


wall grouping

Darling details welcome you into a cozy seating area with plush upholstery and oversized ottoman. This is the perfect place to enjoy joyful conversation with family and friends!

loft sitting room

A soft color palette and light wood tones feels fresh and alluring for this loft space.

conversation area

custom upholstery

large round ottoman

custom upholstery

The large supple leather ottoman at the center of this grouping makes it easy for everyone to kick up their feet and relax! We adore this fabric and leather combination of the ottoman, it gives a casual and comfortable feel.

leather fabric ottoman

This bedroom houses a darling iron bed with upholstered stools at the foot which add great texture.

guest bedroom

iron bed

We are in love with this amazing poster bed and all the divine details of this entire room. Plush textured bedding complements the curvy upholstered headboard making this such a dreamy retreat!

four poster bed

white bedding

guest bedroom interior design

Natural and accent lighting fill this space giving abundant illumination to every corner.

custom four poster bed

textured throw pillows


double sink vanity

towel rack ladder

The vision and style of Banbury Park Manor was to create modern styling while keeping classic elements. The penny tile and mixed metals are the perfect combination to keep a timeless feel throughout the home.

penny tile

Who can resist charming twin beds?! A playful pop-of-color within the bedding and a winsome area rug showcases the sleek grey toned beds.

twin beds

open console table

twin bed bedding

black dresser chest

A refreshing bathroom with powder blue cabinetry and antique touches give a classic feel.

round mirror

blue custom cabinet

penny tile shower

Utah interior design


custom upholstered chair

home design accessories

Light and warm wood toned furniture pieces complement the soft colors of this loft.

wood console

wood television console


This elegant home truly defines divine design in every way. Each room is filled with timeless style and will remain classic for years to come. Interior design is a tremendous passion for each one of our talented designers at The Black Goose Design and we love to see a design plan come to life. It is our pleasure and a great honor to be a part of this year's Salt Lake Parade of Homes. Stay tuned for our final blog post of this outstanding home, you will not want to miss it!

Presenting The Parade of Homes Banbury Park Manor: Pt. 1
Thursday Aug 9 2018

With many months of anticipation, The Black Goose Design is thrilled to bring you an exlusive look inside The Parade of Homes, Banbury Park Manor! The Black Goose Design and Bradshaw Homes and Property  have partnered together to bring you this incredible home.

Banbury Park Manor defines design perfection in every way. From its charming exterior by Elite Custom Exteriors and lush landscaping, to a most inviting and exemplary interior. Every element of this home is harmoniously combined to create a design masterpiece!

custom home exterior 

custom home exterior

Welcome inside this breathtaking home! The overall vision for Banbury Manor was to create a comfortable modern design style, while maintaining a classic and timeless feel throughout the home.

interior design entryway

Lavish herringbone wood flooring from Elite Flooring and Design graces the entire main floor and creates a pretty pattern throughout the home. It is a true work of art!

entryway bench

custom bench


navy blue cabinets

The den exudes sophistication in its overall design. Custom built-in cabinets from Mountain Crest Cabinet anchor the room and allows for ample storage space. We adore the hints of brass in the lighting and accents. This bit of brass glam paired nicely with the deep cabinet coloring.

custom cabinetry

writing desk

Supple leather recliners nestled in the window are ultra comfortable and make for the perfect reading spot to kick back and relax!

leather recliner

oversized clock

The music parlor located just inside the entryway houses gorgeous details that can be seen through these beautiful glass doors.

music parlor room

custom barn door

vintage artwork

faux olive tree

This sweet settee is ideal for a quiet space to enjoy the lovely views of the home both inside and out.

custom upholstery

white coffered ceiling

The home's high ceilings offer an open, airy feeling. The spacious living room is filled with charming furnishings that display brilliant splashes of color.

interior design living room

Architectural detailing makes this home a visual stunner. Beautiful exposed wood beams and impressive windows allow for natural light to fill the entire space.

exposed wood beams

This massive custom sliding door was designed by  FJP Supply specfically for this area. This door is a show stopper. It can be slid to enclose the music parlor and is the crown jewel of this spacious living room.

custom upholstery

wood sliding door

high back upholstered chairs

leather ottoman

Every single room in this home has handsome styling and evokes a feeling of cozy comfort.

custom sofa

master design planning

built in cabinet fireplace

custom white kitchen

The Black Goose Design interior design

wood sideboard

Salt Lake City Interior Design

furniture wood accent

Neutral furniture pieces and eye-catching accents bring pops-of-color and vitality to this great room.

living room

large leather ottoman

Textured stone which was applied to the exterior was brought inside to the main living space. Floor to ceiling this fantastic focal point anchors the room, and demands attention.

stone fireplace

The open floor plan of the kitchen and dining give spectacular views. The heart of the home is roomy and is the ideal place for family and friends to gather.

dining table

dining captain chairs

large dining room table

upholstered dining chair

A cozy sitting room located off of the dining area beckons you to sit and stay a while. 

farmhouse dining

farmhouse kitchen design

A pair of custom chairs are a great place to spend a relaxing afternoon.

exposed brick wall

custom upholstered chairs

Mixing modern design with a hint of vintage charm shaped this home into a design dream!

farmhouse accents

textured throw pillow

The kitchen showcases exquisite cabinetry and countertops from Bedrock Quartz. Fresh white cabinets and aged brass lighting creates a classic combination. Subway tile from Contempo Tile perfectly complements this crisp white kitchen.

white kitchen

marble countertop

barstool dining

custom fridge cabinet

white kitchen butler pantry

The butlers pantry cabinetry displays warmer wood tones with a deep glossy subway tile backsplash. Rich wood hues are applied in various areas bringing a cohesive feel to the entire home.

natural wood cabinet

custom white kitchen

laundry room


round chandilier

Lighting from Lighting Design enhances this homes beauty. Lighting is a key element when it comes to home design. Lighting highlights details such as lighting fixtures themselves, which truly bring the home to life!

ceiling flush mount ligh

kitchen pendant

custom living room furniture

The master bedroom is one of our favorite spaces in this home. A fresh, bright color pallete makes for a tranquil space.

white master bedroom

white bedding

upholstered headboard

This charming chandelier added a hint of glam and whimsy. By layering in unique elements into every space really created a "soul" throughout the entire home.

brass chandilier

This bedroom showcases many design details. The exposed brick wall is painted a crisp white allowing for a sharp contrast with the dark windows.

black windows

Varied sizes of brick were installed to create an "aged" look. We adore how this restful retreat came all together.

bedroom settee

large sideboard

bedroom throw pillows

marble flooring

white bedroom brick wall

The master bathroom is a beauty! White cabinetry paired with marbling allowed for this space to feel "spa soothing".

master bath white cabinets

soaking bathtub

white marble shower

The Black Goose Design has such a passion for interior design and the entire process. Being a part of this spectacular project was such an honor and pleasure. With so many divine design details of this home, you will not want to miss part two of our three part series of the incredible Banbury Park Manor! The Salt Lake Parade of Homes is going on now through August 18th. We warmly invite each one of you to walk through and experience this amazing home in person!

