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An Exclusive Designer Upholstery Factory Tour
Friday Apr 20 2018

At The Black Goose Design we proudly carry high-quality, unique and ultra comfortable upholstered funiture pieces made by Wesley Hall and Lee Industries. Each amazing company offers gorgeous well-crafted upholstered pieces with a large stunning collection of fabrics to select from. Today we invite you to take an exclusive behind-the-scenes factory tour. Made entirely in the USA, with precision and care, each upholstered piece that is created is truly a work of art that will endure many years of use.

So what exactly goes into a superior piece of upholstery? Be sure to do your homework, not all upholstery is created equal, but we are prepared to show you exactly what "high-quality" defines.

We had the extraordinary opportunity to tour the Wesley Hall factory located in Hickory, North Carolina. Our tour guide was Ron Deal, the Founder of Wesley Hall. We are so grateful for his time and expertise. Wesley Hall is known for their attention to detail and hand craftsmanship on every single piece of furniture.

Wesley Hall fabrics

laser cut fabric machine

animal print chairs

wood chair frame

sofa cushioning

The results are inspiring with luxury textiles and leathers which cannot be surpassed. One of our talented designers Ali mentioned, "The hands-on approach at Wesley Hall is what really took my breath away. Each employee had a vast knowledge of the product and many years experience in their specific field. We stopped to speak with one of the seamstresses who had been sewing at Wesley Hall for 18 years. Ron expressed most of his employees had an extensive upholstery background to ensure that the 'Wesley Hall quality' would be maintained."  

upholstery pattern

laser cutting machine

The details are exquisite and Wesley Hall is known for saying YES to custom requests. They bend over backwards to add details, match patterns, mix custom finishes, and the sky's the limit!

custom bolt fabric

We were able to watch a craftsman eight-way hand-tie the springs into the seat of a sofa as he explained how he tied the knots and the labor it took to get each one just right.  The quality at Wesley Hall is outstanding, and we could see the care and attention each piece of furniture receives in the factory.

eight way hand tied sofa

Lee Industries was our next stop and the quality, expertise and high level of craftsmanship were all outstanding as well! An endless sea of sturdy, kiln-dried wood frames were ready to be graced with the finest fabric and cushioning for custom orders. 

barstool chair frame

Ultra cozy and quality cushioning are only used in Lee products. When creating your personal sofa or chair, Lee has many cushion options from an all down fill, to a firm seating cushioning. Lee Industries takes pride in creating a piece of upholstery to suit your individual style.

sofa cushioning

custom bolt fabric

These large fabric laser cutting machines cut out the pattern of the specific sofa or chair with perfection. These machines are so precise and accurate when cutting a pattern there is very little textile waste when the cutting is complete.

laser cut pattern of fabric

Lee Industries chair legs

Lee has thousands of beautiful fabrics to choose from, and this entire room is dedicated just to the "samples" of each fabric in their fabric line. We understand, when choosing fabrics it can be challenging to decide! Lee has great customer service. You can order fabric samples, and Lee will send them directly to you to keep! How wonderful is that?!

Lee Industries fabric samples

This gorgeous chair started out as a simple wood frame, with many skilled hands it is now is ready to be welcomed into a beautiful home. Lee Industries takes first-class care in every upholstered creation. Each one is perfection! 

custom chair

In addition to our upholstery tours, we also toured Valdese Weavers, which is the largest textile Mill in North America. Located in North Carolina, this mill has been in operation since 1915. It was founded by Italian immigrants and originally known as the Swiss Embroidery Company. This company has a very rich heritage, and it was an honor to see the fabric process in person!

bolt of thread

This factory has state-of-the-art technology with some of the loops weaving at 800 miles per hour. These machines work at such a fast pace and are very loud making it difficult to hear. Headphones are used when walking through the factory floor. To communicate, the instructor talked through a microphone. You could even feel the floor shaking as we walked by these massive machines. 

Valdese Weavers

Valdese weaves the popular residential fabric known as Cyrpton which has the highest level of interior residential performance on the market today. We also viewed the in-house design studios where their designers draw and draft fabric selections taking inspiration from all over the world.

fabric weaving

Valdese has the most technically-advanced, world-class computer operating system ensuring their customers the finest fabrics available and delivered in the shortest amount of time. They produce tens of thousands of yards daily. We were blown away!

custom fabric weaving machine

Take a look at this gorgeous fabric being woven right before your eyes with thousands of threads coming together to create one marvelous work of art!


Wesley Hall, Lee Industries and Valdese Weavers all create excellent and high-quality products allowing each company to reign supreme in the design industry. The Black Goose Design understands that furniture is a large investment, and this is why we love to educate our customers! When selecting furniture, especially upholstery, it is extremely important to know exactly how your furniture is made and that is it held to a high-standard of quality craftsmanship.

A special thanks to our manager, Randi and interior designer Ali, for giving us an inside look at these amazing factories! It is always a pleasure to share interesting and educational design experiences with you, our valued reader.

Our showroom is filled with outstanding upholstery and  the latest designer pieces arriving weekly! Partner with one of our talented interior designers to create unique, quality upholstered pieces to complement your home for many years to come!

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