The Importance of Investing in an Interior Designer Pt.1
Thursday May 18 2017

If there was one valuable piece of design advice our talented designers here at The Black Goose Design would share with a client looking to start a design project, without a doubt it would be to invest in a master design plan with a professional interior designer!

Taking on any design project may seem a bit overwhelming, especially when your are constructing a new home. There are so many critical choices and elements that go into building a home, but in the end you want to feel assured that you made the best decision possible from beginning to end.

Today we are sharing our top five reasons why you should invest in an interior designer for home building success!

1. Time is Valuable

The new construction of a home can consume a fair amount of time...valuable time. You could spend an endless amount of it researching products, selecting materials, trying to coordinate coloring and wondering if what you are selecting is going to be the best choice for your new space. Our designers understand your time is valuable, by partnering with an expert designer we can assist you in your project and ease the decision-making process. Having an experienced designer be by your side throughout the entire building process will give you reassurance that every detail of your new home will come together perfectly. A professional partnership between you, your home builder and an expert designer will ultimately put you on a path for design planning success.


2. Avoid Costly Mistakes

Don't let the "whoops" factor happen to your new project especially when you are building your dream home. Those little mistakes can end up costing you big not only finacially but with time. Interior designers have a trained eye and are professionals in every aspect of design. We can assist in the overall vision of your home. Experience the feeling of being confident that your investment will be taken care of and managed properly, allowing the end result to be completed just as you had envisioned.



3. Professional and Complete Master Design Plan

As designers, we are delighted when are involved throughout the entire design process, from the first consultation to placing the very last interior design detail! Having a complete master design plan where all design elements are incorporated- including exterior finishes, flooring, wall treatments, hardware, lighting features, paint color pallete selection will allow for all the design details to be in place when it comes time to move onto furniture and space planning. A professional plan of action is the key to a successful home build. When you partner with a designer, every detail of your new home will be carefully considered and will be thought through with expertise. 


4. Investing in Your Lifestyle

When constructing a new home, it all comes down to marrying functionality with stylish design to suit your individual lifestyle. It is critical as designers that we reflect our client's personal design style within their home. As interior designers, our experience of assisting with thousands of homes over the years has given us elite experience and ensures that what we create with our clients remain true and timeless to their design preference and lifestyle. Design done well will give you the pleasure being surrounded in a beautifully-designed home that is tailored to how you actually live in it.


5. Product Knowledge and Resources

Building a new home can come with options and a lot of them. A designer has the expertise and knowledge of narrowing down those many choices into smart options specifically for the client and type of home being built. Designers are constantly aware of the latest styles and have access to the highest-quality materials in the industry. When it comes to finding the best products, a designer can accurately manage not only functionality but is also capable of staying within the client's budget without sacrificing designer-styling.  


By partnering with an one of our expert designers at The Black Goose Design, your home investment will be effectively maximized. A master design plan and layout for your home is essential for all the design pieces to come together with ease and style. We can create an entire vision for your space from start to finish with a plan and a purpose that will fit your personal lifestyle for you to enjoy for many years to come!

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