An Exclusive Parade of Homes Preview of Banbury Manor
Thursday Jul 26 2018

The Black Goose Design is thrilled to give you an exclusive sneak peek inside our Parade of Homes project, Banbury Manor. Exciting progress is being made on this gorgeous home located in Draper, Utah. The Black Goose Design and  Bradshaw Homes and Properties have partnered together to collaborate on this stunning property. The exterior displays a classic yet modern look with rich textured stonework and striking architecture.  

custom home exterior

The round windows give such character and complement the home beautifully.

round windows

We adore the sharp black contrast of the window frame against with the crisp white shingles. This combination gives great depth and texture to its exterior.

home exterior shingles

A grand windowed double door greets you as you enter through the home's spacious entryway.

double french door

Utah interior design

Large spectacular windows allow for glorious natural light to spill in throughout the entire main living space. 

custom windows

This impressive wood floor adds warmth to the entire room. The flooring was laid in a classic herringbone pattern and has turned into a work of art!

herringbone wood flooring

A two story stone fireplace is a dramatic focal point within this massive room. This large living room will be the main gathering area and filled one-of-a-kind cozy upholstered pieces.

stone fireplace

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and this area will soon be completed with custom cabinetry, ample storage and stunning design.

wood planked cieling

stone fireplace

Exposed tumbled brick and wood beams are impactful accents that add a touch of rustic charm in this home. 

exposed brick

accent wood beam

We are especially excited about the many elegant tile materials and patterns that will be installed in many areas within the home. 

brick pattern tile

penny tile

penny tile with border

Wall treatments such as shiplap will be featured on the main staircase and will give a fresh and bright look which will complement the windows.

shiplap staircase

shiplap wall

Beautiful painted white brick has also been installed on the fireplace and home theater area. The white brick columns give a great texture and architectural detail which help ground the space nicely.

white brick fireplace


white brick columns

The backside of the home will feature a pretty pool and a roomy patio for entertaining and for family and friends to enjoy the breathtaking views.

custom home exterior

custom patio design

rock retaining wall

Utah custom homes

exterior stone

Salt Lake City interior design

We are anticipating the big reveal of this magnificent home completed with designer details that are sure to delight! The Salt Lake Parade of Homes opens August 3rd, 2018. Be sure to indulge in the beauty of this splendid home both inside and out! You will not want to miss the celebrated property of Banbury Manor. 

Parade of Homes Designer Tile Selection
Thursday Jun 14 2018

Last week on our blog we made a very exciting announcement! The Black Goose Design has partnered with Bradshaw Homes and Property and will be designing their Salt Lake Parade of Homes home, Banbury Manor! We are beyond thrilled to be involved with such a wonderful property. Construction on this property is underway and the material selections that will make this home a design masterpiece are being made. Today we are sharing some tile selections that will be gracing this gorgeous home! 

Banbury Manor

The overall style and approach for the design of the home is "classic made current." This home will encompass beautiful, modern details with a timeless designer style.

A pop-of-patterned tile will be beautifully displayed in flooring throughout the home. We adore incorporating a playful pattern for flooring as this adds so much character and interest into the home.

pattern tile

Accents of crisp white and gracious grey subway tiling will be applied to many aspects of Banbury Manor. This pretty penny tile will add a classic and complementary touch.

penny tile

When it comes to tile, one of our favorite designer patterns is the basketweave. This basketweave pattern is tried and true, an ideal elegant classic material that will enhance this home's enduring style. Crisp white with sharp black accents will interplay throughout the entire home.

basketweave tile

Creating interest and charm within material selection will ensure the overall style and classic presence will feel inviting and cohesive. The tiling material we have selected will incorporate texture, pattern and unique, alluring desiger details tailored to this homes design-savvy style. 

Utah interior design

custom tile and flooring

It is a tremendous pleasure and honor to be a part of this year's Salt Lake Parade of Homes! We are ecstatic to bring you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the master design planning of Banbury Manor. Be sure to stay tuned for updates on this stunning home as we journey toward completion of a design masterpiece!


An Exclusive Introduction to our Parade of Homes Project: Banbury Manor
Thursday Jun 7 2018

The Black Goose Design is thrilled announce we will be partnering with  Bradshaw Homes and Property to design their 2018 Salt Lake Parade of Homes  home, Banbury Manor! We are absolutely delighted to be giving you and exclusive sneak peek at the construction that is currently underway for this magnificent property. This exquisite home is nestled in the foothills of Draper, Utah and has phenonmenal views of the Wasatch Mountains. 

designer home construction

new custom home construction

custom home

Many unique, yet classic designer details, will be showcased throughout this home giving it a timeless modern feel.

Parade of Homes Utah

The architecture and designer details are breathtakingly beautiful! The sharp black and white exterior will display textured stonework, shaker shingles and extraordinary paned, round glass windows.

Salt Lake Parade of Homes

The interior design of this gorgeous space will be light and fresh all while encompassing comfortable functionality. Enduring neutral pieces with playful pops of color and pattern will grace the home's interior in design-savvy style.

custom furniture

It is always the distinct designer details that give a house the feeling of a home, a place where you love to live in! We are overjoyed to be designing such an exceptional home with Bradshaw Homes and Property in the Salt Lake Parade of Homes. Stay tuned for fabulous updates and the big designer reveal of the home in its entirety on The Black Goose Design blog!


An Exclusive Client Home Tour Pt. 2
Thursday May 24 2018 by Stacey Beyer

Welcome back to part two of our gorgeous home tour! We are so thrilled to share this lovely space with you today. Located in North Salt Lake City Utah this stunning home defines timeless interior design with beautiful designer details. One of our talented designers Denise has created a ravishing restful retreat tailored to her clients personal style. Get ready for an interior design delight!

This gorgeous gathering area is spacious and stunning. Abundant cozy seating is a welcomed invitation for friends and family to sit and stay awhile!

custom sectional seating

We simply adore this roomy sectional with pillows-a-plenty! This design-savvy sectional displays classic lines with such a timeless shape making this an ideal seating choice. The constrasting banding and nailhead trim applied to the base creates a unique detail to this upholstered piece.

large ottoman

This sectional has such a pretty silhouette from every angle. The tapered arm style and deep soft cushioning is the perfect combination for a cozy seat.

round end table

Rich supple leather is always a great idea to incorporate into any room. This luxurious leather contributes texture and added sophistication to this seating area. 

leather recliner

These handsome recliners are one of our favorite furniture pieces at The Black Goose Design. The plush cushioning and sleek shape supports the body wonderfully and are extremely comfortable! This cozy recliner is just right for those afternoon naps!

grey leather recliner

This glorious great room is beautifully well-balanced in scale and filled with delightful designer details. We love the symmetric touches along the large wall that bring a crisp and cohesive look to this space.

blue area rug

One of our beloved accessories at The Black Goose Design is this oversized tray! This terrific tray not only makes serving guests a breeze, it is a lovely way to display accessory groupings such as this splendid scene.

