How to Select the Perfect Carpet: Helpful Expert Design Tips from Kelly
Thursday Sep 21 2017

Choosing quality carpet is an extremely important factor for your home especially when it comes to functionality, durability, and achieving the overall look that you desire in your space. Today we delighted to share some helpful tips from our own expert designer, Kelly Winn.

First, you need to know the basics; the fiber type, choosing a style or pattern and the color of the carpet. A big factor you may want to consider is the warranty and longevity of the carpet . By checking off each item on the "basics" list, you will be able to evaluate what style and the carpet type that would be most functional for your home and lifestyle.

1.Fiber Type

Nylon- The most well-known fiber when it comes to synthetic carpet. It has a strong resiliency and is extremely durable, meaning your carpet will keep its shape making it less likely to mat or crush. Will perform the best over time.

Polyester- Polyester has built-in stain resistance and is soft to the touch. Polyester is less expensive but can be prone to matting and crushing. Best applied in light traffic areas.

Olefin- Resistent to mildew and will not absorb liquids making clean up easy. It has a great softness to it and is mostly manufactured in a looped style to look like wool. It is also resistant to sun fading.

Triexta- Think durability of nylon, resistance of polyester and the softness of olefin. This fiber is stain resistant and will not absorb water allowing for spills to puddle on top of your carpet. With its fade and UV resistance, its comfortable softness makes triexta a good value for the cost.

Once you have selected your desired fiber, be sure to look at varied carpets and brands to compare warranties. Some carpets may look very similar but the warranties will give you a greater clue on how they will perform over time. One may be 10 years and another 20 years. Be sure to select wisely if you are investing in a carpet that you want to last.


geometric carpet



2. Style, Pattern and Color

Now you are ready for the fun part, choosing the color pattern and design that is just right for your home! A helpful tip would be to bring along your paint color, fabrics and wood samples to the showroom. This will provide aid in selecting the best choice and color coordination. When it comes to coloring, consider the overall look. The entire room of the carpet will look a lot lighter than just the small sample.

trellis pattern carpet


Another helpful idea is to ask the dealer to order samples so that you will be able to see the coloring and pattern in your own home. Your own lighting will affect the color and may look different than what appeared in the store. Also, very light colors and very dark colors show more wear than the midtone colors. 

low-cut pile carpet

transitional style carpet

Lighter carpet coloring and very dark coloring will show more wear than a midtone color. Neutral colors will give you a longer shelf life to coordinate with different trends in design. You might want to make your fashion statement with a pop-of-color in an accent throw pillow rather than a bolder statement in your carpet.


runner on staircase


The current designer trends in carpeting are showing plentiful low pile patterns, mixing textures together and even combining colors. My favorite brand for these patterns are Tuftex carpet. We love using the style "only natural" on stairs. it has the look of a great Sisal and is supremely design savvy.


herringbone pattern carpet

textured carpet


When investing in your carpet, we cannot stress enough the importance of purchasing a high-quality carpet pad! Simply put, do not skimp on a great pad! A durable pad will help with the overall wear and tear on your carpet giving you longevity of your flooring. A good carpet pad will be more comfortable to walk on, and let's face it we all want happy feet! An excellent pad will also help your carpet to look its best for a much longer period of time.

neutral carpeting


mixed colored carpeting


textured low pile carpet

If wall to wall carpeting does not suit your space or style but you still admire the softness, color and pattern it brings into your home, consider getting a carpet that can be custom sized and bound to specific measurements.  Our client adored this gorgeous patterned carpet and wanted to incorporate it into her home. A large rug was needed to ground this living area but was a challenge to find such a large size. As designers, we always want to achieve our clients' desires and create a look that is beautiful yet cost effective, so a custom carpet was a great option! 

custom rug size



custom sectional

There are many considerations when it comes to selecting carpet, and we are hopeful we could give some clarity as to what selection would be best for you and your lifestyle. Our talented designers at The Black Goose Design are always eager to assist our clients with a master design plan that suits your individual style. We want to make your designer dreams become a reality!

*Disclaimer: some photos from Tuftex carpet

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