Remodel or Rebuild? Helpful Hints from a Designer
Wednesday Aug 23 2017

When the time comes to update your space we all seem to be in the same big debate, whether to start over and build a new home or to remodel your existing home? Perhaps you are thinking you might want to give your existing space a little "TLC" with a remodel update if you are not ready to take a giant step and build new. Not to worry, The Black Goose Design is here to give you some helpful hints and clarity in weighing out the options. We are hopeful that we can help you to find the answer to the ever frequently asked question, should you remodel or rebuild?

great room


It is always beneficial to start with a list of your needs are and ask the following questions...

  • What is the amount of living space I desire, do I need to scale up or down?
  • Is my existing structure sound?
  • Does the layout of my home work for my lifestyle presently and for the future?
  • Is the styling of your home what you would like it to be?

By answering these questions honestly this can be a good way to start the process and will help you with your choice whether to start remodeling your home or to build new. 

New Build

Building a new home allows you to "restart" the design clock and gives you a fresh, clean pallete to work with not only from a design standpoint but architectually as well. There are many benefits of working with a clean slate and this may be a better option for you rather than remodeling. If you are feeling like the existing layout of your space is not working at all for your lifestyle, it may be a good indication that a design reset may be in your future. 

new home build

clock gallery wall



It is important to weigh out the factors of what your existing home may need, if you find that your needs can be met with minor changes then remodeling is completely doable. If your existing structure is not sound and cannot meet your personal living needs presently it may be time to rebuild.


custom hallway


A new build means ALL of the physical elements of a home will be reset including new appliances, roof, foundation, windows, flooring, updated kitchen and bathrooms, design savvy-styling and many more benefits can be added to this list of a fresh start. 

 farmhouse kitchen



Perhaps you are a bit hesitant to take a big leap and completely start over with a new build. If your exisiting structure is in good condition and you like the layout of your home but are in need of a few updated changes then remodeling is your answer! From a financial standpoint remodeling tends to be more affordable. Do keep in mind unexpected costs may arrive but sticking to a specific budget will help you stay on track and to prioritize where you want to improve your space. Even a wide-ranging update will still be more cost effective then starting a complete new build. 

remodel before

*client remodel project before


Remodeling also gives you the flexibility to work sections of your home at your own pace. Perhaps upgrading your space size and layout is a priority  by reworking sections at a time this will give you the ability to create a customized space as you live presently and how you will continue to live in your home in the future. 

Updating your home is always a good idea and will increase the value of your home so you cannot go wrong with remodeling. The added bonus of comfort and ease of livability will make a huge improvement in your lifestyle making a remodel a win-win.

plaid chairs

great room remodel

*client remodel after


Be sure to choose a contractor, builder or designer that you work well with. Having a professional understand your needs and desires for either a new home or remodeling project is HUGE and will make all the difference when it comes to the success of your end result. The designers at The Black Goose Design will carefully listen to your needs and create a master design plan that suits your individual needs whether it is a remodel or a new build.



remodel master bath

master bath remodel



master bedroom

Our expert designers are happy to assist you in making your design dreams come true. Our entire design team has tremendous experience in both new home construction and remodel projects and we are eager to help you achieve your design goals.

Whatever your choice may be your surroundings should make you happy, and give you a renewed feeling of tranquility and comfort!

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