oversized tray

Everything about this entire vingette is design perfection! Elements of balance, scale, and harmony are all showcased beautifully and fill this wall superbly. This cabinet has such amazing architectual features and we truly admire the impressive lines within the glass doors.

accent ottomans

These darling striped ottomans can easily be pulled out for additional seating or to help relax those tired feet! It is always a design bonus when fabulous accents such as these stools assist in maximizing space and seating.

striped ottoman

The sketched and watercolor art pieces are so elegant grouped together. Layering the artwork above the cabinet gives great depth and dimension. Every unique piece of art gives this room a refined and collected feel. 

cream cabinet

designer artwork

globe chandelier

The unique globe chandelier creates a great focal point and softly illuminates this charming dining area.

high back dining chairs

These classic high-back dining chairs are visually impressive and exeptionally comfy! Another reason to relax and linger a little longer around the dinner table.

round dining table

This delightful mix of varied patterns within the throw pillows feels so fresh!

custom sectional

Hello sunshine! This sweet wall grouping is such a cheery scene that makes us smile.

vintage artwork

designer wall accessories

This entire room is blissfully beautiful, we relish each detail and the harmonious feeling it evokes. 

interior design Utah

This entire home has been completed with such gracious designer beauty. We are so happy to share incredible spaces such as this heavenly home with you today. We are extremely passionate about capturing each one of our client's individual design style and creating spaces they love to live in. Partner with one of our talented designers to create the space and home of your dreams! Thank you Denise for creating and sharing this gorgeous space, it is truly a design dream.


An Exclusive Client Home Tour Pt. 1
Thursday May 17 2018

It is with great delight The Black Goose Design is sharing an exclusive tour inside of a gorgeous home today on the blog! This stunning home located in North Salt Lake, Utah and has incredible designer style and details. 

Our talented designer Denise, has showcased true designer beauty and functionality inside of her client's heavenly home! Join us as we take you through this incredible space.

Welcome into a most charming entryway! This detailed console is the perfect piece to greet friends and family. We adore the petite accent lamps with a touch of gold that illuminate this space beautifully.


 accent lamps

Lighting is such a key element in design, especially in an entryway! This transitional lighting piece makes a great design statement yet it creates a soft, warm glow. A combination of both overhead lighting and accent lamps will give powerful illumination in a large space without feeling too harsh.


The dramatic wood detaling of this console is artwork in itself! This unique woodworking makes the entryway visually interesting and beautiful.

detailed wood console

A hint of sparkle atop this console gives a bit of polished designer "glam". 

designer accessories

This room incorporates beautiful design with such stunning simplicity! This large seating area is a wonderful gathering place to enjoy all of the glorious detailing of this space.

custom accent chairs

Denise's client is very well traveled and appreciates fine art from around the world. Some of her artwork is smartly displayed in this gorgeous wall grouping, a personal collage of her memorable travels. 

seating area

These splendid chairs have such classic and sophisticated lines, we especially love the nailhead trim outlining their soft curves. All four cozy chairs surround a gorgeous tufted ottoman, making it a breeze to kick up your feet and relax!

herringbone fabric

custom upholstery

The lovely combination of a smart herringbone pattern with a fun floral print pillow keeps this room light and playful!

accent pillows

Eye-catching wall prints above this amazing console piece creates a stunning focal point. We love the bits of blue and grey tones throughout this room, utilizing these subdued colors throughout the entire room gives such a tranquil feeling.

large sideboard

This pretty pop of greenery brings texture, vitality and a great organic element into the space. 

greenery accents

floral artwork


Utah interior design

This elegant home truly defines divine design in every way, this space is so timeless and classic! Interior design is a tremendous passion for each one of our talented designers at The Black Goose Design and we love to see a design plan come to life. It is always our pleasure to work with each one of our wonderful clients throughout the entire design process. Join us next week for part two of this fabulous home, you will not want to miss it!  


A Heavenly Home Tour Pt. 2
Thursday Mar 1 2018

Welcome back to part two of our heavenly home tour! We are so excited to share this stunning home and all of the elegance it holds. As designers, we have a great privilege to take a space and create an atmosphere of ultimate beauty with functionality that is tailored to each unique client. This beautiful home is located in Riverton, Utah and houses such stunning designer details we cannot wait to show you more!  

custom upholstery

With many seating areas and a spacious floor plan, this room allows for guests to gather in style and comfort. We are fond of this particular arrangement of four cozy arm chairs placed behind the sectional. This placement is an unexpected and wonderful way to define conversation areas with serious stylish seating!

custom drapery

We would like to spotlight these gorgeous jaw-dropping draperies! The luxurious length and perfect pleats are definitely one of our favorite touches in this space. 

long custom drapery panels

The drapery rod is hung with perfection, just a few inches above the transom window and elongates the entire space. This room has higher ceilings which called for larger, scaled window panels to fill the room.

drapery panels

The placement of the rods visually lengthens and encompases all the windows and doors and creates a nice flow. If the rod was placed underneath the transom, the room would feel a bit "cut-off" and would not be able to hold a feeling of grandeur.

great room interior design


white brick accent

This petite hallway grouping is brilliant for a transition space. It gives you a warm invitation into the marvelous master bedroom.

small seating area

This master bedroom is such a dreamy restful retreat. The tranquil colors and cozy bedding are the perfect combination to retire the day away in style.

upholstered bed

These charming chairs are a favorite at The Black Goose Design! Not only are they super stylish and have great curves, they surround you in complete comfort.

plaid chairs

master bedroom

Layers of luscious bedding atop this gorgeous upholstered bed complement this bedroom beautifully.

custom bedding

master bedroom seating


These darling dark blue doors are the entrance into a surperb office space. Endearing, detailed chairs contribute a whimsical feel to the room.

white accent chairs

home office cabinets

A classic and clean wall grouping adorns the office with a touch of feminine florals.

wall accessory grouping

large wall clock

We love pretty pattern flooring especially when it is showcased on a staircase! This traditional herringbone pattern grabs your attention upstairs to another stunning setting.

patterned carpet stairway

The sweet settee and sitting room scene is a wonderful combination of playful colors and prints! This darling space is so charming and is the ideal reading spot.

custom settee

custom upholstry

reading chair

blue artwork

This wrought iron bed gives a visually light and fresh feeling and brings great texture into this guest bedroom.

iron bed

A rich leather chair with hinted tufting creates a sohpisticated and stunning look.

leather accent chair

large leather ottoman


We are so thrilled to share this marvelous home with our loyal readers! Each one of our talented designers thoroughly enjoy creating fabulous and functional spaces. From master design planning, new construction,  to remodeling or perhaps a refreshing accessory install, allow our expert designers at The Black Goose Design help you achieve the home of your dreams!




