How to Create a Designer Lighting Plan: Expert Tips from our Designer Pt. 2
Thursday Nov 2 2017

The Black Goose Design welcomes you back to part two of helpful lighting designer tips from our expert interior designer, Heather. We are thrilled to share these key points when it comes to creating the perfect layers of warm lighting for your home. Lighting is a powerful and vital element of interior design, and it can enhance, highlight and set the tone for your entire space. 



  • Give particular thought about the type of bulb you may be using in the areas of your home. Choosing the correct bulb for a particular space can make a big difference in both appearance and function. 
  • Warm incandescent lighting is always flattering (think soft restaurant lighting). This lighting is best applied for softer accents and not for bathrooms. Use a bulb that will mimic or give off light closest to natural daylight for a bathroom or vanity area. This type of bulb will especially help when it comes to putting make up on. The best bulb for achieving this daylight effect is a halogen bulb.
  • Color temperature is measured in Kelvins, and the lower the number the warmer the color. Natural daylight is measured at 6500K, but a romantic date night it may be 2700K. When installing bulbs in your bathroom, opt for the higher number giving you beautiful, natural-looking light.


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Overhead Lighting

  • Recessed can lighting can really help increase the lighting in your home while accomplishing a sleek, streamlined look. By matching the size of the can itself, you can determine how far apart they should be installed. A 4" can should be placed 4' apart, 5" placed 5' apart and so on. 6" can can look a bit dated so we prefer a 4" or 5" can size.
  • A common mistake when installing cans is to space the cans evenly between the walls and with each other. This creates uneven distributing of light. A can closest to a wall should be about half of the distance between the other lights but keeping a safe distance of 32" from the wall.
  • We recommend painting the trim of the recessed can the same color as your ceiling to give an even and seamless look.


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Artwork Lighting

  • Lighting your favorite piece of artwork not only brings the art to life but also adds another lovely layer of light. With so many fixture options to choose from, wall lighting can really highlight and add an unexpected design element in your space.
  • Use a low-voltage MR16 bulb. This will really make your colors pop because these bulbs have a high color temperature.
  • Be sure to plan ahead when lighting your artwork by using the light in the correct application, fixture, type of bulb and using a non-reflective glass if applicable.


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Be sure to balance lighting effectively by spreading light throughout your room. Correct balance and flow will be accomplished when incorporating the correct aspects of lighting. 




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Our expert designers would love to help in any of your lighting design needs. From creating a master design lighting plan, adding new ceiling fixtures, or even introducing soft warm accent lighting with our gorgeous lamps. The Black Goose Design is always delighted to assist our wonderful clients. We have beautiful lighting pieces in-stock ready to adorn your home at our showroom located in the Salt Lake Valley.


 *disclaimer some photos from HGliving, JanturnerinteriorDesign and Lonny Design

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