The Importance of Investing in an Interior Designer Pt.2
Thursday May 25 2017

There are so many benefits that come from partnering with an interior designer when taking on a home project, remodel, or even selecting a paint color. As interior designers we view every project and client tremendously important no matter the size or what the project may entail. Starting any home project may feel overwhelming at first, but with the assistance of an experienced designer by your side you can feel confident that the project will be completed with professional expertise and serious style!

custom upholstery

Whether your current project is building a home or if you are feeling the need for a refreshing update in your space with unique accessories an expert designer can help you achieve your desired look. Creating a master design plan will give you a guide as to what your design style and end goal may be. Our expert designers are eager to be involved from concept to completion of any design project.

Designer Showroom

We are delighted to share a design project with you today that involved a bit of updating, it all started with the idea of giving a refreshed look to some fireplaces. This grand fireplace was a dramatic focal point in the room which we wanted to maintain but brighten-up the entire room a bit. With some reconstruction of the fireplace a new transitional design was achieved that included a clean-lined mantel yet still gave a dramatic look to the space. A fresh new coat of paint instantly illuminated the room making a tremedous difference in the overall styling. Beautiful light and airy custom furniture paired with a ravishing rug and goregous accessories completed this stunning revamped space!

Remodel fireplace


construction fireplace


What an amazing difference from dark and dramatic to light and refreshing! With just a few changes this entire room was instantly transformed giving new life to this space. 

Remodeled great room


Adding perfectly plush pillows into your sofa is a simple and effective way to update the entire look of your room. Mixing in a variety of color, texture and pattern within your throw pillows can change the overall feel of the space.

custom throw pillows

wesley hall upholstery


New lighting features are also a great way to update a space, unique fixtures give such character to a room and are easy to install! A designer can give you amazing ideas on how to ideally illuminate your home with the correct lighting features that introduce ambience and drama to a space.


custom sectional

A design project as simple as incorporating new accessories and artwork into your home will give an updated and refreshed look! Designers have a trained eye for executing correct proportion, scale, styling and functionality when it comes to accesory installation. The best part about having an expert designer install those dramatic designer details is all you have to do is sit back, relax and relish in design perfection!


designer accessories


Our interior designers wll assist you in creating a master design plan making your dream home become a reality. Our designers are committed to deliver big and beautiful designer results no matter what size your project may be!

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