A Heavenly Home Tour Pt. 1
Thursday Feb 22 2018

Get ready for a little slice of interior design heaven! It is always our great pleasure to give our readers an exclusive look inside some of our beloved clients' gorgeous homes. One of our expert designers, Denise, has collaborated with one of her clients to create their spectacular dream home! We are so delighted to give our readers an exclusive home tour of their stunning home located in Riverton Utah. 

white home exterior

white brick exterior

A classic, crisp white exterior with sharp contrasts of black accents make for dramatic curb appeal. The pop-of-color of a light blue door gives a warm welcome to family and friends.



blue door

A clean and fresh color palette with rich accents grace this entire home and defines design perfection! 

wood bench

Denise's client thoroughly enjoys the art of entertaining, so a large kitchen space with ample seating was needed. As designers, it is our goal is to always combine functionality with dramatic design savvy details that fit our clients' lifestyles and personal tastes. This extraordinary kitchen defines both of these important factors making this space the heart of the home.

custom kitchen cabinets

One of the elements that we love about this home is all of the seating areas that are presented within the entire space. There are many gathering areas that easily accessible, and can seat many beloved friends and family with cozy comfort. 

large dining table

Three beautiful islands are the center of this kitchen, and we adore the warm and rich contrasting color of the oversized island that delivers abundant seating.

white kitchen

kitchen accessories

Sleek and classic hardware adorn the custom kitchen cabinetry. A touch of gold adds a bit of glam and refined texture.

gold hardware

custom white kitchen cabinets

white kitchen cabinetry

We are swooning over these darling barstools, a perfect match for this kitchen space.

large accent kitchen island



custom kitchen island

white kitchen

A beautiful custom hood contrasts superbly against the crisp, white subway tiling. 

custom metal hood

large kitchen island

large dining table

Natural light pours into this spectacular dining area and illuminates the entire kitchen! Light and airy Roman shades are the perfect window treatment for this space. The tailored style is a simplistic yet beautiful way to showcase these amazing windows.


dining area

Warm ambient accent lighting creates a softened glow throughout this home. Each lighting fixture makes a statement all their own. We admire the polished and timeless style in every lighting piece.

accent lamps

Floor to ceiling textured white brick makes a dramatic design statement in this living space.  Texture is such a key element in shaping extraordinary interiors as it brings such a visual interest into a room.

kitchen task lighting

kitchen accessories

custom wood chair

interior seating area

wood bench

plaid chair

designer accessories

custom family room

large high-back chairs

accent throw pillows

custom sectional seating

Extra seating is always a great idea in large gathering areas, but often times there is limited space to do so.

These darling ottomans can be pulled into the family room for additional seating and easily be moved to kick up those feet and relax.

round ottoman

Sophisticated chairs and cozy custom upholstery complement the entire space. Rich, supple leather paired with pretty patterned fabric contribute great texture, and the subtle coloring gives a most inviting feeling!   

custom upholstered chairs

large sectional seating

family room seating area

white fireplace

Each talented designer at The Black Goose Design has such a passion and love for making interior spaces beautiful and functional. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity of working with each one of our clients. Partnering with our lovely clients and creating a master design plan for their ideal home is always such a pleasure. 

There is much more heavenly design space for you to enjoy in our next post! Stay tuned for next week. You won't want to miss the continuation of this magnificent home!


Our Best Design Projects of 2017 Pt.2
Thursday Dec 28 2017

Welcome back to part two of Our Best Design Projects of 2017! We are thrilled to to share with each of you amazing design projects we have posted on our social media platforms.

It is The Black Goose Design's great pleasure to inspire you through beautiful photos of incredible interiors. Here are just a few showcased on our Instagram account. Enjoy all of the designer beauty!

Be sure to follow us on Instagram for the latest designer trends, new products and gorgeous designer inspiration! 

The Black Goose Design shiplap

white shiplap


The Black Goose Design showroom


client home tour family room

modern farmhouse kitchen

master bedroom

large family room

interior design modern style

custom sofa

fiddle leaf fig tree


master bedroom remodel


master bathroom

traditional interior design


traditional dining room area

As we welcome 2018, we are enthusiastic to start new design projects. Interior design is a love that our talented designers are eager to share with you. Our design team truly delights in every aspect of creating beautiful and functional home design each and everyday. We invite you to share in our design excitement throughout this coming year. You will not want to miss a single post on our Instagram feed or our blog! We wish you all a very bright and Happy New Year! 

Our Best Design Projects of 2017 Pt.1
Thursday Dec 21 2017

As another wonderful year comes to a close, we would like to reflect back on some of The Black Goose Design's extraordinary projects.

This past year was a spectacular one filled with stunning design work and wonderful design projects to remember.

We value each one of our clients and always strive to make the design process an enjoyable one. We love to share our passion for design with our clients. Our talented interior designers have created so many beautiful spaces throughout this past year.  Take a peek at these stunning projects of 2017.


Client Home Tour Happiness Pt.1

This home has a wonderful charming farmhouse designer style but with a bit of a modern twist. This gorgeous home and entire post of part one can be found  here and part two  here.

sectional in family room

master bedroom


A Sneak Peek into a Master Room Makeover Pt.1

This master bedroom renovation was a dream come true! With so many gorgeous designer details, you will want to take a second look at this stunning project. Part one can be found  here and part two  here.


shiplap walls

master bathroom pattern tile


A Spotlight on Our New Stunning Shiplap 

The Black Goose Design underwent a gorgeous remodel and refreshing update to our showroom floor. We are thrilled with how the project turned out! You can browse our stunning shiplap rennovation  here.

custom uphosltery

shiplap walls


Sugar House Modern Classic Home Tour: Pt.1

You may want to sit down for this gorgeous home tour because we are swooning over this timeless beauty with a modern twist. The enduring style of this lovely home is located in Sugar House, Utah and had our hearts beating fast. Take the stunning tour  here and here.

classic interior design


fiddle leaf plant

An Exclusive Client Home Tour of a Timeless Beauty Pt.1

Find incredible design inspiration of a home that is defined as a timeless beauty. This amazing home is located in Farr West, Utah and has splendid style. Be sure to take a look here and here.

large ottoman


family room

custom upholstery

As we bid farewell to the year 2017, we are eagerly looking forward to 2018 and all of the many gorgeous design projects The Black Goose Design will be presenting to you. We adore each and every one of our clients and thoroughly find joy in making design dreams come true! Stay tuned for part two of our best design projects next week on the blog! 

The Black Goose Design would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!



