Take Your Design Experience to the Next Level with Rachel, Our Newest Team Member
Wednesday Oct 13 2021 by Stacey Beyer

What do you get when you combine a designer with a team player with a CAD specialist? Rachel Corbett, our newest team member at The Black Goose Design.


With a degree in design and certified CAD abilities and training, Rachel has proven an outstanding addition since starting at The Black Goose Design six months ago.


“Having Rachel here has been awesome,” Manager Georgia Kendall said. “She’s always willing to help with anything around the store, she brings fresh perspective and ideas to the table for our clients, and her CAD drawings elevate our services, particularly where the construction process is concerned.”  


When asked about her favorite aspects of the position, Rachel said it's the variety and creativity that bring her the greatest job satisfaction, as well as the team she works with. 


“My grandma was an artist,” Rachel said. “I remember how she’d come from work and paint to fill her creative bucket. It’s nice that I get to COME to work and be creative. It’s the best possible outcome for me.”

Clearly, talent runs in Rachel’s family. No wonder she’s always had a desire to make.

“I’ve always been into interior design, but I grew up in a small town and didn’t know it could become a career. My interests grew when I worked for a local store in town, doing DIY projects and preparing furniture to sell. That opened my eyes to schooling possibilities.”

After getting her degree in design, Rachel pursued CAD (computer-aided design). 


Having this service offered at The Black Goose Design makes a big difference for our clients. Especially those building a home or office space.


“Using CAD, I can download an architect’s floorplan with their precise measurements. We can then add furniture options in, complete with measurements, so clients can see how a piece will fit with the overall flow of the space. Where architects are always quite busy getting their jobs done, I’m glad I can take this on for our clients and make the process easier for everyone involved.”


Here, Rachel drafted a fireplace design for a client so they could envision the end result and unique brick pattern before committing to the style.


It’s fun to see the end product and how closely it aligns to the work Rachel does upfront.


In this example, Rachel created a digital version of a gorgeous flooring design. 

The end result is a perfect match and certainly doesn't disappoint! While we aren't going to reveal the entire thing yet, here's a sneak peek. 


Beyond drafting, Rachel also enjoys using a computer to create 3D mood boards for clients.


“Mood boards are a great way to identify a client’s true style. I ask clients to provide inspiration images and we can pinpoint what it is they want. There have been many times when I’ve asked a client what their style is. They’ll respond with something like Farmhouse, so I’ll show them that style and they’ll realize that isn’t actually what they want after all. This is why time spent on mood boards is time well spent. Plus, it’s fun getting to connect creatively in this way.”


Want a mood board or a drafted floorplan to design from? Wise choice. Stop by and talk to Rachel or any of the designers at The Black Goose Design. Our team loves working together, collaborating and pulling from our unique strengths, all to ensure you get the best possible outcome on your project. 


Welcome, Rachel! We’re so happy you’re here. You really do make our services that much better, and you’re such fun to have around. Clients and team members alike are in for a treat when working with you!

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