Lovely Lighting Ideas to Refresh Your Home
Thursday Apr 11 2019

When it comes to interior design, most of us desire to create the biggest visual impact we can achieve with minimal cost. Our focus today is interior lighting, and we will be showing you some simple ways to acquire a high-design look for less!

Lighting is one of the most important and powerful elements of interior design, and it is key for a well-designed home. The lighting used in your space will strongly affect the overall feel and ambiance of your space. These wonderful ideas will help you illuminate your home with layers of beautiful, inviting lighting.

 accent lighting

If you are thinking of switching up some lighting within your home, the entryway is an ideal area to showcase a new lighting feature. The entry is one of the first places your guests will see in your home, so make a visual impact with a beautiful lighting fixture. Select a striking chandelier, one that will set the tone and style for your home. A dramatic lighting piece will also draw special attention to any architectual details you may have in your entryway.

entryway interior design

wood ceiling

Suspend a light and airy lighting fixture above a staircase! Keeping with a simplistic yet notable stylish feature will enhance the entire area with soft luminous light.

gold chandelier

Selecting new lighting for your home should be exciting and fun! You do not have to spend a fortune to upgrade your space with a gorgeous accent light. A smart (and inexpensive) way to contribute additional light is to intermix varied table and floor lamps, they will make a huge difference within your space. Additional lamps scatter light throughout your room that will add height, fullness and create a cozy atmosphere. 

lighting interior design

An often overlooked area for lighting fixtures are in hallways. This is a great place to add a bit of sparkling dazzle with distinct lighting features. A lit hallway brings beautiful brilliance to an otherwise dreary space. Be mindful of fixtures that will create a soft glow and that will suit the height of the hallway without overwhelming it.


hallway lighting features

Add in a few recessed lights to your room to create highlight and ambiance. Recessed lights are visually sleek and give fantastic light coverage when installed correctly. It is also a great idea to incorporate a dimmer switch, this gives you the flexibility to adjust the brightness of illumination in your room.

recessed lighting

When lighting fixtures are used correctly, it can accentuate particular elements in your space creating an inviting atmosphere. Consider adding a mini chandelier over your tub, this will cast beautiful shadows in the evening and will give charm to your home.

mini chandelier

Statement lighting features, such as an oversized chandelier, make a dramatic focal point in any space. Our gorgeous showroom located in Midvale, Utah is always brimming with new, unique lighting features! These unique and impressive lighting pieces always give such lovely lighting inspiration, and it is such a pleasure to share them with our wonderful clients and you.

globe chandelier

A stylish way to add a distinct lighting element is to ditch the over-the-mirror vanity lighting fixture for an extraordinary pendant light. Adding a "non-traditional" lighting feature instantly creates a custom look to your bathroom.

unique pendant lighting

vanity lighting

Do not shy away from illuminating your space with many different lighting applications. Adding in layers of light will always emphasize and highlight areas of your home. Use under cabinet lighting to contribute warm, subtle lighting. This soft lighting gives off such a radiant feeling. With so many options of cabinet lighting, there is sure to be a choice that will fit any budget. 

glass pendant lighting

Our talented designers are always eager to assist you in your lighting needs. Whether you are thinking of selecting a new lighting piece for your entryway, or creating a lighting plan for your home, we have the lighting expertise and product you are searching for! The Black Goose Design also offers expert interior design services to help you achieve your home design goals. Allow our skilled designers to execute a master design plan to give you a solid foundation to accomplish any design project. 

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