An Exclusive Client Home Tour of a Timeless Beauty Pt.2
Thursday Dec 14 2017

Welcome back to part two of our stunning home tour located in Farr West, Utah. We are thrilled to continue to share this gorgeous space with you. This home defines true, timeless design, and it is a classic beauty with a cozy and welcoming ambiance throughout the entire home.

 traditional interior design

The open floor plan and large living area is a perfect place for family and friends to gather in comfort and style! We admire the deep, rich wood tones contrasted with all of the light and fresh upholstery pieces. 

custom furniture

A pair of transitional style sofas define the conversation area with ample seating and gorgeous detailing. A sophisticated, large-tufted ottoman is the center of attention in this space! The deep tufts add visual texture and charm to the room.

family room interior design

A classic window-pane plaid adorns these timeless yet modern Wingback chairs. The spaced nailhead trim adds an elegant detail to the silhouette of these beautiful chairs.

custom plaid chairs


traditional interior design

custom accent chair

A stunning sideboard complements this large dining space so well. This 100" sideboard is one of our most beloved pieces from The Black Goose Design and creates such a dramatic focal point in this area.

traditional dining room

A large arched, paned mirror reflects all of the beautiful natural light that fills this space. We love incorporating curvature in accent pieces like this mirror, and the architectural lines soften and add a charming element into the room.

large arched mirror

dining room console

dining room gathering area

designer accessories

This is such a dreamy bedroom space. The tufted, grand upholstered bed makes not only a big design statement but a comfortable one as well. 

upholstered bed

custom bedding

Lovely lamps softly illuminate each nightstand to "frame " this spectacular bed. Stacking whimsical artwork pieces on either side of the bed aids in visually drawing the eye upwards giving dramatic height.


The soft color pallete of moody steel blues, greys and light neutrals flow throughout the entire home creating a harmonious feel. This charming chaise lounge chair is the ultimate reading retreat and perfect for those cozy afternoon naps!

custom chaise lounge

chaise lounge


custom chaise chair

This marvolous master retreat is what dreams are made of! Tranquil coloring in this bedroom creates a serene and calm feeling that carries throughout the space making this the perfect place to end the day. 

master bedroom

It has been our great pleasure in sharing this gorgeous home with you! We always want to bring the best in Utah's design inspiration to you, and we are hopeful this home tour has done just that! The talented designers at The Black Goose Design are always eager to assist in creating a master design plan tailored to your personal design style, and it is our goal to make your designer dreams become reality.

An Exclusive Client Home Tour of a Timeless Beauty Pt.1
Thursday Dec 7 2017

Join us for a sneak peek into the stunning home of one our wonderful clients. As interior designers we are always delighted to share inspirational spaces with you, our loyal readers! Be prepared for some dramatic interior design eye candy as we take you throughout this timeless beauty located in Farr West, Utah!

The incredible entry with stunning stonework beckons you inside to a gorgeous space! Instantly you are greeted with warm wood tones, rich texture and a striking front door that makes this entrance a grand one.

brick and stonework exterior home

The gracious open floor plan complete with detailed woodwork trim sets such an inviting tone for the entire home. We adore that this space has such a timeless and classic feel. The rich wood tones combined with light and fresh accent pieces makes this entire home an interior desgin masterpiece.

traditional entryway

Amazing original artwork sets the perfect pallete of soft muted colors for the entire home. Unique, gorgeous accesories are grouped together creating the perfect vignette that enhance the stunning custom artwork.

designer accessories

Showstopping lamps give a gorgeous glow and creates a dramatic effect against this amazing art piece.

modern artwork

Glorious gold accents complete with custom high-back chairs are picture perfect for this modern music room. 

music room

custom upholstery

Hints of blue and fresh white accents are echoed in the accessories, furniture and throw pillows. Using these colors throughtout the home gives consistancy and flow when it comes to the overall color palatte.

interior design accessories

designer accessories

We delight in all the personal touches throughout this home, these framed music sheets are charming and fitting for this room.

music artwork

music artwork room

Floral accents always deliver great texture and give an organic feel to any space.

white accent end table

This large decorative gold mirror paired with large candlesticks visually creates added height and design drama! We also love the beautiful reflection and sparkle it gives to the room.

gold arched mirror

This serene gathering area is grand, yet the overall feeling is intimate and inviting. A pair of high-back window pane plaid chairs are ideal for this timeless room. Large picture perfect windows allow for natural light to spill in, illuminating this impressive space.

timeless interior design

A large area rug grounds the entire room making for a cozy conversation area. We are loving that fabulous fireplace! It sets the scene for comfy and relaxing winter evening in.

traditional family room

These chairs are statement pieces that give a traditional yet modern touch to the room. 

custom plaid high back chair

interior design classic plaid

A grand fireplace with stunning textured stonework is the ulitmate focal point for this classic, handsome home. 

large mantel and fireplace

The tufted ottoman completes the perfect setting for serene relaxation. Classic clean-lined furniture pieces are picturesque in this living space.

sectional seating

home designer accessories

large tufted ottoman

Rich texture and playful pops of pattern are beautifully displayed in every accent throw pillow! These custom upholstered sofas are also one of our favorite frame styles, they are so fitting for this elegant space.

custom sectional

Detailed nailhead trim outline the sleek styling of these ultra comfy sofas.  With high-quality upholstery adorning this space, any place you pick in this room is always the best seat in the house! 

large traditional great room


Stunning, functional design woven together has created this home a place of ultimate beauty and comfort.  You will not want to miss part two of this gorgeous home tour coming next week on our blog! 

An Exclusive look into our Designer Home Remodel and Renovation
Thursday Oct 12 2017

The Black Goose Design is delighted to give our wonderful clients and blog readers an exclusive behind-the-scenes look as we embark on a dramatic design project. We will be sharing a remarkable renovation of this historic home located in the charming avenues of Salt Lake City Utah built in 1899. It is always our pleasure to share extraordinary design projects, especially one as unique as this home. 

Every good renovation and remodel starts with a master design plan. As designers, we listen to our clients needs and desires to achieve a home of their dreams. Creating functionality with design-savvy beauty is always a top priority, specifically a design plan that is tailored to our clients' personal design styles. This entire space will get a fresh facelift complete with some modern features but will still be keeping true to its historic avenue roots.

front door

The original ornate iron-work gate welcomes you up the darling pathway as you enter the property.

home rennovation

transom window

This particular home houses a lot of woodwork and stunning architectual details that truly makes this space distinct. There will be major updates coming to this beautiful home all while still preserving its charm and character.

wood staircase

One of the first steps will be selecting a versatile paint color that will be used predominately throughout this home. Most of the woodwoork will be refreshed, brightened and painted. We have narrowed the choices down to three paint colors by Benjamin Moore. They are Swiss Coffee, Simply White or White Dove, and  all beautiful yet each carry different color tones.

Swiss Coffee has a creamy undertone and has a warm rich look.

swiss coffee paint

*Swiss Coffee Benjamin Moore

The paint color Simply White is just that! Beautiful, simple, clean and crisp the definition of true white!

simply white paint

*Simply White Benjamin Moore

White Dove by Benjamin Moore is also a contender in the paint selection which has a slight grey tone to it.

Though these beautiful paint colors look very similar in color, it is our job, as professional designers, to consider every factor of what the overall space will look and feel like with the paint color. Even the variation in lighting throughout a home will affect the entire coloring of the paint.


white dove paint

*White Dove Benjamin Moore


Paint color also plays such a key role in the overall style of the space. The ultimate backdrop to your entire space paint is color, and color is considered to set the mood of the home. 

