Join Us in Welcoming Ashley Bell
Wednesday Oct 26 2022 by Stacey Beyer

It’s always a happy day when we get to introduce a new team member at The Black Goose Design. Meet Ashley Bell, a designer as skilled with traditional pen and paper as she is with CAD creation. She loves the classic simplicity of neutrals but also finds herself drawn to the ornate and eclectic. Let’s get to know Ashley a bit better and learn a few fresh ideas to try in the process.

 Ashley Bell

Ashley is from Idaho but moved to Utah when she started school at Ensign College, where she studied interior design.

“I’ve loved gaining real-world experience beyond the classroom.”



winter bedding ideas 

“The bedroom is so cozy and offers a unique opportunity to really bring out the personality of the homeowner. It’s a place you can express the client’s unique taste and focus on them in ways you can’t always do in other parts of the home.”

Q: How do you find out what those unique aspects are?

A: I spend time getting to know them and how they tend to use the space from a practical point of view. But I also observe their likes beyond interior design. What style of clothing do they wear? What art do they like? These observations are great clues when thinking of ways to make a bedroom feel custom.




 winter textures to try

“I always love bringing in and combing different textures, but the winter months offer an even greater opportunity to layer. Visual textures that make you want to reach out and touch are my favorite.“


FAVORITE COLOR COMBO: Neutrals & Pastels

winter pastels

“I lean towards an absence of color when designing for myself. I love a very neutral palette of lights and some pastels.”


YOUR STYLE: Parisian/Maximalist

ornate style 2022

“More is more! I think the reason I’m personally drawn to calmer/less color is to balance my desire for the ornate in style and the eclectic. Shopping in antique stores is a favorite of mine when I’m traveling. I love bringing in the past with things I’ve found along the way. With a less exact color scheme, it’s easier to work a variety of different pieces, old and new, that have more maximalist appeal.”

GO-TO TIP: Love It

 The Black Goose Design

“This might go without saying, but don’t get it if you don’t love it. When filling a space, it’s okay to take it slow and let the design progression happen organically. It’s more significant to wait for a perfect item to fill a space than to simply put “stuff” simply for the sake of filling the space.”


Ashley is an extremely talented designer who can sketch detailed renderings on paper or using a computer. Her fresh eye and unique style interests make working with her fun. The best part is, she can work with any style or interest. Perhaps your minimalist and feel less is more. That’s okay. Ashley certainly has much to offer you in your design project process. We’ll leave you with a look at some of her portfolio pieces. Reach out today by calling The Black Goose Design or stopping in to learn more about Ashley and set up a consultation.


hand drawn rendering

kitchen design board 

 design board and rendered floor plan

residential floor plan 

 digitally rendered elevation

hand drawn rendering

kitchen elevations

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