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Three Tips for Making a Cozy Bed
Friday Feb 23 2024 by Stacey Beyer

Want your bed to look inviting and cozy? We have the solution. Let’s talk the tricks of the trade when it comes to creating a bed that feels beautifully made.

make a cozy bed 


Layering is the way to go. Adding layers allows you to build on the base layer of your bedding by introducing different patterns, textures, colors, and an overall loftiness.

2024 bedding trends

Our favorite way to layer at The Black Goose Design is to fold a duvet at the end of the bed. Other go-to approaches that we turn to often when layering a bed include:

  • Multiple Coverlets
  • Quilts
  • Even Folding Back Your Sheets

The Black Goose Design

Let the layering continue with pillows. Give your bed that “crawl into” quality with added pillows. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Sleeping pillows and decorative pillows come together like a comfortable puzzle. You can position your decorative options in front of your sleeping pillows to conceal them slightly, or you can conceal them completely. Whatever feels better to you is the way to go. Speaking of, if you’re a minimalist and prefer fewer pillows, that works too. Let our team of designers help you make the most of the pillows to ensure you pack a comfy punch with the few pillows you choose.

 mixing patterns


Down fills and high-quality down alternatives are a wonderful way to elevate your bed. This kind of pillow sits much nicer than a poly-filled option, which can appear flat.

layered quilt

Using down gives the pillow more shape. When chopped, this pillow type takes a shape that allows the base layer of pillows to peek through, adding dimension and creating a fuller look.

down pillows

Beyond the cosmetic appeal, down pillows actually FEEL cozier than their poly fill counterparts. Because they’re feather filled, they contour to your body when you lay on them, almost as if they’re giving you an embrace.

Sure, down pillows are a bit more maintenance, but we feel the extra bit of pillow fluffing required is well worth it!



Don’t forget the finishing touch of a little extra texture. Our top trick is to layer the foot of the bed with a decorative throw.

textured bedding

For a little added flavor, toss in a smaller accent pillow or two. These final pieces seal the deal when it comes to making the best kind of bed.

decorative pillows

Ready to give your bedding an update? We’re here to make your sweet dreams come true! Stop by for a little bedding chit chat soon!

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