We have some excellent choices of paint colors that would complement the details and character of the home. The flooring will also be refinished in a warm wood tone which will ground the entire home nicely and give an inviting look.

home rennovation living room

home remodel before photo

stained glass window

This remarkable tile and fireplace is all orginial and will be preserved to honor its historic heritage. The mantel and mirror above will be modified and customized so the woodwork extends towards the ceiling. This will visually elongate this glorious focal point.

antique fireplace before


home renovation sliding doors

Transom windows are still present in this home and add such design appeal. This narrow door was once the "service" door that connected to the dining room for the gathering of evening meals. Today it is now walled off, and we wanted to make good use of the space so there are plans for a small bench and a large antique style hook to be placed on the door inviting guests to hang up their jackets and stay a while!

butlers pantry

The original foundation of stonework is astounding to see, and as designers, we always enjoy diving into the historic features of gracefully-aged homes.

old stonework in basement


The kitchen will be completely redesigned making the heart of this home functional and to meet the needs of the homeowners. Existing columns will be removed opening up the kitchen area, a redesigned island will be rotated and placed in the opposite direction making for an easy flowing traffic pattern from kitchen to the dining area. 

wood cabinets

A countertop will be installed against the large windows allowing for added seating and a cozy place for a good morning breakfast and a happy view!

kitchen remodel before photo

This desk area will be removed and in its place will be a new laundry and mud room that will provide useful storage and utility space.

  kitchen remodel before

This large bathroom is just off of the kitchen, and we will be condensing the grand size of this bath into a quaint powder bath. By reducing the existing bathroom size and redistributing this space will allow for addtional kitchen area to be introduced! And we all say yes to more kitchen space!

hall bathroom before photo

hall bathroom before photo

This perfect patio area just outside of the kitchen will be complete with comfy outdoor funiture seating and delightful dining for entertaining guests.

brick paver patio

detached garage

The homeowner cherishes the fine details and craftsmanship that are throughout this home. As designers, we always say it is in the "details" that makes a space so great!

antique stair post

The master bedroom and upstairs addition was built in 1912, and this beautiful tilework and a cozy fireplace setting will create a restful sitting area. Grand French doors open up to a large balcony and provide gorgeous natural light to be let in this spacious room.

master bedroom before photo

antique fireplace

antique woodwork on fireplace

master bedroom windows

master bedroom bathroom

The master bathroom design will be re-worked to provide a double sink cabinet with sufficient storage, a stunning new shower and will still have adequate room for the great soaking tub! 

soaking tub

master bathroom remodel

The upper floor master bedroom balcony will be an excellent spot for a relaxing evening while taking in Salt Lake Valley views.

porch views

home renovation guest bath

home renovation guest room

Stunning and intricate stained glass windows were handmade by Bennett's Glass and are beautifully displayed throughout the home. Each one of these windows is a true work-of-art built right into the home. They seem to capture the rich history of the home and are showcased exquisitely.

antique stain glass window

stained glass window


Feast your eyes on these gorgeous fabrics that will be made into cozy detailed upholstery, long billowy draperies and custom area rugs! Timeless texture and pattern within the materials will give a sophisticated new look to this space.

plaid carpeting

Mixing in deep, rich color tones against the light painted woodwork and detailed architectural features of the home will really bring together the master plan perfectly! We are loving the deep jeweled tones being introduced with furniture and accent pieces. The contrasted trimwork that will be painted will bring a bright, light and fresh appearance yet have will still carry a traditional vignette.

master remodel planning

 design planning

Peeling back the design layers and history has been an absolute delight for The Black Goose Design, and  we absolutely cannot wait to reveal each step of the design process to you as it unfolds. As we journey into this project to renew this captivating home, we invite you to stay tuned for exclusive updates on this amazing avenue charmer! 

Sugar House Classic Home Tour: Pt.2
Thursday Sep 14 2017

Welcome back to part two of this charming Sugar House home tour. This wonderful home is a true timeless classic in interior design, and we are thrilled to continue to share this lovely space with you!

This darling bedroom is filled with pops of crisp white giving such a feeling of tranquility. We also love that there is a hint of a clean, modern feeling to the room. This breathtaking art piece was added to this splendid space. It is an original, painted by the talented home owner!

master bedroom

This is such a dreamy bedroom space. The height of this grand upholstered bed makes not only for a big design statement but a most comfortable one as well.

light and bright bed

Subtle touches of a soft blush color and stunning modern artwork are displayed perfectly in this restful retreat. 

modern artwork

Details, details, details! Fluffly throw pillows with gorgeous embroidery embellishments adorn this cozy bed.

throw pillow

Anyone up for a refreshing afternoon nap? We are loving the soft texture of this grand upholstered bed with fabulous lines and intricate nailhead trim.

upholstered bed

Accessories are best displayed in a tidy grouping. Beautiful statement pieces like these delightful vases are meant to be showcased with simplicity!

vase accessory


accessory grouping


Holding true to the saying "bathing beauty," this bathroom has a refined classic look. The black and white patterned tiling makes an impressive design impact.

black and white bathroom




Glimpses of gold give an added touch of texture throughout this delightful home. We are loving the shape of this amazing geometric mirror with the reflection of an amazing sketch piece.

 geometric mirror


modern artwork


Friends and family can gather in ultimate comfort with this handsome sectional from Sam Moore Furniture! This deep and roomy sectional invites you to kick back and relax in cozy comfort.

custom sectional


living room

Striking stripes in black and white paired with supple leather pieces are so design savvy, we really admire this dramatic focal point in this space. 

black and white stripe wall


modern classic

Rich leather accents with a comfy throw make for the best seat in the house! Notice the constrasting stitching which shows off the sleek lines of this dignified club chair.

leather club chair 

Throw pillow heaven sits upon this stunning sectional! A great way to create a new feeling in your space is by keeping a neutral base for your main upholstered piece and switching up throw pillows. This allows for flexibility when you want to mix up coloring and patterning just by simply shaking things up with a variety of throw pillows.

throw pillows textured

 deep sectional seating


leather accent


leather ottoman

This is one of our favorite area rugs at The Black Goose Design. This ravishing rug has such a beautiful pattern with a bit of a vintage feel to it. The overall look of this rug remains soft and subdued. Remember rugs are like artwork for your floor and are neccessary for "grounding" your living space.


area rug

Ahhh, pretty-in-pink powder bath! This is the cheeriest and freshest little bath we ever did see. This pallete of precious pinks combined with a fun and flirty display of artwork gives such a soft, feminine feel.

powder bath

 bright bathroom


Wonderfully plush bedding is so dreamy in this guest room. Iif we were the guest, we would never leave! A spectacular dresser piece displays a gorgeous geometric pattern giving this room a pop of unique personality.

guest room

lamp lighting


custom throw pillows


modern classic design

This home has been an absolute pleasure to share with our wonderful clients and it is supreme design perfection. The talented designers at The Black Goose Design always want to give the best design inspiration to our clients, and we are hopeful that this stunning home tour has done just that! Partner with one of our talented designers and allow us to help create the home of your dreams!

Sugar House Modern Classic Home Tour: Pt.1
Wednesday Sep 6 2017

The Black Goose Design is thrilled to share with you today a design masterpiece! You may want to sit down for this gorgeous home tour because we are swooning over this timeless beauty with modern twist. The enduring style of this lovely home is located in Sugar House, Utah and has our hearts beating fast.

classic home

 Welcome in! This crisp white exterior paired with beautiful black accents defines ageless design.

black and white front door


A charming scene greets guests as they enter in this amazing abode. We absolutely adore all of the awe-inspiring modern style artwork that can be found throughout the entire home, especially when it is paired with happy pop-of-pink peonies!

transitional entry piece


 modern artwork



classic modern interior design

pink peonies

Stunning symmerty and classic clean-lined furniture pieces are picturesque in this living space. The coloring, textures and detailed accent pieces flow perfectly together and there is such a feeling of calm and serenity in this room.

timeless design style

Delightful design details grace this transitional-styled sideboard. We cannot get enough of all of the unique personal touches of this home!


Full and billowy drapery panels frame this large picture window, and did you notice the eye-catching geometric patterning at the bottom?




Beautifully custom-designed, upholstered chairs are ideal for relaxing and taking in the pleasant view from the window.

timeless chair


This fabulous fireplace scene is absolute perfection! We love the idea of layering mulitple mirrors on the mantel giving depth and visually expanding the room.


animal ottomans


 layered mirrors


Luminous lighting fills this room and highlights every inch superbly! The combination of both natural light and soft layered lamp lighting gives depth and dimension to this space.

classic design living room

Yes, we all want to cozy up in this to-die-for velvet chaise lounge! It is such a sophisticated piece that complements this living space so well, and we especially adore the great wing-back lines!


velvet chaise lounge


white accessories

custom upholstery


gallery wall


custom texture throw pillow

A luxurious fur throw adds extraordinary texture! Texture is key to incorporate into a space. By adding texture, this allows for visual interest and variety.


fur throw

Amazing accessory details are placed perfectly atop this mirrored cocktail table. The hints of gold accents give a sweet sparkle and allows for this display to shine.

gold and white accessories

A bit of fun with an animal pattern on small ottoman stools give an exotic yet refined look. We are loving the hint of this playful print displayed in front of the fireplace!

natural light

This gorgeous lighting piece is one of our favorite lighting fixtures at The Black Goose Design and is ideal for that much-desired design "wow" element. This chandelier will give your space a subdued soft glow.
dining room


lighting globe


designer dining room

Gorgeous greenery will give life and contribute an organic feel to any space. These beautiful branches and fiddle leaf fig trees add a natural feel that complements such an elegant space.

greenery accessory

We could not have selected a more picture-perfect home to share with you today; and it is our sincere hope that you, our wonderful clients feel as inspired as we do by this stunning space!

This is a superiorly-designed home. Every designer detail right down to the last accessory has been executed with such design-savvy style and precision.

fiddle leaf plant

We are absolutely smitten with the charm of this Sugar House classic home! As designers, we are always eager to assist our clients in creating the home of their dreams and making their spaces a bit of heaven on earth! Stay tuned for part two of this stunning home tour, we cannot wait to share it!

Client Home Tour Happiness Pt.2
Thursday Aug 17 2017

Welcome back to the second part of our client home tour! We are delighted today to share with you a restful master retreat like none other. This beautiful bedroom is so calm and serene, it is the perfect place to relax at the end of the day. Our very own talented designer Ali has make her clients dream bedroom become a reality. A soft and tranquil color pallete greets you as you enter into this space.

sitting area

This glorious upholstered bed with detailed nailhead trim surrounds you in comfort. The height of this beautiful piece also makes a dramatic design feature in this blissful bedroom.


Stunning furniture pieces flank this fabulous fireplace giving balance to the wall. We also added large statement pieces such as artwork and a sparkly large round mirror that adds both texture and life to the space.

Coastal cues are contentedly placed throughout the room showcasing our client's personal design style.

Mirror mirror on the wall, you truly are the fairest of them all! A ravishing rounded mirror is perfection as it reflects this breathtaking bedroom sight.


A cozy corner filled with natural light is an ideal spot for reading and relaxing.

Fluffly, billowy bedding complements this beautiful bed! The many layers atop this bed are so inviting and are perfect to curl up for those afternoon naps!

Layered detailed bedding will make a large difference in how your bed not only looks but feels! Who wouldn't want to feel like they are sleeping on "cloud 9"? The Black Goose Design offers the most lovely bedding to suit your personal master bedroom style!

These detailed chests add character and wonderful texture to this room, this charming chest is one of our clients' favorite pieces.

It is always a great idea to incorporate larger scaled pieces if your space can accomodate it. This gives a dramatic effect to your room and an added bonus of storage space!









This master bedroom space is so heavenly and we adore all of the personal design details that makes this space so crisp and cozy. From unique furniture pieces to layers of luscious bedding, this room defines comfort and tranquility.

The bedroom is the most personal space in your home, allow our expert designers create the ultimate restful retreat you have been dreaming of! 

Client Home Tour Happiness Pt.1
Thursday Aug 3 2017

Today we are excited to share with you a peek inside the home of a wonderful client! This stunning home located in Sandy, Utah, defines charming farmhouse designer style but with a bit of a modern twist. Our talented designer, Ali, has captured her client's darling design style and has incorporated personal details that make this house a cheery home.

The welcoming exterior has such wonderful curb appeal to greet guests. The pops crisp of white trim, handsome hardie board and stunning shaker shingles makes this home a true head turner!


home exterior

Grand entrances are all in the details. Classic white windows frame in a rich textured wood door as you are invited in.

front door

A refreshing and serene scene of bright white woodwork with light furniture accents welcome you as you walk through the door! This home is a picture-perfect gathering space for friends and family to enjoy. 


great room

Timless clean-lined woodworking surround this room making this living area such an impressive architectual space.


custom built-in



This custom sectional from Wesley Hall furniture is so cozy! When it comes to selecting furniture, keeping correct scale can be a bit tricky especially when you have higher ceilings. One of our favorite features about this sectional piece is the height that it brings to the space. It is ideal for placing in a larger-scaled room drawing the eye up. The detailed nailhead trim, deep comfy cushions and light fluffy throw pillows complement this area perfectly.


detailed sectional


bright and light great room

Our client had a particularly large space that needed a specific size for an area rug. With a bit of researching we ended up finding this beautiful carpet with a simple geometric pattern. The carpet was then cut and bound to the specific measurements of the room.

family room

Rich, supple leather recliners accent the space with gorgeous texture. A favorite spot to kick back and relax!

leather recliners

We are passionate about staying true to our client's personal style and we adore the hints of coastal touches throughout this home. This sideboard was an ideal piece for this space, with its gorgeous lines and light wood tone, it echoes a coastal feel.



These custom sliding doors are one of our favorite features in this gathering space. Not only do they allow for beautiful natural light to spill into the room, they invite the outside in! Such a breath of fresh air, literally!


custom sliding doors

Built-in bookshelves flanking the fireplace are simple and give such a fresh feeling to the space.


custom white built-in cabinet


Can you say gorgeous farmhouse kitchen style?! Crisp, white cabinetry paired with those darling industrial stools are a match made in designer heaven!

white kitchen

When it comes to kitchen spaces, you can never have enough seating! This spacious kitchen and dining area allows for friends and family to pull up a chair and stay awhile.  

farmhouse kitchen

Mix up the style with your dining table and chairs, this allows for dramatic design personality and keeps visual interest.


grey dining table


dining area


kitchen setting


dish details


pendant lighting



large dining table

The combination of different styles and patterning of area rugs keeps this space full of life and interest, yet still allows for the rugs to all flow together with ease.

farmhouse style home


We adore this amazing space and home! Stunning and functional design combined with our client's personal style  made this space the ultimate place of beauty and comfort. Our talented designers are eager to assist you in creating the home of your dreams! You will not want to miss out on part two of this happy home tour coming soon to our blog! 

A Sneak Peek into a Master Room Makeover Pt.2
Thursday Jun 15 2017

Welcome back to part two of our marvelous master bedroom remodel! We are delighted to share with you today one of our clients newly refreshed master bathroom space. Darling spa-like details are around every corner making this beautiful master bathroom a relaxing retreat.

master bath


custom cabinet

This patterned tile is such a show-stopper and is the perfect backdrop to frame in this glorious soaking tub. Using patterened tile adds a soft touch of color, texture and really brings this bathroom beauty to life!

large pattern tile

Sleek built-in cabinets were installed adding convenient additional storage space. We adore the clean-lined appearance of the cabinets combined with the hardware, mirrors and lighting fixtures.

Pairing this clean look with a nickle-board treatment on the wall also allows for the entire space to flow all-together with ease.

built-in cabinets

industrial look

This glorious soaking tub has become one of our clients' favorite spots in the entire house and we do not blame them one bit!  It is the perfect place to soak away the day...with bubbles of course!

soaking tub

designer master bath


master bathroom retreat

Check out this stunning shower combination, mixing up different tile patterns together adds such a visual interest! Combining a dark grey grout with a crisp white tile also gives this shower "pop"!

custom shower tile

penny tile

water closet

A sweet chandilier with such character hangs over the glorious soaking tub providing just the right amount of soft lighting.

large mirror

white soaker tub

designer details

master bathroom suite

A place of tranquility and relaxation was completed with perfection allowing for our clients to experience their own personal spa everyday! This entire master bedroom space is a dream come true and every inch is filled with eye-catching designer details.

Rest assured, at The Black Goose Design our expert designers can create a luxurious, personal retreat to suit your personal design style. 

A Sneak Peek into a Master Room Makeover Pt.1
Thursday Jun 8 2017

The Black Goose Design welcomes you today with an exclusive sneak peek into a recent master bedroom makeover for one of our beloved clients! There are so many darling new details that were incorporated to this space making it a dreamy restful retreat. 

master bedroom

The bedroom is the most personal space within your home, a place where you can finally retire the day away and relax! This room should feel the most tanquil, serene and define your personal design style. Our clients are thrilled with the results of their new crisp and cozy bedroom.

bedroom remodel

This master bedroom are what dreams are made of! This entire room is calming, refreshing and carries a relaxed feeling throughout the space. Gorgeous french doors were added allowing for our clients to enjoy a spectacular view of the Salt Lake City valley from their blissful bedroom.  The doors also opened up the space making it feel lighter and appearing larger.

custom bedding

A nickle-board treatment was applied throughout the entire room giving a crisp and clean look, our clients love the fresh feeling it brings to the space. Petite and charming windows were incorporated above the bed allowing for not only a playful detail but also for beautiful natural lighting.

charming windows

Delightful details are everywhere you look in this room! Instead of traditional lamps on either side of the bed, darling pendant lighting was installed creating a warm ambiance and illuminates the space perfectly.

pendant lighting

We are swooning over this sleek ceiling fan, it complements the bedroom so nicely with a warm wood tone making it feel like such a part of the space.

sleek ceiling fixture

A comfy custom chair nestled in the corner is so inviting! We may just snuggle-up and stay a while.

custom upholstery

Extra linens and storage space are perfectly in place inside of this stunning armoire! A detailed armoire with a chicken-wire front has such a light and airy presence.





master bedroom

white walls


custom furniture


nickle-board treatment

Luxurious and subduded bedding atop this amazing upholstered bed gives a sophisticated look. Textured throw pillows paired wtih a simple striped quilt are a match made in designer heaven!

Even little "Scooter" couldn't resist and afternoon nap!

upholstered bed

This bedroom is the ultimate space of pure relaxation paired with serious design-savvy style and we are delighted to share this stunning room with you.

Newly refreshed spaces are so inviting and blissful, allow our talented designers to assist you in making your designer dream home or any space a reality! Stay tuned for next week, we promise you will not want to miss part two of this marvelous master retreat tour, where we will be revealing the master bathroom! 

An Exclusive Look at Our Designer Room Remodel
Thursday Apr 27 2017

Drumroll please...The Black Goose Design is absolutely delighted to reveal our refreshing remodel of our new design presentation room! For the past few months, our talented designers have been collaborating on an exciting remodel project throughout our showroom floor located in Midvale, Utah. 

Welcome to our gorgeous new design presentation room bursting at the seams with a fresh, updated look. This transformation started as a vision to refresh and update our retail workspace while still maintaining the integrity of our charming building that was built in the late 1800's. 

This stunning space has been transformed into a functional, professional design presentation room where our interior designers will be able to present master design plans to their clients in serious style!

Custom built-in cabinetry, including a functional desk space, was finished off in a warm wood stain giving depth, texture and life to the room with ample storage space. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets outline the entire perimeter of the room housing our design samples, rugs, catalog and wallpaper books. Every design necessity for presenting a design plan are all at our fingertips in one gorgeous and convenient space.


We wanted a new ceiling to complement this amazing space and to help create a renewed look. Our solution was to drop the ceiling by six inches then frame it in giving the room a fresh template to work with. This would allow for this space to house new lighting pieces.

The nickle-board wall treatment adds such a sophisticated and bright feel to the space, and a fresh new coat of paint in Benjamin Moore's Swiss Coffee gave this room the ultimate feeling of freshness! 


Not only are we ecstatic about this dramatic design room update, it is always such a pleasure to be able to present our master design plans for our many clients. Taking on a design project can seem a bit overwhelming at times, even knowing where to start can be a challenge. Don't worry, our talented designers understand that every client is unique in their own design needs as well as personal style. We will create a master design plan that is not only functional but beautifully tailored to your personal design style. Bringing stunning design into every home is our passion, and we absolutely love what we do. 

Allow our interior designers to assist you in every part of the entire design process. Take the first step and meet with one of our professional design experts that will put you on a path to design planning success for your home.

By partnering with one of our expert designers and investing in a master design layout for your project, we can create an entire vision for your space with a plan and a purpose. Whether your design project may be starting a remodel, building a new home or simply updating your existing space, every project will be completed with the assurety that the end result will be a design dream come true!

To contact one of our talented designers and for complete interior design consulation information click, here .